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  1. May I suggest the ability to style the raffles? I.E If you sell to x amount of people or x tickets, they can choose a number and their username gets shown on that. In pubs in the UK, they used to do fundraisers called guess the number, spot the ball, etc. Fun little games.
  2. I think the issue is related to the Commerce app, sorry. If I credit any account via the ACP, my own account gets the money also. Weird.
  3. I think I've found a bug and it's pretty random, so I am unsure as to how it's triggered or how can be replicated. However, I keep getting account credit and it's always in the region of what I put my raffle tickets to cost. It starts at the lowest amount but can build to an alarming total. Reason I say it must be connected, it's always in the region of the ticket prices and grows in the same number. One thing could be that I'm the raffle creator? I don't know, I am checking other accounts and haven't noticed the same behaviour yet. 🤷‍♂️
  4. What I don't get is your response. Selling 40 places could mean I take far more from doing 1 raffle, than I would doing 2 with 20 raffle tickets. If you operate under strict guidelines, BTW I am registered with my areas council and I operate under gambling laws (hence the suggestion to limit per ticket). You may actually be required to sell tickets to a certain amount, something which we have no control over currently. Just because you and your community likes this setup, well that's great. However, my comment was a mere suggestion and I shouldn't be forced to register elsewhere in order to make this possible. I never said I didn't like or appreciate the application, so your comment 'if you don't like the answer then don't use the app or buy it.' is pretty irrelevant. Clients of IPS should be fully allowed to post feature suggestions within the support topics, after all to request something generally includes some form of support. What makes me laugh is how some people can't respect other people or understand that people won't have the time to register elsewhere. Besides, most devs I've worked with refuse to register accounts on clients sites in order offer adequate support - how is this any different than asking us to join theirs? Anywho, I have no issue with Adriano knocking back the suggestion but I did want to squash this "40 people and 1 ticket per people will do what you want." as limiting to one ticket would naturally make any raffle harder and again, depending on your local areas rules or countries gambling regulations you may be required to limit the tickets. I don't expect you to understand this. -- Be aware that may have local laws regarding paying for the tickets unless you are registered as a non-profit organization, or have special authorization to do so. Some sites like Paypal usually shut accounts down or even can take actions against the accounts of people using their site in that manner. Indeed they do. If you can't make a valid request I won't purchase, my suggestion was very valid but again I accept Adriano's decision.
  5. Well, no. Not really because 40 tickets could be purchased between 20 people. Your method means that 40 people are required outright just to take part, if I lower it - I can't afford to give away prizes. In real life people don't do raffles expecting to sell tickets to x amount of people, they aim to sell the tickets. I know what you mean but I am sure others would find this to be more useful. Thanks, I don't really have the time to be joining every devs forum. I'll stick to IPS for now but you do a good job.
  6. Could you add a way for us to limit the amount of tickets rather than the amount of people who can take part? I would like to sell a set amount as per the rules of where I live, rather than saying 40 people and only 1 ticket per go. It would be easier to just sell 40 tickets.
  7. How does people pay with their account credit? (I'm just trying to understand this so I can recommend this method to people). Could you please tell me how I can fix something within the template so that it matches my site, it's simple but I can't figure it out. I'll PM you @Adriano Faria - this is a great application. 👏👏
  8. Would you please consider it? I'd be happy to pay for the feature.
  9. Managed to figure it out, apologise. It seems I missed some of the entries in the database. Is it possible to force payment via account credit only?
  10. Will do. I have found this... SELECT * FROM `mydatabase`.`core_applications` WHERE (CONVERT(`app_id` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_author` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_version` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_long_version` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_directory` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_added` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_position` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_protected` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_enabled` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_hide_tab` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_website` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_update_check` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_update_last_check` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_update_version` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_disabled_groups` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_disabled_message` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_diagnostic_url` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%' OR CONVERT(`app_default` USING utf8) LIKE '%raffle%') Should I try deleting it? I have tried to find the lines for the SQL Toolbol but it came back saying they couldn't be found etc.
  11. I deleted the raffle entries in the past @Adriano Faria. I just searched phpMYADMIN just incase and I can't find anything, I also ensured I had deleted the folder but considering I re-uploaded 3.3 files and deleted the previous ones - I can't see how the application would still be there.
  12. @Adriano Faria: I can't install it. I get "Sorry, you do not have permission for that!" 2C133/4 The application you are attempting to install appears to be installed already. To reinstall the application you must first uninstall it. I am using the main admin account and I have no issues installing anything else, or upgrading apps. -Edit- I didn't attempt to upgrade, I had uninstalled the old version but for some reason it seems to have re-added 'raffles' to the list of installed applications but it won't install.
  13. No worries, I managed to track it down but the helps appreciated.
  14. @socceronly Jamie, how do you enable reviews for the products? I'm probably being blind but I can't see it.
  15. Do I need to upgrade or did you include this patch @Mike John.
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