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Adding CodeMirror to Designer Mode & Navbar Icons.


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First suggestion:
Adding CodeMirror that supports template logic with if-else statements and such, I want to expand my work by offering my clients full access to the custom stuff I do.

I was thinking about this one for a long time now and I always wanted it so that it would make my life easier and also the same for other Theme Designers. Since I saw the Header/Footer CodeMirror editors in the AdminCP for each theme, I wanted to have it as well. 

To be specific, here. Some tab that you can select when adding a new Setting into your theme, called "CodeMirror Editor" or something.
Could contain: Page, Text, White Board, Document, Invoice


Second Suggestion:

Adding in Menu Manager a field where you can add icons for each nav link and even allowing you to add your custom font-icons link. This would be very helpful since all of us add icons directly in CSS with the ID of the nav item. The problem with adding icons with CSS per id is that the IDs don't stay the same on all websites.

Currently, I'm doing this way and sometimes it gets confusing explaining to people where to edit them and some of them are clueless on how to do it.

{{if $item->id == 10}}
<i class='fas fa-pager'></i>
{{elseif $item->id == 41}}
<i class='fas fa-ribbon'></i>
{{elseif $item->id == 36}}
<i class='fas fa-user-astronaut'></i>
{{elseif $item->id == 2}}
<i class="fas fa-chart-pie"></i>
{{elseif $item->id == 106}}
<i class='fas fa-folder-download'></i>
{{elseif $item->id == 42}}
<i class='fas fa-life-ring'></i>
{{elseif $item->id == 88}}
<i class='fas fa-store-alt'></i>


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