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  1. V4.7.12 was the one i had before. Yes i believe this is the first time.
  2. updated to 4.7.15 yesterday. Had issues installing from PC as i kept getting this : i then went to mobile and was able to complete the upgrade. Then i got this message showing : went then to the PHP8 Compatibility Scanner and it showed me this : so then like a good person i went to my Applications and tried to uninstall the mentioned Apps... but then i got this to show for it : over and over again . I cant correct the issues arising because the system wont let me uninstall the Apps. I know it says to either Disable or Uninstall and although those Apps ARE disabled they still seem to be causing an issue so i want them uninstalled. Any advice ? Would be great .
  3. Hi, i know its possible and i have searched for an adequate response but could not find one. What i would like to do is set up a club and in order for members to join they have to first pay xxx to do so. I have done my best to look at the Club settings and have the Clubs Improvements but cant seem to find the way to set a club for payment to enter. I also looked in Subscribtions cause i thought maybe it was somewhere there. All i need is a "bump" in the right direction please. Thx
  4. This seems to be an interesting solution but is it not now useless since IPS is going away from physical items ? I guess if you are selling subscribtions or digital items its good. We sell physical items on our site and use heavily the Commerce for that reason , and until I read the notice i was looking for other payment options for the members.
  5. Hi, we have been using the Commerce for our site now for quit a while. We use the API Paypal and Stripe. Something has happened differently this time (never happened before) as a member was able to make a purchase through the storefront where he was able to make a partial payment. This setting was not done by us (partial payment) and after talking to Stripe about it they stated it was a problem on the side of Invision Community and that you could clarify . We have made no upgrade to the newest Version of Invision yet so still working with 4.7.8 When i checked the invoices as i normally do for payment in the ACP it only stated that the invoice was Expired , but no type of confirmation of payment of any sort. The member has shown proof of payment from his CC so i would like to ask for your assistance with this matter . Best wishes
  6. Hi i have a question. Just received notice that i can upgrade my Cloud to 4.7.9 but noticed that it also says This beta contains changes to the PayPal and Stripe integrations, please proceed with caution if payments are core to your community. I am guessing this is a Beta 4.7.9 ? We use paypal and stripe as a core function of our Forum. Does that mean i cannot / should not upgrade? If this is the Beta 4.7.9 then when the finished upgrade comes out , we will be able to upgrade to it without any issues ? Warm regards
  7. Hi @Marc Stridgen so we have upgraded to the latest release. The system is very slow and takes about 5 seconds sometimes longer to actually get to where i want to go . The above message is shown every now and then and if you wait the 5 seconds it normally takes you to where its suppose to. That seems to be an issue and really do need help getting it resolved if possible. NOW what is happening is that two of my Mods (located in the UK) cant get to the site, it shows them also the above message and even a blank screen. He is able to gain access again and then it happends all over . So i signed in as him (im located elsewhere) and i too get a blank screen or the "page isnt working" . I also went to deinstall an application , got a screen saying "page isnt working" Error 500 . According to the logs though it shows that it was deinstalled but its still in the list of applications. Please help .
  8. Unfourtantly its been acting up again. Last thing i did this time was access the Commerce area 7:06pm tonight This community is temporarily unavailable Please wait a few minutes and try again.
  9. As i have not had anymore problems since the above , ill mark this as solved and just make contact again if need be. Thanks for the help and suggestions !
  10. at this time i was searching for a member , just happend 8am
  11. no at time of writing the message no it was not down. Its like down for a few minutes , then pops back up.
  12. @Marc Stridgen no we have not seen that anymore BUT we are having trouble with the site being up, its down periodically for a few seconds then back up . Its very frustrating maybe if you could take a look again ? Thank you
  13. The webpage at https://xxxxx.com/topic/xxxxx-xxxxxxx/page/5/#comment-xxxxxx might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_FAILED On Cloud and this is happening very often over the last few days.. Suggestions ? Solutions ? Thank you
  14. Hi @Marc Stridgen thank you for your response. I am though having a problem understanding what you mean with I dont have that i believe. I mean if they are in Group XRAY , i can use your example i believe to move them to Group TANGO, but lets say not everyone in Group XRAY should go to TANGO . If i wanted to have some members from Group XRAY and then have some from Group Members , Group FOXTROT all be put in the Group TANGO , i still have to go through each single member seperately to place them in FOXTROT ? Maybe im explaining it difficult . In essence what i want to do is Mass move selected members from one or more group(s) to another without having to do it manually as sometimes its like 100 or so members ... Thank you for your time and consideration !
  15. Thank you for your response. So the initial is Group "members" and what we would like for new registrations to be at is in a group called "NOOBs". If i understand you correctly we move all the members of "members" to "NOOBs" , but that will still not solve the issue of new registrations going into the Group "NOOBs" and not "members" , correct ? So how would we accomplish that task , please ?
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