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  1. Hi, In USA everybody knows the VAT is to be added to what you buy, even in public stores so the shop logics are based on a "without VAT" price where the VAT is added at checkout... The Commerce module logic uses the same principle. Here in Europe we display prices "all taxes included", so the final price with the total amount of what you will have to pay, including VAT. My "problem" is that if I enable VAT management in commerce it is only a percent of the product value that is added to the "basic" (without VAT) price. It is the normal way VAT works, I agree, but it is not very useful. For europeans like me, it is a bit complex to got the exact total price you want to sell your products (displayed in the shop) by that way : the price needs to be computed regarding VAT, and to get the exact amount you want including VAT you need to set prices with a 1/10000 currency precision , or 1/100 cent precision (4 digits after the dot)... but... the commerce module does not accept prices more precise than at a cent (so 1/100 currency or two digits after the dot)... So it is nearly impossible for us to use VAT and have the right price displayed... It is very visible when we want a "round" price, like 40€, by activating the VAT (here it is 7.7%) we need to set a price of 40/(1+0.077)=37.14€ , then wen the final price is displayed in the shop, we've something like 40.01€ or 39.99€... 😑 So it will be better if the VAT could be computed from the "selling all taxes included" price rather than added to a base price... At least for us in Europe where we only need to show customers the VAT they've paid. So, in other words, we set a selling price of 40€, and the customer gots a bill where it is displayed they've paid 2,86€ VAT included in that total price. If you compare with CMS managing online shops like prestashop or Magento : this is something you can do without any problem and without a dedicated plug-in...
  2. similar problem with banned/spammer users that got awarded between their inscription and spamming : impossible to remove their awards after their content has been deleted...
  3. Hi, This feature is beginning to be mandatory : we had a user posting a new topic in a section giving award, but the topic was in the wrong place (we had to move it in the right place). So the user has now been wrongly awarded and there is no way to step back (you cannot remove a badge automatically given by a rule) except by launching a "recompute all" for 7hours and loosing awarding date/time for all the other members... 😑
  4. Solved that problem by ourselves using short words in translation (to french). But you can modify your string values and set "Message", "Content" and "Ignore", that will be just fine. 😉
  5. there are a lot of bug fixes since 4.6.4 regarding the achievements rules. Did you tried ?
  6. Hi, Now the push notifications are here (V4.6.X+), I think it makes sense to add the possibility of user's subscription to a flow : you create your own (or use a preset) flow and you can subscribe to the flow as to any content of the community (push/e-mail/notification center). So you'll be notified of any new content in your flow in the way you want/prefer. For administrators & moderators it could be useful from a monitoring point of view, but for the users it could be more close of what they're now used to (social networks flows) so more "user friendly" considering nowadays usual content management.
  7. you'll have the dates on the badges earned from now.
  8. Yes, linking achievements system with automatic promotion is something that has been already suggested. The challenge (for invision) may be to find a basic enough (so generic) way to create awarding rules allowing this kind of promotion...
  9. i'm not talking about your APC but your hosting provider. We user a provider that allows us access to a cPanel interface with useful functions against spamming.
  10. There was still some remaining bugs, I prefer to have a clean version than a new update every 3 days... V4.6.4 seems to be the "good one", so be patient... 😉
  11. Another possibility regarding badges awarding are the badges the users can own while they keep on certain amount per time. For example a user posts more than 30 posts / week : owns a "keep on" badge that could be named : "active contributor" (or something like that). So if the user goes under the 30 posts / week he looses the badge until he goes to that rate (or more)... That could promote participation in a more permanent way. Regarding milestones and points on that kind of rules I don't know if it can be useful. Milestones could be set on something like "owns that badge since 1 month" (so based on time) ; points make sense only if there are milestones (from my point of view)...
  12. If your e-mail hosting company has BoxTrapper, try to enable it (I've it under cPanel/E-mail). It is very effective avoiding spams on public e-mail addresses.
  13. In this kind of system (we have the same...) I would rather put the "repeatable" flag on the last/highest rule, so the user goes through all the levels you've defined (usually following an exponential curve) but it is never finished : the users can still got twice or more the last one. Seems a good way of "never ending" to me...
  14. Nope, I think you'll need to modify the template to do so.
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