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  1. I really like building custom pages. The one thing I'm lost at is how to, like this page has, add the option to comment on the above article. Any idea's where I can find guidance on that?
  2. I would love to see more, by group preferably, permission settings for clubs. I would like to be more in control of which group can do what in clubs. - Can view content in clubs Y/N - Upload images in clubs Y/N and the like. This I feel is currently missing, given all the other great permission setting I can use elsewhere in the forum software. Cheers and have a great 2020! __ Rick
  3. Where does one find the "Guest Sign-up Widget" in the ACP?
  4. There are ways to turn any website into an app, PWA's and such. I'm not versed in that though.
  5. Uhm, no. That's not my problem but thank you for replying. The image fills up my screen nicely, but I want to be able to zoom in onto the details of the image say 125% - 150% - 200%.
  6. I would like to request an option to zoom in on images. It is greatly lacking for high-resolution image files that I and other users upload. We're living in an age where 4K monitors are becoming normal and 8K are no longer over the horizon. I tried using my browsers zoom-in function (command +) and it zooms in everything but the image. I then went to look for any plugins in the marketplace that could do this and the one I found is no longer functioning for my board's version and the promised update to that plugin was made in 2016 which just enhances my reason for not using any plugins (my apologies to those who do maintain their work). Anyway, could the IPB team please code in a zoom function into the gallery please?
  7. I'm going to bump this as it would be really nice to have a warning at your front-end (forum) or even better an e-mail that someone has filled a support question. The only way now, as far as I can see it but maybe I'm looking in the wrong spots, is if you log in to your admin panel there is a tiny, tiny counter telling you someone filled a support question. As I have a very low traffic forum and barely any need to login to the ACP, I missed 2 support requests now after they where filed for over 7 days. Come on, "someone sneezes" when they reply or like a post I made and I get a notification, why can't something more urgent then that not do the same?
  8. Oh, this is definitely a bug. It depends on which browser you use. If you use Safari that drag & drop block is available but when you use Firefox or Chrome it's gone. The fact that I have the same issue as you and that some of my users have the same trouble, plus the fact that I can reproduce this makes this a bug which should be looked into and fixed. Safari screenshot: Firefox screenshot which is identical to what I see on chrome. Would be nice if someone from IPS can chime in on this bug.
  9. Fu.... I'm a dumb something something... Yep I thought it was a request to be admin. Ok, thank you for the explanation! Lets see if I can fix my dumbness... Argh.
  10. How does this work? I mean how can someone get into this "admin approval" queue in the first place? I had someone sign up for my forum a few days ago and only today I noticed this widget telling me this total stranger was waiting to be approved as admin. And then I only have 2 options, make him/her admin (not going to happen) or ban him/her. So now he/she is banned. Maybe it was a mistake? If so why is there no "disapprove" option? I know, questions, questions but I really like to know as I find this troublesome. Did I kick someone innocent or not?
  11. Hi, Is this a bug for just me or do others have the same problem? The small gallery images above gallery category descriptions are no longer displaying on my forum. Thanks! -- Rick
  12. Phoe... That helps but not in the way I had hoped. But it gives me a direction where to look for before I do anything drastic. Thank you!
  13. Hi, I recently ran into out of domain errors. Links from https://www truncated into https://(no www) and more things like that. I tried to get help here, then from IPS self but without any luck. After some checking of my .htaccesss file by my host the question arose if there was some site config pointing to https://(no www). I just checked the config_global file and yep, I, when I setup the forum entered the base url without the 'www' part. My question is, if I change the base url to include 'www' will that have any negative effect on my forum?
  14. I updated manually. Can that annoying red block that tells me to upgrade, (which is impossible at the moment as you guys are doing maintenance at your end) please be made dismissible on the forum side?
  15. Hmm, I just tried it, I use a ftp manager as I have no idea how to move things around through terminal etc. and I "suddenly" have this 'merge' option. In the past it was only, "are you sure you want to overwrite this file?", which, if I tried that on my computer meant the folder including the content are completely overwritten. So I never tried to do this on my web server with FTP. Good to know, thank you. Though I'll still remain careful with this.
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