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  1. Mobile app?

    IPS have rejected the idea based on the fact it will take devolopers away from the community products, whilst believing they're not the right people to build such a service. I've always felt IPS should hire programmers designed to handle this task, as it would generate them money eventually and make their product stronger.
  2. IPS Web Site slow loading issue

    Nope, loads fine on all browsers for me (also UK here).
  3. Easy mention

    Brilliant plugin, and the fact it's FREE - well praise goes to @motomac because it's a useful addition.
  4. Do you plan on releasing the web browser notifications @Fosters, this and the 'Custom Notifications' would be awesome.
  5. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    Go to my ACP > Plugins > Edit plugin Click the 'services' tab - it displays the pages I have created with IP.Pages not the plugins services. There's nowhere to save the changes now, and I can edit everything bar YouTube's custom background colour.
  6. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    There's still an issue with YouTube (background colour won't change). The services tab is messed up, and I can't save the settings.
  7. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    Yes Newbie. If I had multiple Facebook's I think I'd be fine!
  8. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    Sorry for the delay, IPS have been changing things up and I wasn't able to access the upgrade or download area (I wasn't even able to post). Great job here! Superb...
  9. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    It's having issues with other services, the first is fine but if you change to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc it has the same issue as before.
  10. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    No worries
  11. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    @newbie LAC I'm experiencing issues with the default configuration via the ACP. * I can't add text for the service name * Once one custom colour has been used, you cannot use any other after and you can't delete the previous input.
  12. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    @TAMAN would it be possible to have a field where you could insert a URL and the ticker would than show on that page? or something similar... This would allow me to define areas of IP.Pages whereby I am happy to show the ticker, yet for it not to display all pages.
  13. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    No worries, only glad to have been of some help. I'm pleased it's resolved!
  14. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    Are you missing a '}' in your custom.css? I've missed the odd one and it breaks things, for example I have social media icons and when I missed a '}' it wouldn't show the icons and then any CSS beneath the issue wouldn't work. It's worth looking into this. I can't guarantee it is but it seems worth mentioning.
  15. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    Cheers TAMAN, top work with this plugin!