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  1. @Sonya* I learned a long time ago to never argue against women. The Princess Bride movie taught us all to just say: "As you wish"
  2. Interesting. That is somewhat calming. The way the law was reading .... I was about ready to throw in the towel.
  3. Sorry.... but a gif saying everything will be "ok" doesn't quite cut it does it? Work hard to make $100..... and almost unlimited risk if the wrong dept in CA focuses on your website? How is it worth it again? Risk/Reward... Hmmmm
  4. I have started a thread to the larger public (beyond Invision Community) about this threat: List of Websites that will be closing down on 12/31/2019 if the CCPA is not amended. https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/topic/85387-list-of-websites-that-will-be-closing-down-on-december-31-2019-if-california-doesnt-amend-the-ccpa/?tab=comments#comment-135676
  5. Ironic that foreign communist states weren't able to censor our website... but California basically closes it down by making the risk/reward of using ads to monetize a website a no-brainer. Remember when the "Internet" had the promise of democracy built into it? Now it has become the enabler of monopolies, mobs and state censorship. Truly sad.
  6. This is serious stuff.... This article has a lot of information about the current status of this law and possible amendments, workarounds. Crossing our fingers... https://www.theballeronabudget.com/what-is-the-ccpa-and-how-will-it-affect-your-online-income/
  7. Wowzers is right! I think this just might be the death knell for my once great internet aspirations. Why risk MASSIVE fines or even lawsuits to earn $100/month? Now... just invest in the big guys... since they are only going to get bigger now after this. Imagine all the hours of every user across all the IPS sites.... now imagine 30% quit due to this draconian law...... millions of eyeball hours now going back Facebook, Twitter etc... who have the lawyers to fight this sort of law. Big guys win... little guys lose.... same old story.
  8. You just have to wonder if the big guys... FB, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.. are behind this knowing it will cause even 25% of their small time competitors to just dry up? As someone mentioned before... the risk/reward of owning a website/forum versus just being a user on some larger corporate owned one is changing fast. Reconsidering this whole venture now with my 16,000 users.....
  9. No one is asking for a "Slack Clone" We (I) am asking for "real-time" like Slack..... I officially give up. Let's all be happy with our stone chisels and call it a day!
  10. LOL..... Evidently it was just me. Thanks for the education guys.... I needed that. A little perspective never hurts
  11. In case anyone cannot picture what I am talking about. This is a screenshot of a private direct message between two people on Slack. (Yes they ALSO have public and private "channels" (groups)..... Except these feel "real-time".... To me if you want to talk "Permanent text".... let's compare stone on building exteriors as in Egyptian temples.
  12. Slack Direct Message to one or more parties = IPS personal message = I would reverse your logic and state... Why wouldn't any modern forum / social media want fast personal / direct messaging? What purpose does the 30 second delay and need to refresh the entire screen to see if someone responded actually serve? Is there a whole group of people I'm missing who love delays? I wonder if anyone ever said... "You'll need to provide a compelling reason why anyone would ever use an internet speed faster than 56K"
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