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  1. Is it possible to force English alphanumeric (or any other rules) to topic naming convention?
  2. Did the rebuild. Put a topic poll up after and no change for many members. They are mainly reporting being on a custom stream, clicking a topic then hitting the browser back button and landing at All Activity rather than the initial custom stream page.
  3. It happens any time the sites base URL is visited via browser. Logo is a common use case, but so are bookmarks, link shares, etc. To that end I did notice significant performance issues after upgrading to 4.6 and following similar steps you described resolved it. I'll try the search index rebuild and see if it helps.
  4. Haven't tried the rebuild search index. This seems to be a random request pattern where the same URL calls different backing endpoints. So I'd suspect it's something with the request handler within Streams as it either defaults to /discovery (All Activity) or the one that is configured /discovery/id (Custom).
  5. Yes many members have been complaining about the inconsistent behavior leading to a lot of confusion and explanation, to the point where I've had an announcement posted for a week+ trying to explain it when they visit.
  6. Yep, this is how I have it set as well. To be clear, it does work...only sometimes in 4.6 as described above whereas pre-4.6 it worked all the time. In 4.6+ it sometimes loads All Activity (/discover) and sometimes loads my custom stream (/discovery/6). I updated my original post to include this info. Also just for more info, we use a custom Activity Stream that shows only topics (i.e. therefore Recent Topics), which is the main area of interest for my members.
  7. I'm running into an issue and have a ticket open with IPS support already on this, but figured I'd ask here to see if anyone else is doing something similar and may either have this working properly or be experiencing the same as I am right now in 4.6.3 (really 4.6+). The setup: Base URL: https://somesite.com Custom Activity Stream FURL: https://somesite.com/discovery/6 Default All Activity Stream FURL: https://somesite.com/discovery IPS Config: - Default App: System - Default Module: Content Discovery - Custom FURL pointing https://somesite.com to https://somesite.com/index.php?app=core&module=discover&controller=streams&id=6 Previous to upgrading to 4.6, this functionality worked the way I expected. When a visitor clicked on the site logo or visited the base URL of https://somesite.com, it would load and display https://somesite.com/index.php?app=core&module=discover&controller=streams&id=6 as desired. Since 4.6, this functionality has not executed the same consistently, sometimes incorrectly requesting the base All Activity /discovery endpoint and sometimes correctly requesting the /discovery/id endpoint. It seems most frequent to happen when replying in a topic and then clicking the site logo to return to the site's base URL. And sometimes happens simply when browsing a topic and then clicking the site logo to return to and load the base URL. First, does anyone else have a similar setup and if so is it working as you'd expect? Second, do you have any idea where this could be going wrong or an alternate approach to achieve the same result? This has been a significant impact to user experience on my site, as it is the site's default landing page and therefore it's frontpage. I'm dealing with daily complaints, seeing a significant traffic drop, impacting revenue and cannot confidently share anything to try and gain more viewership because of the inconsistent (and confusing for viewers) display.
  8. There is an "Exclude Groups" under Members >> Achievements >> Settings in the ACP
  9. Quoted myself because this was actually incorrect. You can change the rank points and it will show you the number of members who fall into that before execute the rank updates. That's a great feature that saves the time crunch of doing the update. Lots of really cool features in this update, the rank/awards system is quite robust. Nicely done!
  10. I'm working through the new ranks and badge system. The included rebuild process works well, but you'll have to run it initially to see how your members rank. I had too many already up to the max level so I'm reweighting and rebuilding again.
  11. I have a Recent Topics activity stream that serves as my default landing page and only shows topics. It is configured as the default application and module, and did work as desired before the upgrade. After the upgrade to 4.6.2, it seems like my main URL landing page randomly serves the All Activity stream instead. I notice it most when replying to a topic and clicking the site logo to navigate back to the base site URL. I can then click the Home breadcrumb button and it will navigate correctly to the Recent Topics stream and show the Activity breadcrumb as it should. When it shows Home it's no longer on the default stream/module. Anyone else experiencing this or have any ideas?
  12. Nice addition! I do the same thing with Group promotions to prevent undetected spammers. Another future enhancement idea would be to put any posts with links from members with less than N posts into a moderator approval queue, or even some level of link masking (like spoiler) that requires moderator approval to unmask. This would help mitigate new members (spammers) from posting malicious links.
  13. What if that describes my one's entire community?
  14. Should we remove all colors too? May go all black and white? Maybe they can change their domain to just website.com to ensure full generic compliance? Really as a product driven website, it makes the most sense for them to showcase their product features and offerings, and perhaps apply their known best of breed use case patterns so others can replicate their success. Or just go full generic so everyone can be a robot with zero personality and nothing stands out commanding unique attention. Psssst it's OK to have fun! 😁
  15. We call him Jordan, but that's also fine. Gotta say that one made me chuckle 🤣 Good idea removing the negative reactions, agree they generally spark negative responses/replies. Also a good point by @Jordan identifying the general positive sentiment garnered from a positive reaction versus provoking users to provide more of a textual response explaining their discontent (rather than leaving it to fester in the brain of the OP they reacted to).
  16. Definitely not a high priority, might just be a low hanging fruit impl given the inclusion already exists, adding exclusion may be a relatively futile work effort. For my site, we add RSS feeds, sponsors, etc to their own forum from time to time and have to tweak the stream config. Not a big deal, but the exclusions are pretty fixed and don't change often/ever whereas the inclusions do. We have quite a few forums (a little under 100) as it's a broad niche with broad interests. So it becomes select 90+ versus select 2-3 (that don't change) for our global stream. However, for members who create custom streams, each one has to select 90+ inclusions to get what they really want versus selecting < 10 exclusions they don't want, which is just inconvenient. Just something to think about if it's an easy/straightforward impl for you guys 🙂
  17. Just a request to add an exclude filter on Activity Streams, as the inverse of the inclusion filter. Use case is I have a Recent Topics stream that has pretty much all forums except a few and it requires selecting a lot of them versus selecting just a few.
  18. Any chance you can add support for Venmo as a payment option now that they support business profiles? I get a lot of requests from members to pay via Venmo and have pushed them to use PayPal given Venmo didn't allow business transactions before. I know Venmo is owned by PayPal but for mobile users there is a strong preference and ease of use with Venmo https://venmo.com/business/start/
  19. Absolutely, not a forced integration, just an optional one. As an aside, what kind of cost do you see going to S3. A few dollars for how much video? Video files are generally huge and if you're storing a lot of them, I'd imagine it would be more than a few dollars a month on S3, no?
  20. Possible to also maybe offer an automated YouTube/Vimeo/etc integration? Undoubtedly videos absorb a ton of my storage space, and it seems somewhat unnecessary (or at least sub-optimal) considering the limitations of embeds and the superior video processing/handling YouTube/Vimeo offer along with free storage. That would be a huge selling point for IPS to offer such native integration and cost savings to it's customers. Not to mention it's probably easier/better than IPS trying to tackle the video processing/handling and limitations.
  21. YouTube used to support uploading via an email address, but they eventually terminated that feature. Before then, I would use it and have members just email their videos, it would upload automatically to the channel and set it to Unlisted where I would review and approve it. Took a lot of the legwork out but a lot of manual work still there. Agree, you wouldn't want to blanket trust random members to upload TOS conforming videos, you'd need some level of mod/admin approval workflow in there too.
    Works great! Easy install and setup for Amazon. Was tired of manually seeking out and updating the Amazon links my members would post just to add my affiliate tag. This app automates all of that and not only ensures you don't overlook updating any links, but that you don't miss the most important first wave of views and clicks! Nicely done @DawPi!
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