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  1. Bump now that Zapier is back on the self-hosted menu plus that @Daniel F comment routed through @Jordan Invision
  2. Ya know, just go to the task page and run it manually. If you don't have Spacious set up to put the tasks button on the Dashboard page, go to advanced settings bit in the settings area in the ACP - the first tab there, where you choose to run tasks with user traffic or cron or an outside service - just beneath that is a text link to the tasks page.
  3. Well that's a little on the odd side. Obligatory running fine locally and on all my sites. I even ran it manually; t'was fine. The only interaction with IPS\Application is in getting the Core versions: \IPS\Application::load('core')->long_version , and then same but just version Doing so will probably (maybe?) hit that $ipsApps var in those methods so that's where that's coming from - though looking it seems to be a side-ways hit at best (maybe when constructing the app obj. via load) As to why on your site? What version of Invision Community are you on? EDIT: Also are you self hosted or CIC? And to be further confusing, the var is actually set as a public static var in init.php so that's pretty much the definition of always available.
  4. 🤷‍♂️ maybe they're busy? EDIT: Will be awhile longer; you can use the same Giphy I already used. ANOTHER EDIT: Daniel managed to find this one tiny thing out of the expansive pile of apps and plugins I have (There are a lot on my dev machine that never see the light of public day) that had this one thing leftover in a post-install routine. They probably aren't paying him enough.
  5. PCI Version 3.0.2 submitted. 4.5.x and 4.6.x compatible. This moves all your images off the actual Pages Categories database table into a separate table. You do NOT need to change any of your template code; this remains 100% compatible with whatever you are doing before. Code examples for a reminder: <img src='{file="$category->pcimage"}'> The above where you have the $category variable available. <img src='{file="$record->container()->pcimage"}'> And that above for when you are in a record view template and have the $record variable available. You should be able to see the basic chain there record - then it call the container (which is the category the record is in) - and then our category image. I do have caching of the new PCI database table. 99.99% it will never be a problem, when the category is being built out it actually double checks for the cache and if not there does a load from the DB directly. If something happens though, you can refresh the cache directly in the ACP on the Pages Databases menu option and any database Categories menu option with the obvious, can't miss button up top. EDIT: Will edit/post when it is approved.
  6. PCI 3 Finally got this patched for 4.5/4.6 - will require no changes on your end at all. Might even be slightly faster (everything is datastore cached). I'll be uploading 3.x tonight and it will be approved when it is approved as all things MP are these days. I'll also post here again after I submit with the low-down.
  7. Yeah, I know that. Do you really want those to be links though? There is no indication when you click those. And now you are "doing things"
  8. I'll just go ahead and assume some JS quirk or conflict somewhere on the page. That arrow is randomly grabbing and linking out various ACP urls. In the above screenshot its clearcaches. I've seen it link out dashboard widget management, CMS page editing, and so on. Naturally you'll need more than one Admin in the ACP and that widget up on the dash to see this. I think you should keep this as a "feature" but lock it to logging the user out so other admins can mess with other admins for the lulz.
  9. Well, see, the thing is, you step away from something long enough, and come back to it with fresh eyes and forgotten knowledge and stuff jumps out at ya. Cryptic? I think I solved Wasabi finally. DigitalOcean Spaces probably as well. Both with the signed temporary urls for attachments and Downloads. I might charge a touch as I'm probably throwing this into an app and adding in ACP widgets for the service status stuff. Gonna simultaneously poke things and mull things over, if it is possible to do both at once. It was such a benign, little, utterly ignorable thing too...
  10. The background and avatar stuff can easily be optioned, probably the theme stuff too.
  11. I should change that text there. It's invert being applied, so whatever you have jacked in there (I assume manually?) - it will be stock on 0 and inverted colors on 1, various grays 0.1 to 0.9 and so on. So the text reads o white, 1 black as the default IPS logo is white. What do you mean by responsive? Desktop and Tablet views the logo is IPS code. For phone view I insert the logo (IPS has it completely removed in that view). I see *that* logo of mine does not respect the invert settings though. Might have to give that a think though as that top area usually does not match the side bar colors so applying the same invert might not be best. Might need some more settings for that view.
  12. Wasabi is fantastic for what they are - a storage service - but that's really all they are and that is specifically their niche. For those not in the know, for Wasabi your monthly egress should match more or less what you have stored. Store 100gb? Monthly out should be 100gb, though I doubt they will care much if it is 150 or a touch more. If you are pushing that egress out DAILY you are going to get cancelled. There are two ways around this: 1) Store dummy data. People create a separate bucket, and just manually through an S3 tool dump whatever in there. 100gb real files, 900gb dummy files, = 1tb monthly egress. You get the idea. Need more egress? Add another TB to your storage bill (that would be 2TB for 12/month) and fill that up and now your 100gb of real files have 2tb of monthly egress. 2) The common sense solution? If you are egressing at a massive level daily I have no idea why you do not have a CDN in front of your server. Cloudflare, BunnyCDN, others... This is exactly what they are there for. You end up with a build out as follows: Server: For IPS install, serving the site, some files. Wasabi/S3: Off-load the STORAGE of tons of user generated file content, or Downloads files, etc. This saves you paying for large amounts of storage on your webserver where storage costs are typically not viable (only so much room on the server itself). Not to mention you can blow your egress bandwidth out on the web server. CDN: Takes the massive load off your server and off-site storage by caching and serving all those files. Small hobby sites will never have to worry about most of this. You can get by with just a web server, or a web server and S3-type storage somewhere. If you actually are moving gigabytes to terabytes of data DAILY between your web server and off-site storage you either have the deepest of pockets or you "know a guy" (I know guy who back in the day ran a few Counter Strike servers out of his nationally-known airline regional office for awhile. Think they were in a closet. And then an off-site higher-up opened the closet and then he was out of a job. lol) - or, you've set up your site with a CDN. FYI all, this has been known for awhile but Backblaze is one of those providers that really, really, wants everything signed. I can hack this plugin to be compatible-ish with it but it ends up with attachments and Downloads files to be downloaded as filename.ext.abcd1234efgh5678 as unsigned requests may not contain content-disposition or content-type which makes your browser pull the file "as-is" and that means the IPS appended (and usually necessary) alphanumeric comes along for the ride. Not an ideal situation for your end-users.
  13. Got a patch inbound. This is the limit the # of attachments bit which I *DID* fix (see posts further above) but apparently clipped a leading \ off at some point when calling \IPS\.... No idea... Taking a moment to also double secret verify this is all good. EDIT: Submitted and support ticket opened to push it to the front of the pile.
  14. From File Storage to AMZ S3 while IN_DEV. Works fine when not IN_DEV. Tis' odd, might be something worth poking though. 4.6.3 106117, PHP 7.3.19
  15. Yes... And that's the thing that this plugin effectively "does", which won't work with, as you found out, a number of providers. Someone up-thread (or privately) mentioned that when a user tries to dl a file and hits the temporaryDownloadUrl method there is "something" and the signature is doubled or generated twice or ??? (it's been awhile...) and that might be part of the problem with not-Amazon services as well. I just needed Wasabi to fully work, ran into the attachments dl problem, and threw this down to route around the problem. Everything else?
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