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  1. Kitchen Sink

    It's some guy from Bulgaria that takes stuff already stolen and posted on other pirate sites, then uploads them a new site of his own that runs a hacked copy of the the official IPS site on some random domain name, and then puts a price tag on it. Good times.
  2. Who Viewed the Topic

    There is an IPS bug that is being researched right now by IPS staff. For some apps and plugins, settings are randomly being reset. So you are probably in a holding pattern right now. Currently proctoring an exam so no time to confirm all is good but I'll double check when I get a chance later
  3. Ground Control

    I'm getting there. Busy with other things but this is on the list. EDIT: Took a look this morning. There have been some structural changes to how IPS does some things with forms, certainly with the Forums app, and as my stuff is all locked onto those nodes directly that's trouble. Some strangeness in other areas as well. This will take a few days to unspool and respool. By days I mean I'm working on it but best not to bother me as it's gonna be a grind. GC 2 released when it's done.
  4. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Spacious ACP 12.1 Released! Improvements/Fixes for new Dashboard Updates feature. This was way more of a pain in the posterior than it should have been. Never expected IPS patches to not increment the Core long version but here we are. Anyways, these should all be "fine" now. Tested by and large. Only hitch might be my running my task: a) separately from the IPS update checker and b) running it every 12 hours. There's a small possibility of an update popping up again but I think this is fine. If it happens I'll just hook onto the official updatechecker task and call it a day. That said, this update will reset my stored update vars so once again you'll need to either wait awhile or run first the IPS updatecheck task, and then the Spacious patchcheck task or whatever I called it. Also the update links (if present) in the popup for 3rd Party apps/plugins are now target="_blank" so as to not hijack your ACP browser window.
  5. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    I will need to do something after you apply the patch or upgrade the apps. For patches at least, none of the avail patch stuff resets - I'll have to do that somehow... Otherwise the button stays, and curiously (not my end) the patch is still there for applying. If you hit the IPS updatecheck task, and then my updatecheck task everything resets fine. These are not full on methods though so how I tackle this will depend on which way I want the wind to blow. Update: I've got this sketched out and as long as the end of the various update routines do what they should I'll have this patched tonight sometime. Update 2: Well this got weird in a hurry. Barring a D20 sanity check failing I think the core long version number isn't updated after patches are applied. That makes removing the patch button slightly more annoying. Mostly a curiosity in the end as I can just wipe my setting that tracks this post-update. Just... really unexpected.
  6. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Spacious ACP 12 Released! That thing I did up a post or two. Long story short is that IPS patches are checked for every 12 hours (as determined by your task running/cron). 3rd Party Apps and Plugins I'm just pulling what the default IPS update checker has already brought through - that task runs once a day. In order for this stuff to fire away you'll need to wait 12 hours or so for my task to fire off or just run the spacious_patchCheck task manually. I'll get themes included in the update checks for the next Spacious version. Oh, yeah, naturally, the third party stuff requires the authors to provide an update url that gets read by the system to flag out updates. Something I have yet to do... I really should do that (or one of a few already released for devs 3rd party tools to do this)
  7. Kitchen Sink

    This thing is so sprawling now I forget what I just did a a few days ago.
  8. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    After losing an hour troubleshooting something of mine on somebody's site, it turned out the bug was just an un-applied IPS silent patch. What are those? Those be the things IPS does now in-lieu of releasing, and so on. Unfortunately, not everyone routinely uses the support tool to discover that there are patches available. We've got a dashboard - why not use it? And so for Spacious, I am. If there are patches available for your currently installed version, a button will appear in the dashboard top row. Click it and a box will appear listing the items the patch addresses (in my lost-hour example it was a "search issue"). Click to apply the patch if you so desire. Permissions apply on the other side of that apply patch link. If there is an entirely new version of IPS, the button will not display - this is only for those silent patches - everything is returns to the usual big dashboard announcements. Also note that if there are patches, and you do not install them, and then a new version of IPS drops, the button will no longer display as there are no patches any more - the "fix" is upgrading to the latest version at this point. The new updates button only displays when you have a 3rd party (non-IPS) application or plugin that has been flagged as having an update available. Same as above applies. If an update url has been provided where you can download the updated version, you get the green update button to take you through. If no URL is provided, that is noted, and you'll will need to track down the updated version wherever (the Marketplace I imagine for now). I'm tired so updates to themes will have to wait for another day before getting included here. No reason for it not to happen - all the same process. FAIR WARNING! Not responsible for any version conflicts. If, for example, you are running 4.2.6, and a 3rd party update is flagged as having an update available, and you click through and just go ahead and download the thing and install it without reading any release notes saying it requires IPS 4.8 or something that ain't my problem. This Spacious feature is to just get all those buried update notices front and center on the dashboard. Oh, and there is a task involved so after installing the new Spacious (when avail) nothing will display button wise for 12 hours or so, or just go into the tasks list (with the convenient Tasks button on your dashboard that you enabled with Spacious ) and run spacious_patchUpdates or whatever it is called to get going immediately. Released soon. Mainly just sleeping on this though I do have "a day" tomorrow so this might slip to Thrs nite or Friday sometime.
  9. Kitchen Sink

    Ehh... got there eventually. Was waiting for feedback on dev versions. KS 20 Released! Bug fixes. Add Member avatar/name to mobile menu. That last one is a fib - that was added in an earlier version, just forgot all about it. Couple of quirks to be aware of regarding some of the new stuff. If you reverse post order (newest posts display first) and the topic has enough posts to kick off pagination and then you make a post, after you save the post you'll be kicked to the last page. It will appear that your post is now on the last page and has been stuck after the very first post (or something like that). Just refresh. There are javascript controller/s involved with a lot of stuff round these parts and it will be awhile (if ever) before I dive into that stuff to mixin some fixin. Searchlight is mainly just good to go for Latin languages. Cryllic, Arabic, etc. languages will be supported when the underlying javascript library I use is updated to support them (which shouldn't be too long as this is actively being working on)
  10. Ground Control

    There appears to be a problem with the database *home* page and GC. I'll take a look tomorrow. Categories and records are fine. On default theme: On HTML: Works but you still need to disable the body background. With the background on HTML, the body background is still on top of it (if you have a body background set). On Body: Works. With the custom Ground Control element inside of Body: works.
  11. Kitchen Sink

    Fixed (you have patched version on your site now). Fix included in KS 20 out later tonight.
  12. Kitchen Sink

    Provided it is shrunk enough, and I hear back on another matter, KS 20 will get kicked out today. Will include the above shrink ray option, fix for me spazzing the searchlight css (its fine but maybe not sticking it inside a separate KS setting if-check? That would be a good idea...) and another searchlight fix for results that land on page 2, 3, etc. of content. FYI the searchlight feature does not fully support non-Latin languages yet. Arabic/Cryllic/Etc. support will be available with mark.js library 9.x onward. Currently the release is the 8x line. Not sure how long they have until release of 9 but it's there and being worked on.
  13. Kitchen Sink

    Shrunk enough?
  14. Ground Control

    Site? Only way I can take a peek and see what's happening. It can stick your backgrounds on either the HTML element, the body element, or a custom GC element inside the body. In all cases your theme must not have anything covering that stuff up where you want it showing. Again, just respond here or PM your site link (don't need ACP right now) so I can take a look.
  15. Kitchen Sink

    I said I'd poke at it - something something USA holiday weekend, also 15.5 hours of 80MPH driving yesterday. My brain is only just now returning to what passes as "normal". Best option would be to shrink it. Removing it leaves a nightmare of ui elements just kinda "there". I still recommend just setting a default cover photo, but I should be able to stick another option alongside the make bigger option to make it smaller. I still need to see if I can check in the template for the presence of the cover photo var. If I can this shouldn't be a problem.