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  1. I did mention this as well but its not on the cards right now: I have played with porting support myself but there were a couple of problems I hit and didnt have time to solve.
  2. Sorry forgot the hid attachments. It was a bit of a frig of a mod to install but it was very powerful and being ajax driven it meant the forum index loaded very fast as you literally cut code out to pull forum listings. You create your own tabs then put in the category id's or forum id's that you want listed in that tab and the tabs were permissions aware.
  3. Some options similar to this would be epic: https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1955978
  4. I am not sure if both app stores allow you to stick up say a v1.X of the IPB app to upgrade the current BYO tapatalk app version of 7.X (iOS) / 8.X that we have deployed. This would be for people using their own whitelabel app and having their own app store accounts.
  5. Oh one thing to note, for those of us migrating off Tapatalk we may need the ability to set a custom major version number to upgrade members to the new app.
  6. Hi We have been doing test migrations and I noticed a huge amount of memory usage from Imagick on our install which reminded me that there is another option, GraphicsMagick which was a branch from Imagick a few years ago. Generally it runs much faster and lighter than Imagick and also it seems to have less security issues. It does have some limitations over Imagick but most of them seem to be related to more advanced image processing so I *think* they would not be an issue for IPB. If php was directly calling the Imagic binary rather than the php wrapper you used to be able to directly swap them out and it would mostly work if I recall. Just a thought.
  7. Yeah but I cant see the price without logging in. I just wondered if you could list/post the price even though you cant sell it as such here.
  8. Nope, I know of MANY sites with console warnings and they have got no such notice. I suspect its connection/server problems more than anything in HTML. That preload is useful and will mean people activating the editor have less time to wait/janky page draws. As the old saying goes correlation does not imply causation. If google were warning based on people having a preload tag I know many would have been contacted about this.
  9. I dont know how you think the Crawl anomaly is linked to a preload. The warning is just that, preloading that css will have a benefit for guests who go to post so I cant see why you wouldnt preload it. I cant see the negative for preloading as it will help guests. The console is just letting you know it wasnt used straight away which is no biggie.
  10. No problem, I love the addon but I think our members would prefer a more compact view given the redraw size when it expands out but I will ask and see what the survey group think.
  11. It was more a question because of streams having condensed view for example.
  12. Is there an option to only show topic titles?
  13. White label and source access would be huge. We have our own dev account to deal with publishing.
  14. How much does it cost to remove the footer tag?
  15. Authy also has a Chrome app allowing you to get the codes without dragging your phone out. Its password protected as well and if you phone goes AWOL you can restore it on the new phone.
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