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  1. i am not admitting nor denying, there might be something with rockets in the works.
  2. i actually meant you shouldn't drink the bong water, cause it is making you talk crazy 🙂
  3. @Joel R is obvious from an alternative universe where i am working on another possible chat app, but if i was, babble isn't going any where.
  4. it was in the last update, it works with the default menu (MGM needs a tweak done to it, that i haven't release yet), but it should be working on the last release. it has to do with the statistics for babble rooms, it stores things like total chat message count.
  5. Since it is working on a few of my private sites, I'm gonna need a bit of info from you to see what the problem is and why it is not working. are you on IPS 4.3 or did you upgrade to the beta? are there any error logs in System->support->system logs? or anything in your php error logs from your sever? feel free to PM me this information, so i can take a look at it.
  6. thanks, i've added them to my tracker, they will be fixed in the next version.
  7. i would have to double check, but i'm pretty sure they will activate on mobile (they just turn themselves into clicks instead of hover, as it users the hovercard feature in IPS 4). send me a PM, i can set you up a demo on my site this weekend to have you test it out. give you a little private area over there to play around with it. yes, babble supports clubs. the club rooms will only be accessible from inside the club, but the regular rooms will be accessible from there as well.
  8. how'd that get in there...i'll get it fixed and push a new version
  9. I've replied over on my site to your issue. when you first go to the page, it will list all of them, in order of when they were added (i'm almost certain of that, but it might be alphabetical, been awhile since i looked at the code). when you click on any of the entities in the filter bar (letters/numbers/symbols will show in this, so if it is showing, it exists, if it doesn't show, it doesn't exists). you can sort by last update/title/start date(creation date) and most views. the system unfortunately doesn't store keywords info like this. it doesn't know where a keyword is used. yes keywords can be set to be sensitive or insensitive. so it would be able to tell the difference between ON and on and On. sounds like you are looking for a bit different system, with the ability to track where the keyword is used, maybe like an advanced tags or hashtag system of some kind.
  10. it wont be this week, but next weekend i def can see about adding an option of "merge group into mobile" and it will merge them on the group that is set to replace the primary menu.
  11. in CJ menu it use to create a hamburger menu for non-primary menus, and when clicked they would open in a similar fashion, but a lot of complaints about how it was "confusing", for MGM, there is an option in group settings, to hide on mobile. if you disable it, it will show in tablet/phone view, but it will appear regularly.
  12. on my site there are 2 main packages, one starting at $75 (its has a term of 6 months, and the subscription fee is $30 every 6 months) and then there is the one package which is $95 and then $50 once a year for the subscription. here on IPS it is $75 i believe with a $35 every six month subscription fee. I prefer purchases to be on my site, as the license key and renewals are all handled automatically (no delays), but if bought from here, there can be delays (as i am not always available) as it needs to be done manually.
  13. it's fully integrated into your site, there are no redirects to any of my servers. my servers are only there to facilitate the transfer of messages. you can see it in action here: https://codingjungle.com/babble/
  14. yes, the chat service version was specifically created so users could use it on the communities in the cloud.
  15. i just tested it, it doesn't appear to be working, that is what i was trying to get at 🙂. I have it added to the bug list, and will take a look at getting it working this weekend.
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