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  1. Pages Category Images Add an image to every IPS Pages database category for use in your templates! Pages Searchable Text Fields Flag text, text area, and editor fields in your Pages databases for inclusion in the search index! This is a combined support topic for both of these Pages mods.
  2. All Astronauts

    Who Viewed the Topic

    I was just using the provided Articles database as an example. This would apply to any Database.
  3. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen Sink 22 Released! Format internal embeds - author header, image block, add border. Searchlight patched up for a specific FURL conflict, totally rewritten, and now can be toggled on/off in settings. CSS file renamed to aa_ks.css pushing it to the first postion (or close to it) in your COMPILED custom css.
  4. All Astronauts

    Who Viewed the Topic

    Yeah... Right while I was wrapping WVTB up I thought... yeah... It will be more along the lines of who viewed the database record though (using the provided Articles db that ships with IPS Pages this would be the equivalent of who viewed an article). Plain vanilla custom pages (no db involved) might be trickier (read: I would have to do new things) but I honestly haven't looked. The pile of work keeps growing, it'll happen when it happens.
  5. All Astronauts

    Who Viewed the Topic

    This is what I mean Widgets are out, but the block or button will still be where you expect. Only difference is the blocks are more underneath the topic title header area or move up from the very bottom of the page, depending on your choice of position.
  6. All Astronauts

    Who Viewed the Topic

    No. There will still be a below header block or a bottom page block, just like top and bottom widgets, but they won't be widgets anymore. But side bar (left or right side of page) widgets will be gone. I can sketch this out in the morning so people can better understand.
  7. All Astronauts

    Who Viewed the Topic

    Welcome aboard Who Viewed the Blog peoples! No need for another support topic as the baseline code is pretty much the same. Looking to backport some of the new stuff into Who Viewed the Topic - overlapped avatars for one - but what you would think would be a simple job to move over the code and make it compatible with blogs turned into a multi day job so I'm going to clear my head of this stuff for awhile at least - that and let the blogs version settle in first before coming back around to WVTT. Was wondering though, is anyone really using WVTT as a sidebar widget? The code is a little hacky to get this stuff to work as widgets and I wouldn't mind all that much being able to ditch that in favor of template inserted blocks. Either under the last post on the page, or just after the topic header area.
  8. All Astronauts

    Who Viewed the Blog

    Version 1

    1 download

    Track and display members that have viewed blogs AND blog entries! Pop-up modal and block options! 4.3 compatible, not for use with 4.2.x or lower. Requested for awhile now... Configurable number-per-page in the pop-up modal. Block can display avatars, names, or group-formatted names! Avatars configurable to display at three standard IPS sizes: tiny, mini, and small. Overlapped avatars option. Member names can have group formatting applied if you like. Configurable limit to the number of members that will display in the widgets. Screenshots show what you need to know. I am pulling the blog or blog entry name automatically as part of the block text i.e. My Awesome Blog has been read by 245 members or What About This Thing I Saw has been read by 29 members. Customizable and translatable directly in the plugin. License/Support Support available for the time being in the IPS Marketplace topic. You are allowed to use this, after purchasing a license and downloading this from the IPS Marketplace, on one live site and any test/dev sites you have. Additional live sites require additional license purchases. Renewals (per purchase) entitle you to updated versions and ongoing support. Support is limited to the default IPS theme and is for IPS license holders current on the application/plugin renewals (with a generous grace period). I'll give a hand, time permitting, to help you figure out what is wrong with your custom theme if there is a conflict but fixes in those cases will need to be made by your theme provider. All rights reserved.


  9. All Astronauts

    Store Products Widget

    🤷‍♂️ 4.0 Released! I literally just recreated the plugin, that's it. You'll need to delete the one you have and install this one. It's actually called Store Stuff now and I pushed the version up to 4.0 to just "sync" it with what's already come and gone.
  10. All Astronauts

    Store Products Widget

    Looking. Somethings up. Lean to IPS bug as the only thing that's changed since this was made 4.3 compatible is new IPS versions. In my dev site the widget isn't available in the dev center for the plugin. The widget json is totally empty (meaning the plugin says theres no widgets). The widget is there of course... Gotta help move a neighbor, will poke this in an hour or two.
  11. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    Pm me site link, don't need acp
  12. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    How odd... They have a full editor up for that field, which is why I have to warn about the clown car aspect of this if you include images and so on, but there is no font color on the editor. If you feel like it, submit a support request and ask why the the color options aren't available on that editor. A cursory look at the code seems to show it should just pull whatever buttons you have up on the editor everywhere. EDIT: This is all editors in the ACP. Hmmm, dare I waste more time looking... That said, so close... .ks_catDescs p { color: red; } Just need a space and a p
  13. All Astronauts

    Pages Searchable Text Fields

    Let me know if you have the above problem with 1.2. PSTF 1.2 Released! Fixes broken re-indexing when done as a full search index rebuild. Even more robust internal processing to avoid spillover from other areas.
  14. All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    Half of that is already there:
  15. All Astronauts

    Sound Board

    Version 2 Released! Done and dusted. Challenging, and annoying, but got it in the end. New version comes with expanded audio file support, adding ogg, flac, and acc to the mp3/wav pile. 4.3.2 or higher only, it will almost certainly not work on earlier versions and even if it did I have no intention of supporting them.