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  1. Version 1.0.2


    Tip Me application by @A Zayed... This application will allow users to set their own tip jar url... The original app idea goes to @Tom Irons for versions older than 4.3, this app is developed from scratch and sponsored by @Circo App features: Select user groups allowed to set their own tip jar URL. Select user groups allowed to tip other users. Set tip button text. Set specific payment services URLs. View list of all urls set by users. Track all url clicks in a single page. Support for forums topics, blog entries, profile page, hover card, messenger messages and files in download center. This is basic initial version, and I'm open for any ideas and suggestions.
  2. It depends on the meta description provided by the embedded url.
  3. This should be a core software feature, I'd recommend posting this in feedback section... From my side, to over come this problem, I'd add an option that controls forums selection (to select or deselect).
  4. Just modified the file version, waiting MP approval
  5. Hi, Just pressing "Enter" after writing or paste will parse the embed. Please PM with the urls that are broken for you to check what's wrong
  6. Congratulations Jordan,
  7. Yes, I've just pushed a new version which is 4.5 compatible, pending IPS MP admin approval.
  8. Excuse me, I'm only asking for url to check
  9. It works, could you please double check plugin configurations? Could you provide this url to check what's wrong?
  10. Version 1.0.1


    This app will add a fixed floating action button to the desired area in the page with multiple actions that will appear on hover/click. App features: Group permissions. Enable/disable button on mobile/tablet view. 4 Toggle styles (Slide-in, slide-in spring, zoom in, fountain). 4 Button positions (Bottom right, bottom left, top right, bottom left). 2 Toggle actions (Click, hover). Buttons color and main icon style (Font-awesome). Setting to control URL click behavior (Open URL in new tab or in the same page). Setting to hide/show URL title by default. You can add up to 10 child icons (You can set the icon, url and title to whatever you want). Demo video (4 toggle styles in action):
  11. It's theme setting, just modify the used theme setting to match your needs:
  12. the road to nowhere counting down GIF by Radical Face

    Day #15 in home isolation...

    1 day here is 100 on earth. 

  13. Tested positive for coronavirus today, sorry not to reply support requests last days. 

    Wish me luck with this pandemic. 

    1. DJ ZAh

      DJ ZAh

      Oh man.. very sorry to hear that.  PLEASE take care of yourself.  LOTS of vitamins and I believe some shots of whisky helped my dad beat it and he's almost 80.

  14. The plugin doesn't use the image inside content, but the image provided in the head meta tags... there is no https version in there.
  15. Thank you, it's confirmed... I posted a new version under approval now, The problem is that the image is blocked in case you enabled the new setting that disables insecure images (non https).
  16. PM me to provide you with the 4.4 version
  17. I didn't get the point, please PM me with a live example.
  18. Now updated to auto fill with board incoming mail.
  19. Version 1.0.2


    This plugin will allow admins to test bulk mail (by sending to a single email address) before mass sending.
  20. I'm interested in the idea, I may release a plugin for it in MP soon.
  21. Again, There's a rule set that blocks your server IP from accessing udemy through cURL, What's hard about that?! I don't think so, There's nothing more than: php5+, cURL enabled + the server you're trying to access doesn't block cURL requests from your IP (Or doesn't block it at all like AMAZON that requires you to use their API). I sent you a message, please check it.
  22. Are you able to upgrade/install other plugins? if so, I'd recommend to open a ticket, if not I'd be glad to have a look.
  23. Thank you for your report... just fixed this in the new version: I'm sorry, I must have highlighted this in the plugin description... The plugin is not supporting AMAZON embed in the mean time. It's planned to be embedded in the future.
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