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  1. @Real Mythotical Thank you for that. I will keep my community locked down to new members and advertising will fall off.... but I will try to stay alive until this law is repealed or clarified better.
  2. Sad. But true. The final days of a once good idea. I would have rather seen it and my site (community) grow and thrive.
  3. Or maybe the IP laws were fine in 1995 and they have been lobbied by corporate $ to turn the internet into what it is today. thanks for being one of guinea pigs who might be able to turn this ship around. Somehow I doubt it though. Sadly.
  4. Seems like there should be a limit built in for this behavior somewhere.
  5. The Protecting Lawful Streaming Act of 2020 is a United States law that makes it a felony to engage in large-scale streaming of copyright material. ... The CAA passed the house and the senate on December 21, 2020, and was signed into law by President Donald Trump on December 27, 2020. The bill specifically targets commercial or for-profit websites that operate as "digital transmission service[s]", that primarily function to stream copyrighted material without authorization of the copyright holders.[3] An example of one such website is NFLBite. The website provides its visitors
  6. The "Protecting Lawful Streaming Act" Have one user post a few short videos from a publisher with a friend in Law Enforcement and you could go to jail? What about 2 copies of a magazine that the user considers fair use but the publisher disagrees. Jail for the forum owner? Felony offenses? Is the enjoyment of being a forum owner no longer worth the potential risk? https://www.wtae.com/article/10-years-in-prison-for-illegal-streaming-it-s-in-the-covid-19-relief-bill/35044633# Or am I overreacting?
  7. Yes... but there was another measure about "streaming" and making it a felony.... I need to find that information somewhere. Good news is Section 230 is still in place (at least for now)
  8. I heard there was a recent law making a forum owner guilty of a felony of streaming was done by a user on the platform. Does anyone know the details? I may be confusing this with the section 230 issue. Can someone bring me up to speed?
  9. Not useful... but motivational.... to users I could have a very well punctuated, grammatically correct, and informational post about bean seeds in China that could be useful to 10 agricultural people in Kansas. Or I could make $10,000 on one post that some horny teenager posts of Kim Kardashian's derrière. I honestly forgot the point I was trying to make with this post.... but I'm sure it's relevant.... somewhere.
  10. I think users go by views... Are they imperfect. Yes. But in comparison to "Day it was most popular"..... it's a no brainer. What motivates a user to post? To be seen.... what metric is "closest" to that motivation? # of views. Is Google Analytics better.... sure. I trust their numbers more. Can I share those numbers to motivate users on a per topic basis? Not that I know of. So I'll take what I can get.
  11. Thank you SO much!!! And to think it would be SO simple for them to have included this..... 4 little lines of code. Sigh. And they would probably have a blog post about how they are releasing a "new feature!" ....
  12. "Accommodate everyone"'s requests? So you would have us believe that the majority of Invision users decided that the "Day a certain post was popular" was MORE USEFUL than "Total # of views" on a new TOPIC SUMMARY feature they rolled out with fanfare? Why do I doubt that? And you support this view by posting and example of a user asking for each post to be numbered? (which is obviously unique request) At this point no admin / user should ask for ANYTHING because the answer could always be: "We can't accomodate everyone's requests" ..... "Umm .... sorry sir but
  13. Agreed. I will call ALL the major social media and forums and let them know that this thing called "# of views" is useless and they should consider removing it from their platforms. We all really wanted to know what day a certain topic was popular.
  14. So if I understand this correctly.... If you enter your site to be a part of their app (or an app) then we need to disable Adsense?
  15. Because popular days is what posters and readers really wanted to know about a post and definitely not the # of views it has had. Plus, where could they even have fitted that enormous info?
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