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  1. Trader Feedback System

    Just a friendly reminder.. If you have any issues, please open a support ticket so I can address them.
  2. Trader Feedback System

    An update is available in the Market Place, this includes support for Invision Community 4.2
  3. Mail Bouncer

    This update is now available in the Market Place, I was able to combine them into a single version.
  4. Thank you for the update and continued maintenance of Mail Bouncer to 4.2 compatibility.  

  5. Trader Feedback System

    Yes. A customer requested a 'private' feedback ability, so that the creator of a topic for example could define whether feedback regarding that content item (topic) would be private or public. I've had a change of opinion and don't think that it'll be a widely used feature. Would you use something like this? (I mean, would you actually use it rather than like it to be included and then never use it).
  6. Trader Feedback System

    Yes, you should be able to pass type ( 0 = buyer, 1 = seller, 2 = trade/swap ) and content_id in the query string now.
  7. Mail Bouncer

    Submit a support ticket and I'll see what I can do
  8. Mail Bouncer

    I just wanted to give a general update about what's coming next (in the next week or so - possibly on the same day or at the same time). There's going to be a new version for IPS that includes SendGrid support (I'm testing the implementation at the moment). There's going to be a follow up release that purely addresses 4.2 compatibility (including SendGrid support). Both of these versions will also include some other changes, such as being able to tell you if there is an issue connecting to the remote APIs. Compatibility with FCGI/Nginx environments where the Authorization header isn't passed to PHP is improved. The current version of Mail Bouncer will not work with Bulk Mail on the 4.2 Betas.
  9. Job Board App ?

    FYI I'm currently upgrading a 3.x Jobs app that was originally going to be released on the marketplace (I never got around to it). The 4.2.x version should be on the Marketplace though. Although it seems that a few developers have previously made something like this anyway!
  10. Mail Bouncer

    Support requests should be channelled through the support system as detailed in the file description. However, I can tell you that this isn't an issue with this application.
  11. Version 1.0.1


    This utility was written for my own use however I have decided to release it for anyone else to use as they wish. The two main features this plugin provides are: Ability to auto-assign new support requests to a particular staff member (per-department), so that they receive the daily assigned ticket reminder Ability to automatically email a staff member when a ticket is assigned to them (enable/disable per department) This plugin is provided as-is without any warranty or guarantee. No support is provided.


  12. Mail Bouncer

    MailBouncer works with any emails that are sent via SparkPost on your community, whether they're transactional emails or bulk mail. @JEFF MACK is also setting up SES/SNS at the moment. I do want to expand the choice, the next one will most likely be SendGrid and Amazon will follow (SES/SNS is much more complex to configure than the other APIs). I replied to your PM.
  13. Mail Bouncer

    Submit a ticket if you're having an issue and I can take a look.
  14. Automated Bounce Email Handling

    I appreciate you may be looking for something built-in, but I just wanted to let you know that already does most of this.
  15. Mail Bouncer

    Not really, unfortunately SparkPost doesn't differentiate between these in a way that we know if it's user generated or server generated. This is something that was possible with Mandrill.