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  1. All Astronauts

    Social Search

    Copy paste bug on my part. Silently updated, re-download pls and test.
  2. All Astronauts

    Social Search

    Ugh... Not a bug, thought that was what was wanted. Which makes sense as excluding admins, the people running the site, from adding searches into the pile that you want to look at to see what your *users* are doing makes that data better. Otherwise the people running the site might skew the results. Make sense? Outside that I would need to actually store if the searcher was an admin or not in the database and then on display show or not... seems a lot of trouble for a couple of people
  3. All Astronauts

    Social Search

    Social Search 4.0 Released! Revamped dashboard widget. Moved settings menu option to bottom, below ledger and statistics. New option to NOT store searches made by administrators.
  4. All Astronauts

    Social Search

    1) Colors are generated at the time the search is stored, no way to change them (at the moment) - reason being is this is mainly for the search wall and after awhile the searches will drop off, so any color changes would just be temporary, as the new searches with the new color palette will then be displayed, etc... I may be able to perhaps give you a live look at changes? In other words, you change settings and it gives a preview of what 10 random colors under those settings would look like. I'll give that some thought. That or I could set a routine I suppose to sweep through and change... I dunno, last 30 days back of searches when you change colors, or at least an option to do so. IF people are storing searches forever, and it's a heavily trafficked and searched site, updates like this (for the whole thing) could be brutal. 2) Color changes are immediate for all new searches going forward. No waiting or delay. 3) Yes, will make that change today. Also had to mix up the dashboard widget for scrunched formatting, and the widget now has links to ledger and stats. 4) Option for admins to not have searches stored? I can do that.
  5. All Astronauts

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Just touching base to let you know work progresses, this ain't been left in the cold. Among other things... When its done and so forth. Leaning towards waiting for 4.4, but maybe sooner.
  6. All Astronauts

    Redirect on Login

    Version 1.0.0


    As requested. Usually you can accomplish what you need by setting whatever IPS application you like as the default under the Applications menu in the ACP but apparently there are still instances where this may not accomplish what is needed. This is nothing fancy - you must enter the complete URL in settings. Be sure not to copy/paste the URL from your browser address bar that includes stuff like CSRF= and so on. Keep it simple and you'll be fine. Tested on 4.3.6, probably fine on all of the 4.3 versions, and likely on 4.2 as well (but that is, and will remain, untested by me)


  7. All Astronauts

    Sound Board

    Just tested Chrome 71. Sent an account a message. When I logged in as the receiver of that message Soundboard notification sound played immediately. @CheersnGears I guess we're good.
  8. All Astronauts

    Social Search

    Social Search 3.2 Released! Minor fix for edge case when search is run with absolutely no search parameters (makes sure to not record it)
  9. All Astronauts

    Awesome Member Hovercards

    Version 4 Released! Ability to totally disable Yearbook Quote feature added. Additional spacing added for content count/reputation line.
  10. new logo looks great!

  11. All Astronauts

    Social Search

    No. The task is not bound to the widget. Also, when you get that locked tasks message in the acp, at the end it will list which tasks are locking. If you can give me acp breifly, I can look at the database directly to see which ones are locking or shoot me a PM and I can walk you through it.
  12. All Astronauts

    Social Search

    Odd. There are two tasks with Social Search. One runs every two days (and all this one does is trim the search log based on your settings - 90 days, never, etc.) - it's literally a single database delete line, the other every ten minutes and is a trimmed down version of of the dashboard/stats stuff which then stores info in settings - loading a topic has way more going on than this little thing. On a site of my own where this is installed everything is fine, no stalled tasks or anything. Does the frequently locked error state which tasks are locking?
  13. All Astronauts

    Social Search

    Version 3 Released! New Popular Search Terms Widget More Language Keys Misc bug fixes Heads up those of you with non-English languages: let me know if you run into any bugs with the new popular terms widget. The way I store and retrieve that widget's data might error on UTF8 special characters.
  14. All Astronauts

    Awesome Member Hovercards

    Version 3.1 released! Bug fix for settings.
  15. All Astronauts

    Awesome Member Hovercards

    Version 3 released! I'll have some better spacing and options (on/off) for the new stuff in V4. Maybe some other stuff as well. For now, V3 just adds content count to the lower left corner and moves reputation (if enabled) to the lower right corner.