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  1. Has anyone been able to create a Statistics block for a database page?
  2. Finally fixed it...there was a clash between your addon and another one I use for the gallery
  3. Is there any more advice on how to fix this because I can't use the addon...thanks
  4. Last time he has posted here was Sept 11 yet he has been here since but not responding to any issues
  5. No, that didn't fix it...I have uninstalled the addon, reinstalled it, emptied the custom.css, and deleted the cache through the support function and still the same
  6. Ok will try but this is the bloody problem with not allowing the download of addon files as I have to try and resolve this on a LIVE site stuffing up my users etc
  7. Not sure why, maybe a setting somewhere, but using in v4.5 the images are not centered or resized:
  8. I have also noticed that when adding a video now it doesn't populate the description field any more...this is a MAJOR need and really the only reason why I like this addon compared to creating a Pages version...PLEASE can you fix!!!
  9. This issue has been reported many times over the years and it hasn't been fixed...You can't move videos by clicking them and selecting Move...when you do it comes up like this:
  10. I am experiencing an issue with the read marks just with Videos. The default stream on my site shows the user everything they have not read which works perfectly for everything except Videos...The stream shows a new comment that I haven't read, I click on it which takes me to the last comment posted for a video, I go back into the stream and it is still showing as unread...this issue is ONLY in Videos
  11. Thanks @penguinstyles Incidentally, I also have @Adriano Faria Movies addon installed which is a real good brother to Books
  12. I have it installed and doesn't have any customisations for you have a look at if you like at: https://www.recreationalflying.com/books/
  13. Interesting issue I just experienced @Adriano Faria I entered a movie and then deleted it...it no longer shows up in the addon. I changed my mind and tried to re add it, I enter the title and it comes up in the list but doesn't have an add this movie button. So I check the database and it is still in the movies table...not deleted but not shown on my site
  14. This is a GREAT addon, thanks Adriano. Just a comment if I may, when you select a category as being "TV Show" only, the category listing on the index page shows the word Movies...just a thought but could the code say: <IF> category=TV Show, TV Shows <else> Movies <endif> Although the issue would be those categories that are set as both Movies and TV Shows...just a thought
  15. Just curious...If you add a link to a YouTube video in Videos and a user plays it, I know the data streaming counts towards the user's ISP data capacity but does it also count to your server's download data capacity or is it YouTube's data capacity? The reason I ask is If I add many say 45min long (i.e. large) YouTube videos in the addon, and many of my 11,000 users watch them, could I potentially run out of outgoing server data that I get with my site hosting?
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