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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Login Redirect / Pop-up Message by @A Zayed A simple plugin that allows admins to set the page that selected users groups will be redirected to once they Login. There's also another option that allows admins to set a pop-up modal message once users Logins... The plugin comes with the following features: Select users groups you want to redirect/show pop-up message. URL field for user redirection. Option to allow redirection to the logging user profile. Option to enable/disable popup message. Message header title. Full CKE to enter the message that user will get. Pop-up modal message size. Pop-message button text. Pop-message button URL. Support & updates are guaranteed only via @A Zayed


  2. Does this happen with all posted urls? If not, Please PM me with the url that can not be embedded.
  3. Fixed, allow_url_fopen function must be enabled
  4. For better support, I'd like to access your ACP, I'd like to confirm that your server allows the usage of specific functions... If possible, please PM me with the login details. Regards;
  5. Hello, Does this error occur with any posted url?
  6. May I have logins to your ACP?
  7. Please check this post and confirm
  8. Could you please provide url samples that is not embedding?
  9. A Zayed

    4.4: Animated GIFs

    Great to see this as a core feature 👍
  10. Activity streams, activity streams and activity streams... This feature will keep forums alive... all communities must make best use of this feature to cope up with social networks.
  11. What's New in Version 2.0.1 Released Just now Added CSS class to hide slides until page finish loading.
  12. A Zayed

    MAXX Dark [October Sale - $5]

    Version 1.0.0


    MAXX Dark for IPS 4.3 MAXX Dark is simple professional design that can be considered as a multi purpose IPS theme. Suitable for any IPS community field/category. Limited Offer till the end of October: Buy MAXX Dark during October for only $15 [Save $5] This is theme was originally designed for IPB 3.X in early 2012 by @Ajouz ♞ And I've got the official permission to upgrade it to IPS4 with more features added... RTL Compatiable + IPS Pages App Compatible. What's Next? (Coming Soon) 1- Adding Color Switcher in Front-End 2- Design Landing Page for Pages App.


  13. Can not confirm this as a bug, but I'll look into this today and check what can be done.
  14. Reviews, Comments & Suggestions all are truly required.
  15. It should be fixed now, it was just extra mb_strtolower added. Please re-download the the latest version override the current one: