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  1. Hey all, So I disabled member titles in AdminCP, or at least so far as I can see, however I notice that those who created a member title prior to it being disabled, their title still shows. Is there a way to have the system remove them ? For example see below image Any ideas guys ? Many thanks, P
  2. Thanks. I can see that now for my test account 🙂
  3. Thanks. If a plugin is the best way to go about it then I will take a look at this or possibly have one developed that I can keep supported. Cheers!
  4. Hmmm that was something I was trying to avoid. I was hoping you could alter some theme components or possibly adjust some CSS.
  5. Hello all, I am looking for a method to hide Reactions from certain sections of my site. Could someone point me in the right direction ? Simply put I want to hide Reactions from a certain forum as welp as disable them in comment sections in our classifieds section (we use the Classifieds plugin). Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks, P
  6. Thank you for coming back on those points. Please could you revert to points 1 and 2 on my posts and let me know ? : Also regarding your response to Point 3 of my post. No, the advert was not already pending a deal when it took me to that error page, it was the first time I set that advert as pending, I was then given the error page I mentioned. I have recorded a demo video of the issue and will send it to you via PM. ................................................................................................. **EDIT** More queries Also I note that on the comments section for adverts that users cannot edit their comments, I have checked the user groups who have access to the Classified section and have confirmed they all have edit access across the site, so it is not this. For example, below is a screenshot of my comments section in classifieds, as you will see there is no 3 dot menu access. As an example of another comments section I have on the site, users have access to the 3 dot menu, as per the below image. Is this a missing permissions thing from the Classifieds Plugin ? This test was done via the same user, so while they have edit ability across the site, the classifieds section they do not which is odd. Thanks very much.
  7. My board uses: Invision Community v4.5.4.2 Classifieds Plugin Version: 2.2.1 Hello all, Just obtained this great plugin. Great work ! I have a couple of questions so I can set this up correctly. 1. When testing, I attempted a test purchase on a test advert I had created. After I bailed out half way through the process, when I go back to the listing I get a notification of "This advert is PENDING due to a possible deal. You cannot make offers or buy it for now." You can see this in the image below How would someone go about marking it as no longer pending ? As in a normal user, not an admin 2. Is there a way to disable reactions in Classifieds ? The way in which we use the reactions system, we do not want members being able to give them on classifieds. 3. As a seller, on my test advert I marked the advert as "pending deal", but then get taken to an error page stating I do not have access, though curiously Im the site admin, so should have access. Any idea what I need to change ? See below for error. 4. We have WANTED section in our classifieds, can we disabled the Price Section as per the below image as it is not required here. 5. Possible bug, however if there is an existing Pending Offer on an item, if you click on "Contact Advertiser" you are hit with a popup stating The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Please see image below. Assuming there is no Pending Offer, the Contact button works as normal. Notes on possible enhancements for future versions: 1. Change "Offers" from being a global feature to category. It would be nice to be able to have some categories where we can allow offers and others where we do not. 2. Multiple Currency fields. It would be great if there was a lookup to XE currency that would autofill your other currency fields. For instance, if I were to fill in £25 GBP, then my other currency fields such as USD,CAD Etc get auto filled with a conversion based upon a lookup at XE or other source. Thanks all very much.
  8. I didn't notice that ! Good spot. This will no doubt be the issue then. Will relay this back to the user.
  9. Thought I would add the current link settings being used on the site
  10. Hey all, So I have a member who has hyperlinked some text with a link (Url in question: http://dev_tc.axihub.ca/) and I have verified the hyperlink indeed is pointing to the correct URL prior to submitting the post. However after the post submission the system alters the hyperlink and points it to my forums homepage of https://forums.extremehw.net/ Is this a security feature of IPB ? Just need to find out why it is doing that and if I can alter the behaviour. Many Thanks, P
  11. Thanks for that, I will take a look at that and see how I fair 🙂
  12. Hey guys, On my site I have premium subscriptions that members can purchase. I am looking to introduce a "midway" upgrade fee so that users who have already purchased Premium Gold, for a nominal fee can upgrade to the Premium Platinum status. I thought this would be easy just by adding a new "Gold to Premium Upgrade" subscription. However the issue I have is that I cannot see a way to lockdown the purchase of the proposed new subscription so that it will only work for those who have already purchased Premium Gold. Otherwise, if I add this as a standard subscription, everyone will "Cheat" and just pay the nominal upgrade fee to get to Premium Platinum as opposed to the full price for Premium Platinum. Is there a way to setup some form of permission in subscriptions so that if a user is Premium Gold and use the upgrade subscription, it will go through, but if a user is not, it will fail ? Thanks, p
  13. I personally disagree, I think users should be able to disable this under the premise that their account has 2FA enabled. While I understand the argument for forcing it on globally, I would suspect that having an account with 2FA would still render the account rather secure even with login notifications disabled.
  14. Hello all, So this has already been bought up in different conversations as per the below links: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/452364-users-be-able-to-turn-off-new-device-notifications/ https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/443405-choice-to-opt-out-of-new-device-login-emails/ I have to echo the feature request for this as per other members here. My forum is a tech community and while not only privacy conscious meaning they clean cookies and cache (Logging them out) and they are also sometimes using the site from multiple machines and upon logging in, keep getting login notifications which is irritating them. So far as I know the ability to turn off Login Notifications via Email is GLOBAL. I, like others would like to see this become a user level option so users have the option of turning Login Notifications on or off as they see fit. I can see that it was at some point raised internally but it looks like nothing has happened since. Could we please get this implemented ? Thanks, P
  15. Thanks for maintaining this plugin ! Just purchased and look forward to using it.
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