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  1. Hey ! I encountered the same problem with AJAX Loading, and I looked everywhere from what It could be, nothing on the server side, nothing in settings. But by updating the version the problem fixed itself. Try upgrading your version and check again.
  2. Hey there 👋! I encountered the same error as you and for me were 2 ways to see from what was it. 1. If you are using cloudflare, make sure is not proxied. ( For me this was a problem, not showing the css at all, I use custom Nginx protection and it was fighting with Cloudflare, by disabling proxied, worked again ). 2. Data-Store path is incorrect. - What I did? Logged in AdminCP, and tried to find "clear caches" it was hard but I did it, after that some of the CSS came back so to say and I updated the data-store path and everything worked again. Follow these links to update data-store path: 1. Create New (https://yourdomain.com/admin/?app=core&module=overview&controller=files&do=configurationForm 2. Edit Current One: (https://yourdomain.com/admin/?app=core&module=overview&controller=files&do=configurationForm&id=1)
  3. Paste this in custom.css until the next release. After release, please remember to remove this css lines. .cGalleryWidget { display: grid; }
  4. It's fixed, yeah we updated the handler from ACP => System => Files => Storage Settings => Configurations => Create New
  5. Did you fix your problem or you still need help?
  6. I already changed mine when I saw the button in there 😛 I think 2 months ago :))
  7. Try contacting Invision directly! https://invisioncommunity.com/contact-us/
  8. Oh dear. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 hopefully we see some new features for designers as well in designer mode ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥😅😅
  9. First suggestion: Adding CodeMirror that supports template logic with if-else statements and such, I want to expand my work by offering my clients full access to the custom stuff I do. I was thinking about this one for a long time now and I always wanted it so that it would make my life easier and also the same for other Theme Designers. Since I saw the Header/Footer CodeMirror editors in the AdminCP for each theme, I wanted to have it as well. To be specific, here. Some tab that you can select when adding a new Setting into your theme, called "CodeMirror Editor" or something. Second Suggestion: Adding in Menu Manager a field where you can add icons for each nav link and even allowing you to add your custom font-icons link. This would be very helpful since all of us add icons directly in CSS with the ID of the nav item. The problem with adding icons with CSS per id is that the IDs don't stay the same on all websites. Currently, I'm doing this way and sometimes it gets confusing explaining to people where to edit them and some of them are clueless on how to do it. {{if $item->id == 10}} <i class='fas fa-pager'></i> {{elseif $item->id == 41}} <i class='fas fa-ribbon'></i> {{elseif $item->id == 36}} <i class='fas fa-user-astronaut'></i> {{elseif $item->id == 2}} <i class="fas fa-chart-pie"></i> {{elseif $item->id == 106}} <i class='fas fa-folder-download'></i> {{elseif $item->id == 42}} <i class='fas fa-life-ring'></i> {{elseif $item->id == 88}} <i class='fas fa-store-alt'></i> {{endif}}
  10. True but not all. I had plans to release multiple themes at once on the marketplace that I've been working on them for a long time now and still working 😛 But it's a change that we all need to adapt to it and with that said I will need to start creating my own portfolio and a marketplace-web.
  11. Hello there, if you still have problems upgrading your version, I can try to help you.
  12. As a Front-end Developer, with over 5 years constantly working with template engines such as Invisioncommunity and even custom websites made from scratch in Visual Studio Code. Any type of website design can be accomplished. I'm not saying that I'm perfect, everybody has some defections. But I promise you that you'll not regret working with me. What can I do? 1. Invisioncommunity Software installation. 2. Upgrading your community. 4. Custom Theme Design to fit your community. 5. Helping you solve problems with your installation, such as themes, plugins, applications, and other problems that may occur. 6. Advice on how to properly manage your community to be correctly done. 7. I offer free support for those who paid for a service such as Custom Themes. Currently worked with 250+ clients for design. 91 Clients only for Invisioncommunity Suite Templates. DRAWNCODES - Web Services. @ Since 2015 ~ on a journey to help others grow.
  13. Hello, can I please have all the ips from invisioncommunity such as marketplace, licensing, and everything you got? We need them for whitelisting. I don't know if this is the right place to ask for them but.....
  14. Yeah. But if you take a second to think about it, first thing when people are installing their suite will immediately search for those plugins, but when uploading they get errors cuz the plugins are out of date. Thats Why i think this should be added. Anyway, I’m not running Invisioncommunity, I’m not part of the management staff or such. But please speak with your management team and consider adding those. It would be a life savior for all of us!
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