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  1. there is no difference between the download here on IPS or my site. the update on my site, was an update about me, nothing more. https://codingjungle.com/articles/records/absence-r79/
  2. update to the latest version i just released, should take care of the problem.
  3. it will only copy the project columns, not the cards. there is a future update that will copying of cards. not currently, but its an idea i've been thinking of adding in a future version. they are in the wrong format. originally they were stored in a comma delimited list, now they are stored as a json array (one of the updates converted them, but i don't recall which one). i'll write you up a conversion script and test it on the database you sent me.
  4. they should already be there, just go edit it. yeah that is how buggy the system is, they could appear there, but they aren't actually in the cache yet, so you changing it and saving is what refreshed the cache for 'em.
  5. it looks like you theme settings didn't get added properly when you installed (this happens a lot, it is why i don't like the theme settings).
  6. possibly. there are 3 tables that keywords use, keywords_words (where the actual kw is stored), keywords_stats (if you have stats enabled, they get stored here) and keywords_cats (which isn't really used, but is there cause IPS content item class doesn't really work that well without a node class and a node class wont work without a db, so this more or less a pseudo thing, to account for oddities in the Item's class, so the data in this table never really changes, so as long as you have it, it should be good to go.)
  7. it would be a table in your database for your site called 'keywords_words' (if you have a db prefix it would be like prefix_keywords_words).
  8. if you could send me the keywords_words database table, so i could take a look at it to see if anything is wrong with it. i would be able to find out a lot more from it, than taking a look at your dev/test site. feel free to PM here or on my site with the kw table export.
  9. I have not abandoned it or any of the other apps. i've been ill and was busy with my main job. there is also the problem of reproduction, i can't not reproduce these issues and trying to fix them is much like trying to walk in the dark with a blindfold on. I haven't had anything to say on the issues as i can't reproduce them. I have tried several different things, i have created a test db of about 300 kw on the 3.1 that i then upgraded each version from 3.1 to the current version and the kw's still worked. the only thing i can think of, is that some how you have set an expiration o
  10. the code is disabled for it, if it is sending emails, then this an IPS bug, as i only have it configured to send a notification. or you have another plugin/app that has some how switched on the setting to send emails when it is disabled by the developer.
  11. i've replied to your other topic, but duplicate member doesn't send out emails, only notifications. to everyone, i will be posting an update to my site.
  12. i'm almost a 100% positive there is nothing actually wrong still, that is just a problem with the schema manager. it installed without a problem? if there was a problem then the database would've thrown an error, and prevented the installing. what i'm thinking is happening here, is the schema manager check is incorrectly calculating the length of the one index and then the db is throwing an error when it is trying to update it cause it is a invalid index length. what version of mysql you are running? i'll try to setup a container later with it, to see if i can dupe the results, and
  13. you sure it is the same error? in this image, it says it is cause you have a negative number for a topic to card (which i am not sure how that happened), you shouldn't have any data in the tables after a uninstall/install.
  14. do you have theme alterations that are different than the default theme? it is only geared to move and adjust things based on the default them, so if your theme is to radically different, it could produce a different result than what i show in the screenshot. its a problem with the schema manger in IPS. in the new versions of mysql, they've deprecated the "length" prop for INT type fields. when i was developing 2.0.0 of stratagem, i was developing on a later version of mysql (8.0.19 to be exact), so i decided to drop the length prop from the int fields, as they aren't needed. the onl
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