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  1. CodingJungle

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    its not quite done yet...but we are getting close to finalizing it!
  2. CodingJungle

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    well that is the simplified version, to give an "approximation", here is the full equation:
  3. CodingJungle

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    @Joel R should've sparkled more there buddy!
  4. CodingJungle

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    they released a formula so we will know when the releases are:
  5. CodingJungle

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    the last blog should mention klingons and that "it is a good day to die" as well.
  6. CodingJungle

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    so when does voldemort attack?
  7. CodingJungle

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    yeah try going to php 7, as any new fixes (and eventually) i'll be rolling over to php 7+ syntax, doing a quick once over of the code for mgm, its in between this conversion, it has too many elements that are php 7+ syntax to go easily change. oh btw, don't go to php 7.3, as IPS's furl system doesn't work under php 7.3 (due to php 7.3 adopting pcre2, and the subtle changes in it).
  8. CodingJungle

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    what version of php are you on? MGM was developed using the new features of php 7.0+. there haven't been any DB changes, you can just install the last working version over the new one.
  9. CodingJungle

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    so its the automated one that isn't working? cause last time it was reported, i tested the manual (since they both use the same code) and it was working there. must be a hiccup in the flow that is causing it then, i'll check it out. its not a bug, its a debug message, i meant to type in debug instead of log, that way it would only work if the constant is defined for it, its been fixed in this latest version. working on UI and stabilizing the features i've added, all i can really say for ETA, possibly in the next 3 weeks or so. Since it is a huge upgrade from v2, i want to make sure everything is working and stable before releasing. check the rooms perms, does the banned group have permissions to use babble? if they don't and this is still possibly, i'll dive a bit deeper into what could be causing this. this has been fixed in the latest version of dplus. i'll reply in the PM you sent thanks.
  10. CodingJungle

    WTH Ford!

    Guess we know what FORD means now, For Oven Roasted Deaths
  11. CodingJungle

    WTH Ford!

    I thought of you @Lindy when i saw this headline today: Source
  12. CodingJungle

    Team Talk: What would you do with $1,000,000?

    I like how you think! and this made me think of this: btw if you haven't seen znation, you are seriously depriving yourself of a hell of a viewing pleasure!
  13. CodingJungle

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    the error was caused by the selected menu group being empty, its been fixed and wont throw an error now. I also moved the footer menu group placement to a place above where the JS is rendered to fix the other issue you had report.