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  1. I think so, I am yet to try increasing the lines so that it doesn't do it but it seems very likely. Thank you.
  2. I know what it is buddy, different screen resolutions. It creates more lines so it cuts off even when there's no need. I don't think it's a bug.
  3. Joey_M

    Daily Posts Goal

    @Faqole its due to day light savings time, it's now correct but can you please fix this?
  4. I just wanted to add my thanks again to @TAMAN for creating this awesome footer application! It looks awesome and I'm proud to be using it. If anyone has a dark part in their footer, you can use a CSS tweak like this to make the title text lighter. .af_columnID_2 .af_Content > h3 { color: #fff; } On mine I have a dark bit as the secondary part of my footer, so the column ID can be targeted to make it appear white instead of black on black. Many thanks to @newbie LAC for kindly helping me. Keep up the great work TAMAN and please don't stress about this, majority of people will understand your busy - it can't be helped. I wish you well though.
  5. You have nothing to be sorry for, I would hate to see you leave or feel someone else has to takeover your work. I'm just trying to sort it so I can use it properly that's all. 🙂
  6. Maybe IPS could do some more tutorial videos because this is all new to me but without clients like @opentype I would not know. I'm sure it's the same for others.
  7. @Mark: Can we please have the ability to store multiple options within a product? So we can list different colours available for purchase, patterns, personalise them etc? Rather than having to create separate products per each one. Like this... It would also be handy if we could disable which nations we ship too, I only want to sell to the UK right now but I have no way of limiting the products to this area. I just have to avoid adding shipping fees which seems very counter productive, as people may e-mail me saying 'I can't buy this item' when they don't read the description which means we only deliver to x places.
  8. Any chance you could tell me and I can apply it via the custom.css? I'll take a screenshot of the other issue, it's due to the truncate feature.
  9. Joey_M

    Donations Support

    So there's no plans to add the support to receive monthly PayPal donations? I can't say how much of a massive issue this will be for me, as I was hoping it would be coming as mentioned. I know your busy, I value that but I would appeal to you to reconsider. I need to rely massively on donations right now, I am current unable to work (disabled) and I am struggling to cover my sites costs. The donation system was hoped to be a lifesaver for me, I am in the process of other means but I do have a lot of support from people wanting to make no fuss donations (yet they forget and I don't want to ask). Also please, can we have the ability to hide the donation amount in the member profiles.
  10. I know November will be a busy time but would there be any chance you could help me resolve my queries please @TAMAN. There still appears to be issues with storing the settings. I can't change the colour of the text within dark areas, a temporary solution would be perfect. Expanding arrows show for no reason when I view on my mobile but oddly its perfect 99% of the time, it's just that rare location where it's not.
  11. Joey_M

    (DP43) Forum Moderators

    Does this show on the forum index? I assume not but I have always been a fan of this or does IPS show this now by default? I have no idea.
  12. It's there, I just fail to remember how to enable it. You might need to check the templates and remove a few // before it. I know it's there though. This is a great read Joel and thanks for posting it Matt. [Secretly I wanted to unearth more hidden gems as I was surprised when I triggered the emoji one). 😄
  13. Joey_M

    Live Topics (Support)

    @Mike John - I don't know if that error is fixed, as mentioned it was found by @newbie LAC and I'm not sure how to check if it's resolved myself. I am however still having issues moving topics as mentioned before, it's something some of my team members are constantly moaning about and it's doing my head in now. If you leave the 'Leave a link' option on and try to relocate the topic you get an area. However, moving works fine but despite this its causing constant issues for me. It's simple just to move it but oh no, the link needs to be left so people need to know where to find it.
  14. Joey_M

    Commerce Banner

    @Pete T @Edward Shephard I would pay for this if the plugin could carousel between different banners, I think this feature would attract others who use the commerce app to sell items in a store. https://i.imgur.com/gKbidGV.png Please, please will you look into this. 👍 --Edit-- Some reason the image doesn't show once I post, possible a bug in the board here. LOL 😛
  15. Joey_M

    Videos Support

    The system already supports friendly URL's. You might want to try clearing your FURL's via the ACP, in the past I have installed applications that have odd URL's and this fixed it. The option to revert all changes but be warned if you do, this reset any customisation you have made to any FURL's. Worth mentioning.