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    Having some serious trouble here since last invision V4.4.2 and rules update V1.4.6 : Private Messages are randomly spread to arround 100 users from the community without their consent. It happened at least two times. Invision support says it is rules problem, rules says it is usage or invision problem ... Nothing has changend in the rules between the updates, in 2 years nothing like that did happen. There is a bug somewhere, it needs to be solved.
  1. ok ! 😅 Any ideas or estimations of when it will be available ?
  2. Good to hear that ! :) OK, I've no means to test it. I'll try to ask our users about it.
  3. I don't think it may be easy to provide "app files" to any administrator. Unless invision provide the App code, but it means the administrator shall register into the appstore as a seller to provide a free app : it is not easy to perform, it cots 100$/year and it supposes the administrator knows how to code swift/objectivec/java/C++. The way I see it is a global app for all invision communities (one app for all communities). Users downolad one single app, whathever the communities they want to register in. Then register in the app for any invision community they want to follow. In other words some kind of "invision communities notificator/hub", not a "my community notificator". OK, it'll not allow administrators to change the icon of the app neither the look of the app, but it is not the purpose, at least in first time to see if it is useful or not. I think it can even be developed as an invision plug-in. Unfortunately I don't have yet the knowledge to make it.
  4. why not ? If it may be true, to add some adjustments or a basic* "something" may be enough to make Apple happy... *basic : easy, then not costing too much to implement @dayh An IPS app in that way should be free (or included with licence) because it is a final user app, and if the final user needs to pay for it : nobody will even try to get it. Until now, everybody is focused on readers apps that could replace the standard IPS website, as said before there are already a lot of RSS readers that could do the job for most of the "reading" needs, but even them are not good enough for the notification needs ; the ones that could keep better attention on a community... As said before, I may be wrong, but from my point of view it seems a good idea at least to experiment, always in the "fighting social networks" direction... The experimentation or testing of this idea does not have a very high cost of development : it could be tested with no much risks and a real potential of success...
  5. Thankyou for the explanations ! If I understand well, it is the way some notifications are sent to the desktop (for example) while my browser is open on my community. It is useful but not working in all OS, neither when the browser is closed... So... until this "technology" is not yet fully functional in all OS (mobile or not), my idea still remains a - good - way to get push notifications wathever the OS or device... The app may dissapear in the future if things evolve in the right way, but by the time it could "do the job, awaiting for better"...
  6. Thankyou for your reply, sorry about my leak on PWA, but what is it ?
  7. It seems I've not convinced anyone. I already use RSS readers to keep notified of new posts in the community but it does not notify about new PMs neither any new post in areas where you need to authentify to see the content. It is still more useful than just e-mail notifications but not completely adapted to the need, and RSS readers are clearly seen as "some geek stuff" people don't want to understand... But just to finish about it. Once the first application in use, if it works (meaning lot of people use it) there are a lot of new features that could be added to the app making it more attractive & useful for the users and still without converting it into a "community reader" that will not have (from my point of view) any added value regarding the standard IPS communities or RSS readers.
  8. ok, thankyou for the news. Hope you'll have time one of those days...
  9. Did you had time to do it in the IPS V4.4.X new version ? If yes, I don't see where it is... If no, any Idea when ? Thankyou, D
  10. I think you see it "as a user" from some kind of "notification spam" point of view. I admit it could be hard to convince anyone saying it in that way... It needs to be a free app (that's why I'm focusend in something Invision could easely provide) and maybe presented to the users as the "community app to keep track" or something like that. Some kind of bait to make the hook...
  11. can you develop please ? It allows community manager to keep their skin in use and Invision to create something not so complicated but useful. The fact is the development of a full reader app is more like some RSS reader (already possible and available) or to double the IPS code to make the new app. To create only a "notificator" app will allow "average end user" to register into the same app to all the invision communties they're listening to, then receive "pushed" notifications for all of them. A single app for all invision communities. I may be wrong, but I see there something very powerful to keep users attention into our communities, make the communities more "instant reactive" like social networks, and maybe even "disengage" them from social network groups... (here you'll find a more "deep" reasoning on what I'm talking about regarding social networks : https://invisioncommunity.com/news/matts-blog/why-i-try-and-avoid-the-f-word-in-public-r1134/?tab=comments#comment-210353 )
  12. Hi, I know there has been several times people suggesting mobile apps for Invision Community, but let me tell about my "new" Idea from another point of view that should be more easy to implement and more useful for people using Invision communities. The basis of my reflexion is still based on "how to fight social networks". One fact in social networks that makes them more "interesting" ( but in fact more "attention keepers") is the instant notifications telling users something new has happened regarding their content or things they're interested on. From my point of view it is certainly not the only point making social networks more reactive but it is one of the most important. So if our communities may have some kind of "instant notifications" : no, not e-mails because you need first to go read your e-mail then click on the link, then you'll see your content ; but one of those you click on your mobile notification and get instantaneously into the content concerned by... That would be a good "weapon" to "fight" social networks, don't you think ? The idea is a simple app that allows users using Invision communities to only (and simply) register the invision communities they're registered on. Then in the notifications center of your communities account you'll have a new column allowing you to choose which notifications you want to get on your mobile (as for e-mail and notification center ones). So when you receive a notification by clicking on it you'll get directly into your mobile web browser at the precise location you can see the content concerned by. So in other words, it will not be a "reader" app, but only a "notification" app. So, bad or good idea ? Thankyou for reading, D
  13. The "ancient forums" are still used to "exchange data" between users. You need Advanced forum readers software and... a community to know where to find what you're looking for... They're still usefull, but for a restrictet "knowing howoto" set of users... The fact you can easely create a group in social networks or smartphone apps is more "user friendly" and give to users without technical knowledge the possibility to create their own "communities" in an easy, fast and - relatively - effective way. As administrator that's the power of theese tools : they're easy to set and to use (as administrator). No need for hosting, no need to pay for it, no need to know PHP and what "user rights" mean... So, for most of the people, to choose between learn howto and just make it happen, the choice is not hard to do. As user, all users say it : "I use social network groups when I need a fast answer, but I use the community when I want a long-term track of my question/content/...". In other terms : social network are strong in reactivity but forums are stronger in knownledge/content. I've seen communities closed because they had no participation at all but everything goes on social network (for some of them even in the group they've created themselves "to be in social networks"). So it depends on what is the community purpose and how it is used. When you've only people "showing theirselves", everybody will go to social networks : it is made for. If the community has some kind of knowledge/content to share, people from social networks will go gather information from it to answer in their groups and may go back to the community when "nobody says"... So, from my modest single oppinion, it does not depend on the word you use to say it, but on the content the community spread. There is a balance to find between social networks and communities/forums where everyone can get what they (and we) want for the good of each. Personnally I still use "the f word", but also community or even "website", depending on the audience...
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