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  1. Fantastic plugin, oddly, I only just realised I had this as I have been using a different plugin which isn't supported with 4.5 - this works flawlessly. 👍
  2. I cannot upgrade to the latest version 2.0.0 using the marketplace, please help @Fosters. I don't care about paying to see it updated and, supported. That's not an issue for me and, I would encourage others to see that it takes time for people to do these.
  3. @newbie LAC: The version for 4.5 - it doesn't seem to add the "Pinned topics", "Other Topics" anymore. Is this a bug on my site, or has it been removed with the latest version? Any way to add it back if it's not supported anymore?
  4. This was released, it unofficially works with 4.5 as I use it and it's flawless with 4.4
  5. I don't see moods available for 4.5, has IPS approved it? Could you show me a screenshot of how it looks now, with the mod badge icon - I'm curious how the moods will look.
  6. @DawPi: I get an error now with the 4.5 version. I removed the previous plugin, and installed from the marketplace. Can I DM you details to my site?
  7. Instead of adding how many members to show, could you just add rows? Then the plugin could automatically fill the required amount, this would make it better in the responsive side - both on desktop on mobiles.
  8. Have you tried sending him a PM here? Sometimes e-mails can get lost, I'm self hosted with Google services and an issue caused at their end temporarily interfered with my exchange with a developer I was working with. Then again, he might have personal issues or, as many finding things difficult with the COVID-19 pandemic. I don't see why he wouldn't update his themes, I'd imagine it's a good revenue stream for him. Try to reach out again, I am sure he wouldn't mind. Best wishes to you bud.
  9. This is because most designers haven't released updates to their skins for 4.5.0, since it's only in beta [12th version] as I write this post. It's a risk on us if we choose to upgrade when apps/themes aren't ready. You could switch to the default theme for a short time? PS. @Brian A. is a good egg, I doubt he would have abandoned his clients without good reason (if he hasn't replied). It might not mean to come across like it, but this could be taken the wrong way. Brian has been around for ages - probably longer than most people in this topic itself. I have worked
  10. The IPS app is promising, I like certain parts of it and with everything there's stuff which could be better (yet I see this happening with time). I think once 4.5.0 goes final, further improvements will be made. Personally, I am pleased IPS have made such a huge strive to catering to what many of their clients wanted. It's encouraging, this said, I won't be using it but I might use the IPS site app to visit these forums. I have a solution already created by @Jon Erickson which I am more encouraged by. Nonetheless, I wouldn't take anything from the promising signs with the official I
  11. So, would your plugin allow people on 4.4 to add the option to sign in with Apple?
  12. This is how I feel. Facebook will adapt, they'll buyout competition or other means as a way to stay relevant. When Facebook realised that some people wanted a simpler social network and, that parents had started flocking onto the network. Instagram came round, most teens will use it because they're the generation to be glued to handheld device. Yes, I know older people use it and companies - yet everything seems geared towards social media influencers [+ branding companies]. I think some feel that Facebook will simply disappear because sites like MySpace did. MySpace came a
  13. I haven't used Xenforo for a site myself, although the impression I have is similar those that buy Apple products and, state that it's better because of x, y, z (without naming anything of importance). I realise that people will mention every brand has some form of "fanboy", but I do feel Xenforo has this wrapped up as a gimmick. I do own a vBulletin, which I purchased because it fitted that project better and, the help I had was also more experienced with the software. I wasn't the biggest fan, I thought the ACP to navigate was a nightmare but on the front it was simple enough. With
  14. @CodingJungle: I'm trying to create a simple menu for handheld devices, just to make navigating my site easier. I am using your MGM application as mentioned to you Michael on your site. Could you tell me how to remove the "v" arrow down, so that the menu responds when the title/tab is pressed? Also, would you please be able to tell me how to remove the hover elements. I just want a simple menu, which doesn't change colour when an item is pressed. Thanks to @newbie LAC the menu now only shows on mobiles and, it floats but I can't figure the rest out. I know you're busy
  15. @Pavel Chernitsky: I stopped using Tapatalk. Why? Updates seemed very buggy and rushed. They tended to take their time with releasing them, some was quick and others took quite some time. Neither made much difference, as it became a joke and I started having to put in support e-mails. I eventually called it "it" when the script caused issues with my VPS server. I am now using a webview app developed by @Jon Erickson. As he's also created a application which works with Firebase, so my users now get whatever notifications they would like and I can even send manual ones if I s
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