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  1. This would be pretty great to have as an option for GDPR concerns.
  2. I am not sure if this can be considered again given the mobile app shows this data as well so stripping it out of a theme isn’t the best solution.
  3. To be honest, apps and plugins that get abandoned are one prime reason we need a way to sensibly obtain the files to fix issues ourselves if we want. I know many wont have the skills to do that but as someone who has patched abandoned plugins for vbulletin for years I think we as customers of plugins should have some ability to get plugins manually. We are customers, pirates will always find a way to do what they want and they arent all lost sales but causing issues for customers will lead to lost sales. Always think of those that are prepared to pay over the concerns of those that would
  4. I have not played with 4.5 with all that was going on here locally (just looking now its gone final) but what is the procedure for addons we plan to use exclusively on our site and not available for others? Sorry I have not been able to keep up with all the changes for 4.5, its been a hectic year so far. EDIT: Derp I see the manual upload option. We have customised some marketplace addons to meet our needs with our server but I suspect we wont easily be able to do this in future?
  5. I figured there would have been a way to manually grab and install marketplace files post 4.5 as I like to archive old versions and track changes but I wont be able to do that any more? I love the marketplace integration and it makes sense for a lot of users but a manual fallback should still be in place as well.
  6. I am not sure they can given IPB are a US company and subject to the embargo. I saw that the temp update extension allowing Huawei to update Android OS has expired as well.
  7. Just a thought, if some of those cases are copyright etc related if you host it yourself you will have to deal with those sorts of legal demands.
  8. @Rikki just to say the TestFlight app expires in a few days for public testers
  9. Another minor thing, moderator permissions are missing languages for me:
  10. Hi I think I may have found a minor bug. I noticed in some of my tags there were blank entries under the "Item Tagged" column. Those tags appear to be applied to blogs but result in no item tagged link unlike threads. Using: 1.8.0
  11. Oh yeah I totally get that, but tbh thats part of why our user based prefer us over stack overflow, there its a one hit sort of thing. We have just had plenty of technical stuff that has been multi stage across multiple posts so I can see the benefit for us being able to mark multiple posts as solutions.
  12. It would be nice if they could mark x amount based on a group limit as some solutions can be spaced over multiple posts.
  13. Does this only allow a single answer to be marked or can the OP mark multiple?
  14. Hi Just installed 1.7.0 after buying but I cant create a prefix from the tags listed from my vb import. If I use the drop down on a tag I get an error: 2S106/1 Page Not Found.
  15. Hi I would love both a user and site setting to set the default follow for topics to be anonymous rather than public. We would prefer the public option be disabled for all users as a site setting as our users would prefer it rather than not realising its public if they follow a topic. Thanks
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