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  1. Mobile app?

    IPS have rejected the idea based on the fact it will take devolopers away from the community products, whilst believing they're not the right people to build such a service. I've always felt IPS should hire programmers designed to handle this task, as it would generate them money eventually and make their product stronger.
  2. IPS Web Site slow loading issue

    Nope, loads fine on all browsers for me (also UK here).
  3. Why are club forums called topics?

    Speak to one of the creators of the enhanced clubs feature, maybe one of the two will add it? I don't think anyone wants someone else's club dominating over the actual community forums of their main site.
  4. News Ticker?

    Perhaps @TAMAN will consider releasing his themes news ticker as an app/plugin? Once upon a time I knew of three back in the early days of IPS, I even think @Mike John had one but it may have been another Michael. It's something I would love to have created myself!
  5. Just polls

    @BomAle was developing an awesome app for polls, yet I'm not sure if he's still producing it.
  6. Mobile Applications (Apk)

    It would be awesome to see a mobile app, there's talk of two being created by third-party devs but I'm quite keen to see something that just uses the responsive side of my theme, accompanied with push notifications.
  7. I really hate it when there's something introduced that provides you with a function and flexibility, then the next release it's filtered down (possibly because it loses focus or priority due to bigger features). It's understandable, though it happens virtually with every release. 4.0 surprised my expectations but it was very buggy, 4.1 fixed that. I'm hoping that IPS returns the filters and makes improvements, as there are ways filters could be tweaked to offer greater control. At the top of my site I have features showing, however I have to have the category and I can't seem to mix between settings so that it pulls articles from others - from certain specifications. I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, I love how IPS is evolving and giving us some great features and 4.2 will be awesome but we pay for custom work and the loss of certain functions are really a major fallback.
  8. A way for Polls to include guests too!

  9. Ignored Members

    Further inspiration should be taken from Facebook (not Twitter). There should be a ignore settings and a block, ignore you can still read and blocking totally makes that member disappear to the person who feels annoyed. I've seen two people leave one of my sites because they couldn't avoid temptation from reading the other persons views that they didn't like. It's all rather difficult! Though I agree more improvements are required.
  10. Leaderboard ideas

    This is probably best as a plugin (if it's possible). I'd highly recommend you requested. I'd love to see this implemented! ---- Also, I think the leaderboard should be a widget! I've seen this suggested more times than I have had chicken dinners.
  11. I think the leaderboard is a fantastic addition to PS, used in the right way it would promote fun engagements. I have some further ideas which I feel would make it better. Notify members that they have lead (Daily/Monthly) One thing is within many communities I am sure most are unaware of the feature, to promote the fun engagement and to encourage activity it would be nice to see members being told automatically. I'd like to see team members and members separated, create more friendly competition but IMO, team members within sites are always likely to lead. Just look at IPS, it's mostly staff members or popular developers, this cuts so many people who make great efforts. Within my own community, it's usually always me or one of my team members and I think it would be nice to split it up. I have some other suggestions, however these are the main areas. I'd love to see other clients make suggestions!
  12. Copyright

    I'm sorry to say it, I think your missing the point. If you decided the $500 is an outrages price, still nothing would change. Of course I'm sure nobody minds you having your saying or giving input into the matter, yet your going on and I don't want to offend it sounds like your obsessed. Hence why I recommend not touching the copyright. Whatever forum software you use, this will exist. If you find vB to more flexible priced then fair enough but I've used phpBB, MyBB, SMF, Ikonboard (back in the day), vB (never really liked it myself) but the copyright pre-exists on them all. Most won't even grant permission to remove it, let alone purchase it. Copyright shouldn't really become an issue. How many of your customers will want to purchase a forum? I doubt it's not many, so I wouldn't worry.
  13. Copyright

    It's not advertising, its their copyright and although it does link back to their products I'm not really sure where the big problem is. Unless you spend a lot more $500 to make your forum/site look different, anyone who uses communities will know what your using. Also, I don't suggest that you edit or alter the IPS copyright in any way, however if your that bothered - create a new line beneath it and links to wherever you want. Simple...
  14. I don't mind registering on third-party sites personally, sometimes its where you get the best support for the files. Whilst I understand that sometimes people become busy, it disappointing when you pay for something and the support isn't very good or non-existent. I'd advice people to try to stick with regular developers and those who show good signs of looking after their work (yet this isn't always possible). At the end of the day, it's not for a client to purchase something which isn't looked after - there's no value in that. It's only beneficial for the third party developer to offer support, how else do they encourage purchases or even become trusted? (there are some I would never purchase from regardless). -- Regarding the updates, I don't pay attention to them but it would be nice if they was accurate. Many of mine says there is a new version, yet there isn't. I focus following the applications/plugins I use, this is a good way of seeing when there's updates. -- I wished IPS would highlight more of the third party content, encourage developers to create and keep active within their support. I'm not saying it should be forced but it's a two way street, any negative people out there looks bad on the product. Thankfully most offer excellent support and will provide it promptly.