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  1. @SoftwareFactory does it also sync secondary group? For example main group Roleplay and secondary group WOW, Metin2. So in Discord it will give the roles Customers & WOW & Metin2.
  2. For me it doesnt show the picture for the invite: https://gyazo.com/568c302269b90ff6bc2527b869a55ad6 @SoftwareFactory
  3. Hey, is there a addon or option for likes/thanks so it will be like with other forum Softwares? (Not reactuons) https://gyazo.com/cbc8f83f7af3a172e74d40ba285a039d https://gyazo.com/290e12a8a7dca9d77a61c5cd69e38b75 Regards, Xenos
  4. Possible that the PM gets deleted afterwards? 🙂
  5. Hello, first i want to say that the design looks really nice. But i got a small problem. How can i make it look like in the preview of you? Preview: https://gyazo.com/bb3b2747af9c5ba6fe99014f38633f6d My Forum: https://gyazo.com/aedd5fdbdc3768c072584266c4144a8d The fields are missing and the text is off 😕
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