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  1. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    haven't finished it yet, a few other things took over my life when working on it and haven't had a chance to get back to it yet. the language string exist in both the regular lang and jslang portions, the key is "babble_disconnection". when i searched for it in the language pack, 2 came up (one is for the php side of things, the other is for the js side).
  2. Mechanical Keyboard

    I have a g910 orion spark, which uses the romer-g key switches (which are more sensitive than the cherry reds). i personally prefer cherry brown's, you honestly can not go wrong with blue's or brown's. blue's are a bit louder and have a more audible feedback to 'em when they are triggered than brown's. i would say when using brown's, its like the firm feel of keys like on a laptop, they are very comfortable to use. as for big chain stores, microcenter, fryes and best buy are the only ones i know that have them on shelf to test out. you can try local computer stores, they might have a few for you to check out. about the only thing i would really stress on getting a mechanical, get one with a 10-key, the ones without a 10-key are frustrating (to me that is). the only thing i can really say is be on the look out for the "mechanical like" kb's, they are usually membrane keyboards, but use a "stem" that looks like a mechanical switch but all it does is pushes down the rubber nub. they've gained popularity over the last few years, but they aren't true mechanical's, and many of them can cost more than some of the economy mechanical kb's that use cherry clones (which would be far superior than any membrane kb).
  3. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    I've made a video, maybe i am doing something differently than you, so if i am let me know. the only thing i can really suggest would be to enable it, and then disable 1 by 1 the other apps and see while kw enabled, the error goes away with another app/plugin. if that proves fruitless, check the actual server logs to see if there is anything in there (as IPS system logs aren't always comprehensive). my best guess is there another error that i am not coming across from KW or the error is present only in combination with another app/plugin.
  4. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    it only shows if stores are enabled in the ACP and if the person has files: a person with files: and one without: same downloads, 2 different users. the first one has files, and this is what they see when they go to the downloads and the second user doesn't have any files, so they do not get a "store link".
  5. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    IPS\Db\Exception thrown with message "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'as _date FROM `keywords_words` WHERE ( kw_id IN(10) )' at line 1" Stacktrace: #11 IPS\Db\Exception in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/system/Db/Db.php:501 #10 IPS\_Db:preparedQuery in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/init.php:448 #9 IPS\storm_hook_Db:preparedQuery in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/system/Db/Select.php:378 #8 IPS\Db\_Select:runQuery in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/system/Db/Select.php:440 #7 IPS\Db\_Select:rewind in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/system/Content/Search/Mysql/Query.php:686 #6 IPS\Content\Search\Mysql\_Query:_getUnreadWhere in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/system/Content/Search/Mysql/Query.php:542 #5 IPS\Content\Search\Mysql\_Query:filterByUnread in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/applications/core/sources/Stream/Stream.php:1174 #4 IPS\core\_Stream:query in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/applications/core/modules/front/discover/streams.php:280 #3 IPS\core\modules\front\discover\_streams:manage in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php:96 #2 IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller:execute in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/applications/core/modules/front/discover/streams.php:50 #1 IPS\core\modules\front\discover\_streams:execute in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php:146 #0 IPS\_Dispatcher:run in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/index.php:12 This is the error i got with the bug i mentioned about it doing a look up on a column that doesn't exist in kw. i could only get it to pop when a new kw was added in and tried going to go to activity stream -> unread. it might be a case as you mentioned earlier a conflict between KW and another app/plugin for the one you are having.
  6. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Its an error in the AS code trying to do a look up on a column that doesn't exist in the kw table. I've corrected the issue and will be releasing an update after a more thorough test this time to make sure its not causing any other issues.
  7. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    I have a check to see if the method "container" exits, but container() method appears to throw an exception, if the 'container' isn't set in the $databaseColumnMap. i'll wrap it in a try/catch so it doesn't print it to log in the future.
  8. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    I've sent you a PM that contains, that should fix the white screen issue that 2.6.2 can cause on certain servers. this should also correct any connection issues being caused to the service.
  9. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    if you are running 2.6.1, it might not fully work with the changes done to the babble script. as for this problem you had with the upgrading, was there any errors or just a white page? can you check your servers error log and see if there are any in system->support->system logs. i haven't seen this yet and i upgrade about 5 sites last night to 2.6.2
  10. Custom Email Wrappers

    Great plugin!
  11. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    yes it is coming soon and it will have the user store banner option.
  12. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    This applies to both the IPS default menu and CJ Menu (as long as the menu item is type application and linked to babble and the permissions are set to use the apps permissions), go to System->Application, find babble in the list there, and click on the little arrow besides the babbles name, it will populate with another row called "Babble" and click on the lock icon, and you will be able to set the permissions there. if you use cj menu and use the attach category feature for babble, the menu will follow the rooms permissions, but the parent item will use the module permissions.
  13. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    I just use the blankTemplate instead of the globalTemplate, but babble is design with a solid colored background. however you should be able to style it, in your customs css add: #elBabbleMainContainer { background:#fff; }
  14. Can we get some love for Commerce?

    i am not aware of the "associated" security risk translatable would impose, cause it really isn't any different than allowing user created content like topic titles/bodies/posts/comments/etc imho. i would say opening your ACP to sellers would impose the bigger risk than allow product creation to happen on the front end, how would you prevent them from messing with others products, if they became competitive or at worst vindictive and if you lapse and forget to set the restriction for newly added apps or a new section was added to nexus, they could have access to that and you wouldn't immediately know it. but i'm sure a vetting process of some kind would be used at this point, to only allow the most trusted into being sellers (which could drastically limit the types and quantity of your sellers too). but then again, i can add paid downloads on the front end in downloads, so the argument imho about "security risk" is diminishing. since there is no replies from IPS on this in over a week, i'm guess i am gonna begin modification to commerce for my needs
  15. Can we get some love for Commerce?

    i was thinking about them, but i don't use ad's. i would like to see a way that existing blocks/widgets on the page, can be "sponsored". like they pay x amount for a week/month/day/etc, and the block is display with a "sponsored by xxxx" and a link to their site or whatever, and then at the end of it, it can be autoconfigured to remove the block/widget or just remove the "sponsored by". like activity streams could have this done, as i imagine a lot of "eyes" are looking at it a lot of the times.