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  1. OK, so there was a cert issue that got resolved, however, now I am back to only a partial list of forums loading for selection. And loading more does not load additional or all of the forums.
  2. I deleted the Zap, deleted the API Key, recreated both, same error on both browsers. Happens when I try to connect the Invision Community. Wonder if it's CF related, will test it without that.
  3. Sorry for the delay. Running on macOS, tried Chrome and Safari, same error when trying to connect the account to Zapier. Nothing extra running on either browser. Any other ideas?
  4. Not sure what to look at here, but I'm trying to set up a Zap to create a new forum Topic however Zapier only shows a subset of forums. Searching for a forum that exists (and is even guest viewable) returns no results. Any ideas?
  5. I got it, thanks @Ryan Ashbrook Whitelisted the server IP at: Security → WAF → Tools → IP Access Rules
  6. But only the CF Pro account and domain would do this, not the 2 other CF Free accounts and domains?
  7. Figured I'd ask in this forum to see if any other site owners or developers have any insight into this issue I'm experiencing on one of my sites. The setup: 1 server that hosts 3 IPS sites. All sites running the same version of IPS (latest patched). 1 site uses Cloudflare Pro, 2 sites use Cloudflare Free CF Pro site gets a warning/error in the AdminCP indicating rewriting does not seem to be working, however the FURLs do work OK. CF Pro site does not work with the AdminCP API. It loops to the same screen with Continue despite the .htaccess being in the proper /api directory. The other 2 sites using CF Free do not experience this issue. Disabling CF on the CF Pro site resolves the issues with the errors/warnings and the API screen works fine (without changing anything else). This isolates the problem to something with CF Pro however I've been through every setting and compared to the other 2 CF Free sites and cannot identify anything that would be causing this. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Alright, so you mentioned CF so I disabled that and low and behold it worked again. Re-enabled and after a short while, it broke again. That lead me to think it was a corrupt cache but purging the entire cache did not resolve it. The one primary difference is this one site is on a CF Pro account and the others are not. So now it's matter of what on CF changed with Pro accounts recently that influences this.
  9. Also nothing identified in the AdminCP Support panel. Running latest version and 0 critical issues and 0 recommendations.
  10. I reviewed the php.ini and installed php packages and versions. Both the working and non-working sites are identical. Likewise, with the .htaccess at both the root and /api levels was compared and tested. So I'm at a dead end here as to where to check. Is there not any log anywhere that would identify what is causing the error or causing the API admin page to go into an infinite loop of Continue despite the .htaccess file (downloaded from that same screen) being present in the /api directory?
  11. Heh, and the host says their accounts for each site are identical (ala cPanel, etc), so it can only be the software. I wonder if @Thomas Hop figured it out. Any chance it could be some permissions issue? Where else can I look to try and narrow down on this problem? Any system/error logs that would identify what isn't working and causing that error?
  12. Yes it was renamed correctly. There was also an existing one in there that worked for a long time until recently, which I subsequently renamed (.htaccess-20240415) and reuploaded a IPS ACP generated .htaccess file. Same result. Just an infinite "Continue" loop at the API menu of ACP.
  13. I did, I removed it all down to just the IPS rules and it still resulted in the same issue. Also worth adding, the htaccess file that was working wasn't changed for years. So something changed, either at the host level or at the IPS level. I can't tell which because it's a single server with 3 instances of IPS runnings where two work and one doesn't. The FURL rewrites seem to work fine, but the API menu in the ACP keeps prompting me to install the htaccess file in the api directory (which I did) but hitting Continue does nothing but reload the initial page.
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