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  1. I just tested it on my local and live site, and it appears to be working. it uses a storage extension, n2a_fonts, might check the settings for that in storage configuration to make sure its correctly setup. if it is, feel free to send me a PM on how you have your storage configured. I might be able to setup a test environment to see if there is a problem i can correct.
  2. there is a tar inside the zip, if you are on a mac, its file archiver program has a tendency to extract the tar if there are no other files inside the zip. i guess i forgot to include the instructions.txt when i built the archive. I am not sure how to fix this on a mac tho, i use 7zip in windows and file roller in ubuntu (not much of a mac guy).
  3. it was added in the last version on december 8, its been a long time requested feature.
  4. members don't receive them, only the moderators and admins. again, they can go to account settings->notifications, scroll down and disable any type of notification they don't want to receive, this is a built in IPS feature, and a user setting, there really isn't a good way to "globally" disable it, and still allow it to work if the member wants it too, so they will have to disable receiving the notification if they don't want to receive them. i can do up a quick video on how to do this (again, this a built in IPS feature).
  5. i've released new versions to keywords and media for IPS 4.4 compatibility these are notifications, they can be turned off in user settings: only admins and moderators receive the notification. this is an IPS feature that i've used here, not something i've created up on my own. Might want to review the features and how to use the software with your moderators/staff as this seems to be a training issue.
  6. oh the notifications, they can disable those in their user cp. its not sending them a PM, just a notification that a new dupe has been logged.
  7. in the settings for automatic action, just select "Disabled", it will log the dupe but not take any automatic action.
  8. sorry guys, i haven't had much time lately. personal life things. My twin sister had an emergency surgery and was staying with her to help her out till her husband got home. I just got back to my home today (back to civilization, my sister lives in the buttcrack of the midwest, in a town that has more cows than people and i'm pretty sure the town's welcoming sign's population count was approaching negative). I should take pictures of where she lives, its insane how isolated you are, but her street looks like a suburban street, with lights, road signs, crosswalks, sidewalks, but her house is the only one there, the rest is all farmland. its pretty wild. anyway, her internet is from like 1998 and the fastest i was able to connect to at any time was about 1mbps, it took 12 minutes to load up a 4 minute 480p youtube video. so i'm back at my house, with my 1 gigabyte connection. give me a few days and everything should be back on schedule with the 4.4 updates. @SJ77 if you are getting PM's, it means its detecting you using an alt account. if you want admins/moderators to be excluded, in the apps settings, just select which groups to be excluded. if you want individual members to be excluded, you can go to their member's form in the ACP and go to the duplicate members tab and tell it to exclude them. if you've already done those things, let me know, i'll check to see what the problem is.
  9. sorry, thought i had answered it. Typically if you upgrade say to 4.3, then in theory the version of babble that is released for it, will work with for 4.3+ and might work with the next version depending on any radical changes. I do my best not to really do anything that forces an update, so i try to keep a wide range of babble versions working with the service, i think it has been over a year now since i've had to force updates cause of a change on the service.
  10. yes, my paid apps will have 4.4 compatible versions rolled out for them, including keywords.
  11. the current version? i am not entirely sure if the current would, one of the older versions will as i'm pretty sure i came out with it when 4.0 first came out, but those versions aren't supported any longer.
  12. I released it free as an experiment into "donationware", to see if it was a viable option for the market.
  13. I've been rethinking the EOL of the self hosted, i will prolly end up keeping it around, but it will prolly be in a more "raw" state than it is now (for v3), as i wont be selling any additional access to the self hosted (and the number of self hosted is considerable small, compared to what it was before the service). the chat service version and self hosted version are identical in functionality and look. the differences are all backend, the chat service connects to chat service vs your own node.js. your users would more than likely not notice any differences, unless they like watching their network traffic like a hawk. if i have time, i will consider keeping this one, as i've had a lot of fun making it. not sure how well received it would be turning it into a paid app from a free one (as that has usually been a bit disastrous for dev's who have)
  14. I wont be upgrading any of my free resources (with the exception of dev toolbox) to 4.4, as i don't have the time to maintain them any longer, but all my paid applications will be getting a 4.4 maintenance fix, i will release them over the next week.
  15. Moderators can too, there is a section in the MODCP that they can access to view the list (it looks a bit different from the ACP one, but contains all the same information and abilities)
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