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  1. IPS iCalendar Feed Imports do not support complex recurrence patters yet unfortunately. For example, our Parent Teacher Organization has meetings on the third Tuesday of each month with start and end dates set at the beginning and end of the school year.. We use a Google Calendar for these meetings in addition to our events and fundraisers. Google Calendar allows these sorts of complex repeatable patterns but when importing from our Google Calendar to IPS, our meetings are not imported. We're trying to automate as much as possible to reduce work time. Please, please consider adding this functionality soon. Thank you. 🙂
  2. Ah, my bad. I need to re-familiarize myself with the site. I'll do that. Thank you.
  3. This should probably go in the Client Lounge. Could a moderator please move it for me? Thank you. 🙂
  4. Sorry to resurrect this topic but I was looking for answers on this as well and couldn't believe this was by design. We have a local PTO (aka PTA) website and use Facebook by popular demand. A lot of parents asked for it and it makes promoting events easier to have the website and Facebook connected. So in our case, allowing Facebook for registration is not jut for an expedited registration or login, it is practical in other ways. The fact that IPS registration can't do both the Facebook connection and still allow users to enter the required info we need at the same time makes it the opposite of an expedited process for us. Our community is meant for local parents and teachers almost exclusively. Finding a workaround to Facebook registration skipping required fields just means extra steps for our users one way or the other. We need that required registration info to see who people are in order to approve them. So we either allow Facebook registration, then make them add the info later and hope we don't have to ban invalid accounts. Or we close Facebook registration and have them add their Facebook profiles later after they've been manually approved and hope they don't miss instructions about full name registrations (Usually taken care of via Facebook registration) that also have to be fixed later. Why not both? Facebook registration could fill in everything it can, then they do the rest. There are worse things in life but it's created a headache for us since the execution of how it actually works is contrary to how we expected it to work. Add that to the fact that there is no way for admins to actually find a user's Facebook profile URL or ID to verify who they are even though they registered using Facebook (one of the main reasons we went with Facebook registration in the first place), and the Facebook integration loses half of the functionality we expected.
  5. It looks like iCal feeds will not import reoccurring events from Google Calendar. I thought it was broken so I added a second iCal feed but it jut doubled up all of the unique events and still skipped all the reoccurring ones. Anyone know of a workaround or fix?
  6. Thank you. So whether I'm in the article index page, within an article system subcategory or looking at a specific article, it is supposed to show? If that's the case, wouldn't it do the same thing with a custom page? If not, is there a good guide for doing that fairly easily and still maintaining the control of the current CMS-like functionality of my current home page?
  7. I am helping with a school PTO (i.e. PTA) website. I created custom profile fields to show what committee some members are on. I would like to have those fields show in the Staff directory. Can anyone point me to some kind of 'Staff Directory Templates for Dummies' (or anything in the ballpark) on how I might be able to easily add them? Thank you.
  8. I can't find a way to get the "Record Feed" block to show only on the main IP.Pages index page only. The block shows on every IP.Pages page. It's driving me nuts. I tried creating a custom block for it thinking it would give me more control but it does the same thing. Can someone point me in the right direction to accomplish this? Thank you.
  9. That did the trick for both locations. I'll make a note of this so I hopefully don't forget. Thank you!
  10. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I can't find anything like that under "Support". The closest thing I can find is "Cache sidebar, header and footer blocks For x seconds" under "Advanced Configuration" > "Server Environment". Mine is only set for 300 seconds so it should have updated by now but it hasn't. And I still can't find a way to flush the entire cache. My "Caching Method" is set to "- No caching -".
  11. I hope this is a relevant place to post this. I'm using a stock calendar block and a custom Page that show calendar events from an iCalendar feed that I have setup in the back-end. I thought there was a problem with the calendar not syncing with my Google calendar, but Invision's calendar system seems to update. However, the stock calendar block and my custom Page do not. Does anyone have any insights on how to clear the cache for these? Thank you. 🙂 Edit: Opening and resaving the custom Page doesn't seem to push a cache update.
  12. Hello. I'm looking for a way to add a predefined checkbox list of tags in the form for creating a new topic. The tags included in the checkbox list would be dependant on which subforum a member is posting to. Is that possible with this Template System? Thank you.
  13. Some tags we used with the old Topic Descriptions were pretty common, so many of the most common ones I could do that way. Can you use the mass-add tool with text searches of Topic Descriptions, though?
  14. That would be amazing. It looks like I have found someone willing to help me get the old Topic Descriptions converted to Tags but it'll be a mess without an easy way to divide them into separate tags afterwards. Thank you! In the mean time, can you think of any easy-ish alternative ways to accomplish this?
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