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  1. On the fence? Best get in now... Slightly related: That's probably gonna get a bump for 4.5. IPS did knee-cap most of my new buys by building in search tracking, but mine is still more precise and detailed. I doubt that is enough to generate new sales though 😞 - anyways... if any of you search junkies are interested, post up there in the support topic as my gaze will likely be turning in that direction soon.
  2. So what are you all thinking here? Things have calmed down enough for 4.5 upgrades on my end to swing back to this. On the one hand, I'm not all that incentivized to keep on with this as with IPS building it in sales are probably gonna be crap. On the other hand, it's already built out so. And on the third hand (be glad I'm not counting legs...), my tracking is still more detailed. I know you all will want, in general terms, the ability to not track tags, the ability to wipe out entries in the ledger based on term, based on ip address (enter term or ip address, remove all entries, th
  3. Just fyi this is finally, really done. Ran into some hitches with name spacing (don't ask...) and caught a few things on testing I figured I should just deal with now rather than post-release. That and the usual other work, other problems thing. Approved when it is approved. There will be a new support topic as well. This topic remains for a brief time as support for the old plugin, which, yes, does work with 4.5, so it will remain "supported" but I will not be flagging it as officially compatible with 4.5. In fact, I had IPS go ahead and disable new purchases on the plugin itself as ther
  4. Shoot me a pm with a link to your site, optional acp access, this shouldn't be too hard to track down, and the community maps author is in my regular Slack pile if there is a direct conflict there we can hash it out.
  5. That appears to be another third party plugin or something. That template does not appear in any IPS app or KS. Shoot me a pm with site name and acp access and I'll be glad to pop in and look though.
  6. We solved that above via PM. He was just a little confused as its an app and not a plugin, so whole new tab in the acp with the AA logo and such. 1.1.1 Released! Patches that stupid stupid log bug. Post numbers linked. Not sure when your MP refreshes out (one could run the task manually I guess...) but when 1.1.1 shows up, upgrade. If any of you need help clearing those log files out just shoot me a pm.
  7. If it's only passing two variables I'd be looking for a REALLY out of date plugin. Like a year or two at least. That third var (out of four) is the post before registering flag and that's been a thing for awhile now. Also, to be fair, there are occasions where something breaks and hooks are in the error stack but it's not actually the hook that's the problem. In this case though, yes, a function is expecting four variables and it's getting only two, so it breaks.
  8. Can you PM me an ACP login (with your site name as well so I can get there) so I can take a peak? Should not be happening. There were some changes we were forced to make (and then slightly rescinded but not yet fixed) with how 3rd-party devs include certain forms of resources in their apps. Long story short we had to stick them back into resources which might end up hosted off-site and depending upon your CDN and SSL cert settings and so on, would then get blocked. Or it might be something else, either way the code looks fine here but I'll need to peak really quick to see what's what.
  9. 4.5 only; most of the hook points have changed. I know lots of people have to delay 4.5 upgrade due to theme compatibilities and so on but it really is nicer on this side.
  10. That's because I'm a dumb-ass on occasion (I'll let everyone come up with their own time quantity for this particular trait. HINT: You are all probably right) KS 1.1.1 submitted and requested for accelerated (instant) approval. Apologies.
  11. Actually, you have to have a front end favicon set now for this to work, so check under the acp customization tab and look for icons and... something option and make sure one is set. On phone now so can't look myself
  12. First, better as a separate mod, but easy to do. Second, fits with KS, probably doable. You may wish to make a note in your terms of service or privacy note though about this that mods can see anon signed in users.
  13. I'm regretting not forcing re-buys 🙂 Also regretting setting the renewal amount so low back in the day. 🥺 Anyone wants to, feel free to tip me out at https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/allastronauts - nevermind the gamers stuff. My PP account is blended with so many things... I gotta long night (or whenever...) making a new description but you can see the newness in the screenshots at least. Might make a blithery tubevid to cover everything. Maybe. And throw a show of thx to IPS who, at the end of the day, allowed this through though they did not have to (they really don't wan
  14. Already done. Will be in the next update.
  15. It is not in the new marketplace yet so you will always get that error when trying to sync. Is it perfectly fine for 4.5 as is? Yes. Keep using it, no worries.
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