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  1. So, to be clear, the "Store" in IPS is staying ? I note they have the notice regarding "Physical Items" being deprecated, but I guess I took that as the Store overall at some point is going bye bye as it was a notice displayed in the "Products Groups" listing page
  2. Correct, but I was using the Physical Product section for the Recurring Donations, as that way I was able to have users have the choice of have a Premium Subscription (From the subscription page) and sign up for the Recurring Donations (Hosted via products). Now that the Store is being deprecated...this is why I have my issue.
  3. Hey guys, So I have stumbled on what looks to be a limitation of the current commerce implementation. I currently offer multiple different subscription packages. These packages are separated into two groups. We have our Premium subscriptions which give you additional perks on the site & we have our Recurring Donation subscription for those who would like to also donate monthly. Originally the Recurring Donations used to be setup as "Products" in the store section. However as IPS is deprecating that, I have had to move the Recurring Donations into the Subscriptions. The issue is, our members want to be able to note only have an active subscription for Premium perks, but also want to subscribe to Recurring Donations, however what I am finding is once a user is subscribed to a Premium Package, they can subscribe to nothing more as they get the below message. Is there a chance that in future commerce implementation we can have the option to allow users to subscribe to multiple items ? Does anyone know of a custom plugin that would give this enhancement ? Thanks, P
  4. Thanks bud, figured this would come in the form of custom plugin. Will take a look at it 🙂
  5. Hey guys, Possible that I am being blind but I cannot seem to locate the tool that would allow and admin/mod to duplicate a topic? Is this even a feature on IPS ? Many thanks, P
  6. Thanks, will this be released in a main release or will you issue another hotfix patch ?
  7. Thanks for the work guys, where would I need to insert this ? I assume that once the official release comes out I would not need to remove this as it is a part of the next IPS release ?
  8. Looks like someone else is having the same issues: As for console errors, no I have just checked and there are no errors relating to image loading or anything close, just some Google Syndication stuff, but that will be to do with my ads.
  9. Excellent, not that you are having issues but someone else who has confirmed this as I am having the same problem on my site.
  10. Yes, we use cloud flare, however disabling it has no effect. I disabled it as well as did a full purge. I then also tried in incognito mode to make sure it was not a current browser session cache and I still need to hit refresh a couple of times to get the images to finally load. Thanks, P
  11. I wonder if it is similar to an issue I am having here with our Top Picks widget
  12. Hello guys, I am having an issue which was not a problem up until around the new version of IPS 4.7.15 was installed. It is also worth noting our server is operating on PHP 8.1.27 On our homepage we have the "Top Picks Images" widget which is linked to an image album on the site. It now has an odd behaviour whereby it will show the image titles, but no image. I have noted that upon multiple refreshes, you can sometimes get the images to load, but that is not ideal. This is what you see on first page load + Whereas it should look like this, but you can only get to this after many refreshes. I do not think it is the custom theme we are using as I have just tried the default IPS theme and I get the same results. Is this a known issue ? Any help is fixing this would be appreciated. Many thanks, P
  13. Thanks for the info. If I go that route so that the Warning is linked to that particular post, does the warned user see that inherent link so they can associate the warning with their posted content ? I assume mods and admins can see the link but unsure if a standard user will.
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