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  1. Yup! Thats exactly what I want I also found a plugin (Another one) that was outdated. But I feel that this would be a great minor addition for the core product to increase community engagement Will look into this plugin, thanks! Edit: Awh, that was the outdated plugin
  2. Hi there, It would be lovely if we could enable status updates by default.
  3. Oppurtunity to respond

    I feel sorry for RAD, he seems to have done his job well - And especially for your price. Its sad how it turned out and that this mess is created.
  4. Recover deleted posts,

    Yep, that would be awesome. Some form of recycle bin that gets cleared The "Delete" option is designed to be permanent but it is nice to have some backup in place when you make a mistake I also agree that some sort of recycle bin feature shouldn't be there to replace the hide feature, it should only exist to recover mistakes(For example: The delete feature removes the item from view but not from the database for X days, after X days the post gets removed from the database. Inside that time an administrator can "unflag" a post which will restore effectively restore it). The system is crystal clear as is and I believe that there shouldn't be any additional "removal" option, less is more so to speak but the end user is and stays human and it is always nice to be able to recover from human failures(I am guilty myself of checking the wrong content accidentally for deletion Sure, blame me but I would have appreciated it if I would be able to undo my mistake a few minutes after it happened )
  5. Recover deleted posts,

    I would love it if there is a 48 hour "hold" on deleted items before it is removed from the database, just in case if there is an "oops". As a solution I have removed full delete access from anyone but myself - not really optimal but hey
  6. It does this automatically when you have account credit or a credit card(Which is a luxury product here) attached as I wish to strictly control my cashflow I agree that IPS should reverse this automated action when requested by the costumer(Is simply a better method to retain costumers in the long term and is a minor effort ).
  7. Buying Application/Hook without License?

    You need an active license to access anything within the marketplace(Unless it got changed).
  8. Hi there, It would be great if it was possible to use a 24h clock in the calendar application, a 24 hour clock is pretty much the written standard for most non-english writing countries and makes proper lokalisation a bit harder.
  9. I agree that pre-made database templates should be a priority - The pages application is powerful for those with the correct knowledge. It is better than before but the lack of some default templates(minus two) makes it harder to use.
  10. I am not a fan of including the whole list in... But promotions based on reputation is an extremely good idea(Not just a promotion on the amount of content but the quality of your content!) The other things are mostly a nice to have to me but not anything critical enough that it has to be a part of the core product.
  11. Profile visibility options.

    That also blocks the staff page considering it is the same module(So it is a bit like an overkill). Plus this doesn't allow blocking visibility specefic members(For example: Suspended members). It is actually the work around that I use but it isn't exactly ideal
  12. Hi there, In IPS3 it was possible to hide profiles from users in specefic groups, this isn't possible in IPS4. My community is quite big on this one due to privacy reasons(We like to hide the profiles from suspended users instead of deleting them to keep the logs in tact ). I also noticed that there isn't a way to hide user profiles in IPS4 without also hiding the the content on the staff page, which are in my opinion two seporate things. In IPS3 this used to be a per-group settings.
  13. Why is it not possible to buy Core only?

    I do agree with vikestart at this, a price increase is indeed fair, especially considering how IPS tends to develop, but the amounts are simply too much and might shoo new clients away. I think a price increase of circa 5/10 euro/app or so is fair
  14. Video Embeds to Gallery

    I also agree that this would be a nice addition to gallery
  15. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

    Congratulations with how far the product has come - I have been happily using for quite some time now and it has come a long way