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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Those of you doing serious custom work or jumping into other clients Pages installations to design, patch, change things in templates - especially heavily customized forms - probably want easy access to the database field id numbers. Here you go.
  2. Version 5 submitted. Changelog more or less the same as the above. EDIT: Approved 3/1/2021 FYI, set the mark.js to 'complimentary' in settings. Start there, and I suspect that's where you will leave it.
  3. Just a heads up there is another update coming through in a few days. The CURRENT changelog is this: NEW! When a search is NOT a termed (quoted) search, Searchlight will still attempt to mark the entire query out as a single entity, in addition to each word individually. NEW! In addition to the above, when a not-termed (quoted) full query match is found, Searchlight will jump to the first occurrence of that match, instead of the first word match. NEW! Selecta-a-Search links now formattable for background and text colors to differentiate them from the quote link. NEW! Ac
  4. 3.0.0 was released and it does solve the problem but someone brought an edge case to me so there is a 3.1.0 coming down the pipe. Submitted, approved and available when it's available. Seems there is a tiny hitch when people would create a field but ignore the 'Searchable' tab completely and just hit save. Didn't feel like tracking it down the rabbit hole so just moved the searchable field to the bottom of the first tab and removed my searchable tab completely. Also added a burn-it-all-down option, a few language tweaks, etc. FIX! Moved the form field for PSTF to resolve
  5. Submitted, verified working on my own sites. Sorry bout that.
  6. Oh Searchable Text Fields, not Category Images. My bad. Looking.
  7. You don't show in the list of downloaders at all, and it's not flagged 4.5 compatible so it doesn't appear in the ACP MP. @Daniel F am I missing something here? Weird MP quirk?
  8. It's missing the pci column in the table. Not sure where you got your copy from... (cough) Anyways, it's been a been awhile, I'll poke this today to see if I can find a way to get this up to true 4.5 compatibility. It's fine if you got this from the MP but with the IPS MP rule to not allow cols on their own tables anymore, as mentioned further above, there are some hitches with Pages to get around that.
  9. Wild. What would this be actually for beyond novelty? FYI, I'll be pushing the next release out probably today, will have the auto-gen title, artists, album bits on it - works for MP3 and FLACS that have tags of some sort. Also did some preliminary work on popups from those above mentioned details. Just pushing out more of the tags available is weak sauce. This won't happen immediately but I'm thinking no one will complain if this gets integrated with the Discogs API. You can probably imagine what the pop-ups will look like now.
  10. Think this will be it, with classes for you to over-ride in your custom css to format the block as you see fit if this doesn't do it for you. Also am swapping out the default paperclip for music note for the attachment icon.
  11. 👆 I had sites where users were using Grammarly locally via browser extension and were somehow inserting the entire Grammarly JavaScript chunks into the content of their Articles posts they were creating. Absolute hell to deal with. I told them to stop and maybe attend a local grammar rodeo to learn moar better grammars.
  12. Already moving onward... Ignore the mis-match between file and metadata, testing formatting. Thinking when you hit that new area maybe popup the full whatever-is-there metadata? Thoughts? Area will be formattable of course. Also, was not kidding about some browsers being very picky about file integrity. Chrome, on the right, played that fine. Firefox, on the left, did nothing. I threw the file at MP3Val (open source desktop MP3 file checker) and there was a single CRC error somewhere in the audio stream. Chrome did not care. Firefox did. That tool allows you to patch
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