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  1. All Astronauts

    Pages Category Images / Pages Searchable Text Fields

    Pages Category Images Version 2 now uploaded. If you have the plugin installed DO NOT UNINSTALL IT! The application install routine will check for the plugin, take over the files from it, and then gracefully uninstall it. If you uninstall the plugin manually beforehand you'll be deleting all of your images and I really won't be able to help you with that... There's room here if you guys want an icon image field or an array of images for a slider tacked on to this. Just let me know. Mind you, I've got to move on to other work right now but can easily circle back sooner rather than later.
  2. All Astronauts

    Pages Category Images / Pages Searchable Text Fields

    Sorry guys, Summer got away from me. There's not really any meaningful screenshots available. The mod just adds in a place where you can add an image to a category. You then can call/use that image whenever you have the category available in a Pages DB template (either category view or record view). What you do with it is up to you. That said, I do have some walkthrough-ish stuff written down and I'll add that in here soon. Otherwise, really, the mod description you can read in the Marketplace lays it out pretty much as is. Version 2 is incoming. Moves away from simple plugin hack to full application adding a proper file handler. If you already have the plugin, installing the new v2 app will take care of preserving your files and uninstalling the plugin - no need for you to do anything other than install the app.
  3. All Astronauts

    Font awesome 5.0

    4.4? Probably 4.5 but still worth an ask now. Just looking for certainty as us devs gear up for updating apps, etc...
  4. All Astronauts

    Sound Board

    1) Kinda need to see what (if anything) IPS does first, but it may not matter as... 2) The underlying howler.js library devs are aware of this of course. It's an ongoing problem with auto-play stuff and browsers where the browser devs don't want to allow sounds to just start playing without some user interaction first, and others of course wanting this stuff to just go. Edit for more context: All IPS does is when needed is call the howler.js library to play a sound. All I do (now) is edit that library to slip in the Sound Board custom sounds. This policy change was actually going to fly months ago until people yelled at Google - only delayed it until December (or whatever Chrome version is targeted)
  5. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    Looking... Confirmed working with 4.3.6. Shoot me (PM) some ACP access and I can take a peek and see what's what.
  6. All Astronauts

    Awesome Member Hovercards

    Yearbook quote block is on the members profile page, left side bar, near the bottom of the column. That fields to be outputted block should be pulling in any profile fields you have available. I just did a 3.4.6 to 4.3.whatever upgrade and installed this right afterward and all the old and new profiles fields were there for use. So, guessing you don't have any which would be odd but would explain the empty block, or there is something else is going on. You can pm me acp access and I'll take a look if you like.
  7. All Astronauts

    Who Viewed the Topic

    Yes, you can set the member groups able to view this in the plugin settings.
  8. All Astronauts

    Who Viewed the Topic

    No but I can add that in easily enough.
  9. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    Pm me acp access and I'll take a gander, been no reports of install problems in a long long while.
  10. All Astronauts

    Enhanced Joined Date

    Sure. I've had more or less a month away from IPS things, doing office cleaning, culling the joint, getting lean, and waiting for a new monitor, but I'll be up and at everything again and then some in a day or two.
  11. All Astronauts

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    PM me some screens. And the Similar Web widget is done for until Similarweb brings them back - that's out of my hands. HTTPS noted.
  12. All Astronauts

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Although I see no formal announcement it appears those web widgets have been nuked in favor of a free-tier api. I'll have to take look and see what can be done but for now those are done for. EDIT:
  13. All Astronauts

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Problem solved. User has no PHAR capabilities on server so uploads TAR contents to directory manually then runs install routines. All well and good but you must use the right directory name. Since Spacious used to be two separate things (theme and app) it isn't intuitive what the app directory name is. For anyone else who needs to do this it's "spaciouswidgets".
  14. All Astronauts

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Version of IPS?
  15. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink