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  1. Submitted. Actually lost power for a while yesterday which delayed this fix 😞
  2. Doing some more poking on and off over the last few weeks. Got some new display options in-bound for the search results page. Mostly just to put the focus on results, and less on the extraneous information. Nothing massively transformative (tempted but that means new templates and more hooks all around...) but you'll probably like them. Also took another, deeper, look into the IPS truncating results with 4.5, specifically the search JS, and that 600 character max-trim on the PHP side ends up mostly being 300 characters and change on the display side after the marking function works it over, in case any one was wondering why all the results end up being two lines of text usually. So... blah. It means a JS mixin that overrides one of the search results JS functions to get around this and bring more flex back into play. Maybe, but not sure this will be the next release or not. As mentioned much, much, earlier, the reason for missing marks on the results page is that initial 600 character truncate as they only take the first 600 characters of the content item whether the search result is in it or not. SSSR took care of most of that by pre-finding the matching bit but there were still some misses being pushed out. Found the (obvious) hitch and I'll try and get that patched up for next release and voila - should have marks on every result going forward.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Track and Display Content Viewers in your Invision Community Socially so other users can see who's viewing what. For moderation to see what content, and when, members are viewing when trouble occurs. Widget displays for social display of this information. Modal pop-up tables for more detailed views. ACP action to wipe all logs. Forums-per-Topic action to wipe just that log. ACP member views has member's views right there for perusal. GDPR-compliance! When a member wants their data, and you use the ACP tool to download such, their member views are right there as well. More! See screenshots. Viewers is the 4.5 revision of Who Viewed the Topic - enhanced with front end new views, ACP member view, tools to wipe logs, and GDPR compliance! This is a complete re-write of the old plugin - it's an application now with a lot more under the hood and more to come. It currently supports only Forums, but Blogs, Gallery, and more (even custom apps) are in the dev queue. Users of Who Viewed the Topic can rest easy - installation of this application will AUTOMATICALLY import that data AND remove the plugin for you. The two (three?) users of Who Viewed the Blog should leave that installed. When Blog support comes in a later version the same import and removal will occur. Other Apps? Yes! Gallery and Commerce are my next targets, with Blogs on the fore-front for upgrade purposes. My intention is to also support additional 3rd-party apps but I want to see if the demand is there first as that will require a little (not much) abstraction in the code. Next up? See above, plus a profile tab so members can view, and probably export, their own views. Some other ideas cooking as well. Note on GDPR It's going to be up to you to notify your users that this data is stored. Just add it to your terms and conditions or privacy policy or what have you. You probably should have been noting that all these years... Still, as usual, laws and restrictions on this stuff vary from country to country and it's not my responsibility what you do with this data. This may be a simple social thing at its core but the fact remains you are tracking content they view. It's pretty normal overall, routine even, but since I went ahead and added in the GDPR support, you may wish to make an effort and formally let your users know. Heavily Trafficked Site? Thousands of concurrent users? Shouldn't be a problem. The modal pop-up views are single instances triggered by user-input (clicking the button) so no page-load worries there. The widgets you have an option for cached and non-cached. So use cached 😃. I've also have an index on the table to make things perkier as well. If this fits your site's profile and there are still problems, just yell and I can probably gin-up a datastore fully cached option. Tested? Couple of months now on a few live sites. Thanks! Enjoy!
  4. Crazy. Just seeing this now. Didn't think I was that checked out this weekend...
  5. Sorry to bother you, but Adranio suggested that you were looking after the Latest Registered Members plugin/Widget and I was wondering if it is possible to exclude Banned Members from the Widget display please?

    Thanks in advance, PJ

  6. <not sure if Jordan knows or not...>
  7. Version 2.0.0


    Those of you doing serious custom work or jumping into other clients Pages installations to design, patch, change things in templates - especially heavily customized forms - probably want easy access to the database field id numbers. Here you go. Version 2 adds in database category IDs as well. Just as useful.
  8. Version 5 submitted. Changelog more or less the same as the above. EDIT: Approved 3/1/2021 FYI, set the mark.js to 'complimentary' in settings. Start there, and I suspect that's where you will leave it.
  9. Just a heads up there is another update coming through in a few days. The CURRENT changelog is this: NEW! When a search is NOT a termed (quoted) search, Searchlight will still attempt to mark the entire query out as a single entity, in addition to each word individually. NEW! In addition to the above, when a not-termed (quoted) full query match is found, Searchlight will jump to the first occurrence of that match, instead of the first word match. NEW! Selecta-a-Search links now formattable for background and text colors to differentiate them from the quote link. NEW! Active marks now have scaling option. Increase the size of the active mark for better vis! NEW! You now have a choice of previous/next icons for the Searchlight side-page navigator NEW! Searchlight side-page navigator on desktop view is heavily faded until hovered-over/interacted with. Tablet and mobile views remain full opacity. UPDATE! Remove duplicate terms provided by IPS search functions so there are fewer duplicated marking iterations on content items. UPDATE! Various CSS tweaks, single mark Searchlight side-page navigator now pulse animated, etc... I'm still poking it. On some super large content pages - either a page that has 25 posts and they are all massive blocks of text, or maybe a Pages DB entry that is basically book-length text, if you have a single mark on the page, on initial page load the mark doesn't quite scroll into view and I *think* its either due to the JavaScript outstripping the browser load speed (but this is running on Document.ready so...) or there is something else quite not right. I'm not sure I'll be tracking this down anytime soon, and of course one just hits that target button to jump there anyways so... Always something. The first two bullets, I can see an ask there. When you have a full match to a query, either due to the new change I just made to catch it when not a termed search, or when it actually is a termed (quoted) search, if on the page there is more than one match for that, the marking routine will still hit the first occurrence, even if by chance the result you clicked on the results page was an instance of it in another post further down the page. I can see a path forward for that, at least for commenting instances which is the main hitch, but it will probably be awhile before I swing around and try dealing with it. I think I'll also option in the debug bottom page rail for those of you who want to see what's going on and to see what is and isn't being marked out when you change options. I call it the debug line but it's more like the initial push for the "more details" flyout I have sketched out for the navigator. Either way I'll have it set for no, admins only, or everyone, so your call. (Screenshots just planted wherever in post fyi)
  10. 3.0.0 was released and it does solve the problem but someone brought an edge case to me so there is a 3.1.0 coming down the pipe. Submitted, approved and available when it's available. Seems there is a tiny hitch when people would create a field but ignore the 'Searchable' tab completely and just hit save. Didn't feel like tracking it down the rabbit hole so just moved the searchable field to the bottom of the first tab and removed my searchable tab completely. Also added a burn-it-all-down option, a few language tweaks, etc. FIX! Moved the form field for PSTF to resolve hitch when people just save the form without visiting the previous 'Searchable' tab in the form CHANGE! Database titles used instead of keys in plugin rebuild search indexes options. NEW! Option to wipe out all settings for searchable fields and start over, or not.
  11. Submitted, verified working on my own sites. Sorry bout that.
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