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  1. Very interesting comment. So.... it's forums versus the state..... interesting. (or in this case the state decided its easier to control two big ones than a million small ones)
  2. +1 I inadvertently just made a post referring to this issue:
  3. if you want a "subsidiary" community different than the main community it needs to have it's own recirculation that doesn't show up in the activity feed (unless selected by the user) and the topic / posts boxes in the sidebar (unless the user is a member of that group) Currently as long as the club is "open" then those club posts will automatically recirculate the entire site ..... (if you set to "Closed" then no guest traffic from google searches will see any posts thereby limiting club growth / income) (We need an "open" club to google searches and guests views that recirculates on it owns posts and not on the entire main community) So you have to limit the sidebar Topics / Posts boxes to only show a forum topic from the main forum.... which then means a club can't grow like the main forum (community) Once this is fixed the sites should allow for growth of individual communities and the overall site.
  4. Let's get over the "Permanent" type conversation debate. Is Twitter "Permanent"? Is IPS somehow more "Permanent" than FB? I seriously doubt it. I'm not screaming. Just stating my wants / needs. I've resigned myself to these limitations (sadly) I guess time will tell..... A Model T still works... yes..... But Teslas are being built with autopilot.... and all I'm asking for is a simple cruise control..... So.... your answer is that we go to Facebook?
  5. Yes.. we are all slowly sliding in "bankruptcy" unless we have the money to just fund the site ourselves. Forums have been dying for the last decade.... and we are all just barely hanging in there.
  6. Just take my money already!! Glad to see IPS was listening. I won't complain about the slowness. I know this stuff gets complicated. I think this is a big step in the right direction although I would have chosen PWA's personally. Just remember, the more you help us stay in business publishing WITH ADS..... the more chance you have to keep your publishers paying, Partner.
  7. I would like the Topics / Posts side boxes to be set to include only that club content. (basically customizable) Currently it is only site-wide changes which limit overall site recirculation functionality
  8. This sounds powerful yet I cannot find this setting anywhere.
  9. Interesting idea.... although I'm not sure we are the first to envision such a scheme. I heard that Google was taking measures to thwart such practices.. but I'm not exactly sure how. Essentially you are wanting to rig the PageRank algorithm. I think page quality is also an issue. If a huge forum boosts a small one... it will hurt the big one and boost the small one.
  10. @Batnik last visited a year and a half ago..... (which was about 3 years after his initial feature request)
  11. I have about 1/2 million members in "My community" across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my invision community. I understand "communities" trust me. But the frustrating part is... Invision Community doesn't offer the TOOLS to allow me to SEGREGATE my communities. I am no longer in the mood to try to build up another top 1,000 URL in the world... I just want software where Atheists and Christians and everyone in between can coexist without stepping all over each other. Clubs came close.... but recirculation failed us. Thank god this is my hobby and not my living.... Oh... did I mention the missing Instant messaging, lack of an app for smartphones and the fact that the site breaks with every other upgrade? Or that 1/2 the functionality of my site has to come from the marketplace plugins to do things that should be designed into the suite? (and when any upgrade fails the first thing they always tell you... "it must be a third party app causing it" So close... yet so far.... I actually work in IT... I've seen this whole thing of programmers who say "see...it works!"..... and never look at the big picture.
  12. This is due to the extreme limitations to how content is recirculated within an Invision Community forum. The Topics and Posts side boxes are only customizable to the entire site and not down to the club (group) level. (basically not granular enough) You CAN exclude or only include certain forums in them... but then you limit the other clubs / groups. Over time you will see one club take control of the entire site.... and Google will shove you into a niche effectively limiting your growth. Meanwhile Twitter and Facebook take over the world while we discuss simple functionality. It has been fun debating within this community though. I'm sure someone out there argued in the past why color TV was ever a necessity since they already had black and white.
  13. Similar to how a Club (GROUP) should work..... 😉 Related to a couple other posts I've seen. Invision Community suite is currently for only one group of people who all can tolerate each other. Want a different "group" community.... get a different URL and start over. The software cannot handle Satanists and Christians on the same URL.
  14. Hard to believe it is almost 2020.... and we have to discuss why an instant messaging is necessary..... Similar to Google Groups saying.... "who needs video?". 😉 Oh right... for those who aren't dinosaurs yet... Google once had it's own forum software called Google Groups which for some reason it stopped improving about 20 years ago. It tried Google + and failed..... I'm rethinking my entire hobby at this point.... signing off folks. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
  15. Please make this a block I can remove. Why have it at all if each club already has a member tab?
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