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  1. they must not be on the latest version, cause it has a try/catch around that section for this reason.
  2. those are my settings. my template is the Material Theme UI (i use the night owl theme) and i have rainbow brackets plugin installed so it might be a combination of those things that make it a tad bit more "lively"
  3. https://github.com/codingjungle/toolbox you can grab it from here, make sure you checkout the dev branch as it is the most up to date.
  4. about all it does for "templates" is in a limited fashion gives you a template function list for getTemplate (based on the group param) and if it finds the template, will give you param hints (but this is only in phpstorm and if you have the phptoolbox plugin installed for phpstorm). for an IDE like phpstorm, i usually assign *.phtml to twig in file types, it doesn't do much, but does add some color. before being assign to twig: after being assigned to twig: but other than that, there isn't any plugin i know of that will assist with IPS templates and i'm not crafty enough with java to make one 🙂
  5. it was probably silently failing inside the node helper, if you don't have php setup to show errors or have overridden it via ini_set or in htaccess.
  6. in my toolbox app, in settings, there is an option for "patch init.php", what this does, will rewrite the monkeypatch method of the init class, to write hooks to a folder and use those instead of eval'ing them, so if there is an error with them, its a proper backtrace instead of a pseudo one thru eval. note: you shouldn't use this on a live site and it can't be used in the community in the cloud, so a localhost or a dev site should suffice. it does modify a core file from IPS, so if you have any unexpected behaviors, you should restore the init.php from the IPS download. you can grab the latest toolbox from this repo: https://github.com/codingjungle/toolbox make sure you are on the dev branch when you checkout.
  7. using an IDE with the proxyclass generator, it will tell you when method signatures change from a parent class, here it puts a squiggly line under the method and when i focus on it, it will tell me its no longer compatible with the parent. Phpstorm is an excellent IDE, its very reasonably priced (they offer yearly or monthly subscriptions, and they also offer loyalty discounts. after 3 years phpstorm will be as little as $5 a month or around $50 a year. note: i'm not affiliated with jetbrains, i'm just a crazed fanboi of their products). if you don't want to pay for one, there are a few opensource free ones like eclipse or VS Code (if you are afraid MS tracking you thru telemetry which VS Code has, you can opt for the VS Codium which removes all that but still remains compatible with VS Code plugins), and if you are really masochistic, there is netbeans and sublime. note: vs code/sublime aren't true IDE's, they are more advanced text editors that thru plugins you can emulate IDE features, netbeans and eclipse are IDE's, but they all vary in ability and features.
  8. if this for a non-marketplace app, i would load it up thru the interface folder or load it remotely. $myJs = \IPS\Output::i()->js('myfolder/myjs.js', 'myapp','interface'); \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles = array_merge(\IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles,$myJs); or \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles = array_merge( \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles,[ \IPS\Http\Url::external('http://example.com/something.js') ]); if this is for a MP app, you might have to consider the remote loading as an option, since last i heard the the interface folder doesn't work for the cloud communities and i don't think you can you use the bypass method (which would be loading it thru the resources), cause it probably wont be able to properly map the imports (as imports if i am not mistaken are loaded by relative paths and resources wouldn't be relative).
  9. I'll submit it a ticket. I use it myself for my apps and clients for their custom work, so i don't see why i wouldn't.
  10. I am not sure, it is not something i've done.
  11. Sorry guys, has been a crazy time these last few months. I will have a full update on my site if you are interested to read the crazy. any info on the exact reason why its failing in the system log? there should be a relevant log to it in the acp system log.
  12. i uploaded 2.3.0 last thursday which doesn't add that column. it however doesn't remove it, once you update you can manually remove the column as we aren't allowed to touch the core tables any longer. it actually isn't causing any issues, it just the schema checker isn't very bright, if it doesn't have json entry for it, it flips out.
  13. I am testing 2.3.0 now for release, that should remove this. they should be the same version, i might've forgotten to change the version number here on IPS.
  14. ips.ui.alert.show({ type: 'confirm', icon: 'question', message: ips.getString('some_message_string'), buttons: { ok: ips.getString('ok'), cancel: ips.getString('cancel'), }, callbacks: { ok: function (e) { }, }, }); you can use the ips.ui.alert, put the ajax callback inside "ok" that actually sends the ajax request for delete.
  15. this will be fixed in the next version, but i don't believe it is what is causing the problem. can you check your system logs in the acp.
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