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  1. They are still headquartered in the U.S. and I would like to have an alternative to making all our commerce dependent on that region.
  2. I am very keen on implementing a non-American payment gateway that can handle automatic recurring subscription payments.
  3. Look how good my code blocks look on this page: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/API_Entity_SetPosition_FP It's using a dark theme, but there are light themes available. There's even a nice copy button that copies the whole block to the clipboard. Search for "highlightjs" and "highlightjs-badge" for more info.
  4. I designed the new interface. You're welcome.
  5. There is something in the startup world called the MVP, or minimum viable product. The idea is to put something out there as soon as possible, and then improve it if there is a response from the market, and discontinue it if there isn't. This can save a lot of time because you don't end up building a product there is no real demand for. It's not that hard to create a simple app that just wraps a web page. Try this and release it in the iOS App Store. If you get 10,000 installs, then yes, maybe you have a good point about apps. But I bet you won't even get 20 installs. Your app will get ab
  6. People use the Facebook app because it's Facebook, not because it's an app. Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.
  7. Nobody cares about a "mobile app" just to access a website. It's not 2007, mobile is not interesting or novel. Nobidy cares. This sounds like the same bullfaeces we heard in the game industry like "the world is moving to mobile, if you don't go mobile you're dead!" and everyone who did waste time on a mobile product got slaughtered. It's a constantly changing, extremely unstable platform with extremely complicated development methods and zero users. I'm surprised anyone is even still trying to push the whole "mobile is killing the PC!" nonsense.
  8. I just disabled our Discord server and some people were very angry with me. This is proof it was a bad idea to ever start it. They will steal your community and give you nothing. DO NOT hand your hard-earned community over to any third-party Silicon Valley assholes like Discord or Reddit.
  9. Hilarious and obvious why these features were thrown in at the last minute.
  10. Although Discord has taken a bite out of our forum activity, we have a ton of in-depth technical content and that keeps people coming back. I think they also like the fact that their posts actually get read and responded to. The "react" buttons IPB has are really good because people can get acknowledgement from others without requiring them to type out a full reply. The real-time notifications system with the little sound also makes a big difference in making the forum feel "alive". I don't get the whole social media thing. Anything I post on Facebook or Twitter gets completely ignored, a
  11. Here's another reason: YouTube has arbitrarily decided to disable the "related videos" feature for embeds. So now we have all sort of unrelated content being advertised to our users after they watch a video. Who knows what they will do to us in the future?
  12. It usually occurs because the author deletes their video years later. I don't mind if they delete the video on our site, but having a bad embed link sucks.
  13. We also have a big problem with video embeds that later become removed videos. Would prefer to host the data ourselves. It's not 2001, video should not be this difficult.
  14. Agreed, we don't need YouTube any more than we need imgur to host our image files.
  15. I'm very interested in functionality to automatically download YouTube embeds and to generate thumbnails from images. Any dependence on third parties that we can eliminate is a good thing. Amazon S3 storage is cheap, so there's not really any reason to be hosting all our content on YouTube in 2020.
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