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  1. Maybe it is a normal output/log, you may need to remove options from your PHP setup like the "display errors" ?
  2. Thankyou @Jim M, I've found an old third party app that was causing the blank screen. I don't know what to do now because it is an app we use as main management for our community, but at least I know where the problem cames from... @Washerhelp thankyou but I already know you need to type the right PHP path into your cron task from your hosting management panel. My problem did not come from there. But regarding what you say, when you check "cron task" in the community settings it tells you what you need to type, including the path, you only need to make a "copy paste" and job's done ! 😉 And beware for the others, the PHP path is not always the same, it depends on your hosting installation, you need to refer to the ACP path to type the right one ! Thankyou all for your advices, now at least I know where my problems came from.
  3. HI, I've tried to set up the 8.0 or 8.1 PHP version but it only makes our community to display a blank screen. I've enabled all the available modules and nothing changes. Could you please be more precise on what PHP modules are needed by our communities in PHP 8.X to work properly. And maybe someway to debug the community in order to know why we got a blank screen ? Thankyou, D
  4. Hi, I've one third party app (from the marketplace) with an update available (Swiper Slider). I've tried to update it, but the new version of the app is in fact nearly another app : not same functions, not compatible with previous version, ... So I don't want to update the app because if I do, I'll loose all the features I need and I use from it. I had to roll back from a saved community to get back into a consistent state. So now I've constantly the "new update available" tag for that app I don't want to update... Is it possible to disable that for a specific app ? Thankyou for your attention, D
  5. Hello again... Sorry but I can't manage to find out where is the "use piping" option (see below). Or should I first disable POP3 ?
  6. ok, thankyou ! I'll take a closer look at that...
  7. ok, manually removing the incoming e-mail has solved the problem. But it is still strange the forum did not deleted it after download... How do I use/enable "piping" ?
  8. ok, thankyou for the information. I've deleted any remaining e-mail in the inbox, lets see if it solves the problem. (there is no other way to check incoming e-mails than POP3, so the forum should have deleted the incoming e-mail after having read it)
  9. We've ensured the user cannot send periodic e-mails by blocking it into the input e-mail spam filter. I've updated the client area access information. You'll be able to see the problem in the Commerce -> Support -> Support requests : you'll see a set of newly empty opened requests, created by the same user, periodically every 10 minutes.
  10. Hi, It seems after a user has contacted us through the "contact us form" some kind of bug in the support center makes it open a new empty request periodically... Please can you take a look ?
  11. DONT UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION : You'll lost any feature for sliders made from gallery images.
  12. In the sandbox it is the first one, called "Français_DEV"
  13. ok, backup done, you can "play" with the sandbox... 😶
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