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  1. Social Search 4.6 Released! 4.3: Forgot to account for horizontal widget position on Popular Terms Widget. Derp. Also adds missing widget description language string. 4.4: Patches word-wrap, out of-box problems with front end widgets. 4.5: Adds ability to not record searches in languages not in the Latin family. Any other language users wanting filters like this hit me up. 4.6: Fix for CIC users with stored URLs, no longer tracks searches caused by just going through search results pagination. Figured I'd just post all of this as there have been a ton of changes recently. 4.5 wasn't actually released here, was a dev build. The Latin language filter is "tested" for the value of nothing is breaking and searches are being recorded. 99% sure it's fine but yell if not. And yes, this is pretty hard filter - if the language the search being made in is not in the Latin family, Social Search will just not record it. The user will still make their search and so on, as always, Social Search does not interfere in anyway with the actual search - I just grab a copy of it when it is being made. More importantly, I finally caught something that was bugging me for awhile. Right in front of me of course, and this will affect any stats you've been looking at - nothing I can do there, sorry bout that. Anyways... When you make a search, get on the search results page, and have pages of search results, yours truly here spaced the obvious fact that when you go to page 2, 3, 4, etc... of search results, those are ALL NEW SEARCHES - they just adjust the results returned by x-amount. So 4.6 now no longer records those "searches" made when a user goes to page 2, etc. in results. You'll see a lot less double and triple searches in a row in the front end widgets and ledger.
  2. Social Search 4.4 Released! Patches word-wrap and out-of-box structure errors on front end widgets.
  3. Social Search 4.3 Released! Forgot to account for horizontal widget position on Popular Terms Widget. Derp. Also adds missing widget description language string.
  4. I'd say kick the socialSearch task but both those widgets run off the same ten minute task. I'd remove the widget, refresh the page, and re-add, then refresh again. If that doesn't clear it I'd need to peek under the hood (PM what I need if so) Otherwise these are working on dev and the handful of live sites I control.
  5. V15 released! Messenger - Conversation - Participants block up top, though not user links, are now formatted, because Joel asked me.
  6. Yes, with caveats as of right now. 1) Will be a seperate paid mod. 2) I've a got line out to Wasabi support (I've been an account holder for nearly a year now) on this one singular hitch and I want to wait until I hear back from them first. I could launch now but it's juuuusssst a slightly messy small thing which may put off some people. Rather wait and see if I can get this cleared first.
  7. Spacious ACP 17 Released! Revamped how CSS was loaded NEW! Menu section titles bolded text option NEW! Compact menu view option Tweaked compact table row display Still need to kick the online users bit to get that right, and a few other things lingering, but figured it was time to clear up the CSS loading which has bugged me for a long long time. All that plus a full sweep of the screens and description for the Marketplace listing.
  8. Timing. Blame Joel who tagged me on Slack a few hours back. Actually, this was working with Wasabi months ago, I just never updated the description. Took some time to get Joel squared away today and made a little tweak to the file. And updated the file description. Caveats as stated in the file description still apply.
  9. Yes, The error is the same whether you go to the topic itself or the topic via the readers link. Nothing broken anywhere, plugin or IPS. Just a dead link. I'll add a no-follow to reader links which should help. Thanks.
  10. Hmm, trying to load member that isn't there anymore. I'll take care of this. Actually, is that link https://1shot2kill.pl/topic/2053-losowanie-darmowego-vipapremium/ actually going to that topic at all? The error is actually the plugin trying to load the topic, and it can't. And I can't even view the topic at all just on it's own. So deleted topic? Moved topic? The plugin is working fine elsewhere on your site though. Nice site btw, like the design work.
  11. Blah, I know why. Hang on. EDIT: Are you sure the viewing member is allowed to ignore the hovercard member? Permissions to show more menu look legit on first glance. Nvrmind, must have been an invisible typo :shrug: Awesome Member Hovercards 8.1 Released Permissions fix
  12. Awesome Member Hovercards 8 released! By request adds in the follow member feature. This replaces the ignore member link in the bottom of the hovercard and moves that ignore member link to the more menu. As now structured this places all "positive" member actions on the bottom of the hover card leaving all the "negative" ones in the more menu (flag spam, report user, ignore user) - user permissions permitting of course. This was more annoying than it should have been but I got there. As you interact with the follow feature that will involve another popup so you'll likely cursor off the hovercard during this - no worries, everything works fine and since this is all controlled via an IPS jquery bit the hovercard link will be instantly updated with following / not-following status.
  13. I'll also chime in on behalf of the usual lot. I/we cannot emphasize enough the amount of work this saves 3rd party devs. In a minute or two we get the full lay of the land of a new release and can instantly see where any of our own junk may hit problems, see improvements, or get waiting fixes - where before it was either shrug and hope for the best or diff the hell out of a rather large amount of files. I'll even repeat myself - the amount of time, work, and worry this saves 3rd party devs cannot be overstated.
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