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  1. Eventually, someone else might create a similar app down the line. It's very saddening when a dev leaves, for whatever reason but if IPS encourages coders to come into the IPS landscape - others will continue the work to create applications/plugins. It's just not going to be the same items that have been listed.
  2. I should also note: The logo of the login page is what's inverted when I use the dark mode via the ACP. Not the icon in the top left corner. 🙂
  3. My logo is much larger as a custom logo upload, taking more of the area - than it would if I replaced the actual IPS login logos with the same exact image. The custom logo doesn't resize to fit nicely.
  4. @All Astronauts: Can you check what happens when you set a custom logo, then activate the dark mode for the ACP? My logo goes inverted. It also doesn't become very responsive when browsing on a mobile device.
  5. @CodingJungle: Will this be marked as 4.6 ready or do you need to update the application? I need to renew it, but I am currently on 4.6 and cannot install resources unmarked as 4.6 ready.
  6. With themes by IPS Focus (@Ehren) the icon doesn't show in the right place. Thank you.
  7. What about moods @InvisionHQ?
  8. @InvisionHQ: Can we have a re-think with the positioning for 4.6, with the awards and team badges it will get very congested to have the mood icons anywhere near the avatar/display pictures. Also, in 4.6 the positions are all over the place. Any news on an upgrade please?
  9. I can't pretend to know much about the different types of editors, but I actually like CKEditor. There's been no issues, that I've personally experienced with it. IPS should base their decision on a mix of things, not what's now trendy or fashionable. I'm not suggesting anyone feels this way, but I do know CKEditor isn't something that will disappear over night. It's also well supported, has useful add-ons. If, other editors are stable, user friendly, responsive and isn't going to fall off the face of the earth then fair enough. But I don't feel a change is needed for the sake of it, it's got to be balanced and we'll thought out. Requiring to change again in the near future can put people off, I don't think members care about this function - provided it's simply, easy to use and does its job.
  10. From what I've read it makes a lot of sense, the positives could see a large improvement for those that utilizes it - especially if .webp is used in conjunction. Most people don't have overcomplicated graphics or logos.
  11. @Adriano Faria: I've had this disabled since learning that the fix TheJackal added actually duplicated new members that join. I also now have to renew but the price is set at $25 instead of $15. Is this due to the hand over? Could you please look into the duplicated member issue.
  12. Sorry, @Michael.J - I have just edited one of the topics hat appeared as a 'guest' and yes, if I edit the topic as an admin it does correct itself. Hope this helps.
  13. Sorry, I'll check a bit later. I haven't been on as much since I noticed this issue.
  14. COVID is really kicking my sites, I started gaining ways to fund my communities from within and even some third-party work. Last month, I lost an incredibly kind donator who chipped £10 for the last 2+ a few months. I've been ever do grateful for the support, donation drives go well but you can't always repeatedly ask for hand outs or hand ups - people soon become tired of it. However, there's still people out there willing to lend support. Unfortunately, this concern has impacted my enjoyment of what I do and I've taken time away from my main site. It's a community within the real world, without those live interactions there's little I can do. I'm trying to move into other avenues such as merch and emails (the latter I've neglected) but on those past occasions where the community got together I often had donations given to me in person. I've never known a feature to be requested so much, by many different people. As a long-standing user of IPS, Michael is someone who's shaped our communities through his apps (plus custom work). I value his time, effort and dedication highly. I'm just hopeful that Stripe might be added soon, with 4.6 it could be longer and I do understand. It's not easy to balance time with life and more important demands (I mean this with the utmost respect). It feels like the last roll of the dice for me, without the issues caused by COVID - I'd be just fine but everyone is in some form of Limbo. I would hate to be unable to keep something I care so much about. This application has helped me several times when I've really needed it, so I'm not complaining. I know Stripe will be handed at some stage. Take me back to the early 00s when things didn't cost so much. 👍🏻
  15. @breatheheavy: I am trying to find a dev that will create a widget/plugin that works with SendGrid mailing lists, this would allow members to unsubscribe directly from e-mails. I have previously used a script called Sendy which is very good, but I have moved to use SendGrid since my emails started to bounce. Hopefully, other IPS community users that use SendGrid would find this plugin/widget to be useful.
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