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  1. Middle picture caption: 🥴 By default that should already be happening, with or without AMH. The postcontainer template calls the core-global-userphoto template there. The last var in userphoto is $hovercard and it is set to true - which means only when someone calls the userphoto template and specifically sets that variable to FALSE will the hovercards not show. In the postcontainer template that variable is not set, which means its true. Tested with and without AMH enabled - hovercards always show. So, either your question was just an abstract one - in which case the answer is AMH works wherever hovercards are already. Or... you've got some custom theme/plugin stuff going on and are doing something else there with the avatars. In that case, I can take a quick (QUICK!) look but otherwise that falls under the category of poke your theme/plugin designer or pay me :)
  2. <looks at MSI GS65 Stealth with 256gb drive> <checks space remaining> <weeps>
  3. Also, this isn't adriano's anymore. I'll look if I can throw an option on it to do this in a bit.
  4. To follow up for those reading along, I gave up trying to get his htaccess right for CORS. Maybe it's something weird on his CDN end - maybe something weird with acp urls and the additional /admin/ bit. Life is way too short to bother so rather than using the resources feature I've just dumped the AA font icon into the interface directory which solves the problem 100%. Not sure if this change will get released right now though. Maybe if I tighten a few things up, or I'll wait because... The next big release (Spacious ACP 20) will be with 4.5 as that, given the ACP changes, will make this a full-sweep kinda thing. Doesn't mean I'm not prepping junk ahead of time. Pushing server load, memory available, and local storage remaining to the front side for one (admins only of course). On the user menu now, compact/concise display, with tooltips. These stats are actually tasked, every five minutes. I'll let you choose which server load percentage to display (15, 5, or 1 minute amount) - will try to tool-tip all of it there as well. S'alright? Also, would you guys want an option to dump this into the footer like ye'olden days of ancient IPS and VB? I think IPS had this... I have it in the user menu so you can actually see it regularly, unlike the footer, but can do both.
  5. I just checked on another user's your site and the problem occurs when you use a CDN and push theme resources to it. Your browser won't load the font file as it thinks it's coming from some weird not-to-be-trusted place. Here's the error you'll see when you use your browser dev tools: Access to font at 'https://YOUR_CDN_SERVICE/uploads/set_resources_1/02ee171f2a8c0a74cb9384690414859a_allastronauts.woff' from origin 'https://YOUR_IPS_SITE.COM' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. So for everyone with this hitch you need to configure Apache/Nginx correctly to handle this stuff or check your CDN settings. This is a quick guide to see what you need to do: https://www.maxcdn.com/one/tutorial/how-to-use-cdn-with-webfonts/ All you end up doing, at least on your server-side, is flagging files with extensions such as .jpg, .png, .ttf, .woff, etc... as being cool being loaded from outside sites. When you get that server stuff patched it will look like this: Theoretically I could code it to do so but it would require your server to have the exec (or other similar) commands enabled. But right now, no. Even setting up cron for IPS tasks requires you to manually add the cron command via server command line.
  6. Yeah. Spacious has had server load in it forever - since 4.2? Earlier? Next version I think I'll be pushing some of these things front side as well.
  7. Group Colors on User Links 17 Released! For anyone following along, I worked this up. Bottom line is if this was going to get compatible with that app it would need to be me to fix it - apps first over plugins in hook order. I've added specific checks in various templates for the application and if present and enabled, call that app's templates. All other paths involve some deep low-level output manipulation and it is so not worth it -if even grimly possible. Also changed the forum aside hook point to more tightly target things.
  8. Ahh, they list it as a plugin in description. Well. Yeah, we're fighting over the same space. The hitch being {$member->name} is dumped inside the h1 and the only way to do stuff with that via hooks is grabbing the h1. For them, now at least since they aren't overwriting the whole header, it's an easy hook as they just tell the hook to insert inside the h1 at the end. For me though, I *have* to grab the entire h1 as that's the only way to get at that {$member->name} bit - if there were <span>s around that var we wouldn't be having this convo. Let me think if I can get around this some other way... worse comes to worse I can do you a solid and just throw out one that doesn't have the profile hook.
  9. It's not a bug - there are just two plugins competing over the same space. Re-enable Group Colors and drag it above the Itzverified one in the plugin list and give that a try - hooks are applied in order top to bottom - I think that will work but that depends on how that plugin is hooking in there (if they are inserting inside the H1 at the end now instead of overwriting the whole template - are you using the latest version of that - they just updated it 6 hours ago)
  10. Make this bit: html[dir="ltr"] [data-blockid="app_cms_Database_1382758328"] .ipsDataItem_icon:not( .ipsResponsive_hidePhone ):not( .ipsResponsive_hideTablet ) + .ipsDataItem_main, html[dir="ltr"] .ipsDataItem_icon:not( .ipsResponsive_hidePhone ):not( .ipsResponsive_hideTablet ) + .ipsDataItem_main + .ipsDataItem_stats { margin-left: 55px; } This: html[dir="ltr"] [data-blockid="app_cms_Database_1382758328"] .ipsDataItem_icon:not( .ipsResponsive_hidePhone ):not( .ipsResponsive_hideTablet ) + .ipsDataItem_main, html[dir="ltr"] .ipsDataItem_icon:not( .ipsResponsive_hidePhone ):not( .ipsResponsive_hideTablet ) + .ipsDataItem_main + .ipsDataItem_stats { margin-left: 55px !important; } Just add the !important
  11. Two things are at play here. We'll use Alabama and the State Parks sub cat as that has maps in it. First - both the State Parks line (title) and the 3 maps bit beneath, have a margin left on them to give room for the icon Second is of course the icon size itself. @media screen and (max-width: 979px) { html[dir="ltr"] [data-blockid="app_cms_Database_1382758328"] .ipsDataItem_icon:not( .ipsResponsive_hidePhone ):not( .ipsResponsive_hideTablet ) + .ipsDataItem_main, html[dir="ltr"] .ipsDataItem_icon:not( .ipsResponsive_hidePhone ):not( .ipsResponsive_hideTablet ) + .ipsDataItem_main + .ipsDataItem_stats { margin-left: 55px; } [data-blockid="app_cms_Database_1382758328"] .ipsDataItem_icon.ipsDataItem_category img { max-width: 45px; } } The above, on tablet and phone views, increases the margin left on those aforementioned bits from 45px to 55px. The second bit sets the size of the icon. The [data-block... provides targeting to ONLY this pages view. Without it this will spill over into all the other places in the suite that use those css bits. That's the above on phone view. Adjust as needed. If you need to adjust these cat images you are inserting as icons in other IPS databases you will need to change the [data-blockid... bit to what it needs to be for that block. You can spot it when inspecting the page with your browser tools.
  12. The thing is, I didn't. There are no template hooks of any kind in this plugin. All I do is provide a way to add an image to the category object, what you do with it is all on you. You have to manually add the images to your templates. And how do I use this? Images are stored wherever you have set the Pages Category Images file handler set to store them and you can access the image anywhere the $category variable is available to you in Pages templates. $category->pcimage = The local url to the stored image. You will rarely use this by itself as it will return "uploads/monthly_07/thisismyimagename_34erjfhrufhdheh.jpg" or something along those lines. {file="$category->pcimage"} = The COMPLETE url to the stored image. "https://myawesomesite.com/uploads/monthly_07/thisismyimagename_34erjfhrufhdheh.jpg". Just sticking this in a template will output that as a line of text. <img src='{file="$category->pcimage"}'> = The image will be displayed in your template at this location at full size. You get the idea. From here you can format the image with css, use it as a background element, and so on.
  13. So ends the passive-aggressive portion of this thread. And... I can no longer hail the dark lord. Had to happen eventually.
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