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  1. 4.3: Announcements

    Could you put the transform: rotate(-20deg) on the fa icon and not the span container for that widget look? Just a suggestion.
  2. Group Color on User Link

    This remains officially unsupported but unofficially supported. That means that bad things get patched quickly, features you want maybe or never. This topic is just so I can encourage users to upgrade to version 11 that patches an XSS vulnerability. Cheers to <REDACTED> for alerting IPS though if you do have problems like this you could just send me a PM? That works ya know!
  3. Kitchen Sink

    Users of Group Color on User Links please upgrade
  4. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Users of Group Color on User Links please upgrade.
  5. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Just a heads up that I've been grinding on new stuff for Spacious. No peeking, but the plan is to dump it all out with 4.3. On that note... Don't be installing/using Spacious on 4.3 (alpha, beta, otherwise...) until I push a compatible release out. With the changes to the member view, just looking at the screenshot, I can venture a guess that the bit where you can PM a member right from the member page is going to break things on the new stuff.
  6. Kitchen Sink

    Screenshots would help here.
  7. Kitchen Sink

    The "problem" as it is, at least in regards to KS, is that KS was dev'd up way way back when 4x was just a little baby. To get around some early 4x limitations (some templates not parsing hooks correctly or at all, and on and on) I'd just do it a different way - usually meant grabbing other things (more things) than actually needed - does it work now? Yes, great, moving on. Now its two+ years down the line. The parsers are robust. Nearly all (if not all) templates are hookable without errors now, etc. But my old code is still there. I clean it up when it crosses my path but as long as it's working and not troubling anyone... It took a very new version, and a new feature of mine, plus ancient curl/xml libs to expose this. If you need a patched version to fix the problem iacas had let me know; otherwise hang tight until after 4.3 is released.
  8. Font awesome 5.0

    @Lindy for lack of knowing which developer to @ Is this on tap for 4.3? I noticed the FA website itself has now flashed over to 5 and parked the 4x stuff in a sub-section.
  9. Kitchen Sink

    Probably, yeah, I could do it. The reverse order stuff does have some annoyances that I don't real feel like tackling though - like when you make a response it appends it to the last page, it only pops up to the first response position after a page change/refresh. That's all in the javascript controllers; I mean, it *might* be an easy js mixin to change that but ugh... don't really wanna look to be honest.
  10. Kitchen Sink

    Signed back in under the right acount... Nice idea, I'll add it to this other thing cooking...
  11. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    I'll take as look in the morning. I may need acp from you though. Let you know after I check things on this end. EDIT: And now it's morning. Something is off on yours, might be a edge-case I'm not accounting for so I'll need to take a look.
  12. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Not yet, I'll have to add it in. Where at? ACP login page or top corner ACP?
  13. Kitchen Sink

    News update for the Searchlight feature. The next builds of Searchlight and KS (which has Searchlight natively) will include the newest mark.js. Dev on that library is ongoing after some downtime and instead of keeping progress limited to a 9.0 dev line they've now just moved back to incrementing the mainline. This matters as the next big push on that library is serious diacritics support: that means those of you using non-English languages will start to see this work when your flagged search terms include characters not-standard to the English loadout. Even though new versions of mark.js are being included in Searchlight and KS don't expect full diacritics support until I announce it's available.
  14. 4.3: Scaleable search and interface improvements

    Elasticsearch does natively, though you can do the same now with MySql if you adjust the character limit (MySql config on your server; not the IPS software) to 3 characters or less. Note that right here in these forums you can search those just fine as they have the database index character limit set at 3.
  15. 4.3: Scaleable search and interface improvements

    Groovy. Those of you configuring your MySql server to use character limits less than three (i.e. 2 or 1) for search indexing can now flip to Elastic and remove that performance hit from your database server. Query: You say Pages, and yes, I've asked this before, but would really like clarification. Does this mean plain vanilla Pages or are we talking about Pages database fields now being searchable beyond the Title and Content flagged fields? Having just two searchable fields in Pages databases has been a serious roadblock for sometime now.