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    Works great! Easy install and setup for Amazon. Was tired of manually seeking out and updating the Amazon links my members would post just to add my affiliate tag. This app automates all of that and not only ensures you don't overlook updating any links, but that you don't miss the most important first wave of views and clicks! Nicely done @DawPi!
  1. Yes, that did work! Using it with 1Password now! Nice! Agree, can just rename it Authenticator. For some reason I thought you had it coupled to Google Authenticator.
  2. Right, I use 1Password's 2FA already for a number of sites, it works well. I just want to see IPS' software natively support it. Right now there is only Authy (which costs money and I already pay for 1Password to do 2FA), Google Authenticator (which is free but buggy as hell based on the app reviews), and Q&A.
  3. Any chance of adding more 2FA providers such as 1Password?
  4. Any plans to add other handlers such as via 1Password?
  5. My first thought was you must not be from the Northeast US...in certain areas and crowds every other word is the F word.
  6. Can you verify too if this will work with activity streams? I uninstalled it because it didn't meet that use case in an earlier release.
  7. OK so I'm not crazy, this isn't just happening to me. My guess is a bug or like you said, the concept is lost in translation.
  8. Pete any thoughts on this? The total members in 24 hours gets reset regularly, making it essentially the most users in the last 24 hours versus the most users every in a 24 hour period. I've seen mine get reset from 330 to 317 to 335 to 280 to 310 to 344. Doesn't make any sense...in that order, it should get set to 330, then 335, then 344...never the other values.
  9. OK sounds good. The issue I found with 4.2.8 was that the bump seems to work when viewing the respective forum's list of topics, however it does not appear to be updated in the activity stream. Not clear on why that would be as I'd imagine the topic's last update timestamp would be updated and it should be reflected in the activity stream as well. Any ideas?
  10. OK, so we have two parts: Part 1: Who Was Online X Users Were Online In the Last 24 hours Part 2: (Most Members Ever Online In 24 hours was Y Last Accomplished on 42 Minutes) Part 1 should be calculated every 24 hours and reset at some point based on the server time/timezone. Part 2 should only be replaced/overwritten when the total for a given 24 hour time period in Part 1 exceeds any prior 24 hour period. Part 2 is not what is happening. It is resetting with a lesser value at a later date. 01/01/2018 I have 300 members and Part 2 shows 300 members. 01/02/2018 I h
  11. Pete, sorry I couldn't exactly understand. Are you saying you have an idea why it's happening or is my explanation unclear? To clarify, I'm simply saying earlier date will show higher number of users than a later date. I'm assuming it shouldn't do that, as the earlier date's count/value should be maintained until it is surpassed.
  12. What I experienced (ignore the actual counts, just an example to show the difference) is two days ago it said the most members ever online in 24 hours was 300 accomplished 1 hour ago, then today it says the most members ever online in 24 hours was 200 accomplished 2 hours ago. Shouldn't it maintain the most members ever online count indefinitely until it is surpassed?
  13. Using this in 4.2.8, it does work, however I think the count for the most online in 24 hours isn't correct. It showed a higher value the other day than it shows right now. Does re-caching i in the ACP Support menu maybe reset this?
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