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  1. @Paul E. Yep, I mean, I need to look again to be certain, but I'm at 99.9% certain already (I did - 100%) If you have a post that has 1000 characters in it and the last two words are 'blue turtle' and you search for 'blue turtle' that post will of course still be found and displayed in the search results, but the snippet preview is limited to the first 600 characters of the content item in 4.5, so your snippet preview in the results won't have 'blue turtle' in it for the term highlighter to highlight. It's a hitch I went out of my way to at least partially mitigate by sweeping the c
  2. That would be an alright tweak. I can probably make that happen. FYI make sure you read the post above yours in this thread 🥴
  3. What he said. They are taking a bit more in commission and setting a floor for minimum price which is fine as they have always covered the chargeback fees when scammers do stuff. Between that and finally getting the marketplace into the acp things are looking up for 3rd party devs which is good for end users. Next week at the earliest is when we will be able to upload official 4.5 versions of our apps and plugins, the ones that will show up in the new marketplace. That should give you an idea where we are in the 4.5 release process. Another reason for the minimum charge now is that
  4. Both Pages Searchable Text Fields and Pages Category Images are in the clear for 4.5 PCI will need a tweak to be available in the 4.5 marketplace as it piggybacks on the Pages database tables directly and IPS doesn't want that any more. It is perfectly fine to use with 4.5 as is though so no worries - upgrade away.
  5. Heads up this appears fine on first pass with 4.5. Also heads up if you have not bought this yet but wish too, price is going up to the new IPS minimum with the incoming 4.5 marketplace (FYI if has not been mentioned before, the minimum price - if something isn't free - will be $10) - so, save a few bucks and get in now before the switch is thrown in a week or two or three
  6. Cursory run through shows this is all good with 4.5. Some minor spacing changes due to IPS CSS changes, but nothing to really worry about. I can (will) clean that up post-4.5 official release sometime. Pre-4.5 vs 4.5
  7. Just FYI that a cursory run through with 4.5 shows that it is fine.
  8. Those of you paying attention to the release notes for 4.5 will note that this was more or less knee-capped by IPS. On the plus side you guys are only out 6 bucks to me. On the minus side their implementation is bare-bones, annnnndddd.... I'm not entirely sure I can claw it back. I'll have to take a look deeper - I only checked to see what they were doing and not if I can hook around and patch in or what not. Short version? They did what I did and truncate search/stream results before pushing out. However, they are now just taking the first 600 characters of the content item - perio
  9. It's better than learning about it without the warning, which naturally, I did. Well, I had to! Otherwise there are no bugs, just a lot of messed up css bits. There is a whole dark thing now to account for and that includes the widgets. It'll take some time to grind through a lot of this. Right now I'm just poking various bits and pieces of my stuff to see what's going to take a load of work and what isn't. Those of you (probably most) of you with custom themes are going to be in for a ride. Its borderline but they could almost have called this IPS 5. Seriously - hit up that ch
  10. Been a few months hasn't it. I'm sure nothing at all has occurred anywhere during this time that was in anyway distracting at all. Anyways... Do NOT use Spacious ACP with the new 4.5.0 as there is a conflicting hook that will bork your ACP (remember how Spacious linked the entire list element of an ACP menu option instead of just the text to make it easier to navigate all these years? I'll give you no guesses what 4.5 now does natively :) ) There is, as usual, other stuff Spacious has done that's been incorporated into the revamped 4.5 ACP, so I gotta rip stuff out and so on. Bu
  11. If it is S3 compatible it should be. The plugin is free so whip up a test instance somewhere and see what happens.
  12. Yeah, the free version at this point isn't supported anymore and I know there is at least one third party app, and probably others, that will break formatting there if you are just using the free version. Those will probably get pulled with 4.5 anyways. Glad it's working now for you!
  13. Shoot me a PM with your site link so I can look.
  14. ACP -> Members -> Profile -> Profile Settings, Scroll down to display settings - make sure GLOBAL is ON
  15. I can work that in. 4.5 is gonna be a bit of a hump to grind through all the updates for my apps/plugins but if its an easy add I'll try and get it there for the 4.5 release, otherwise a little after. Good enough?
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