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  1. You're not allowed to have an opinion because your opinion is an opinion.
  2. Yeah, that is what I am saying. I am a software developer, and I understand design decisions that are made for a whole have different ramifications from design decisions that are made on a case by case basis. But I also understand that your most core functionality needs to weigh heavily in those design decisions. Honestly, right now the system looks like it has a CSS file not loading or something.
  3. Right, because end users are going to come up with sensible categories they will all share. I have to rename the majority of our submitted files in the downloads system because people can't use capitalization properly, misspell words, or add weird symbols to their titles. Probably 100% of the time I have to rewrite their descriptions because they don't use complete sentences. If you allow users to screw things up, they will any way they can.
  4. The problem is that every update breaks our customizations. I am tired of this never-ending cycle of chasing a moving target. The default skin is finally good enough I feel okay just replacing the header and footer with our own. So in spite of my criticism, things actually are moving in the right direction. I don't think it is possible to ever get the skin perfect: Google is forcing everyone to use "responsive design" which massively complicates everything. If we had a free-market economic system the government would shut down monopolistic practices like this, but I digress. I
  5. This feature is incredibly confusing, it's just an extra field to enter and you have no idea what you are supposed to type. I still have no idea where these actually show up. It would be nice to disable them. Now there is an extra "General" navigation link showing, but it is showing blog entries that have a different category set??? What the heck is going on here?
  6. This feature is incredibly confusing. It's just an extra field to fill in when writing a blog, and I have no idea what I am supposed to type. My users are going to be perplexed.
  7. The new admin CP, especially with the dark theme looks really good. The whole thing feels "fun" to navigate. Browsing marketplace items looks really good, especially with the dark admin panel theme. Very nice.
  8. No, but the default theme exhibits the same issue.
  9. I understand the design is made up of rows, and some of the stuff like "follow this content" is probably a global row that gets added across all types of content. And then you have to have a "responsive" design thanks to Google's mandates, which makes it more complicated. So I understand it can never be "perfect". Still, I think for the most commonly viewed parts of the forum, having three inches of white space below the forum title, something needs to be done about that. The only reason I am pointing this out is because we are moving away from our heavily customized skin in order to
  10. This is really excessive. It looks even worse if your forum background is set to white.
  11. My users almost never add blog or blog entry images when they write articles. Without background images, the default theming for these is really ugly, to the point where I am considering removing this functionality from our site. It's very obvious looking at the official IPS blog, they put a lot of time into selecting blog entry photos from a common source of stock photos with a certain consistency in the theme. That's cool, but the current design of the blog system creates a big burden to select good images that look consistent. It's more suited to an official company blog than to a site
  12. This is actually pretty good high-level advice. I think I could do a better job explaining why customers should join our forum instead of just saying "here is a link to the forum". A steady drip of technical articles is also a good idea.
  13. Yes, this happens a lot and is a huge help.
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