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  1. 4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    Can you add custom fields for blogs?
  2. 4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    WOW! Nice news!
  3. 4.3: Sign in from other sites using OAuth

    @Mark, field "Login button text" must be translatable. Great news about OAuth 2.0
  4. Social Media Promotion: Twitter

    It's already done in 4.2.7
  5. Account Balance

    Version 1.0.0


    Plugin that shows information about the account balance in two areas: Header. Author info pane. You can disable the ability to display the balance in the header and specify which groups can see the balance in Author info pane. The plugin shows all the currencies you created in Commerce. Sometimes we lack such simple things (not just find balance in Commerce)


  6. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    Yes, it would be very useful
  7. Betting

    Maybe ask @Adriano Faria make this app?
  8. Betting

    Any news?
  9. Topics List

    Thanks so much
  10. Topics List

    It is possible to add Cyrillic letters?
  11. Topics List

    This is definitely a useful plugin for content discovery
  12. (NE) Hide poll results

    I think this functionality should be in the community initially
  13. Multilang fields in Pages

    Text/radiobuttons/checkbox fields give only one option, which is unacceptable for multilingual communities. Is it possible in future versions of fixing this?
  14. Header Cover Photo

    Nice work, awesome plugin!