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  1. Promote to Facebook

    I already reported this incident to IPS Support Team and they already confirmed that it is a bug and will provide a fix in the next release. Your action on adding a valid OAuth redirect URL in Facebook Login is correct; this action was added as an official instruction to integrate Facebook login to IPS community suite since 3.4.x but they removed it from the documentation in 4.x for unknown reason. (I was worked with Facebook integration on my community at that time, so I've already done this) And I agree with you that getting necessary graph API permissions of Facebook application for IPS logon integration and Facebook page promotion is a bit painful process. And IPS documentation provides a vague set of instruction on how doing this. However, I was able to get all necessary permissions since last month and planned to write a tutorial here soon. P.S. If you are an administrator of your community's Facebook integration app and also an administrator of the Facebook page you planned to use with the community's Social Promotiom, you do not need to do a graph API permission request.
  2. It is a mislead error message. You have a full permission to promote any content if you are a member of Administrator group. I am currently working with Facebook page promotion before discovering this misconception too. About linking the community official facebook page / twitter account into social promote option in ACP, I resolve this by creating a separate administrator account in the community who is only able to manage this social promote option in ACP, then link the facebook page business account / twitter account into that admin account. (for Facebook, it require to submit approval to Facebook developer team to grant a graph API permission for this feature too) I agree with you that the guide below is a bit confusing and I have to configure this mostly by myself.
  3. Hi @TAMAN. Thank you for developed this plugin! I am currently playing with it and have a suggestion; the remove background image option should be moved to configuration tab. Because I tried the video background from Youtube and found that if the remove custom body background is not turned on from this page, the custom background will still overlay the Youtube video. (I tried with both IPS original theme and your Magnum theme) I agree with @Azurette about background color in the slideshow dialog. Can you set it to use background-color: {theme="dialogbg"}; so it would be matched with current theme? Also I think the character "r" is missing from the plugin name. Edit: and the "e" in Textures section name too.
  4. T.I.T License Copyright Removal

    I bough this just to support TAMAN for his stunning and wonderful work in theme development.
  5. Hey!

    I understand your frustration and urgency but please noted that the support and assistance provided by other members and IPS clients in this community is voluntary and depend on their free time, knowledge and willing to do so. As stated in the rule of Peer to Peer Technical Support By the way, I just answered your question in this post. Hope this helps and thank you for your patience.
  6. Kitchen Sink

    I also using customized Magnum Theme by Taman but didn't encounter this issue. You may try to combine Edit button into the options menu if it doesn't work.
  7. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Hi CodingJungle, I was recently upgraded the Babble to 2.4.0 in correspondence with the IPS version upgrade. (currently 4.2.3) The chat is working fine now. Thank you for your support throught a service ticket from your website. However, I am currently encountering a new issue with Babble but I choose to use this contact method because I am not sure if it is caused by the Babble or my server. And also to see if other of your Babble clients faces the similar issue like this. I found that when the user is attempting to switch browser to other tab or sometime, minimizing the browser while opening the Babble page, they will missed from other user's online list and the list is still not update when they came back. The user in question has to refresh their Babble page to let other members see them correctly in the online list. I already set the timeout to 60 minutes in Babble setting but it could not resolve this issue anyway. Also, my member has reported that sometime this online list is randomly remove other member in a few minutes, even they is still opening the Babble page. Is there anyone encountering the same issue? Thank you. My environment information Babble Ver: 2.4.0 Self-hosted IPS Ver: 4.2.3 Server Type: VPS PHP Ver: 7.1.8 Node.js Ver: 8.4.0
  8. Invision Community 4.2

    Congratulation! Can't wait to implement this on my community after a stable release.
  9. Kitchen Sink

    Are you coding while drunk too? Classic!
  10. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    Woah! Does anyone received this message? I still not yet launched my Babble solution. I agree with you on this @Simon Woods The actual reason behind the persue of IPS Chat alternative for me is not because my community can't live without it, but to ensure that my member's experience would not be disrupted by the absence of this feature. Because, as a community owner, I know that my members are always have plenty of "Good standard" instant messaging choices in today's world. But when my members are joining into the community and would like to have casual conversations, it would be more difficult for them to grab smartphone or login to Facebook Messenger and start chatting than just go to https://www.mycommunity.com/chat. Of course this perspective would be change when IPS community suite 5 has came out with a native smartphone app or something like this happened in the near future:
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Sorry for digging this topic but hey, I owned the Nintendo Switch for a month now and I really love it!
  12. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    My apologies for unclear explanation. I was considered ArrowChat option and I understand that it is a standalone system which you need to install on your server once purchased the license. But as it requires to change the footer of the website to add the ArrowChat bar, so it does not met my requirement in "layout changes on the webpage". Anyway, I know that ArrowChat is a very professional chat system and a lot of positive feedback was given by its client, including many one in here as well. And I would use it if it not charged me $295 for SSL support and a native chat page without footer change. This is just my humble opinion after all.
  13. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    I was voted "No" in this poll. Like you, I and my members are perferred the simplicity of alternative chat solution, the tightly integration with the IPS system (no messy Popup and any layout changes on the webpage) and also the dependency from external services. (So Discord, ArrowChat or BlaB are all not met my requirements) I also lose a lot of core member who used the current IPS Chat regularly for their off-topic conversation. I saw that you already bought Babble from @CodingJungle and you are a self-hosting community. If you can fully manage your server (Dedicated or VPS), why not give Babble a try? Considering that the license price is not cheap. (Mine was US$140 - Software and Copyright Removal) I just purchased it yesterday (from CodingJungle website) and followed the setup instruction on his website. Even I have not much knowledge about server administration (My server contains CentOS + Directadmin + NGINX + SSL + CSF Firewall + blahblahblah), I managed to get things works pretty fine and perfectly replaced the current IPS Chat in just less than 1 hour (it shoud not take much fewer time if you are not clumsy like me, haha). And you know that, in addition to it simplicity, this chat solution has much more capability under the hood. And of course, CJ is working on the next version, which would bring addition functions too. As of now, I think that Babble is the best replacement of the current IPS Chat. You will not need to connect to the external services. You will not need to add new application namespace and modify your website code and layout. It is perfectly integrated to the IPS community. Plus, it was developed by a well-known IPS Marketplace Developer and will receive a major update soon. Despite the pricey license price compare with the other more powerful chat services you mentioned in the poll options, it is actually a one-time cost (you can choose to renew the license yearly to receive future version updates and supports but for the simplicity sake, it is optional) and if IPS Community 5 is not going to release anytime sonn, you can stay with this chat solution for a very long time. For me, I will let my member use a Voice, Video call and whatever they on their own Facebook or their preference services. But on my community, it must be simple, fast and reliable. Babble is my recommendation choice and I will start launching it to my members after the IPS Chat closure. P.S. If you are not comfortable to setup Node.js, configuring and maintaining it on your server, I heard that CodingJungle is currently working on a SaaS options for Babble, which should be working just like the current IPS chat. (CJ will host Babble servers and provide you a client application to install as the IPS application on your own community) Stay tune with him for more update.
  14. Kitchen Sink

    Many thanks! The cover photo issue on mobile is also fixed now.
  15. Kitchen Sink

    Hello, I just updated your plugin but I found that the dual avatar display bug still exist. I have to comment this line on core>front>global>userBar of the Theme's HTML and CSS template in order to fix it. <li id='cUserLink'> <!-- {template="userPhoto" group="global" app="core" params="\IPS\Member::loggedIn(), 'tiny'"} --> <a href='#elUserLink_menu' id='elUserLink' data-ipsMenu> {{if isset( $_SESSION['logged_in_as_key'] )}}{lang="front_logged_in_as" sprintf="$_SESSION['logged_in_from']['name']"} {{endif}}{member="name"} <i class='fa fa-caret-down'></i> </a> Also, my previous reported issue on the member profile's cover picture is not working on mobile still occurring on this new version. Thank you.