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  1. I want to apologize for my lack of interest in this. it wasn't intentional, i started work on fixing it, got caught up in work and other projects and just kept back burner'ing the fix, to the point i honestly just forgot about it. I'll honestly start working on it again tonight, and hopefully will have these issues fixed ASAP. I'll see about getting any one who has been affected by keywords renewal period extended for the last 3 months, if i can't, i can offer credit on my site for purchases or renewals on my site. again, i am sorry that its been so long and a show of no interest from me.
  2. i can't duplicate this issue, i have it running on 3 of my sites and the only "empty" ones are ones where the alts have been deleted/dealt with. do you two have any of the automation features enabled? could it be other moderators/admins getting there before you, and deleting/merging the accounts? the primary (the one first logged into) will stay there, even if the alts have been removed, there is an option to delete the primaries that have no alts from the dashboard for cjdml. so i guess what i'm getting at, there could be a reason why the alts don't appear on a primary, can you rule those out?
  3. the IP isn't the only criteria it determines on, its used more of a fallback. like if the account is in the logs, and has no alt accounts attached to it (cause they've been merged/deleted/whatever), it will see if there are other accounts associated with the IP.
  4. sorry these notifications must've gotten lost in the sea of emails i've been getting over the last few weeks. I did not write the app for IPB 3, this is a new app from scratch. this app is very simplistic, it uses cookies to track the members. if they switch browsers or flush their cookie cache, it will be less effective in tracking them. with privacy being a big thing in Europe and the states atm, there aren't a whole lot of viable options when trying to persistently track users over multiple browsers or sessions. its intent is to give you an idea if account duplication is rampant on your site or not, its not meant to be an all encompassing tool. hope that helps. oh i should mention, to those waiting for keywords update, i've been busy and should have an update out sometime this week, hopefully before the weekend. i made more changes than i thought (hence why i changed how it built keywords) and it wasn't just a simple drop back in the old code.
  5. it wouldn't have helped to switch servers, it seems the problem is with my host. i'll contact their support to see how long it will be. i'll test it out, but i don't often uninstall it 🙂
  6. Version 1.0.2


    This is a simple app, that allows you to create a note that will self destruct after viewing by another person/user. create a note, it copies a link to your clipboard, send link to another party, note will destroy itself after they view it. if you find this application useful, please considering donating to: https://www.paypal.me/codingjungle any amount will help keep this app free and up to date.


  7. if any one sees my name or avatar in say candy crush or some other soccer mom type game, i don't "play" those types of games either...😇
  8. delete messages is still there, the only change there is it follows the global content delete permission for member groups instead of custom ones. the "delete" option in permissions for the rooms has always been a "moderator" type permission, where if they have the permission from the room, then they can delete any messages, the global content delete permissions in groups only allows them to delete their own.
  9. not sure what i could add to the discussion tbh. i've been playing with this: https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-pushnotifications not sure how well it would work in a live situation. it would require a nodejs server, and some sort of interface between it and IPS to be able to get notifications and send them out (alone with what to be sending them).
  10. thanks, when i was looking at the code, seems i introduced a condition on one of the areas it can error out, it can remove all the content, was checking to make sure it wasn't also adding ghost to it. might have to go back to the old algorithm, that i was using to find and replace the words, as it was working and my attempt to improve it seems to have caused issues. you know what they say, don't fix what isn't broken :)
  11. hey @Square Wheels could you do me a favor? can you enable debugging in your constants.php ( \define('DEBUG_LOG', true); ) and enable KW and go to the problem article, you can disable KW after this. then check your system log in support, to see if KW threw any errors?
  12. sorry i missed this one, i have fixed this in the next version that will be release (1.2), i'm waiting for a bug fix on the sortable JS i'm using now to be fixed before i push out 1.2. there are 3 tables for keywords in you database. keywords_cats, keywords_stats and keywords_words (this is the one that holds the keyword data, the other two can safely be ignored, unless stats are important to you).
  13. I was moving when this issue came up, I'm mostly settled in now so i will be working on this, this weekend. sorry for the delay. if you uninstall the app, then yes the keywords are lost (this is something IPS does, removing the tables when the app gets uninstalled).
  14. oh okay, so its linking words that exist in it, but not in the content. hmm yeah that is def a bug.
  15. so it is linking words its not suppose to be linking? what happens if you hover over 'em or click on 'em? do they do anything? are they similar to keywords you do have?
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