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  1. You might want to mention to other users on the app page that Facebook wants people to jump through a verification process and require approval now. Any chance we can have the ability to manually enter the amount if required? Facebook is very bad with rejecting the permissions required.
  2. It's quite slick, but as mentioned, most of these functions are open on the first page. This is also the menu, not the profile (not being funny) but I do agree that some enhancements to the user area would be nice. The drop down menu is very nifty and practical, yet I suspect this could be a great plugin rather than core features.
  3. @Mike John: Would you be able to take a look at my site when you get a chance, I haven't used the live topics for a while as the football season ended, but now I'm approaching a new campaign - the automatic updates seem a little timely/inconsistent with 4.4. It might be related to changes I had a few months ago to my server, I don't know but it used to be pretty quick. One update didn't show at all during 30 seconds, I had to manually refresh to show it.
    This application is amazing, it makes posting very efficient and I can see it being very useful to maximise the amount of posts members with less time can do - simply because it provides an overview of the topics setup within the feeds configuration. Giving members a time saving platform, which comes with handy feature such as the ability to like comments and see the whole entire discussion. I think this has a wide range of possibilities. 1) It could be used as a means to give something back or add value to member groups such as VIPs (people who help support users' sites) 2) An alternative to the inbuilt activity streams (promoted within a site as a means to reduce loading times etc) 3) Used as a way to generate engaging discussions (maximise the detail in the discusses, get people involved and then plug on social media to draw engagements in) I would also like to add that @onlyME has added several of my suggestions already, and provides excellent support. The advanced topic feed application is a serious must have community addition for anyone serious about their community enjoyment/members. With the support of others, I would like to see the following features considered as I feel it would improve the application even further (please give this a like if you agree or like the feedback). ** Ability to quote comments in replies. This is a feature I would most certainly love to see added, as it would allow members to have the full topics functions when posting via the application. With the addition of multi-quote function, it would be a simple but effective feature. ** Add icon to identify if a topic is new or has been replied to by the user. I'm hopeful this would be added, as at a glance you could forget if you have replied or not. Just a simple font awesome circle for new content and a star for content which has been replied to already. These markers would make it much easier to identify new content which needs supporting, whilst giving a visual presentation to know where you in terms of posting. ** Comment updates - 'User(s) has replied notification' in line with the advanced feed. This would be somewhat tricky with the notification sounds, but it would be a great feature in my opinion. Sometimes when you're writing a reply, a member will come along and beat you to the punch or maybe write something add even more value to your own comment. Rather than editing, having a function to see where and all the updates would be a pretty cool feature, if it could be handled in a way whereby it didn't become distracting or annoying. ** More feed settings, so the ability to list new topics only, topics without replies, unread topics only. Please, please, please can we have more useful ways to configure an advanced feed, I would welcome ways of filtering what is new, what hasn't gotten replies and unread topics. This would allow us to set up other effective feeds, which can be targeted towards finding newly written or unseen content. * Ability to close/minimize the post field for comments. If you load a lot of topics up which you decide to not reply to at that moment in time, it would be useful if you could return it to its normal state - i.e minimise it. I realise that you could simply refresh/reload the page, however, if you tend to spend a lot of time reading and actually sitting on the page. Having a way to reduce the size would be beneficial. * Ability to minimise the 'submit' a new topic if loaded but unwanted. I know you can reduce it by clicking "cancel" but I do feel this might not be as obvious as a minimise option in the right corner, this is something more people would look for and would be a simple addition. Just to stress, I am not suggesting these changes to dictate or attempt to get my money's worth - I feel the price right now is a very fair one. In fact, I believe it to be value for the purchaser, yet I do like to make suggestions and hopefully come up with detailed features which could add value to others who may use it. Again, I don't want to overload OnlyME, but I have spent the majority of this past weekend finding bugs (which was very quickly fixed) and thinking about how richer the application could be. Thank you to OnlyME for taking the time to support, release and create this wonderful application. Be sure to give this a like if you value what I had said or like the suggestions, this would show the dev that others would find them useful. Buy it today folks! You won't regret it.
  4. I've got two hidden posts which I cannot locate or delete, I've only found them in a third-party app. If I click on them it says they cannot be found.
  5. I've never had any issues since the release, works fine throughout the upgrades.
  6. @TheJackal84: The application is generating an error on my site, this was found and pointed out by Newbie Lac. SELECT * FROM `chatapp_chatrooms` LEFT JOIN `core_permission_index` ON core_permission_index.app='chatapp' AND core_permission_index.perm_type='chatroom' AND core_permission_index.perm_type_id=chatapp_chatrooms.id WHERE (( FIND_IN_SET(2,perm_) ) OR perm_='*' ) Unknown column 'perm_' in 'where clause' Backtrace #0 /REDACTED/system/Db/Select.php(373): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('/*IPS\\core\\exte...', Array, true) #1 /REDACTED/system/Db/Select.php(436): IPS\Db\_Select->runQuery() #2 [internal function]: IPS\Db\_Select->rewind() #3 /REDACTED/applications/core/extensions/core/Sitemap/Content.php(205): IteratorIterator->rewind() #4 /REDACTED/system/Sitemap/Sitemap.php(102): IPS\core\extensions\core\Sitemap\_Content->generateSitemap('sitemap_content...', Object(IPS\Sitemap)) #5 /REDACTED/applications/core/tasks/sitemapgenerator.php(35): IPS\_Sitemap->buildNextSitemap() #6 /REDACTED/system/Task/Task.php(255): IPS\core\tasks\_sitemapgenerator->execute() #7 /REDACTED/system/Task/Task.php(224): IPS\_Task->run() #8 /REDACTED/system/Dispatcher/Standard.php(326): IPS\_Task->runAndLog() #9 [internal function]: IPS\Dispatcher\_Standard->__destruct() #10 {main}
  7. My purchase has disappeared, I'm unable to download it now. I have just seen via my ACP that there's an update, but I can't access the downloads.
  8. I'm experiencing an issue with re-ordering the sliders, it always reverts to the same layout. Unless I pull one to the right, it slightly changes, but it's not drag and drop. Can you look into this for me @onlyME.
  9. Oh right, fair enough. I retract my comment - if they do more in depth stuff that would be much more interesting.
  10. I actually thought the video was pointless, the topic seems far more insightful. I mean 1.28 isn't a lot to explain "myths" or anything like that, they could have made it a lot more knowledgeable. That's just my opinion.
    The plugin works perfectly as intended. It allows you to choose which items are counted towards a member post count, very useful when you don't want an application's content to count. Excellent community edition!
  11. Does this override the stats side of things too? I.e. Will the comments, etc count towards the actual stats?
  12. I would like to see a message displayed when a user enters or leaves the chat room, as well as seeing chat mods/admins at the top.
  13. @TheJackal84 - could I have a bot that updates my chat with the score line and key moments of a game? I run a match chat and this would be great. I love that I could also have it setup to share the match discussion.
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