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  1. That is specific to the addon author, with the 4.5 marketplace change we were given an entire page to put any additional information such as install guides etc. It doesn't look like many people are using it as intended though. Support topics are not really an 'official' thing or required, it's up to the author if they want to create one and link to it. Here's what I have and I'll continue to add items to the FAQ if they come up.
  2. What plugin do you use on WordPress to add avatars/profile photos? -- Bear in mind that WordPress itself doesn't really support this, it only supports Gravatar.
  3. Hmm okay, I've opened a bug report to make sure I review that and fix. The issue with Gmail is really an issue with Gmail, as noted above in the topic @Paul E. linked to, Gmail was sending out error messages indicating a permanent error (account does not exist). SES saw that and added that to their bounce statistics, then passed on the 'hard' bounce to SNS. All-in-all the software side of things worked very well and acted on that data. Unfortunately, GMail was sending out bad data.
  4. I have sent you an email 🙂 I'm waiting to get further access to look at SJ77's site to see what the exact bounce messages were from the Gmail incident. It seems odd (although I guess not unexpected if it thought those accounts did not exist) that Gmail would send out hard bounces when experiencing a temporary global outage.
  5. On the statistics page, each user has an 'unblock' button. You'll need to do them one by one though. I will add a feature suggestion to allow you to do more at a time, however some email platforms will also lower your reputation for removing addresses from the providers own block list.
  6. As always, you're more than welcome to submit a support ticket on my site for assistance. @SJ77 I would recommend submitting a ticket with access information so I can look at that, in all likely hood the provider you're using has been temporarily blacklisted with Gmail/Microsoft (this tends to happen fairly often with SendGrid when using their shared IPs). The 4.5 version should be approved available sometime this week.
  7. AdminCP > System > Support > System logs should give you more information about what's going on. I wouldn't expect it to be the latest update though, it was really quite minor.
  8. This is an issue with Invision Community, not this application (you're missing a column that should be there) - Running the support tool may offer to fix it for you. If you need technical support, please follow the link on the file listing 🙂
  9. Yes it is fully supported, if you're having an issue you're more than welcome to contact me for assistance. I am sorry for not replying as often as I should have, the application is very nearly done and should be available this week. You should see the feedback on the user hovercard, this has been a feature for years. Please feel free to submit a ticket if this is happening for you.
  10. I'm sorry for leaving you hanging without a more specific reply. If you're upgrading from 4.4.x the current release will work for you without any issues. If you're looking to install the application on 4.5, then you'll need to wait for the next update. The biggest change with the 4.5 release is how data is stored since it no longer meets the Marketplace guidelines (which is why I haven't yet been able to mark it as 4.5 compatible). An official '4.5' version is still coming though. As usual, if you have any issues you're still more than welcome to submit a support tick
  11. I am not aware of any, I haven't found anything during testing. The 4.5 version contains mostly feature updates and changes to be compatible with the new Marketplace guidelines.
  12. I replied to your PM last week but I haven't had a reply yet. I hope you've figured it out. Please feel free to reply to the PM if you're still having an issue.
  13. Sure, I can change the 'require' setting to the options... Required Optional Hide content linking
  14. You're welcome to follow the support information if you need technical support :) You can view (and unblock) your account from the MailBouncer statistics page, You may need to look at the SES suppression list to see why it was blocked (although, they don't provide too much information outside of 'BOUNCE' or 'COMPLAINT'
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