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  1. Yep. This patch does the trick. Thank you very much for your support. 👍
  2. Hello there, I'm trying to reactivate this feature on my IPS site as well. (I was successfully using this feature a couple years ago until Facebook has changed the graph API as @Dreadknux mentioned above) However, as of IPS 4.7.1, this feature is still relying on the deprecated Facebook permission, as shown in the screenshot below. Does that mean this feature is basically useless, unless I chose to do the Zapier integration for this task? In my opinion, this feature, along with Twitter promotion, is really useful for my website and should not be abandoned. Please reconsider to maintain this feature and update it to compatible with new Meta's requirement. Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank you. Based on the investigation from @PoC2 , I also found that only calendar with user-defined events will cause this issue. Blank calendars with only member's birthday will not throw this error. Even trying to add new event into the calendar will also cause this error. This is definitely a bug.
  4. Yesterday, I upgraded my IPS site from 4.7.0 to 4.7.1. Suddenly, I got numerous System error records into System log that indicates the issue within Calendar app. When I tried accessing Calendar, it shows the following error message: Error: Call to undefined method DateTime::getDateInformation() (0) My IPS site is running on PHP 8.1.9. There is no issue like this on IPS 4.7.0 with the same PHP version. Therefore, I'm pretty sure that this issue is not related to PHP. Also, I tried clearing system cache and disable / re-enable the Calendar app but still unable to resolve this issue. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support.
  5. Although the new version of Swiper Slider, News Ticker and Page Footer seems to be more customizable, I'm still loving the older design of these controls from Magnum Theme 4.3.3 or before. Would you please allow me to use the older design of these three controls? Something that you already had done on these separated plugins? Thank you.
  6. Hello @TAMAN Thank you for your time and effort to resolve this issue. I confirm that the custom css fix from your previous post is working for my issue 1). Thank you. I will wait for the separate version of Footer Block application to see if it could resolve my issue 3). However, even with the recent version of IPSKit Theme Addon that you recently uploaded and also the separated swiper slider application. My issue 2) and 4) from the previous seems to not resolved. Here is how the swiper slider and news ticker appears on the main page: I've configured both swiper slider and news ticker to use the custom page block from previous version of Magnum theme as data source, as shown in the following screenshots: Other than that, everything is working as expected. Therefore, I have to disable swiper slider and news ticker from my site for now. Please let me know once you come up with the solution or at least revert it back to Magnum Theme 4.3.3 but keep it running on IPS 4.6.10 because I really like how the previous version works perfectly fine. 😅 By the way, I was recently upgraded my web server to use PHP 8.1.2. Is there anything that may conflict with your theme? Thank you in advance for your support.
  7. Hello Taman, After I installed the latest version of Magnum Theme (4.3.5), I've encountered numerous issues as follows: 1) The main logo is not align correctly with the navigation bar. 2) I could not configured the news ticker to properly loaded the latest article from Page. I've already used this template (ta_themes_pages_newsticker.xml) on your previous theme version (4.3.3) with no issue so I guess that it should work on this new version as well. But apparently that it isn't. 3) When I tried to config the article on page footer using the template from previous version (ta_themes_pages_footer.xml) on your newly created IPSKit Addons plugin, the articles seems to not properly aligned like on the previous theme version. 4) This one is the most important issue. I found that the new swiper slider on IPSKit Addons plugin has no ability to load articles from Page using the template from previous version of your theme (ta_themes_pages_slider.xml) And there is no title style and button customization at all. 5) I just DM to you about this issue but I would like to inform you again that IPSkit Theme Copyright Removal 1.0.1 is not working with the new Magnum theme version. There is no option to downgrade the theme into 4.3.4, which was worked without any issue. Please help. Thank you in advance for your support.
  8. Hello @TAMAN, Many thanks for continue developing and supporting this theme. I have a few questions to ask: 1) I heavily modified your theme's CSS files in order to fit my site's preference. The elements that got modified are so huge that I have to keep track what I changed. I realize that these modified elements will be overwritten every time I upgraded your theme. Therefore, I would like to know if it safe to move these modified elements into customs.css instead. Will it cause any conflict with your theme in the future release? 2) I would like to change the font being used on the News Ticker but I found no option to do this on the theme's setting. I had to do designer's mode and modified your JavaScript directly. (ta-library-1.0.7.js) Could you please provide the option to do this directly on your theme's setting? Maybe using the same from from theme.headline_font setting? Thank you in advance for your support and stay safe!
  9. Hi, Just letting you know that the issue is still occurring in IPS 4.2.8 / Spacious ACP 13. But since IPS 4.3 is on the horizon now and the graph feature is not much important for my daily maintenance task so I decide to wait until your application has been fully compatible with IPS 4.3. Keep up a good work. ?
  10. Hi @All Astronauts, I just updated to the latest version. However, I can't make the server memory / disk space pie chart to appear in the system overview widget. I already grant access to /proc in php configuration and these values were readable in the previous spacious ACP version. I tried viewing it on both Microsoft Edge and Firefox (latest version) with the same result. Please kindly advise. Thank you.
  11. Hi @TAMAN. Thank you for developed this plugin! I am currently playing with it and have a suggestion; the remove background image option should be moved to configuration tab. Because I tried the video background from Youtube and found that if the remove custom body background is not turned on from this page, the custom background will still overlay the Youtube video. (I tried with both IPS original theme and your Magnum theme) I agree with @Azurette about background color in the slideshow dialog. Can you set it to use background-color: {theme="dialogbg"}; so it would be matched with current theme? Also I think the character "r" is missing from the plugin name. Edit: and the "e" in Textures section name too.
  12. Hi TAMAN, I confirmed that the embed background has been resolved after applying the latest theme update. Thank you very much for your support. By the way, I just pre-renew Magnum theme support plus copyright removal license. Your theme is simply the best and my community members are really love it! Keep up a good work.
  13. Hello TAMAN, I am currently encountering a background issue on the embedded content. It is appeared that embedded content did not use the ipsLayout_noBackground class but instead use the full theme background image from ipsApp_front. Also, the iframe embed height seem to not fit the actual content inside. I found that if I removed the ::before selector from ipsApp_front class, it will resolve both background and embed height issue. However, I will unable to scroll the entire page. Please advise. Thank you.
  14. Confirmed that hotfix from IPS via Support can fix Multiple custom slider issue. Thank you @TAMAN
  15. I also using customized Magnum Theme by Taman but didn't encounter this issue. You may try to combine Edit button into the options menu if it doesn't work.
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