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  1. Where do we download this plugin in the future? Once the marketplace is down? Will it still get maintained on your website?
  2. You can also use https://btcpayjungle.com/ if you don't want to self-host it :P
  3. There is still BTCPAY Gateway App, it works on 4.7 without issues.
  4. The simplest way would be to add an Option to Products that is smth like: "Allow Guest to purchase?" If it's on false it shows: "You must sign in or register in order to purchase." instead of the "Add to Cart" I have such plugin and tried to upload it on the marketplace 2x times but it got rejected because it's not their "conventional way of doing it correctly" or smth xD Working without issues for me.
  5. This still needs to be market as compatible/updated 😮 @OctoDev?
  6. Will you add this to your IPS version? Wuuld be a good addition.
  7. So basically they buy one product but get 2 keys? or am I missunderstanding it xD?
  8. What are you doing extra for him? Curios cuz I thought ur app Already does everything he wants.
  9. Guess you're not going to add the Notification/Email thingy when its out of stock for staff :o?
  10. I will try to publish soon such a Plugin, it was custom coded by @Kirill Gromov.
  11. I'm pretty sure it was another extension I used in the past but the developer "vanished" aka it's no longer supported, it was not from IPB itself.
  12. I thought so too, and I remember getting emails if something went out of stock, but I can't find this setting anymore, maybe it got removed but I'm not sure.... Either way, would be cool if you would add smth like that x)
  13. Would you think about adding smth like sending an email to admins(or specific users) when a product is nearly or out of stock? Would be cool. (dunno if It's already in IPB, can't find it if so xD)
  14. I tried that, but it seems they are replacing the authorization headers even if all security is disabled on that URL. One way would be to use a "Worker" that renames the authorization header that it gets to something else, but then IPB API check wouldn't understand what's happening 😕 CF support is the worst 😞 takes ages to answer.
  15. Both mods are enabled and working. I can only disable CF on the API URL level but not on the whole page for obv reasons. 😮 edit: ok its related to CF and the headers, any idea how this is fixable without having a giant security risk in terms of ddos and stuff?
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