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  1. Mark himself has replied to this thread! Not necessary for you because you have seen it. Each time it’s been bumped new people have seen it , provided opinions and even learned stuff.
  2. It gets requested all the time for years by many folks. It feels unrealistic that oops nobody has noticed. It’s deliberate. The part about it not being important to everyone is a non sequitur
  3. Is anyone at all explaining why shopping cart is not being added to downloads? Its starting to get real awkward seeing the great lengths that are being taken to avoid this topic? It’s basically a giant elephant in the room at this point
  4. Count me in on this! Please add this feature
  5. You're winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you help me if you figure this out?
  6. I feel like we are hi-jacking Makoto's thread so maybe we take this to PM if you like but to be honest its REALLY difficult to get help developing this stuff. I have offered money to folks for upgrades they admitted were small and not even had them ask "How much will you pay". It sometimes feels like a bucket of "no can do" around here. I don't know if folks are just way over worked too busy, or sick of it. Maybe a combination. So I have just been yelling into the wind about Downloads hoping some how someone will take notice. It's such an amazing app totally loaded with potential that could set this suite apart from anything else. It's truly unique and easily the best way to make money using a forum. I so shocked that so few have figured this out.
  7. The version nonsense drives me NUTS.. I don't sell software! (Same thing for renewals) If someone would write a plugin called. Eliminate VERSION numbers and RENEWALS from downloads app This plugin totally removes the settings and views for version numbers and renewals for the downloads app. This effects both screens on file upload and customer facing screens. That simple plugin alone would be a GOD SEND!!!! Sadly .. nope haven't seen it 😞
  8. I AGREE!! Downloads, the most neglected and yet most important application in the entire IPB Suite.
  9. Is it possible to have trophies automatically awarded for contributors who achieve count of sales goals using the downloads app. Examples: Member A has achieved 15 total sales transactions using downloads app (the marketplace). Member A has uploaded 15 distinct files to the downloads app (market place) EDIT: apparently this one already works. Member A has sold 15 distinct files using downloads app (the market place) I would like any of these but the first and last one are the best. It can help increase sales!! Can these happen?
  10. Yeah, now that I know it doesn't notify anyone I suppose I will have to crack open a PM and manually notify someone. Would be nice if I could be efficient and let the mention do it's job though.
  11. Thanks, any plans to make this work to lead the customer to my message I left for them (using a mention)? This feature would be VERY helpful.
  12. One of the navigation tabs on my site says "Forums"... Should I be thinking about relabeling it? Maybe I can call it "Conversations" (or something) @Matt
  13. I add messages quite often to downloads files that I cannot approve. I will notify the member letting them know why I have not approved it. It was recently brought to my attention that the mention system isn't notifying members as it should when used inside a message box. HELP!
  14. I really want some better filters also (as stated above) I tried to pay someone to help with this but they did not finish the job. Really wish Fosters would get some time to improve this great app. I offered Money to move this into the priority list and get it on the radar but was flat out rejected. Did not even try to negotiate something 😞
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