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  1. I have gotten a lot of complaints about how the selected answer is taken out of order and placed right after the question because it breaks up conversations.
  2. I always have problems with indentation in code inserted into a post. For us, the code box is a critical feature that is heavily used, since we have a programming forum. Would be nice if this worked correctly. It looks like there is a combination of space and tab characters, I'm not sure what is going on.
  3. You can create a dark theme mostly with the visual editor, but it does require some CSS edits.
  4. We did away with our heavily customized forum skin and just went with the default, with our own header and footer added. Then I changed the colors of that skin to make a dark version. It required a few lines of code in custom.css and it's not quite finished, but the results are really good. This is the best our forum has ever looked, and it's also the lowest-maintenance its ever been. The integrated GIFs, little changes like the rounded border around the reactions display, and other subtle improvements have made this update really nice. My community site feels lightweight, responsive, and
  5. Real example from today: A programmer asked me a technical question. I thought maybe he asked part of it wrong, so I replied with a two-word question and went back to work. Then I saw his chat reply, that he had meant to ask it that way. Now I want to give him a full answer by pasting a block of code, which would be difficult to manage in the chat window, so I have to switch over to the private messages system, and the conversation will now be split across these two systems.
  6. I have ArrowChat installed right now and there are problems. It's difficult to adjust the theme colors and it doesn't match our site. There is a hidden bar across the bottom of the screen that blocks the mouse from clicking on the underlying page. I sometimes am carrying on conversations with the same person simultaneously in messages and chat and can't decide which I should use to reply. The way Facebook and LinkedIn have quick chat merged with the private message system is really ideal. If you need to make a one-word reply to someone it only takes a second and you don't
  7. If this were done better it would actually be a really great feature, because it adds a bit of gamification to posting. People would be competing to see their image in the top images.
  8. Without checking, I'm sure the majority are uploads. The thread goes for many pages, and all threads I have looked at behave this way.
  9. The images shown in thread summaries seem to be whatever happen to be the first four images in the thread. We have long threads that go 30 pages with artists showing their work. I would expect the thread summary to show the best / most popular images in the thread, but instead it just shows whatever was there first. Consequently, this feature seems meaningless and I am disabling it. It would be much better if the images were taken from whichever posts in the thread had the most positive reactions.
  10. If a forum has an icon assigned to it, it would look nice to have it displayed to the left of the title in the forum thread view, like this:
  11. The design of the IPB Marketplace in the admin panel looks fantastic. I would like the interface for IP.Downloads in the default theme to look like this.
  12. You're not allowed to have an opinion because your opinion is an opinion.
  13. Yeah, that is what I am saying. I am a software developer, and I understand design decisions that are made for a whole have different ramifications from design decisions that are made on a case by case basis. But I also understand that your most core functionality needs to weigh heavily in those design decisions. Honestly, right now the system looks like it has a CSS file not loading or something.
  14. Right, because end users are going to come up with sensible categories they will all share. I have to rename the majority of our submitted files in the downloads system because people can't use capitalization properly, misspell words, or add weird symbols to their titles. Probably 100% of the time I have to rewrite their descriptions because they don't use complete sentences. If you allow users to screw things up, they will any way they can.
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