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  1. I Disabled and re-enabled as well but not helping my situation none. I installed the plugin today right after paying. I am running on cloud and 4.4 The weird thing for me is that i can see the flags everywhere when i have it disabled . When i enable it all the flags are gone and i dont see any setting for Country in Account Settings... This is weird to me ... 😉
  2. Wicked007

    Radical Tags

    Hi @Makoto we just recently purchased this and after Enabling it we saved a few Prefixes. We then got an error message with our Theme and could not use your app at all. We had to disable it and then the error message was gone . Any suggestions as to what might be causing this ? We have also the Advanced Prefix installed .
  3. could you please point me in this direction . Thanks
  4. Hi @Mike John i have sent a PM concerning still having problems after the updated version.
  5. Hi @Mike John i also am having an issue with Forms but only since i have updated to 4.4 and installed your newest update from Jan. Im hoping you will bring a fix for 4.4 if needed cause we use this Form application. One of the issues we are having is the same as WG Mojo . I can arrange access if needed.
  6. @TAMAN sent you a message. sorry its still a problem ... seems to come and go , just wondering why ...
  7. i did no changes to it. It worked fine on 4.3 but when it went to 4.4 is when it did not work... Any other help would be appreciated.
  8. oh couse mine dont show up after the 4.4 update yesterday
  9. @TAMAN will this be getting a 4.4 release ?
  10. Hi , im just starting to use this now and have a few questions i hope can get answered.. According to the Settings i can enable Transactions (and this is what it says) If enabled, users will be able to buy items and pay directly to the advertiser.This option will only have effect in SALES advert type. My problem is when it is set to enable , the buyer gets sent to paypal and the transaction goes through our account not the Advertiser. Can you tell me if this is normal , and if not *which im hoping" what can i do to get it to work correctly ? While it is unabled the member has to contact the Advertiser first and the Forum gets no percentage of that payment ? Thanks very nice of you to give this your time. Wicked
  11. hey , just wanted to ask what could be the cause of members not getting Notifications ? This is reported to us and after looking at the settings nothing has changed. One member said something about Cookies on the site .. Any suggestions as to what to do ?
  12. ok Andriano i have a different question. When a member does an Advert , he ALWAYS has to name a price even if it is a WANTED Advert. That seems a little strange to be having to put a $ amount when Searching *Wanting" something Is that normal or am i doing something wrong again ? Thanks
  13. duh nevermind when you told me to make a screen shot i remembered that you have to click TWICE on the Classifieds in order for it to switch to that part . Now it is ok , now i can submit an Advert.
  14. Yes i know but im doing something wrong i guess because when i click on the Classified section at the top menu , I see ALL my Forum Threads and at the bottom i see Classifieds but nothing in them. When i go and try to make a new Advert , i only get the normal view shown like when i start a new Thread in my Forum .. I hope you understand what i mean , very hard to describe but i am doing something wrong i guess.
  15. Hi Adriano i bought the app and installed it and went through the procedure according to the Directions.... only there are some questions that i would like to be answered if possible.... 1. When i go to Classifieds i see ALL the Forums i have listed in my Forums section ... im sure that is not correct ? I only want to see the Classifieds not the whole Forum when i click on the Classifieds. How can this be done ? 2. When i go to Classifieds and say make new post it only shows me a normal post as if i was to add something to my Forum ... i cant see how i can make any Advert . What am i maybe doing wrong? Thank you
  16. Wicked007


    No at the moment i dont need any help anymore. I dont use that other app i turned off so im not concerned with it at this moment. Thanks !
  17. Wicked007


    Ive narrowed down my problem to the app FIXED NAVIGATION BAR as long as i keep that Disabled im able to use iAwards The minute i enable that app i get the EX0 ERROR Hope that helps you to help me . LOL
  18. Wicked007


    so @Adriano Faria just for info when you come back / i turned off some of the other apps and now iAwards work... @TheJackal84 maybe that will help you too ?? Still need to find out of course why and what it is that is messing it up. Thanks
  19. Wicked007


    ENJOY your BEER ! Ill leave you to the WE , did not know you were away enjoying some private time. I FULLY RESPECT that.
  20. Wicked007


    Maybe it is conflicting with some other Apps we got running. Ill just wait until Andriano gets to it and go from there ... maybe its something small and im getting all worried about nothing at all.
  21. Wicked007


    What is strange (or maybe not ) the Awards app worked on the test forum that we used to test before we bought. It was running had NO problem at all.
  22. Wicked007


    that would not be good as i was really hoping to use this app on my forum. Is there any alternative that you know of that we could go to ?
  23. Wicked007


    yeah and according to his profile he has not been on for awhile. Hope we can get some help on this matter.
  24. Wicked007


    @TheJackal84 i think you might have misunderstood me. I did not ask you if you had contacted @Adriano Faria My message was suppose to be directed at him to let him know that was the same error i got and to ask if he had looked at my PM that i sent to him. Sorry for the confusion i might have caused. As for the $$$ i thought Andriano was the Author of the App , definitly my mistake.
  25. Wicked007


    Yeah that is the same error i have as you can see by my PM. Did you @Adriano Faria get a chance to take a look at this ? Thanks
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