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  1. I am starting to see the OS's themselves as being the social networks. Apple iOS vs. Android vs. whatever the Chinese, Koreans use...... The platforms are the REAL social media (consumption) and FB, Twitter (even my website if I ever make an app)are just "nested apps" in their OS. I notice MS is coming out with duo powered by Android. That could push Google to heights unseen in future years as business catches up with consumer hardware. Makes one think about what will come next. "Virtual hardware" or Maybe MS wins with a collaboration with Google
  2. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple and saw them going down the old/wrong path.... the first thing he did was get rid of 95% of their product lineup. My point being that IF lots of plugins etc... are inhibiting real progress..... guess what painful thing HAS to be done? @breatheheavy This doesn't have to be rocket science.... a PWA could handle most of these websites as just a framework. The current push toward native apps 7+ years too late is just a distraction. That would be like Intel deciding it's going to go into the spinning HDD business in 2020.
  3. Love the hashtag app.... and the trending.... 

    Is there a way to see a list of all hashtags created somewhere after they disappear from trending?

  4. This is 2020. The app argument was settled years ago. Good luck getting any market penetration now. The truly funny part is Invision now insisting on the old native apps rather than the future PWA's.... SMH. Good thing I don't use Invision to run a real business. Hobby is about where it will always stay. That would be similar to Sears saying right now: "We've decided to try selling stuff online like Amazon instead of through our Catalog"
  5. +1 to nth #websitedesignmatters
  6. This must be really hard to code or something? How do Twitter, FB and every other site on the planet have a pretty standard "Block user" functionality?
  7. #hashtags are sorely needed. 2010 called and they are asking how you missed that class.
  8. I have this same request from a user right now. Please enable! @Miss_B does your plugin equate to "Shadow banning"?
  9. So... if I understand where this is heading correctly... Invision Community will be joining FB and Twitter as a social media "app" company where we as admins basically run groups within their app. (to have ads in their app we would need to forego ads on our own website domains) Interesting. This could be profitable in the long term. Facebook should just pay me directly then.... ... since I already have private groups in there with hundreds of thousands of users. Can we buy stock in Invision community?
  10. This is great news. The people who REALLY will want this will be the club creators themselves. ;-) Any idea on how to make this info available to them?
  11. is there away where each individual member could flag comments of choice? And that way it would be easier to find and reply to at a later time?
  12. It does "feel" as if content in clubs is somehow not ranked as high as the "main forum" posts. Is this true for anyone else? Is there a setting many of us are missing to ensure that the club posts are indeed in our sitemap?
  13. @Sonya* I learned a long time ago to never argue against women. The Princess Bride movie taught us all to just say: "As you wish"
  14. Interesting. That is somewhat calming. The way the law was reading .... I was about ready to throw in the towel.
  15. Sorry.... but a gif saying everything will be "ok" doesn't quite cut it does it? Work hard to make $100..... and almost unlimited risk if the wrong dept in CA focuses on your website? How is it worth it again? Risk/Reward... Hmmmm
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