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  1. 4.6 Update would be great x)! I bet it would work without really updating it, but this stupid new Marketplace system doesn't allow me to install it anyway, Just wish the good old Download would be back ^^
  2. Is a 4.6 Update planned :o? Just curios ^^
  3. Is 4.6 Support planned? When I use this plugin with either hCaptcha or Default google one, I get this error: Its the default Theme. Regards!
    Great plugin, can recommend it to anyone that doesn't want to use Googles version. Official 4.6 support would be great.
  4. Let's take PayPal out of the view, It would be still very good to implement this, I could use it with Stripe(or any other Gateway). Maybe even a "discount" for certain payment methods like "Crypto" so they get a 5% cheaper. Yes, it would be already possible with Coupons and multiple products, but that would clutter the store full of duplicated products... In general, it would be a perfect addition to IPS. I tried adding TAX to certain Products/Payment methods, but it's just a mess in general.
    Pretty useful plugin, could use some additional features but still, very nice addition to your forum.
    Wanted to write in the support Topic, but there is none. Review Pop-Up is not working for me/ not showing(there is no link for me). How should customer leave a review if there is no way to see the reviews (with the current "bug" I have) I think it would be better if we could choose which of the things above should be enabled or not like Like toggle: "Adds the full description to the page removing the tab at the bottom" -> Yes/No "Removes the review tab and will place a link for it to show via Ajax pop up in the review count text " -> Yes/No (currently I would want it to be like the "old one", kinda like just below the rest but still have the other benefits of the plugin) "Removes the background of the add to cart background and then stretches the button making it look better on the eyes" -> Yes/No ^Another bug is when you logged in it shows the "stretches button", but when you view the site as a guest it shows it normally. Besides that good plugin. Hope things get fixed, or I can get some help x)!
  5. Hi! Are you taking over this Project? If so could/would it be possible to add this: Regards
  6. Hi!

    Do you have any plans for smth like that x)?



  7. Anyone that is interested in supporting btc/xmr etc for free without 3rd party getting any cut: Both open source and totally free... https://docs.btcpayserver.org/
  8. Hi @TheJackal84, Would it be possible to add the option to enable "Coupon Codes" on gift cards? Like if you want to buy a 100$ gift card and have a 10% off coupon code, you can get the Gift Card for 90$ but its still 100$ worth. Would be really nice if so. Regards
  9. ACP -> Pages -> Templates -> Page Templates -> Page Builder -> <div> <div class='ipsGrid ipsGrid_collapsePhone'> <div class='ipsGrid_span4'> </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span4'> </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span4'> </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span12'> </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span6'> </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span6'> </div> </div> </div> Would give you 3 columns in the first row 1 column in the second row 2 columns in the third row
  10. It would be quite nice and much more easy for users to create awesome pages if there would be something similiar to WPBakery https://wpbakery.com/
  11. Hey, when you click on the forums privacy policy, you get redirected to a page without menu etc. How can i create another page exactly like that for my imprint as exp.
  12. My bad. The Field Settings: https://gyazo.com/80dfc4d0b74637a9d742f5773af79854 Store Product Overview: https://i.gyazo.com/5c487ca5f27ccf26088617016073d2c0.png I just cant pick an amount of what the Easy Anti-Cheat should add on top of the monthly costs. Regardless of yes/no being 0/10 or whatever. Hope you understand it now. //nvm - found it https://i.gyazo.com/4aef9b8f1113b293d8b2fb82c5f7b208.png Thank you @opentype :^)
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