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  1. Brilliant. Many thanks. I bet you sometimes wish you could disable new registrations on this forum at times 🙂
  2. Hi. I can't find the answer to this. I want to stop new people from registering but ideally allow people who are already members to continue as normal. I also want guests to still be able to view all the forums. Just don't want any more new topics. Is this possible please?
  3. Thank you, but I know where the button is. I just published this photo to show that the published this menu button is ridiculously easy to miss because it is not anywhere near the save this menu item.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. They've been very helpful, and thanks for the tip about the publish this menu option. The publish this menu option is displayed out of sight, above the fold, and on the opposite side to where you make the changes. So I didn't see it. When you have made changes, there is a Save Menu Item button. But for reasons I can't fathom, the Publish this menu button is completely out of sight, at the top left of the page. See screenshot below So my solution to this last issue was to untick the option to let guests see unread content. I'd tried that before and saved the changes, but as described above, I did not see the published this menu option. I'm surprised that we are allowed to let people see content that they are not allowed to, and therefore generating errors. But I do have to admit that I've only just seen the text underneath the option to "let me choose..", Which warns of this very thing. So that's my bad. I appreciate that there might be certain things a forum owner might want to show to guests - maybe to tempt them to sign up, though if this is the case, I think it would be a good idea to send people who are not authorised to view certain aspects to a signup page saying join our forum to see this content instead of generating an error page.
  5. There’s nothing to see really. Just menu manager with the option to let guests see unread content. It should be same in any invision as it’s part of it.
  6. Thanks. I’m out at the moment but have a look at the main menus Under Activity https://www.washerhelp.co.uk/forums/forum/39-uk-washing-machine-repair-questions/
  7. Yes I fully understand that, so I’m wondering why do guests see that link that they aren’t allowed to view, and why is it an option in Menu Manager to allow guests to see unread content?
  8. Hello Marc. Unread content is visible to guests on my forum, and clicking on it when not logged in produces the permission error page. In my main menu I have "Activity". This link, when hovered over, shows the following links - All Activity - Online Users - Unread Content - Search This menu is shown to all users, and any not logged in clicking the unread content get the Sorry, you do not have permission for that! page. Obviously, I can fix this by removing that section from the main menu. But I don't understand why it does this when, in the menu manager, "Unread Content", is definitely set to allow guests to view it.
  9. Many thanks Marc. I've just been through the settings in applications. I found that guests were not allowed to access profiles. After adding permission for guests, I can now view the following when not logged in /forums/leaderboard/ "Find content" link /forums/topmembers/ "Find content" link But the link for /forums/discover/unread/ still brings up the same error. I looked at where the settings are for this under the menu manager. The unread content section was set to "I want to choose which groups can see this item" but guests was already ticked. So I instead ticked the, "Show this item to users who can access its content" option which made no difference. I even tried going back to setting individual permissions, selecting "non" and saving, and then re-selecting "All" including guests. But nothing works. Clicking, Activity/Unread content still brings up "You do not have permission to view this stream" (Error code: 2C280/3) for guests.
  10. Hi. I couldn't get the YouTube advice to work because his setup is different to mine and I didn't have the options that he suggested. However, I have done a lot more research and digging. One puzzle is solved, and that is that I couldn't understand what this page was because I couldn't find it anywhere. But through experimentation I found that when browsing as a guest, certain links bring up an error page stating - The page you are trying to access is not available to guests, but may be available if you sign in. But viewing the source markup of this page reveals that its title is <title>Sorry, you do not have permission for that!</title> I'm still completely puzzled as to how my page views have suddenly just shot up but at least the 1,700 page views of the "Sorry, you do not have permission for that!" Page making it rank at number two could be explained by guests (and presumably bots) will all generate this page if they click on the following links which are on my main menu - /forums/leaderboard/ "Find content" link /forums/topmembers/ "Find content" link /forums/discover/unread/ "unread content" link There is no option under permissions for guests to allow them to view this content. I don't understand why they can't by default, it seems harmless enough. So is there a way to allow guests to view this content? Should I not have these links in my main menu? Though it is an option to do this so it seems strange that the system allows these links to be created when they will only generate hundreds of thousands of error pages for nonmembers. Many thanks for your continued support in this.
  11. Hi Randy, yes that's what I initially thought until I saw the "Sorry, you do not have permission for that!" was the second largest page viewed in the last 28 days. From the last 12 months up until 5 April, the "sorry" page is at position 163, with 127 views by 97 members. But if I just look at figures for 6th April to today (6 days) then the sorry page is number 2 with 1,688 views by 1,688 members. I immediately assumed that this page is what has caused the spike, but thinking about it, as page views have gone up from 500 to about 3000 this page doesn't really account for all of the spike - but is at least a large part of it. Could you tell me what kind of page could bring up the "Sorry, you do not have permission for that!"? I've never come across it in 20 years of running forums. I can also only find one mention of it on Google. It can't be a link from a popular source, because anyone can view any page. Even if a link had a mistyped URL people would get a,"sorry we couldn't find that page". If someone was trying to log it they would get a wrong password error etc. So I'm struggling to think what could be generating this error page so relentlessly for six days solid.
  12. Thanks Marc. I will try to get more information, though it was only a spike the first day. After 6 consecutive days it seems like something different.
  13. Thanks Randy. Unfortunately I can't see any URLs on Google analytics in the section that reports this. There aren't any pages on my website that people don't have access to, other than obviously an admin login for example. There wouldn't be any errors if a guest tried to view any pages as Invision just does not show, "reply to topic", or "post new topic to guests" who are not allowed to do so. It's hard not to suspect some sort of book when this has only happened after I upgraded to the latest version, though I appreciate that I'm the only one (at least so far) that has noticed this. There must be some way to find out what people are trying to access that they do not have permission for, especially when you have a massive spike like this?
  14. Hi Randy. Thank you for that. I do remember that, but then I put the correct details in, and the upgrade carried out successfully. I'm currently running version 4.7.9. So that's very strange, they are the only errors showing, and they are on the day that I upgraded the forums to the latest version. But it doesn't really explain any spike in page views. Page views have gone from between 4 and 500 a day to 1,459 on the 6th. Then 3,000 the next day, then 3,628 and has stayed in the 3,000s. The Sorry, you do not have permission for that! page has been viewed 1,700 times in the last week and is the second most viewed page on there. Is there any way to find out why the page is being refused and what page? It couldn't possibly be caused by me entering wrong Client area password when upgrading unless it's set off some weird reaction?
  15. Hello Randy. Thank you for your reply. Everyone can view all of the forums, and all posts including guests. Guests aren't allowed to reply, or start topics. But it's always been like that, and this strange thing only started several days ago. I've just found the following in the system error logs, which must be the culprit as they started on the same day. Any idea what is going on please? I don't have anything set to automatically upgrade. 06/04/23 11:13 auto_upgrade LogicException (0) Email address or password incorrect. Make sure you are providing the details that you use to log int... 06/04/23 11:11 auto_upgrade LogicException (0) Email address or password incorrect. Make sure you are providing the details that you use to log int... 06/04/23 11:10 auto_upgrade LogicException (0) Email address or password incorrect. Make sure you are providing the details that you use to log int... 21/03/23 11:14 uncaught_exception OutOfRangeException: (0) #0 /home/customer/www/washerhelp.co.uk/public_html/forums/applications/cms...
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