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  1. I've been kicking around since Aug 2003. And my site is still kicking too. I'm looking forward to see how Invision continues to innovate.
  2. Good points! Funny overuse of the emotes.
  3. @Matt do you think it would be possible to get more Fluid view support for Club Forums? Ie, being able to assign colors and applying the name tags to Club Forums when they show up in Fluid View?
  4. This sounds great and I love the suggestions as well. It would be MUCH easier to manage our newsletter from right in Invision where all of our members reside, then have to rely on a whole separate system for sign up and what not.
  5. It would be great to have this built in.
  6. Excellent! Anything to streamline the subscription process. Something to transition existing users would be great too.
  7. Eh. How about in 4.3? Our site has an age range from 14 to 86 and according to Google, we're oddly even across all age groups. We want to cover ourselves and protect our members so we need to have a functioning birthday system. Right now it appears that these systems don't tie together very well as far as setting a birthday goes: COPPA/Registration/Profile Completion/GDPR requirements. In 4.2.6, You cannot use COPPA and Profile Completion at the same time. This is just plain silly. If COPPA is on, trigger an extra dialog. Force filling out the birthday field. In 4.2.6, if you have COPPA off and you set "Birthday" as a required field in profile completion, it only requires the year. It accepts the current year and ignores month and day. I'm pretty sure infants aren't posting on the forums, so that's ridiculous. Between COPPA and GDPR, website operators would be in some trouble collecting data if you are under 13 or 16. This should be addressed somehow. Setting a minimum age requirement? requiring month,day and year to be filled out. In 4.2.6, the system allows you to edit the birthday when you edit the profile and does no checks at all on it. (Though if you profile completion on and they change birthday year to not telling, it does trigger profile completion again) Can we also get a built in user setting to let the member display their birthday or age or both on the Calendar? Given GDPR, just displaying birthdays on the calendar without getting permission seems like it violates the law. We've manually added a custom field to do this, but I'd rather have it built in so we don't have to maintain modifications and plugins.
  8. It is definitely highly irritating that you can't use COPPA/Age setting and completion of the profile at the same time. What the heck? If COPPA is active, add the birthday field. If it's not, ignore it. Also, the GDPR seems to be saying COPPA-like requirements are set at age 16, not 13. I think your system needs to be more robust here.
  9. I need a nice nap :)

  10. Making subscriptions easier to deal with would be great!
  11. Our members have also mentioned the issue of not knowing of updates.
  12. I think having this as an option would be a great idea as well. We bumped into this problem with our custom app, since the main software won't allow multiple categories, neither could our app. (Without a lot of goofy retooling). Changing the base software to allow for real or virtual multiple categories would be very handy.
  13. I think the front page looks great. I'm not a fan of all the white on the forums. Too bright and washed out with no contrast. I especially do not like the white bar on top. It blends with the Browser Chrome entirely too much. And for the love of all that is holy... CONTRAST. This is a thing. I mean, if you have nothing but a bunch of 16-25 year olds, fine. When you start getting older, contrast helps with the eyestrain. light gray text on white background is harder to read. Especially in small text sizes.
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