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  1. I didn't need the require or the front-end session, in fact they crashed my page, but getting the logged in user with $member = \IPS\Member::loggedIn(); worked great for me. I then solved the problem I mentioned above using $member->inGroup();
  2. This widget is great for me, the only problem I have is that "groups who can see this", behaves differently to the way it does on advertisements (native invision) If I have a member who is in group A and group B, and I decide to hide show adverts to everyone except group B, they are hidden from that member. However, if I do the same for TXT & PHP Widget, the member will still be able to see the widget, because he is in Group A. Logically your way makes the most sense compared to the description of the field, but it's less useful in my experience.
    This is great. One minor improvement, it would be good if your widget had a unique class or ID, or even in an ideal world, a field to add a class, so we can style it with css easily.
  3. I'm somewhat relieved that I'm not alone in this! I've looked at dev tools before, that's where I saw the original typeerror, but errors on there are inconsistent. I do have cloudflare but I'm not using any minifying tools afaik. I wish there was simply an option to turn off the collapsing feature. I have, the response was just "maybe its because you click on it before your javascript has loaded" (as if this would be an acceptable UX even if it was true! Some people have slow connections, doesnt mean the most clicked thing on the page should feasibly break itself on click)
  4. I found another person with this issue from 2015, I can't really be alone in this? It happens frequently now, people are complaining that they can't post. I've tried waiting for js to finish loading before clicking and either way it can happen. Does anyone know how to use js to forcibly expand Ckeditor from the starting point? I wont care about longer load times if it works.
  5. My forum is about video games, adsense are being very strict about "adult" content and saying that anything that even talks about a game, movie, anything slightly risque is a violation, this was the example they used (obvs slightly nsfw, but I think it's tame and not "content intended to be sexually gratifying", the intent is just to tell people about a game) https://forum.n-europe.com/topic/26302-catherine/ The annoying thing is these threads have been there forever, they're just all of a sudden complaining. Adsense is our only way to pay for hosting etc. Other ad providers dont provide decent enough code, responsive ads etc, or dont generate enough money. Anyway even on vbulletin 3 I could block ads from threads very simply :/
  6. Bump nobody ever sees this but me? I don't understand how this can be just me since I don't have any custom js
  7. Can I do that per thread? My issue is that google adsense has policy issues with particular threads. Also not sure css hiding would be enough for their automated policy reviews anyway. Thanks though
  8. Anyone know how to prevent an advertisement showing up in a particular topic or on a particular page? Preferably without using custom ad positions and modifying templates
  9. Thank you. I spoke to support and the official line is to change the locale, but doesn't seem to make sense to me since the default en_US should include the commas anyway. Also I couldn't seem to install en_GB despite generating the locale on my server. Anyway that plugin worked a charm. And I should've thought to search "thousand separator" instead of "comma in post count"
  10. Simple question, how can I have a comma in my post count? These forums have one, but mine (barely customised from the default theme) do not.
  11. Sometimes I click on the reply box at the bottom of a thread to expand it, and the WYSIWYG doesn't load, only the grey attachment area appears, like this: Anyone else ever have this? I can't recreate it on these boards so I'm wondering if it's something I broke, although I can't imagine how, I don't have any custom javascript.
  12. I want to empty my db and start afresh, what's the best way to backup my options and settings etc (not forums, topics, posts)?
  13. After converting from vbulletin I have (at least) three broken tags all youtube videos used to be embedded with bbcodes so now they show as [youtube]o3498ghnser5[/youtube]. Same for tweets. I'm aware of how they work now but is there something for fixing existing ones? all spoilers are broken because they accept an argument, [spoiler="about the ending of the movie"]Spoiler text[/spoiler] - (by the way I really think this is the superior way to do a spoiler tag...) Is there some way I can maybe parse these or convert them all?
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