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  1. When a user is giving free access to a new download file is there anyway to have the recipient notified? Folks are getting access to files and never becoming aware. Using the notification system here would be great
  2. How does one access downloads (app) from the native app?
  3. Deep conspiracy there! Which I like don’t get me wrong. But Facebook does make money as a very sophisticated advertising platform. The Facebook pixel is amazing and regular folks are making money with their Shopify stores etc
  4. Anyone successful with using their site as a PWA?
  5. Any chance of this change coming soon?
  6. If one loses their phone and they have forced Google Auth, can this situation ever be fixed?
  7. @stoo2000 Do you think you will add SES support? I am really struggling to keep the bounce rate down. Hanging on by a thread here.
  8. I would love to see support for Amazon SES SMTP.
  9. That ought to make the buyer happy 😆
  10. Can't wait to see this. Hopefully it gets approved soon.
  11. Hi, Someone on my team tested and came to this conclusion. I didn't run a check as I usually just try to make things happen quickly. Thank you for all the support!
  12. Just found out this allows files submitter to rate and review their own files. Not good. Being used by some of my file contributors to cheat and fake up ratings. Please help
  13. Hate this law so much! https://www.wired.co.uk/article/porn-block-uk-wired-explains
  14. I am getting spam like CRAZY via the contact us form. Any one solve for this? I am deleting emails all day long. This is becoming a full time job! That's the problem.
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