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  1. Yeah I have seen the Grammarly problems first hand. One thing that concerns me though, if grammarly can insert its div and its accepted into the post what is there to stop a user being a PITA and doing it/worse themselves with chrome dev tools?
  2. It may be worth you going into gmail, open the email and click the 3 dots on the right and then go Show Original and then pm'ing someone the contents of that as it shows a lot of the diagnostics needed to help narrow down why its happening.
  3. Hahaha I love the Hooli image 😄
  4. Out of interest is the PM system search on Elastic (if used)? Just wondering as I would have hoped it would have mitigated some of these issues.
  5. Here is a pretty good breakdown of the various head options: https://3perf.com/blog/link-rels/
  6. This is one of the reasons I use Cloudflare over Cloudfront infront of things as a CDN, so so much easier to configure and force headers.
  7. I understand the logic but a guide in the knowledge base such as "large boards optimised settings/boost performance/heavy settings to avoid" would be ideal tbh. As much as big boards are worth we all pay the same fee for renewals big or small. Obviously cloud customers would have to be approached differently a little though. We have decent sized board but I dont expect larger boards to run as fast as small without some tweaks/work but the larger they are the more resources we have to tweak/manage them.
  8. Just remove: and $this->configuration['widget_feed_restrict_days'] <= 365 That way when no days are specified the limit is 365 but otherwise it will go longer if specified longer.
  9. Just a pointer, I have a local git repo I drop the updated source code into each time a new release comes out via gitkraken and it makes seeing the code changes a lot simpler.
  10. Its not too hard to hack out the change tbh based on the code changes I have seen. Just remove a part of a line on 327 of system/Content/Widget.php and it should work as before although that is never ideal it would get you going again given the urgency for you. I would tell you specifically what to edit but I dont want to post code here. I know IPB dont recommend edits but it shouldnt be a big deal either. For me simply having the limit to a year checkbox pre-ticked with a warning on that widget page that says going over 365 days can cause performance issues would be enough, allow the admin to decide whats needed.
  11. Yeah I would prefer it go to go on site notifications at that point by default unless they click an additional screen saying no notifications on either. The choice would be best.
  12. A few questions: Will we be able to see the imported count versus the amount found like in the current converter? This is useful for us to see if anything has been missed given we are a large community Does the post rebuilt happen at the end automagically I presume? Part of me kind of doesnt mind the old system if we could queue all the settings then hit go for all the applications to trigger and continue one after another but getting an end import report showing what was found and what got imported would be very helpful and if any count is off a message on the import screen telling you so you can stop and investigate. A lot of my concerns would only be ones larger boards would probably worry about though.
  13. Its not obvious but you go Support -> Something isnt working and that triggers a cache clear.
  14. We are not live yet so I dont know what it would need in the real world. You dont need to install it yourself, its a service they run called ElasticSearch. Just configure it, set a security group to only allow connections from your server ip and put the https url in IPB. They dont need a port as it uses https port.
  15. Based on my test import of 1.6M posts and roughly 100k pm's my ES hard disk usage was around 6GB. Speed would be affected by the ping time from your host to the ES server so if you had a vps I would ping your site ip and see how much latency it would add directly. AWS can host it for you as a service as well and I think CiC is in AWS (if I recall) so that would reduce the latency if you are in the same region.
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