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  1. V16 released! Settings options to apply to profile page header and member hovercards. These are OPTIONS - not everyone will want this as the group name is already displayed in these areas underneath the member name and that's already formatted. You, as they say, can do you.
  2. Version 8.1 released! Thought I tested, apparently not...
  3. Version 8 released! Fixes spelling error in plugin ACP settings. Removed tooltip/title attributes (unnecessary) No longer displays any joined date if member was deleted but content was retained.
  4. Spacious ACP 19 Released! Changed the optional wipe caches and view tasks buttons to header row icons to make their availability ACP-wide instead of just on the dashboard - this also reclaims some space on the button row. Wipe Caches already cleared guest caching but needed patching to get the actual cache and not just the DB entries, plus Redis. Wipe Caches now renamed to Refresh Caches. Moved some hard-coded text to language vars. Minor tweak to IPS logo sizing in top left corner on phone view.
  5. When you get a chance, adding into the Administrators Log entries for when the the core IPS apps are updated/patched would be appreciated. 3rd party app upgrades are clearly indicated in the Administrators Log, but not a thing for IPS app upgrades. It's a bit a of a gap right now; probably a one-liner to patch in. Thx.
  6. Spacious 18 Released! Compact Menu Option: Altered the submenu line heights to display more content. System Overview Dashboard Widget: Added cURL and Open SSL installed versions to Details - PHP tab. Hover effects on ACP menu icons added. Option to disable Dangerous PHP Functions Notifications. Cleaned up the online count function on the dashboard. Also finally swept through the Marketplace description and screenshots.
  7. Social Search 4.7 Released! 4.7: Patches up memberSync so on member merge/delete the stored search urls, if they contain author filters, are correctly patched as needed.
  8. Sorry for the delay. The storm that generated a few tornadoes 10 miles north of me Friday night after I posted the above did little to my domicile but the storm that rumbled through on Saturday morning did a number on power and cable service round these parts. Got internet back this afternoon. Anyhoo... Version 4 Released! Had to rewrite this again so figured since I was in the thing might as well add a preview player in the ACP. App no longer uses core_members for storing Soundboard datas. No need for app's own Howler copy. Minor css change for the profile player. Also pulled out acc and mp4 formats as HTML5 player doesn't support those. Lots of changes so yell if something borks. 4.4.5 B1 or higher pls. It maybe, probably, I guess???, works with 4.3.2+ but I wouldn't chance it - at least it will not be tested on such by me. Feel free if you are adventurous but if it fails and you have to revert there's no chance you user's sound files will be kept (and prob will be relic user sound files sitting around in your uploads folder or wherever.
  9. I've poked this bear successfully but I wanna poke it some more before releasing. Give it a day or two or whenever.
  10. Just installed 4.4.5 b1 on one of my baseline/canary (non-dev) installs and... Sound Board blows up the system javascript. Do not upgrade until I get a patched version out.
  11. Quick note that the impending 4.4.5 release (just out as Beta 1 now) has some changes to how IPS calls the sound library stuff. I'll need to check on Soundboard compatibility before you guys upgrade.
  12. Enhance Joined Date 7 Released! Toggle Font Awesome icon on/off.
  13. Social Search 4.6 Released! 4.3: Forgot to account for horizontal widget position on Popular Terms Widget. Derp. Also adds missing widget description language string. 4.4: Patches word-wrap, out of-box problems with front end widgets. 4.5: Adds ability to not record searches in languages not in the Latin family. Any other language users wanting filters like this hit me up. 4.6: Fix for CIC users with stored URLs, no longer tracks searches caused by just going through search results pagination. Figured I'd just post all of this as there have been a ton of changes recently. 4.5 wasn't actually released here, was a dev build. The Latin language filter is "tested" for the value of nothing is breaking and searches are being recorded. 99% sure it's fine but yell if not. And yes, this is pretty hard filter - if the language the search being made in is not in the Latin family, Social Search will just not record it. The user will still make their search and so on, as always, Social Search does not interfere in anyway with the actual search - I just grab a copy of it when it is being made. More importantly, I finally caught something that was bugging me for awhile. Right in front of me of course, and this will affect any stats you've been looking at - nothing I can do there, sorry bout that. Anyways... When you make a search, get on the search results page, and have pages of search results, yours truly here spaced the obvious fact that when you go to page 2, 3, 4, etc... of search results, those are ALL NEW SEARCHES - they just adjust the results returned by x-amount. So 4.6 now no longer records those "searches" made when a user goes to page 2, etc. in results. You'll see a lot less double and triple searches in a row in the front end widgets and ledger.
  14. Social Search 4.4 Released! Patches word-wrap and out-of-box structure errors on front end widgets.
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