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  1. No problem, I love the addon but I think our members would prefer a more compact view given the redraw size when it expands out but I will ask and see what the survey group think.
  2. It was more a question because of streams having condensed view for example.
  3. Is there an option to only show topic titles?
  4. White label and source access would be huge. We have our own dev account to deal with publishing.
  5. How much does it cost to remove the footer tag?
  6. Authy also has a Chrome app allowing you to get the codes without dragging your phone out. Its password protected as well and if you phone goes AWOL you can restore it on the new phone.
  7. Thought of a couple of more things: blocks for quick viewing recent bookmarks REST Api exposure
  8. If you change it to 0 seconds after making a change the browsers that have it cached wont see the change for a week. Querystring cache busting is great, we are a vb 4 site currently and I have made significant changes to it where almost all the the resources/static files are cached for a while but I change one variable and the cache busting kicks in. I dont disagree with you regarding changing it to a week etc, I am more noting it would be a good idea if IPB put a cache busting querystring on it when they make the change to minimise headaches for others.
  9. Tbh I wouldnt hard cache it unless it has querystring busters for when you need to push an update even though that wont be often.
  10. Can you possibly add the option to change the default bookmark to Private? Also it would be nice if the admin area had some stats about most bookmarked topics and users using the app.
  11. PHP can override this.
  12. Can you possibly link the recommendation? That site you linked is an htaccess to fix a specific problem with a certain document, he could have copy/pasted from another site which is where the manifest time was set rather than a specific recommendation for manifests. If the manifest url supports querystring then you could cache it for ages and if it gets tweaked the querystring could cache bust potentially.
  13. So it should never be cached at all? that's what those settings are.
  14. Yeah I have seen the Grammarly problems first hand. One thing that concerns me though, if grammarly can insert its div and its accepted into the post what is there to stop a user being a PITA and doing it/worse themselves with chrome dev tools?
  15. It may be worth you going into gmail, open the email and click the 3 dots on the right and then go Show Original and then pm'ing someone the contents of that as it shows a lot of the diagnostics needed to help narrow down why its happening.
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