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  1. The "ancient forums" are still used to "exchange data" between users. You need Advanced forum readers software and... a community to know where to find what you're looking for... They're still usefull, but for a restrictet "knowing howoto" set of users... The fact you can easely create a group in social networks or smartphone apps is more "user friendly" and give to users without technical knowledge the possibility to create their own "communities" in an easy, fast and - relatively - effective way. As administrator that's the power of theese tools : they're easy to set and to use (as administrator). No need for hosting, no need to pay for it, no need to know PHP and what "user rights" mean... So, for most of the people, to choose between learn howto and just make it happen, the choice is not hard to do. As user, all users say it : "I use social network groups when I need a fast answer, but I use the community when I want a long-term track of my question/content/...". In other terms : social network are strong in reactivity but forums are stronger in knownledge/content. I've seen communities closed because they had no participation at all but everything goes on social network (for some of them even in the group they've created themselves "to be in social networks"). So it depends on what is the community purpose and how it is used. When you've only people "showing theirselves", everybody will go to social networks : it is made for. If the community has some kind of knowledge/content to share, people from social networks will go gather information from it to answer in their groups and may go back to the community when "nobody says"... So, from my modest single oppinion, it does not depend on the word you use to say it, but on the content the community spread. There is a balance to find between social networks and communities/forums where everyone can get what they (and we) want for the good of each. Personnally I still use "the f word", but also community or even "website", depending on the audience...
  2. Hi, why is this plugin disabled for download ? Is it possible to get it anyway or a newer version please ?
  3. Hi, I've done the same to prevent users hiding the slider, but it does not reset the display status for the users. I think it should be reset directly into the database, can you tell me which field in which table should I reset please ? Thankyou, Z
  4. It seems that depending on the server setup the special characters doesnot work well with IPB. Allow disabling special chars in URLs to administrators may be a good solution.
  5. Hi, Just a suggestion for evolution is to add the possibility to react per application (avoid users to react in gallery or pages for example). Thankyou for this useful plug-in ! Regards, Z
  6. ok, thankyou. I really need to take a look at this API...
  7. so... no other ideas or clues on how to do it ?
  8. Yes, I've translated it to french. 😉 But these words remains not translated... 😕
  9. Here is my screenshot : I've Commerce, Member Map, Pages, Gallery, Calendar (Calendrier), Forums installed and others (not providing user tab display, but only for APC features)
  10. Thankyou for your comment @Joel R, the Leaderboard sounds great just to "see" who's the most appreciated in the community. It does not seem to be a good "reward" enough to generate participation motivation (or addiction if you prefer). Te "reward" we're thinking about is just a group with greater rights, quotas, and anything that could be interesting (without compromising community's security of course) for the "really active" users. We've not yet think hard on what could be that "VIP group" in our community because for the moment we don't know how to identify those members...
  11. no, thankyou, css hack is not what I was looking for. I know how to do it.
  12. It's me again, I've tried your latest update (1.0.8) : . The display per app works better but it is still not OK : It is not displayed anymore while in the activity tab ; The list of applications in the "feed from gallery" -> slider -> Where to show? still does not display the Commerce App neither any other Applications tabs installed other than : "Forum", "Gallery", "Calendar" and "Pages". It seems not dynamic or don't working as it should... 😕 . I've a new bug report regarding translation strings : The Settings -> Effects & Colours -> Sliding Effect -> Sliding Effects list does not seam "translatable" : there are no strings to translate "Slide", "Fade", "Cube", ... Thankyou for your attention, Best regards, Z
  13. Yes, I understand your point of view. But mine is that I don't use it as a repeated texture to avoid copy but as a frame border definition. Here you can find a simple (and not finished) frame mask I've tried to use, maybe you'll understand better by taking a look. 😉
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