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  1. https://invisionify.com/vortex-development/free-plugins/extra-footer-links-r9/
  2. I did a little research, I guess you mean the plugin by @TDBF There is also a version 2.0, but the DL site is down too ... https://zaquria.com/public/d/7-website-footer-200
  3. You could try https://www.invisioneer.org/marketplace/ If it isn't out there, it looks bad. In that case I would recommend to switch to a plugin that is still supported.
  4. Isn't Radical Tags developend anymore btw?
  5. Hi, INVISIONify is not my site and I don't get admin emails over there. Back 2 Top was always a free plugin, you don't need a key. Simply download the latest version and install or upgrade it, that's all 🙂
  6. https://invisionify.com/fxpages/databases/create-community-faq/
  7. In the logs folder on your server should be a .gz for every domain.
  8. This site doesn't use the Blogs, it's a Pages database.
  9. Maybe this https://v0rt3x.dev/files/file/6-extra-footer-links/
  10. Another option would be this one, graphically a bit more sophisticated than the welcome widget and with many settings... https://v0rt3x.dev/files/file/62-hero-image/
  11. What exactly have you done? Maybe this guide can help you ... If you have more questions feel free to ask 🙂
  12. The Slider doesn't even work in the unmodified default theme? Do you have any other ads or modifications that could cause conflicts? Maybe you could post a link to the site for a closer look.
  13. Basically like this but use the display: none with the searchbox (simply examine page with rightclick).
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