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  1. It should be okay if you're not using developer mode, it'll throw a few notices (but those shouldn't be enabled for production anyway). Update soon
  2. You're more than welcome to contact me directly if you need help (as noted in the file support details). Especially whilst I've been travelling it's easier to respond to support tickets. Your issue is very odd. It's like Amazon isn't sending the notification data despite SNS being correctly configured. We'll continue to investigate though!
  3. I just wanted to clarify, what I meant by a 'custom handler' was that something like this would be a one-off project that either you could create or I could for a cost. I'm sorry I haven't replied in a timely manner. Unfortunately I was out sick over Christmas and New Year. I am looking at your ticket right now and I'll respond there after I have reviewed it.
  4. Please submit a support ticket (link above your post) and I'll be happy to take a look. You could with a custom handler, something that would read an IMAP inbox and sort through bounce notifications, determine how serious they are and then log the appropriate bounce record in the app. The benefits with using a provider such as SendGrid/SES etc is that they are already part of the feedback loops for spam/abuse and they figure out how serious the bounce is for you.
  5. Please feel free to submit a support ticket at https://ipb.silvesterwebdesigns.com/support I'll be happy to take a look.
  6. Please submit a support ticket on my helpdesk, I'll be happy to take a look: https://ipb.silvesterwebdesigns.com/support No problem! I just wanted to make sure it was working well for those testing it. The only difficulty/issues so far have been configuring SES/SNS to send the data. Don't forget, the sale is today only!.
  7. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed that only one person contacted me for access to test SNS integration. I'd have liked to test it and tweak it more, but that's not possible without any feedback. The main code behind the app is getting some major changes at the moment which, but I think I may just end up releasing a minor update with the SNS code in it, it'll be exactly the same as what you could have had on request. You'd need to figure out how to make SNS/SES work though, that's not something I can help you with.
  8. If you want to try out an implementation that's working (but may change for final release), you can send me a PM :)
  9. No, I don't believe it is on the listing (this part of the integration is done in the classifieds app anyway), I also probably wouldn't advise it, Feedback has quite a lot of data to show and a listing is an already cramped space to show information about the item.
  10. I have just got back from vacation, I'm catching up on everything now :)
  11. SES is coming but not immediately (I'm on vacation at the moment). If you uninstall emails will send normally, but you'll also lose any historical bounce/block information that may be useful when you switch to SES. Leaving it enabled won't hurt anything even if you stop using Sparkpost, end-users that have already had their emails blocked will continue to get their emails blocked until they update their email address (so that aspect will still work based on data already processed)
  12. Sorry, I'm not convinced that it would be something worth working on for the general product. I don't see that it's something that many customers would want/need. I would recommend submitting a support ticket (see the support info in the file listing), I cannot reproduce what you are seeing.
  13. Just so people don't think I'm ignoring this, I'm talking to Daniel in a ticket :) Neither of those are a feature at this time. Why would you want a member to be able to opt-out of receiving feedback? Surely, if you had a member sign-up that wanted to scam others they would just opt-out so that they don't get any negative feedback for doing so.
  14. I've just pushed out a new version with a fix for this. It also includes some other fixes and support for the third party sparkpost applications that are in the marketplace.
  15. There are no known issues with the current version and Invision Community 4.4
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