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  1. is it just this one post or does it do them with all of them? do you have any other app installed that does on the fly processing? if it is all the post, then i'd say it might be something, if it is just particular post, like by a particular user, pre 4.x post (if it predates the conversion, could be a charset issue maybe), could be various cause for this, sometimes double quotes aren't double quotes (MS word will do this at times, like copy&paste from it to the RTE can leave some junk data), there are even browser plugins that can introduce junk date into the RTE (grammarly comes to mind). the reason i bring this up, i am unable to duplicate this with new post using a lorem ipsum generator and a few tweaks like adding in double quotes around text, adding in a time like 6:25, the keywords appear before and after, i also configure acronyms and IPS word filter to see if it was a conflict with those, but it is working them there too. i tried various settings to in keywords (like increasing/decreasing the max kw per post) to no avail. if you could provide me with a link and/or an account to test this out on your site, there might be a variable or something i am not taking into account.
  2. you should rename it to build number (long version) and version (human readable/short version). this way it is easier to understand, cause most people when they see "version" think 4.4.9 not 104052:)
  3. just tested it on my local and live site and it appears to be working, is there anything in your system log indicating a problem?
  4. generally stratagem is viewable by everyone (unless the project is set to private, then only team members have access to it). for stratagem in general, i went with the idea of more ACL vs the permission system IPS offers, it wasn't versatile enough imho for the abilities i wanted int stratagem, so i created "Teams". A team can be a individual, a group and if you have commerce install, you can select purchasers of a package from commerce to be a team. there is a myriad of permissions a team can have. a project manager has all perms by default. then you can fine tune what teams can and can't do. Private Mode: as a mentioned you can set a project to private, doing this will only show the project on the project's landing page and giving access to those who are in the teams. if a project isn't private, then regardless of their team status, they will be able to see the project, and read the cards. cause smudge is my spirit animal πŸ™‚
  5. this is the list of notifications stratagem sends out. you will get new card notifications when you follow the project, if you are the project manager you will get notifications about people requesting to join the project. when you get assigned to a card, you will get a notification regardless of your follow status of the project or the card (same with unassigned, but only team members can be assigned to cards). and you will get notifications for completed cards (if you are project manager or following the card/project), if you are following a card you will get notification of new comments.
  6. yes i released a fixed version the other day πŸ˜•, did you not see it? @Adriano Faria to the rescue πŸ™‚ i was honestly unaware this was still a problem, as i tested i only quickly tested it on my local, appeared to work correctly. @Joey_M if need be, i can alter the furl.json for you and send you a "psuedo" update file.
  7. a new release it out, should address the problem now. if any one who has had keywords during this period and their subscriptions lapsed, send me a PM I'll get you it fixed for you.
  8. which app? i'm not entirely sure i understand what you are saying here, you shouldn't have to add any thing to the templates. but anyway: cards: this section contains anything to do with the cards that show in the columns. columns: there is columns.phtml which is the wrapper once you go into a project, column.phtml is for the individual column. cardView: contains most of the templates for the stuff that displays when you click on a card. in 2.0, there are improvements to the my cards section that should aid in this, but i'll see about adding in a calendar section if calendar is installed, i wont make any promises tho on this :). you can change the furl templates in the ACP->Advanced Configuration, Friendly URL tab, search for stratagem, there will be 3 of 'em. click on the pencil icon, it will open up the edit dialog, look for the Friendly URL box, and you can remove the /projects section of the friendly url there. it's intent is just for a quick landing page, not meant to hang out on for long πŸ™‚ but feel free to pm me any screenshots you want that you believe could improve it.
  9. pretty much, i don't have any control over what it will send notifications out on πŸ™‚ but does there need to be a new version? something i'm not aware of (or very possibly forgot about?)
  10. https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/355173-codingjungle/content/?type=downloads_file&change_section=1 I'm in, happy purchasing πŸ˜›
  11. @Blizzard098 i've sent you a pm with a version to test out to see if it corrects the problem.
  12. the only thing i got is the fact for whatever reason the comments table is being set to myisam for some reason. I'll send you a version here in a bit that has that changed to mysql default to see if it fixes the issue.
  13. check the system log for IPS, ACP->System->Support->System Logs, it should be under the type of 'multiredirect' \IPS\Log::log( $e, 'multiredirect' ); \IPS\Output::i()->error( $e->getMessage(), '1S111/1', 403, '' ); cause where it is throwing the error, it logs with the stack trace and additional error info that i could use to determine what is causing it. cause the table is boilerplate and in all my years i've never seen a "errno 1", IPS is very good at truncated or giving junk/generic errors to end users, but logs the more detailed ones in the log.
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