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  1. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    Pm me acp access and I'll take a gander, been no reports of install problems in a long long while.
  2. All Astronauts

    Enhanced Joined Date

    Sure. I've had more or less a month away from IPS things, doing office cleaning, culling the joint, getting lean, and waiting for a new monitor, but I'll be up and at everything again and then some in a day or two.
  3. All Astronauts

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    PM me some screens. And the Similar Web widget is done for until Similarweb brings them back - that's out of my hands. HTTPS noted.
  4. All Astronauts

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Although I see no formal announcement it appears those web widgets have been nuked in favor of a free-tier api. I'll have to take look and see what can be done but for now those are done for. EDIT:
  5. All Astronauts

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Problem solved. User has no PHAR capabilities on server so uploads TAR contents to directory manually then runs install routines. All well and good but you must use the right directory name. Since Spacious used to be two separate things (theme and app) it isn't intuitive what the app directory name is. For anyone else who needs to do this it's "spaciouswidgets".
  6. All Astronauts

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Version of IPS?
  7. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

  8. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    Like I said, Kitchen Sink, Posts Tab, scroll to the bottom.
  9. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    KS - Posts Tab - Scroll to the bottom. Number of allowed attachments. KS default is 25 so someone must have changed it on your site some time.
  10. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    I don't follow, did I remove something from kitchen sink I'm forgetting about or is this a new thing you want included?
  11. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    I'll give it another look and see what I can do though this quirk is only seen by the topic author.
  12. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    @bearback That's not KS. Mine adds the description only on the forum index page. Everything else you see is the default IPS look. I can take a look though.
  13. All Astronauts

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Just a reminder folks that if you get a notice that there is a new update/version/whatever to Marketplace items it may just mean the dev is uploading screenshots or altering the description - like I did tonight 🙂 IPS Downloads items are content items, meaning when you change anything on them that's recorded as an "update" by the system and flagged as such. Yes, we've asked for changes - ain't happening. Next version is 15 - to be released ???
  14. All Astronauts

    Awesome Member Hovercards

    Update is fine. 1 just needed to be uninstalled to remove the col from the member table.
  15. All Astronauts

    Awesome Member Hovercards

    Sorry bout that, grab it again now. If it still happens for new quote makers I'll need to investigate further but it appears I just derped this momentarily (should have just used the request id in the first place)