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  1. @opentype Would you be open to changing it so that the 'share' image remains hidden and that it's added when using the new topic/edit screen? i.e you attach the file when creating a new topic/ or are editing a topic, you click to add a custom share image and then the image remains private on the site but can be seen via social media.
  2. Joey_M

    Daily Posts Goal

    @Faqole mines now showing an hour behind, yet my server's time is correct.
  3. Joey_M

    (NB41) Social Count Fans

    That's not a worry for me, maybe have a manual input option for them like Instagram or see if anyone here actually uses 'em.
  4. Joey_M

    (NB41) Social Count Fans

    The main ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. None of the others hold much merit for me personally, yet others might be different. Thanks Newbie.
  5. Joey_M

    (NB41) Social Count Fans

    If it's been removed, may we have a way to manually add the numbers? I realise this could be annoying but it's better than nothing, Instagram is a big part of my sites - it's where the youngsters hang out.
  6. Joey_M

    (NB41) Social Count Fans

    @newbie LAC has Instagram disabled all the ways to show the follow count? It no longer works.
  7. Joey_M

    Rich embed suggestions

    @Ryan Ashbrook can we have rich embed's for any IPS site/community? ^ This but not just from the internal site, content would be shown from any IPS site as standard. I hope to be able to link more of my sites together and crossover the relevant articles and features.
  8. Joey_M

    4.3: Engagement Improvements

    For example, If I publish a new article via IP.Pages, can a browser notification be sent to those who have approved the options? I'm not sure this is currently available.
  9. Joey_M

    4.3: Engagement Improvements

    @Andy Millne: Forgive me if this has been mentioned or highlighted elsewhere, are there any plans to include browser notifications? These are highly effective IMO.
  10. Joey_M

    (itzknotty) Facebook widgets

    Would it be possible to make the feeds more visible? i.e include images or the meta boxes. I'd love to see the ability to follow the accounts too.
  11. Joey_M

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    It's the CSS I've used to replace the logo, it creates space - it's not really your problem and I can't really expect you to resolve it but thank you. I also vote in favour of @kmk's suggestions.
  12. @opentype - Any chance of an update which could allow us to move the positioning of the sub button and also title the widget as we see fit? I am sure others would appreciate this.
  13. Joey_M

    (NB41) Social Count Fans

    It's working now, I just went to the page to send it and saw its there now. Thanks
  14. Joey_M

    (NB41) Social Count Fans

    I can't seem to figure out why Instagram won't work. I followed the steps outlined in the document, I have added the information to the plugin but it doesn't seem to work.
  15. Joey_M

    (NB41) Social Count Fans

    Could you apply the temporary fix to FM when you have time spare please? Facebook disappears but via the ACP I can't add any default services (no input method) etc. I have two copies