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  1. Hello @A Zayed,

    I have a few plugins of yours, and i am happy with them :

    • Report Message Under Post Content
    • Enhanced AdBlocker Detector

    • Similar Topics Block

    Dou you have a time frame for 4.5 compatibility updates ?

    1. G76


      +1 ETA on Enhanced AdBlocker Detector 4.5 compatibility

    2. Franck Poulain

      Franck Poulain

      Also would like to know when a 4.5 compatibility update will be released. Thanks

    3. A Zayed

      A Zayed


      All of them are planned, within 2 weeks max.


  2. The plugin doesn't use the image inside content, but the image provided in the head meta tags... there is no https version in there.
  3. Thank you, it's confirmed... I posted a new version under approval now, The problem is that the image is blocked in case you enabled the new setting that disables insecure images (non https).
  4. Similar Topics Block
    where can I find it.

    1. A Zayed

      A Zayed

      It's here:


    2. opmows


      Thank you. What about update to 4.5

    3. opmows


      Thank you.

  5. I didn't get the point, please PM me with a live example.
  6. Now updated to auto fill with board incoming mail.
  7. Version 1.0.1


    This plugin will allow admins to test bulk mail (by sending to a single email address) before mass sending.
  8. I'm interested in the idea, I may release a plugin for it in MP soon.
  9. Again, There's a rule set that blocks your server IP from accessing udemy through cURL, What's hard about that?! I don't think so, There's nothing more than: php5+, cURL enabled + the server you're trying to access doesn't block cURL requests from your IP (Or doesn't block it at all like AMAZON that requires you to use their API). I sent you a message, please check it.
  10. Is possible to play the video and not only show the preview? thans!

    1. A Zayed

      A Zayed

      I don't have idea about what you're talking about... please use PMs

  11. Are you able to upgrade/install other plugins? if so, I'd recommend to open a ticket, if not I'd be glad to have a look.
  12. Thank you for your report... just fixed this in the new version: I'm sorry, I must have highlighted this in the plugin description... The plugin is not supporting AMAZON embed in the mean time. It's planned to be embedded in the future.
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