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  1. @bfarber Do you think this also applies for logged in / registered users - which is the case for me.
  2. I have submitted a case for some users that are not seeing the "choose files" in the editor sometimes. They have to refresh the page to make it visible again. When doing our own investigations we saw that the audit tool showed us some recommendation which makes us believe that this might impact performance. I included this in the support case, on which the support engineer said me for general feedback, to place this part in the feedback forum.
  3. In order to minimize the amount of requests on page load, please include an option to combine all interface and/or editor script call into one or two scripts. Our site currently requires up to 42 different script calls to function the way we want, but this leads to degraded performance for multiple users. When we use https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ and the Chrome Audit tool we see recommendations that say there are a large number of requests and DOM nodes. On a Macbook Pro 2016/16gb it takes about 9 seconds to fully render a topic page.
  4. Hi, I couldn't find a plugin that does this, but I think it would be nice if you would be to able to give a reaction to a particular post from (any of) the Stream view(s). I did a Photoshop mockup to show you what I mean.
  5. I do have full control of the files on my IPB install. However I haven't purchased your plugin yet.
  6. Very nice. Would definately buy it if one could also filter by topic start date. For instance, I have a specific subforum where a topic is started every monday morning. And I would like to have those topics closed one week later (favorably on midnight monday morning).
  7. Nice! Should be put in the official code of IPS in my opinion.
  8. Is it possible to disable the activity feed part of the application? Now my Unread Messages activity feed gets cluttered with messages like "<user> added a Member Map marker". I would like to have that not show up. Is this possible?
  9. Oh? I can't find it in my language definition. $form->addTab('Reference'); Looks hard-coded (taken from the 1.0.4 xml). Could you provide the language key to look for?
  10. In a next release, could you localise the "Reference" tab?
    This plugin was built at my request and I must say Nathan really delivered. Perfect way to control the rights of the uploaded attachments!
  11. The following string is not localized: And As you open the options for the plugins. Could you make a language string for this please?
  12. Couldn't find it in this topic, so my reaction: Superb plugin! I have chosen to use the welcome PM option. That works, but after registration, the PM is in the inbox, but there is no notification icon that notifies the user of this new PM. Is this "by design"? Or did I mess up something? I am running this on my dev forum on 4.2.7 beta 5.
  13. I would like for IPS to hold the same options as other forums do and that is to supply a batch size on how many email notifications should be sent at once. This size is configurable for bulk mails, but I would like to see it as a general setting. The hosting provider that houses our forum (and we have a long contract with them) has a slow phpMailer / SMTP response. This resulted in a very slow response when replying to topics (verified by Support). So for now I have disabled the email notifications altogether. On the old forum (phpBB) I had a way to send emails in burst (i.e. 20 at once). Maybe - if supported enough by others - this can make it to a new release?
  14. Hmm for some reason the map is now populated with markers I have the same settings.
  15. I second this thought...does anyone know if there is a plugin that can achieve this? I myself am an active member of my forum, but I would like to highlight posts that I make as my role as Moderator only.
  16. I didn't think of that Log file is empty, running the task doesn't make a difference though
  17. A couple days further...no markers were added.
  18. Standard, when I create a new saved action, it comes at the bottom of the list. I would like a feature to re-order them, so they appear in the moderation actions in that order. Plus the ability to add seperators.
  19. I would love to see that the Support part of Commerce will be integrated in the Core itself. Because to me it doesn't make sense to buy a Commerce module just for the Support part. Plus...one could be in need of a Support module with only Forums / Pages / Downloads etc.
  20. Hi there, I installed the application in a test installation of my (production) forum and I went ahead and enabled the profile sync. All users have already set up a custom profile field "Residence" with the place they live in. I choose that field to sync with. But after that, nothing happens. Only when I go to my profile and re-add the data in the Residence field, the marker appears. What am I doing wrong? I would hate to ask my 1000+ users to manually add their location to the map.
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