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  1. Regardless, it's frustrating that the world is coming to a point where folks need to consult an attorney just to operate a basic web forum.
  2. So this has nothing to do with the day my wife convinced me that we should get married? oh well. Still a good article I suppose 😊
  3. No, it doesn't California Has gone totally bonkers. It's so stupid. Yet we keep voting for the same bozo's, I really don't understand it!!! Why is Newsome in office again? He's absolutely horrible.
  4. this is still an issue for IPS software. Just keeping it on the radar.
  5. Any updates? I really need this
  6. How do I discover the answer to this question?
  7. I see the button but it doesn’t do anything. No error, just nothing.
  8. seems like this stopped working on the newest version of IPB. Can you help?
  9. Well I would love to purchase here but probably won’t purchase from your site. Just being honest. I hope you will reconsider the strategy and shoot for a release here. There is lots of traffic here worth leveraging. Thanks for making it happen either way
  10. Yeah but it also won't be purchased. So not sure if that's a win.
  11. Maybe this is dumb, but why is it encrypted?
  12. I had something in progress and now all I see is this.
  13. I don't even know what this is yet... BUT OMG am I tired of stupid regulations. PLEASE GO AWAY with this stuff big gov! .. Let me guess, EU again? UGH EDIT: Great!! CALI-FREAKING-FORNIA!!! I should have known AHAHAHAHAH And Guess where I live, yup... California and YES I have enough users to fall into this. FML!!!! So tired of this crap! Why can't we just have a website without constant problems???
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