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  1. I recently shifted my forum from http to https using SSL certificate provided by Lets Encrypt. I followed the procedure as changing the URL from http to https by editing the file conf_global.php and then clearing the cache from forum AdminCP and then refreshing the license key. Now that all the member profile images are broken. When right clicked on broken image and selecting "open image in new tab" of google chrome browser, it was showing 403 error and when noticed, the URL was served with http link and not https. When editing the http url of the broken image URL in the google chrome address bar to https, the image is opening fine. So, I came to conclusion that the images served in the forum is still using http and hence the images are broken. Please help me how to fix this error. My forum url is https://forum.gizmolord.com
  2. Hello, I wish to know how to change IPS completely from http to https including all the attached files, images, each and every element of the site. Edit: I have changed board url using conf_global.php to https But the user profile images is still loading http file and hence showing broken images
  3. 403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied! This is the error message I am seeing. I have created the API as below:
  4. I agree IPB 3.4.5 which I recently shifted from my old SMF 2.0 forum is comparatively slow. Yes, SMF was not having these many features as that of IPB but it used to load amazingly faster like a basic html file. For now I am using maxCDN with my IPB install to faster some aspect but still not upto the expectation. Xenforo on the other end is faster than IPB. Note: I am discussing about the load time and not any features.
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