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  1. Depends on the business model if its solely a community or combined with a product that you sell.
  2. Constantly getting [[Template brilliantdiscord/front/invites/accept is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  3. Could activate now, but how do i get it to work? Got 100k credits. https://gyazo.com/aba5dbb6d847cf8ad8df5c26a2ab6bb3 https://gyazo.com/81c686ba643fb479391ee520138cc0a4 Always show bordeaux.
  4. Any way to contact you over Discord? Nettoolkit doesnt work. I click on enable and put in the API key but when i return to community enhancement it is disabled.
  5. Hey is it possible to update it so that if a payment gets manually confirmed (after somebody paid a bit to less) it will also show up in IPB?
  6. I asked over PM and over this thread, but now i got the reply so 🙂 An option to force ALL members to have profile pictures synchronized with Discord / or An option to run a task in the Admin CP to sync / turn on all picture synchronization
  7. Asked 3 times for a feature to sync all profile pictures at once, no message until now from the coder. At least tell yes or no 😄
    Works great and its easy to setup. Also friendly support and fast updates 🙂 Much better than CoinPayments!
  8. If i test in coinbase i get: Response Status: 200 Response Body: Not a valid callback
  9. Euro - All Error: Payment less than order total POST Data { "attempt_number": 1, "event": { "api_version": "2018-03-22", "created_at": "2020-01-09T19:19:27Z", "data": { "id": "b4be260e-f2b5-46da-bfcf-11e864a0fb89", "code": "R9VG4Q8J", "pricing": { "usdc": { "amount": "33.323400", "currency": "USDC" }, "local": { "amount": "30.00", "currency": "EUR" }, "bitcoin": { "amount": "0.00426216", "currency": "BTC" }, "ethereum": { "amount": "0.245151000", "currency": "ETH" }, "litecoin": { "amount": "0.75640449", "currency": "LTC" }, "bitcoincash": { "amount": "0.14326791", "currency": "BCH" } }, "logo
  10. @OctoDev Getting Coinbase Error: Error: Payment less than order total POST Data
  11. Doesnt seem to sync any profile images of discord. 😕
  12. @SoftwareFactory Can you please add a command or function to sync all profile pictures on the forum for the users? Right now only users can do that or admins manually 1 by 1.
  13. @SoftwareFactory does it also sync secondary group? For example main group Roleplay and secondary group WOW, Metin2. So in Discord it will give the roles Customers & WOW & Metin2.
  14. For me it doesnt show the picture for the invite: https://gyazo.com/568c302269b90ff6bc2527b869a55ad6 @SoftwareFactory
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