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  1. Remaining before submission: Breadcrumbs Edit first posts Profile page cover photos Force the Forums Post Feed Widget to Pull Only First Posts? Star Ratings, Restore the Moderator Checkbox on First Posts will have to wait for the next version, skipping any js adds for the initial submission. A few things are dropped due to IPS doing them, somethings just no longer needed, etc. Some new apps are now a part of KS: a minor gallery thing, small downloads tweak, some blogs love. There is some overall new stuff in places as well, plus improvements. Let's see wha
  2. 4.5 version submitted Friday, September 18, about 4:45pm Central time. In the ACP Marketplace when it's there. Nothing major, a few tweaks, etc.
  3. Naturally this is taking time, nothing for it, and no blame or anything, they have to spin up alt-S3 service and test and so forth. If you gotta have it due to DL problems shoot a PM.
  4. Ignore him. Button pushed at 3:08pm Central USA time.
  5. <two weeks later...> So, I've sat on this for a week or two. Pulled some things that might make IPS grumpy, waited around for IPS patches to appear to make sure that Spacious patch alert feature was working, and so on. @Joel R has a near-final build and he seemed pretty perky about it so it can't be all bad. Now, as far as Marketplace approvals go, there are multiple people doing the work, and it seems to be a take one and go (or take the next on the pile and go). Some stuff of mine has taken many days to get approved. One thing today leap-frogged something utterly trivial toda
  6. 4.5 submitted. No real changes other than a few code tweaks. In the Marketplace when it's there. The usual caveats about your browser being a dick and so on. I HAVE tested again to verify its all working, back and forth messages between a Chrome user with a custom sound and a FireFox user with no custom sound but pulling a custom community default sound. The first message to the FF user didn't play the sound but the second (and onward...) did and I can only assume the diabolical innards of the whole web notifications process are still roaming the Earth freely. I can't fix things if your
  7. Well... either IPS staff was reading this and did you/others a solid or the approval gods are various and unknowable (or they all have their own to-do piles...). I've been spooling out my additions to the new marketplace just to keep the work low; for them and me. Of the (formerly) three pending, I didn't think this one would would jump over the similarly requested update to Remove Forum Title from Forum Index - that one is literally two lines of CSS - this one has at least some meat on its bones. Who knows? Anyhoo, this was approved super-fast. Enjoy. Also update is for 4.5 onl
  8. There is a chance I'll be pushing this to an application, and that's going to mean almost certainly, a re-buy (no way to sync with the new ACP Marketplace). If I have to do that, I'll be leaving the purchase price at like $10 for a month or two to ease the pain. Why? Standards are up considerably with marketplace code reviews and there is a nominal chance, possibly reported once before but most sites using this plugin never usually hit this, that a deleted/merged member causes problems... and I can't handle those problems with a plugin - only apps have the capability to deal correctly wit
  9. You know that thing where you casually mention something that's relevant to the problem but you are totally oblivious to the fact that you actually didn't account for that thing you just talked about? And then someone comes along and says "why didn't you deal with that thing you just talked about here..."? That was yesterday. @Martin A., with the oblivious assist from myself, got a handle on this. This has been cleared by at least two live sites experiencing this problem. A new version will be submitted to the Marketplace asap. Now, just as a heads up to everyone: we are nudging
  10. Like the post above says , when it's done. There's a lot of stuff of mine that has to be gone through. Who Viewed the Topic is getting finished now. KS is at 70% done. KS is also an entire re-write; its an app now, and I might require repurchase, and that might be required anyways if switching to an app doesn't mesh with the 4.5 ACP Marketplace upgrade process, which is actually a thing. EDIT: To expand on that last point, apps and plugins MUST have incremented the version number from the last pre-4.5 marketplace entry. It has to be bigger than the last one so the internal AC
  11. I'm going to amend the above by saying I'll post an updated file here. There was a single change in the way IPS does a url bit with 4.5 that does make a difference and can/will mess things up slightly with CDNs and SSL Certs and so on. Unless you diffed the files you'd probably miss the change.
  12. Just wanted to throw an update out to y'all about this plugin. Is it 4.5 compatible? Yes. Nothing has changed massively to break things - it still does the rudimentary things it does. It is still free. Will I put this in the 4.5+ ACP Marketplace? Maybe... Maybe...? There are two hitches and they have nothing to do with this plugin. 1) I've had a second person hit me up with certificate (SSL) problems and CDN stuff and Downloads (that's what the above post was about). Nothing has changed on the plugin side. Also, I've tested a bunch locally without a CDN and everythi
  13. Yep yep. Should be there soon for some values of soon.
  14. Pretty sure this is fine as is, but it will be a bit before it shows in the acp marketplace. I've been trickleling things in as i can but even then there is still a days long delay before things are approved. I have three or four still pending... I'll take a look post-morning run and throw it at them. Don't forget it's the weekend plus a holiday day on Monday so it probably won't be until next week some time before it will show in the acp
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