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  1. Hi Stoo2000 I just sent you a private message! :)



  2. Hi @stoo2000 how do I get some support for the Wordpress SSO plugin? Having issues with redirects

    Thanks, Matt

    1. stoo2000


      Hi, Support instructions are detailed in the marketplace listing and in the included installation guide.

  3. Tagging people

    Hey @Brian Adams_26528 mentions have been a part of the 4.x version since release. It's really easy to use, just type @ followed by the username and you should see a little popup with user suggestions.
  4. Mail Bouncer

    Not at this time, as noted above I will be implementing some new logic to automatically remove the message if the bounces stop before they're at a 'hard block' level. The links have been updated, sorry. Amazon SES should still be coming at some point in the future. It requires a more complex set up than the existing platforms (need to set up and configure SQS etc). Please submit a ticket if you're having an issue. https://ipb.silvesterwebdesigns.com/support
  5. Reminder: My Thanksgiving deals will be ending at midnight tonight (GMT). Get them at a discount whilst you still can!
  6. Trader Feedback System

    I hear you, I'll look at ways of making it more obvious. It's a requirement of how the application integrates with any content type (it can work with items that aren't topics for example). Check your profile templates for modifications, it's likely that they're out of date and need updating for 4.2
  7. I've just put up my Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals including: 33% off: 33% off: And a BRAND NEW app with a great introductory discount of 50% for Black Friday! All prices will return to normal at the end of Cyber Monday.
  8. Kraken Images

    Version 1.0.1


    Save money on data transfer and storage space by automatically optimising your images using Kraken.io. Your mobile users will also appreciate the reduced download sizes and times for images on your community. Automatically optimise images uploaded by your members in near real-time Automatically optimises all previously uploaded attachments Optionally automatically optimises any image on your community (must be enabled after installation) Images are currently optimised with Lossless techniques, more options coming soon. Requirements Uses Kraken.io, you must either have an account or sign up for one. Your Invision Community installation must be accessible via the internet for this application to work. Localhost and intranet systems are not supported. Upgrading Please see the included documentation for upgrade instructions Support If you require any support for this product please create a Technical Support ticket in the Client Area. You will need to register for an account, please use your IPS email address to make it easier to verify that you have an active license for the product. Licensing You are permitted to install this application on one public Invision Community installation. If you want to use this application on more than one community, you will need to purchase a license for each one (this can be done by clicking 'buy again' in the top right). Please note The current version of this application is compatible with Invision Community 4.2.x, it has not been tested on older versions and may not work correctly.


  9. Mail Bouncer

    Validating users are permitted to use the contact form, which would be a way of contact. "Spam" markers are already treated differently. They're educated that they can select which emails they receive and have the option to opt-in to emails once more. Should a second spam report arise, they have emails blocked and no further option to opt-in. I would like to implement some extra options on to the member search, the data you're really wanting to sort/search on is already there (it's used in the bulk email filters already). Unfortunately at this time, it's not particularly easy to implement into that area. I have put a suggestion forwards to implement the MemberFilter system into the AdminCP member search/management tools. If it's included at any point I will move to support that.
  10. Mail Bouncer

    Could you explain how/why this would be useful? bear in mind that the working intention is that the user is presented with an email change screen if they're fully blocked and cannot access the community until they change their email address.
  11. Mail Bouncer

    This was resolved via ticket and last weeks application update. I have a improvement on the roadmap for the near future to improve the handling of warnings, and to automatically remove them in a timely manner if no more bounces occur. Unblocking users can cause damage to your sending reputation at the email service, doing this in bulk is certainly not advisable. Thanks for submitted a ticket, responded.
  12. Hi, I need support with a potential Wordpress SSO issue, where can I open a ticket?

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    2. stoo2000


      Hi Abby, You need to register first, then you can use the ticket system.

    3. Abby Weng

      Abby Weng

      Your site is not loading...

      Please tell me how I can get support ASAP... My site keeps crashing and both my server & invision board are saying that it's because of the SSO plugin

    4. stoo2000


      Please send me a PM with your IP Address - https://www.whatismyip.com/

  13. Getting community up and running!

  14. IPB bridge to WordPress

    There are two main ways to do this, here they are:
  15. Trader Feedback System

    It could be done with a custom script, but I'm not sure how you would determine if it was positive, negative or neutral feedback.