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  1. Could I have found the begining of time? The days in that last pic add up to years. Thats 25 quadrillion years! Page loads kinda slow, but no wonder why
  2. Im getting strangely high numbers of days when showing unread posts. Any idea wich setting to adjust?
  3. Hi there we have been very happy with the app, but today i get a msg saying Communeties Beta is expired. Will it be up and running again some day?
  4. There is obviously a few things that need attention in the Invision-app viewing my own forum... I dont see how apple should care about that
  5. Hi there We have started betatesting the app and users are signing up. Could'nt find out where we report findings. Any pointers?
  6. Thanks Runar. I could try your translation and will PM you. I tried to disable english from yeaterday morneing, and since then all post show time for post creation. The thing is that it seems random wich post have this "stamp". Even same creators have and have not stamps on different posts, me included, even written on the same unit. Investegating my own writing, the only difference from post to post would be my IP.
  7. Works now 🙂 Thanks all
  8. Thanks a bunch. I'll look into it We are basically 100% norwegian, so I don't think i can compare
  9. Hi there I've tried to find a setting and searched for a answer why some of the posts in the forum do not have a time stamp. Most users post have a "created by xxx 09:37", but many posts do not have this stamp. Does anyone have a solution and can enlighten me about why this happen?
  10. I have 6000+ members, so i'll just await a stable release 🙂
  11. Auto resize is there already. I have it active in my forum.
  12. I now see that I run v 4.4.10, but cannot remember to not have installed anything highlighted in the CP. Ill find out how to update then. Thanks!
  13. Posting a twitc url in here seems to work, but i get error in my own forum. Is there something i need to configure to be able to show streeams?
  14. This tool will help you making links from Google Photo that will be embedded. https://ctrlq.org/google/photos/
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