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  1. Alright. Spacious 15 is now released - for 4.4.x only! I have not updated the description or the screenshots yet - that will be awhile. See the changelog for all the new stuff. You have a new Alexa widget with graphs and tracking over 90 days. A full ACP journal for admin notes. And so on, etc... Yell if there are bugs.
  2. Who viewed this topic

    hi, I've just bought this plug-in and installed it on Invision community version 4.3. I'm afraid that I have had to disable it because when it is enabled, the forum simply hangs.

    The only suggestions I can get it going. It is potentially very useful plug-in.


  3. Yeah, hmm. Not sure there is an easy way here. I'll have to look. Maybe I can ditch this and ride on the official Pages one. Otherwise, yeah, you need to match the two.
  4. Look what happens to old emoji once that library has been removed 🙂 Anyways, Version 5 released. Old version and this new one are both 4.4 compatible. This just tweaked the code slightly for new standards and added a missing lang bit.
  5. Pages Searchable Text Fields 2 Released! 4.4 compatible - for use with 4.4 exclusively! New manual database re-index feature. Seems fine but please report any bugs.
  6. Version 3 Released! 4.4 compatibility sweep but this should work with 4.3.2 or greater. If not, just revert to 2.1 Howler library updated to 2.1.1 (newer than what will kick out with Invision Community 4.4) Safety check to only swap in sound if the actual IPS notification sound file is provided to Howler on the off-chance IPS or someone else muscle's in on this library.
  7. 4.2 Released! Nothing special and not a required upgrade. No new features, just some minor code tweaks. Should be compatible with 4.3.6 but if not just use the 4.1 version. This was just a general sweep to ensure 4.4 compatibility. 4.1 is fine on that so, no biggie.
  8. Gosh yes. Now that they edited the title.
  9. And so it does! We all missed that one word this morning. Glad they highlighted it.
  10. Our Slack channel pulls in the text, but sure, whatever...
  11. You do realise they *just* edited all that to say that it is beta right? See the Lindy comment. Phew. Glad they weren't dumping all this on us like this.
  12. Yes, it's still a beta download. Doesn't change the fact that they did this a few hours ago. No mention of beta-status.
  13. Hey guys. So devs have had a couple of days at most of hands-on with the 4.4 code and IN_DEV, what we use to work, is a bit wonky. So naturally IPS posts that 4.4 is good to go. 🤷‍♂️ Please consider Spacious ACP not compatible with 4.4 until you hear from me. If you upgrade to 4.4, you are on your own. Yes, this is insane.
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