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  1. I forgot how to do this and I can't figure out how to change it.
  2. Is it possible to use this plugin to force only blog entries to have a minimum word count?
  3. Another idea along these lines is to have a minimum word count for blog entries.
  4. I have no idea why I wrote "Cancel" in the title. The problem has struck again:
  5. I'm actually wondering why we can't just enter an FTP username and password for this? Why do we need a third-party service at all? It's easy and cheap to set up an unmanaged VPS with a large capacity. The key is to have a separation of user-created files and website files. Our backups would be impossible if each one was 100 GB, but with S3 our site is only a few GB and our user files can be backed up much less frequently.
  6. I think searching in the current section should be the default behavior. I don't know why it isn't.
  7. Great, but the areas where we really need this are gallery, downloads, and videobox. A global system that integrates everywhere would be ideal. We have hundreds of items that have been available to rate for several years, and that whole time probably three people total added a star rating, while thousands added a "like" reaction.
  8. I've disabled all star ratings across our site because no one ever uses them. However, people use the reaction button all the time, every day. I can see now why Steam changed their system a few years ago so that an item's rating is based on likes instead of choosing a rating. As of now, we have no way for content to be rated. It would be nice if stars showed up based on the up/down votes. Obviously they would start off at 2.5 or 3, and then as ratings accumulate, it would push the star rating up towards 5 or down towards 1.
  9. We have more featured images than can appear on the gallery front page. It would be nice if the front page showed a random selection of all featured images. This would allow us to feature more content, and would prevent the gallery front page from getting stale.
  10. I have come across an interesting idea in my experience running a site with a large amount of lots of different user-generated content (images, videos, games, etc.) The density of your content is very important. You want a lot of dense high-quality content. There are three ways that density can be destroyed: Too much distance (website chrome) between items. (IP.Downloads, I am looking at you). Too much navigation to get to the content you want. (The IP.Gallery lightbox next / back buttons are a great example of how to reduce navigation steps). Low-quality content inserted in between high-quality content. One bad image ruins the page, so try to bury or delete bad stuff. What you want is for the user to click to each page and get 20 dopamine hits for each click.
  11. Does the REST API support achievements? We could use to award achievements as the user uses our games.
  12. Interferon


    This can be done with ffmpeg: http://adnan-tech.com/add-thumbnail-to-video-php-ffmpeg/
  13. I am wary of putting effort into anything that depends on economies of scale or network effects. For most websites this will not result in any sizable amount of money changing hands. It should be pointed out that if you have the traffic to take advantage of this business model, you must also have the resources to pay for development of a custom implementation of this functionality.
  14. Reading my description above, it sounds like I am talking about the blog header. What I meant was to require them to upload an image for a new blog entry, to help weed out low-effort blog entries. I have found that since the blog headers came into existence, my own blog entries have become fewer, longer, and more polished. I don't have any opinion on the other things that were discussed here.
  15. ChatBox+ has a better appearance that does not clash with the forum skin. We have a dark theme on our forum and ChatBox+ blends in seamlessly. Plus, you are helping to fund development of more plugins like this one. We went from having one status update every three days or so to about 100 chat messages the first 24 hours of having this feature live. I am learning a lot of little things I did not know, that people did not want to create a whole forum thread for. The trick is, you must put it in a block on the main forum page so everyone can see it at all times. If you hide the chatroom away somewhere people have to check into, no one will use it. It feels very much like Discord, but baked into our site.
  16. The "Featured Images" area in the gallery is also a good way to make sure your best content is shown first. People see that and get an idea of what kind of quality is expected.
  17. I have integrated this app with our site, using it to replace the "Status Updates" block on our main page, and it really does a good job. It feels like Discord, but is built into our site and doesn't send the user away to someone else: I highly recommend using this with just minimal features in a block on your main page. Our activity has massively increased.
    My users LOVE it! I have basically all features disabled and I am just using this as a block on the main forum sidepanel. It works better than status updates and gives users a quick / casual way to say something without it being written in stone forever. It works much better than the "status updates" block IPB comes with. The appearance definitely fits into our site better than the free version, and that alone makes this worth buying. I suggest adding an option to disable the giant emoticon button, since even that can cause some page scrolling issues. It would also be nice if users could delete their own messages. I think this could help people feel less reluctant to write something, if they can easily delete it at any time.
  18. I can now confirm this works. I created an iframe in my website header that displays a special page in IPB Pages. The page just prints out the referral ID (passed in the URL) very faintly so it is barely visible, but I can still check and make sure it is working. I had someone who has never been to our site go to the main site with a referral link, then they registered an account (without using a referral link to our installation of IPB) and the referral signup worked.
  19. We have a "contact" page on our site, and the email address is shown in an image that looks like text on the page. No problems for years.
  20. It's a good idea to use images that are double the resolution you need at 100% DPI scaling, especially for logos.
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