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  1. This bug should be fixed in the upcoming version after removing the urlmeta API dependency. Planned.
  2. It's working without any issues.. Can I've a look at your website ACP?
  3. Could you please provide a url sample?
  4. Wait for it in the soonest version
  5. I'll add it in the soonest version and remove urlmeta dependency.
  6. Strange, I have to test this case myself, if possible could you please PM me with a link sample? This is not an IPS or plugin thing, it's CKEditor behavior, and I think it's normal because txt editors are used to write only plain text not full HTML formatted text, but you have an option to use rich text editor that can detect written urls to overcome this behavior. Also this one is a CKE behavior, and they strongly recommend not to override this mode by using BR mode for the reasons listed here (This option is totally removed from CKE5). You've two options for this. To use shift+enter to make line break by <br> Overload it programmatically by adding this line at the end of CKE config.js file (NOT RECOMMENDED BY CKE DEVELOPERS😞 a.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR; The link meta data retrieval speed depends on two factors together, Your internet connection speed and data retrieval speed from the 3rd party remote server. May I ask a question, is it an individual case? does it happen with all users?
  7. Could you please provide a call sample for both issues?
  8. Again, an API request is applied in the 3rd party remote server by the urlmeta.org (https://)... In case there is insecure content in the embedded content, the JSON request will return an "ERROR" response, in this case the url will not embedded by default.
  9. A new version (1.2.1) has just been released with the following admin options:
  10. Kindly find my replies below πŸ‘‡: Many thanks for your suggestions to rise-up the plugin πŸ™‚
  11. The old file is for and old version of the plugin, it was developed originally only to make link title retrieval (This simple feature is already included in the current version). Don't use the old one.
  12. Android Device View: Planned (Due date: Jul. 19)
  13. A new version has just been released with an extra feature, Version 1.2.0 now supports rich external links embeds... Demo: demo.webm
  14. A Zayed

    Dropdown Grouped Profile Fields

    Should be, as it doesn't affect custom profile fields (as I noticed from screenshots)