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  1. I can search for a game, see the result, and join it with no invitation, but our server is not searchable. So I am bringing traffic to Discord but they are failing to return the favor. You have to read between the lines of their carefully crafted PR speak: Translations: Pay us or you are blacklisted from search results.
    It sucks. GPU usage goes to 100% when viewing page, because for some reason it is constantly re-rendering. If not logged in, it shows an endless loading indicator. Not a feasible solution, at all. The only reason the rating is so high is because it's free.
  2. It looks like Discord actually already charges community owners money or else you are blacklisted from search results: https://blog.discordapp.com/empowering-developers-with-community-and-commerce-68d9c0712662 So now we have to pay them for the privilege of having them steal our user activity. They also have a store for selling software. It's not hard to see which way this is going. They are trying to steer us into their system and charge 30% on all our sales. My alternative right now is to shut down the server without providing any viable alternative for chatting, and my users of course would think I was paranoid, irrational, etc.
  3. I recommend adding a good chat implementation to IPB. Our users requested a Discord server, and it's been successful. Too successful. People now hang out on our Discord server and post there instead of our own website. There are three problems: We want our users' content to be on our own website so it attracts more traffic. Having Discord available discourages people from creating an account for our site, so we are losing customer data and the ability to sell them more products. I don't like giving control of our community over to some third party that might go under, start charging us money, or delete our data for any arbitrary reason. There are many bad chat applications our there. We used to use CometChat but it's buggy and they raised their prices ten times. I just visited the ArrowChat site and they can't even keep their SSL certificate up to date. IPS should be concerned about this, because I can see our forum dying off in real-time and the activity on Discord keeps going up. I'm not sure what to do. I want to delete our Discord server but I am afraid people won't move back to the forum. If the forum had a decent chat feature it would be easier to persuade our users to move back into our own system. I would actually not worry about voice or video at all, because no one in our community ever uses it.
  4. The blog entries widget on the forum page would look a lot more enticing if it included the featured image for that blog instead of just being a block of text. A lot of our users don't even read the blogs because it doesn't catch their eye and they never navigate to the blogs page. Some people I have talked to didn't even know we had blogs.
  5. Once a week, a spammer comes on our forum and posts a dozen spam topics. When I go to delete their content, I am told it is a batched process that will be carried out gradually. If I select this option, the spam posts are sitting on my forum for who knows how long, and I have to go back later to make sure it was all deleted, and my users are complaining the whole time. So I always end up going through and deleting each post by hand.
  6. It would be extremely useful if we had a forum type that allowed users to upvote a topic, and the topics were displayed by votes. I have one forum with 80 pages of feature requests and it is impossible to figure out what the community as a whole wants. A sorted feature requests forum would help us figure out what to prioritize in product development.
  7. My users are actually using the club feature quite a lot, to my surprise.
  8. To make this complete we need to be able to have an email list signup and the ability to import email addresses, without a full forum account. For example, if we go to a conference and have a business card raffle, all email addresses on those cards get entered into our database. They aren't forum accounts, but they are still valuable leads we would like to send mail to. If you are trying to sell someone something it is easier to get them to enter their email address and press submit than it is to create a forum account. It's all about the customer acquisition funnel. We would save $2000 a year if you can make this replace MailChimp.
  9. This should be discussed in the technical support or reviews, not in a new forum that cross-references plugins.
  10. How can we remove specific emojis?
  11. The PayPal credit card tokens are fantastic. All our customers are leaving their credit card on file with us, so they can buy things on impulse at any time. This is a very big deal that allows us to set up a reliable income stream outside of third-party marketplaces. Thanks for doing such a great job on the commerce app!
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