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  1. The problem on Xeite's site is a plugin called Remove Group Name - latest version 1.0.1 - just fyi all that it will break group formatting in places, apparently. But again, zilch to do with my plugin.
  2. I got access and went with default theme and disabled a few (not all) plugins and could not diagnose the problem. It ain't my plugin though - I just have that single hook on post view. Curious as to whats going on but don't have the time to work it for free; suggested tossing this at IPS support.
  3. So, here's the deal. My plugin, v14, ONLY has a single hook, and it's on topic view. That's it. So it's not this plugin, and..., the widget is fine on my local dev and live sites. But I looked, and am puzzled - I can't see why it's not working for you, at least the widget. As for the chatbox app I would need to see how they are pushing through the member names - I can't get that without seeing the code (it's not in the templates - it's an ajaxed code push). However - you can see that the activity feed is also not formatting with the global setting set to on. This, and the other bits, tends to indicate something else is going on. Hit the support tool, something isn't working, and apply the patch (there is one avail for you), maybe that clears stuff up. After that if it's not working,put in a support request, seriously, that's what IPS is there for. BTW, that Member Country plugin I believe is filling up your system log with errors - may wish to contact the author about those.
  4. That widget is working. Do you mean another one?
  5. ACP -> Members -> Profile -> Profile Settings, SCroll down to display settings - make sure GLOBAL is ON
  6. I'd have to look on your site, this is all confirmed working fine on my dev site and a live site.
  7. Do you have global toggled on in the acp?
  8. Version 1.2


    When you use the search functionality (which encompasses search and streams), the ENTIRE content item text for each matching item is returned on the page. Which may be a stunningly large amount of text. All of it. For each item. For both search results and stream results, after all that text has arrived and the page has fully loaded, a javascript controller is then applied. For search results, the javascript finds the matching search term/s in the content, highlights those terms, and then provides a snippet of text before and after. All well and good and working as intended. Streams, which is just search results based on non-term-based queries, the javascript applied is only truncating all of that text down to two or three lines of text. That's it. It would be awfully wonderful if this truncation happened before dumping all this text to the page... I can't help much with search results without handling the finding-the-match-in-the-text stuff, but for STREAM results, I got this. This lets you set a limit of words kicked out to the page per content item. From 50 to 500. Now, with a massively LESS amount of text getting pushed to the stream pages only to get truncated via javascript, stream pages will be MUCH faster. Note that the truncate function on stream pages is still being applied. The advantage here is not loading the page with so much unnecessary text to just be truncated. Stream page items may truncate down to two OR three lines. Recommend leaving the word setting at 100 at least. Adjust as needed for font sizes, and so on, and such forth... English language tested. Yell at me if this breaks Russian or whatever and I can take a look but don't expect instant results.


  9. It wouldn't with the new barebones plugin for 4.4. I'll look to add this asap.
  10. Disable that topic author badge plugin as a first guess, assuming that is a plugin. pointy shoes
  11. Get the latest version. That is the single thing that it does.
  12. Yeah, I noticed the online count has gotten a little wonky. I've seen it on my local way over counting, and that's not even Redis. It's likely related to sessions counting and a lot of that stuff changing with 4.4 - I'll give it a kick as soon as I can.
  13. Oh yeah... Often used as flags for club permissions, as pseudo-badges/rewards (donated x-amount, volunteer status, and on and on...) It would be a big mess of lists and sorted/ordered options - the lists and options all being groups. And even then, would still need to account for all this in the templates.
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