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  1. Quick question. What does the "Price Filter" do specifically ?
  2. Hmmm. As this essentially breaks the logins, or at the very least causes lots of confusion for those having trouble...this update should be far more obvious. Its not a cursory update.
  3. Yes I would be interested in this as well. Unless he means that plugin on the marketplace.
  4. Hello. So I know there is a plugin on the marketplace to enable Font Awesome 5 support. However when will IPS OFFICIALLY support FA 5 ? Font Awesome is moving to its 6th generation and IPS is currently on 4.7. It would make life easier for any of us using Font Awesome if IPS were to follow the latest stable versions :).
  5. Thanks for the reply. However the commission deductions, where are these stored ? I only ask so I know how to withdraw the accumulated commissions the site has made :).
  6. Hello all, Before I launch our classifieds section I wanted to get something clear in my head. I currently have two payment options, PayPal & Stripe. To be clear, payments done via stripe, do these payments go directly to the sellers chosen bank account/listed card or does it get held in Credit on the site for withdrawal ? With respect to Paypal, I have the mass pay-outs API enabled for use with the classifieds systems. When users make a purchase from another using Paypal, does the payment go into our sites PayPal account first (essentially funding the account and holding the monies) then the selling user can then retrieve the amount put into the sites PayPal via the withdrawal method on the forums ? I am just making sure I have the transaction process right in my head, furthermore also making sure we have no hiccups. Lastly I have it setup so the site makes a commission on every sale. Where does this commission get stored so that I can withdraw it at a later date ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Just as an update, my PayPal mass payments API was approved fortunately, did not have to satisfy any crazy transactional requirements.
  8. Fingers crossed that will work, I see no reason why not. However I really hope it does as if Paypal decides to hamstring people, then Stripe really is the only way.
  9. Well that is worrying. I am going through the same process. They asked me about approximate values of of transactions that would be made but they stated "There is no wrong answer" My values were massively approximate as I do not know what what values would be transacted on my forum lol. Im hoping to be approved. I will be annoyed if not as it makes this classifieds useless.
  10. Trying to find it again, but I definitely disabled something relating to Member Titles.
  11. Hey all, So I disabled member titles in AdminCP, or at least so far as I can see, however I notice that those who created a member title prior to it being disabled, their title still shows. Is there a way to have the system remove them ? For example see below image Any ideas guys ? Many thanks, P
  12. Thanks. I can see that now for my test account 🙂
  13. Thanks. If a plugin is the best way to go about it then I will take a look at this or possibly have one developed that I can keep supported. Cheers!
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