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  1. Yes, I know, there is an ACP setting to throw all tags to lower case - that's separate to this request. While tracking searches on various sites I am seeing people making tag searches beyond just clicking a tag - they enter a tag term manually - and if the site is using Leading Capital Letters for their tags someone entering tattoo instead of Tattoo for a tag search by hand will get bupkis. And yes, I know, not a whole lot of people will be on the advanced search page manually entering a tag name by hand but here we are :shrug:
  2. Spacious ACP users have had dashboard alerts for these silent patches, with details - if provided - of the patch - for... two years now? - longer? If you skip a patch it still pulls in any details - if provided - of what the previous skipped patch does - as seen above. Button pushes you to the update process, which if you don't have permission to use will obviously not let you do it. These patches are almost always super minor edge-case stuff; if it's major IPS does push real updates everyone sees. The site that alert box is from doesn't use Commerce, no need for me to patch. If IPS didn't do these support tool only patches you would be getting a lot more update notices on the front end for really minor stuff and then people get grumpy about updating all the time and so on and so forth. I appreciate the balance they are trying to work for here and also appreciate that some/many want to know and apply stuff. Enter Spacious ACP...
  3. Okie dokie, tested out on a live site of mine, caught an upgrade hitch or two, and I think that's that. Update will be live in the Marketplace a little bit after this post, writing it up here first before doing the Marketplace bit. Version 5 Released! Option to disable links for guests/crawlers on the Search Wall and front side widgets and search results page recent searches block. The searches still display but just as words, not followable links. All front side links on the Search Wall, widgets, and results page recent searches block now carry ref=nofollow tags not that any bad actor crawlers care about such things... When determining to save searches, anything that at least publicly claims it is a crawler should now get sweeped. This is over and beyond the built-in IPS bot flagging. User agents are swept for matches on bot, crawler, spider, spyder, and totally empty user agent strings. Searches are now storing ip addresses for all guests (and bots that get through) and temporarily for searches coming from members. User agent strings are stored for all searches. Future stats based on browser type, desktop vs. mobile, now possible. Also useful for bot hunting! Geolocation now stored for all searches (minus any addresses returned). Viewing a search in the ACP search ledger will display a map of where the search was made from. FYI geo-geolocation is an IPS service that only works for active licenses. Tooltips active for the guest/member icons in the search ledger. Ledger also has been reformatted. Duplicate searches based on case-insensitive match on the EXACT term (and term alone) are now no longer stored if coming from the same ip address within the last 20 minutes. Need to wipe the ledger and start over again? There's a button for that! General code improvements, abstractions, template changes, new templates... NEW! My Recent Searches feature for members! Last five searches made available from user menu. Also includes running count of number of searches made by member. This is entirely browser side via cookies. That means it is locked to the user's browser and not the user's member account and results will vary between devices. Nothing tracked internally to tie searches back to members in the ACP. Before discussing the above you should probably see that I'm likely at the limit for not storing member ids with searches directly and instead abstracting out to "search made by a member". There certainly is an end user case to be made for storing them - looking back at all of the searches you have made, and it would be available across all devices, for one. Of course, once that's opened up as a feature that means GDPR and other compliance hilarity including the ability to dump out a user's searches on demand, nulling them on demand, and so on and so forth. You'd have to update your privacy junk, etc. I'm not adverse to it per se but it is a bunch of work I'd rather not get into yet; also the creep factor depending on the type of site you run. Let's talk about the bot stuff first. As stated before, my guess is it was a bad actor crawler - the type that do not respect any noindex or nofollow tags. The search wall has always had a noindex output on it but, again, it requires the bot to give a damn about those things... The end result meant I had to make some changes. The nofollow tags on all the front end links is useful, but again, only useful for those bots following the rules. I guess if things are really bad for a site we need to flat out disable the links on the front side stuff for guests/bots. On the storing search side, still need to deal as stuff can still get through. For bot purposes IPS does flag out some bots, but it isn't that robust - that means I can use it as a front line check but need to do more. Alright, so lets start pulling user_agent strings into this and sweep them for some obvious things. I've got them so might as well store them and use that for search analysis as well later on (mobile vs. desktop, etc...). What about dupe searches? I could store member_ids but what about guests and bots? IP addresses it is then... And so on and etc... You can see once this door opened it just led on and on... Geolocation was always on the road map and with the ip address and user_agent storing for bot hunting purposes it seemed a good time to add. The idea here is if you think you've got a bot sliding into the stored searches you can take a quick peak at the ledger, click one of the suspect searches, see the ip address and user agent string and see if it is skeezy or not. Check the ip address against known bot lists you can get online, or if running an active license, viewing search in the ledger will bring up the map and if it is a bot it will display your favorite India/Russia/China/SE Asia, Eastern Euro location 🥰 - Note to self, maybe button to spot check for bot in the search ledger? Hmmm... Geolocation has the potential to return an address - no worries, I'm not storing that. This details view from the search ledger will get overhauled - bit rough as is, I know. Naturally, with geolocation, there are some tasty stats/displays available in future versions of Social Search... Remember! Geolocation is an IPS service for ACTIVE licenses. Not active, no geo. That just means if it is not available when I store the searches, it doesn't get stored and won't be displayed. Will affect any stat stuff you do with geo in future versions if you drop in an out of active status though. Is what it is. Moving on... IP address storage is forever (as long as you are storing searches) for guests/bots. That will of course include members who search while signed out (or people who are guests forever and then sign up) so there is a possibility to match stuff back to them if it's all from the same ip address. I'll think about a task to sweep for member-flagged searches and the IPS known devices stuff and clear on matches but thats a low low priority honestly. Not a concern for me really. Otherwise, on searches made by members, the id is still not stored, the search is just flagged as coming from a member and then the ip address is stored for a little while. Every six hours a task will sweep through and null out those ip addresses. The dupe searches check kinda got pushed to the front with this bot stuff too - same search over and over again with really strange parameters appended. It can get really messy trying to match the exact parameters of a search being made when the intent is really to just clear out the person working through what is effectively the same search. So if a search comes in from the same ip address over the course of 20 minutes, case insensitive exact match on term, we'll not store it. I'll have that period of time configurable in a later version. With all this going on, or maybe I just caught a similar thing in a side-glance while on a shopping site, I decided to let members see their last five searches. Since we are not storing member searches directly, that means device-based cookies. So if anyone asks, make sure they know it's only by device. If I ever move on to storing member ids with searches, it will be universal then, but not now. Yes, that's a total search counter in the corner. Cookies are set to five years of life, like that will ever happen... And the large button should clearly indicate they can wipe this out and start over again anytime they like - its just the device cookie that clears, as, again, there are no specifically tied-to-the-member searches stored anywhere. I'll have settings for this in a later version - feature on/off (its on automatically now), group permissions so you can use it as a member perk, configurable amount of searches, different display options, etc. Early days here. Version 6? I'll come back around to this soon enough but there is such a backlog of updates to other stuff... ack. Only so much we can do stats-wise internally, and although nothing is stopping you from dumping the database table and running with it I do have an export-to-csv feature on the list for those who want to do their own statistical analysis with the data with external sites/software. If you are just reading this junk and thinking of buying, I'll be off the Black Friday 20% in a few hours but will carry on through to New Years at 15% off. Merry Happy Joyous Whatevers. EDIT: 115PM Central 12/6/2019 - it's up! EDIT: Saturday Noon Central 12/7/2019 - small version bump to 5.0.2 5.0.3 to tackle small geolocation display hitch in search ledger. Sometimes geolocation service returns limited information such as only lat and long and I had some should-this-be-displayed checks set on another geo var. Now, if it provided city, region, country, those will display, and if it gave lat/long, the map should display (maps are generated based on lat/long) - and another one four hours later for My Recent Searches.
  4. So, for the nine of you that bought this, 5.0 is gonna roll out on Friday. @Claudia999's search crawler hitch got me rolling and once that started a whole lot of other stuff came out of it. This is best described as part one, I still have half a list of things left to do but this will, as per usual, never get released if I keep adding and adding - that plus the fact there are only nine of you using this plus I need to step away from this just to clear my head for a bit 🥴 We'll leave the rest for later on, but tomorrow? You'll enjoy the changelog 🍺🍕
  5. I'll need to take a peek at your site - this is confirmed working on dev and live sites with 4.4.9
  6. Just a heads up that Social Search 5.0 will be kicked out in the not too distant future. @Claudia999's problem was primarily a search bot gone absolutely mad coupled with what I suspect was a brief period where Advanced Tags and Prefixes was broken from an IPS update and that left some malformed tags which were then crawled, stored, and now those search urls are being run again by the various bots. To that end, I've filtered the bots as much as one can - that's using the IPS bot detection (which is pretty low key) coupled with a few hard checks for 'bot', 'spider', and 'spyder' in the user_agent as a final check prior to storing the search. Outside of that not a lot I can do. A few other tweaks and pokes, maybe a new thing, maybe. Out when it's out.
  7. What language is your forum using mostly? I'll take a look on my end but this seems like a bug. (specifically the apps appended to the tag with the slash, the blue circled one would be someone actually trying to search for just that tag) Also what version IPS and I might need to get acp access to track this down if this ends up being language related, but let me work things here first; I'll PM you if I need it.
  8. Version 5 Released! For use with 4.4.5 Beta 1 and higher. Fix for bug where Soundboard would overwrite the entire profile page when user moves from profile to activity and then back to profile view when on a profile page. Not sure when this popped up but fixed now. Abstracted the profile page sound player block from simple hook to full template to let you format, add, subtract as needed. Minor code improvements.
  9. Search is, Images isn't right now - it's only ten bucks already. Maybe I *might* add some of the other cheap ones of mine in next week or something.
  10. Just ran the upgrade on my dev. Alexa task works. Alexa widget working, tabs in the widget working. Refresh caches and see what shakes. If it's still wonky PM me ACP access and I'll take a peek. Just coding and watching hockey tonight so plenty of time.
  11. Just dropping a note here to say that Kitchen Sink (available in the Marketplace and probably will be on sale for the patented joel "Black Friday means all of November" sale he's putting together) has an option for forums to display all the posts in newest to oldest order. I did this... two?... years ago on request for someone running a financials forum. Can set per forum or all forums. It's barebones as I didn't feel like tearing into the javascript that handles new posts being made - I'll skip the long story and just say all that means is when someone makes a new post it's appended to the end of the topic as usually happens (just refresh the page and stuff is where you want it again) but if there is that much of a hew and cry I can poke the thing and maybe wrap that small quirk up ...eventually. I'll be honest, it feels weird, at least for forums.
  12. V16 released! Settings options to apply to profile page header and member hovercards. These are OPTIONS - not everyone will want this as the group name is already displayed in these areas underneath the member name and that's already formatted. You, as they say, can do you.
  13. Version 8.1 released! Thought I tested, apparently not...
  14. Version 8 released! Fixes spelling error in plugin ACP settings. Removed tooltip/title attributes (unnecessary) No longer displays any joined date if member was deleted but content was retained.
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