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  1. Hi! What is your website? You had listed it as something that is going well, but there was no link attached.

  2. What are you even talking about? I see now why there is an ignore button.
  3. Oh come on... seriousy? Please stop gezzz
  4. I just learned about this amazing technique! All this time I thought I was supposed to touch public door knobs and then lick my fingers!... Wow, was I wrong.
  5. All I know is I am averaging about 2 emails per hour (from almost every company I've ever done business with) where the CEO is writing a very serious note that basically amounts to them telling me to wash my hands!... ALRIGHT IT GET IT! Actually a little disappointed that I haven't got my official "Go wash your hands" note from IPS. LOL
  6. Regardless of if the world is reacting in the right way or not, this is certainly going to be a new kind of shock to the economy. Having the whole world massively slow productivity is a pretty wild thing economically speaking. We possibly have a second problem on our hands in addition to a health crisis.
  7. oh relax, a bit of levity never hurt anyone. A little mirth is a welcome virtue.
  8. https://patents.justia.com/inventor/sarah-keep
  9. Seems very cool! I like this Thank you EDIT: I bought it.. I will play around with it.
  10. will files uploaded to one of these special categories show in the browse carousel ?
  11. Sorry, to keep asking questions but a couple more. Once a specific category is created to be this new special type let's say assume the following file submitter-A submits FILE 1 file submitter-B submits FILE 2 Then file submitter-A designates George to have access File submitter-B designates Jose to have access Which file can George access.. all or just FILE 1 ? And a third question.. can file submitter still charge for files uploaded in this special category?
  12. Will this effect the entire downloads app or is it downloads category specific? Like can I use downloads as normal and apply this only to specific categories? Or does it effect only specific files that are uploaded?
  13. Ok, Also just found out if you go to a profile and add &do=profileprivacy at the end of the url you can edit that users privacy. That's right, anybody can edit anyone else's privacy settings. This is a big flaw! Also this mod uses the members table and adds a default value of 'everyone' to every single member record. Slows down your entire member table. I guess FYI to anyone looking at this or who is already using this.
  14. hi, @Fosters Does this plugin block both of the following pages? https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/571929-faqole/ but does not block this page https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/571929-faqole/content/ Or does it have the same flaw as the other profile privacy plugin in the marketplace? Oh fosters.. I see you haven't responded to this thread since may. 😞
  15. Hi, There is a major flaw with this plug in. It blocks this page https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/571929-faqole/ but does not block this page https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/571929-faqole/content/ This has my users highly upset. Please help ASAP
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