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  1. Hi, Does it add a watermark to screen caps in downloads?
  2. Ability in ACP to choose which payment methods can be used to buy GIFT CARDS Ability to send GIFT CARD to PM, (IE: another user) Ability to set Min Gift Purchase amount. IE: avoid 1 cent gift cards being sold. I want to choose the min amount that can be added to a gift card. Someway to track SOLD verses redeemed amounts, and see by user who paid for which gift card. This will let me know outstanding balance and also help with customer service. For example if people say they never got the gift card, I can just tell them the code because I can see in the ACP the gift card they paid for. Or if they claim they can't redeem, I am better able to address if I have some clue what is going on. Right now there is ZERO information in the ACP. Very difficult to manage a gift card business this way The "print" gift card option doesn't work at all right now. So either make that option work, or get rid of it all together. (either is fine with me) Ability to choose which member groups can buy GIFT CARDS That is my feature request list right now. If all these things are addressed, I think a near useless feature will suddenly become a very useful feature. I will fund main development and you are free to sell to others in the marketplace for any price you like Sound good? Thank you 🙂
  3. I am having this same issue. I need to offer Gift Cards ASAP as a way for members to share account credits Finding the following issues. forced to allow ALL payment methods, which I don't want to do. Especially since it's against the rules to sell gift cards with 1 of my payment methods. Can't send gift card to PM IF allowing any amount of Gift Card, be able to set minimum purchase amount. I don't want someone buying a 2 cent gift card to test it out. How can admin track how much outstanding GIFT card balance (not redeemed) is out in the world? Isn't this important to know? IF choosing print (instead of email), WHERE ON EARTH do I go to print the redeem code? The customer never sees it. Would anyone consider a Plugin to Solve for this stuff? A Gift card upgrade of sorts. @TheJackal84 are you down for this one?
  4. Hi @stoo2000, I know you're very busy. No, worries we got it figure out here on my site. Excellent app. Highly recommend this to all SES customers.
  5. Well that was a huge pain in the butt and there was no support given here. BUT, I got it working and it's AWESOME. My reputation is now squeaky clean!! For anyone willing to dive in and try to make this work with their Amazing SES account, the potential rewards are huge. It's worth it!!! Thank you @stoo2000 !!!!!
  6. Mine is exactly like the screen shot you posted
  7. IS RAW message supposed to be enabled, or disabled?
  8. Is there a step by step somewhere on how to set this up for Amazon SES? The Amazon documentation is a word salad novel!
  9. Yes but I don’t want to test on my live site
  10. I didn’t realize this was a bug. I thought it was by design. Would be great to get it working!
    Sadly doesn’t work when purchases are made from downloads marketplace app, which is the whole reason I bought this 😢😭
  11. I hope the bugs on this one get worked out and I may give this a try. Excellent idea!! Thank you 🙂
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