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  1. I kinda need this like yesterday 😯
  2. Anyone have any historical perspective on how long it usually takes IPS to roll out a beta... to when us non-beta users will be able to upgrade? Are you all thinking March? June? Just curious.
  3. This would help my community grow.... although I think it is too late now... About 3-4 years too late now. You would think IPS would want this commenting system being seen all over the web instead of limiting its implementation. The customization must be too laborious for the benefit?
  4. Seeing that it is almost 9 years since the first feature request.... I'm not holding my breath. Although on the MOSCOW scale.. this would be a could have....
  5. I made a post with screenshots and the code I used here: (mostly in case I ever needed to change my own again LOL) https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/forums/topic/76458-ips-how-to-change-the-header-icon-colors/
  6. Ok... just a hypothetical question... IPS probably has a complete range of types of forums with thousands of categories.... What if IPS decided to compete with Reddit? Reddit forums are almost at the top of the Internet most trafficked sites in the world. What if all of our sites became part of a massive IPS "Community" where we could all keep our own sites, styles ... ownership and monetization... yet be in some sort of larger IPS Forum community like Reddit? Would we have enough traffic to feedback loop and generate even MORE traffic from that? Your thoughts.
    Works perfectly! Exactly what was needed. One small improvement suggestion: Please remove the Headline Font Topic Summary in such large letters so as not to compete with the actual Topic headline. In reality a title for the app is not needed at all since every piece of info in it is labeled already. Thanks again.
  7. Yes. There should be a way to give a club it's own environment ... with its own topic / post feed boxes which do not spill over to other clubs etc... Good catch @liquidfractal
  8. My 16 year old niece was about to use a page on my site a year ago... and then again a few weeks ago. Each time should would go to the responsive web page, look at it, get somewhat excited about the idea and then instantly look up at me and ask "Do you have a web app?" ..... She hasn't posted once. 😒
  9. Maybe you are correct. These forum posts are added WAY too quickly. I am now thinking that paper and ink is the only viable option. Wait... paper and ink made people write their thoughts too quickly. Definitely clay tablets is the best way to go. Thank you for your insight.
  10. It looks like my wish has been granted.... I read a few more posts and found this nugget. Hooray!! I can't wait for this new release.
  11. I think Google is going too far with AMP. I don't think we should simplify our pages down to nothing so that Google can just steal the simplified content. We can however load pages faster (which they are doing) and maybe automate some of the tagging.... ? Overall though.. I this one I side against Google.
  12. And also by certain URL's and specific clubs would be very beneficial for us all to stay monetized. Let's hope they make this a priority The more sites that lose monetization means less clients for Invision .... I'm sure they'll eventually see a correlation. This also doesn't seem like it should be too hard to accomplish.
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