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  1. Member Group gets an Error message when they click on an ad. I have checked all permissions in Module and Categories and there are no restrictions. Have I missed something please? Thanks in advance
    Adriano's work is always exemplary. Easy to use and configure with a very professional display. Very similar to ebay's layout which is ideal to feel accustomed to it. I believe that an auction format incorporated into this would be a welcomed feature for a community too with an anonymous option
  2. I agree that members with Zero posts would be an asset but one will have to set a time period. eg members who haven't posted in a year etc
    Best app we have installed in our Forum. Will help cover many of our costs and allow us to grow and develop our community. Seriously worthy of the highest rating and we are very privileged to have such a great developer in the marketplace.
  3. May I please ask. Installed the program last week thank you but was wondering if there is an option for members who merely log on and don't say (post) anything?
  4. Have you got every confidence in it ? because if you have, I will gladly purchase a copy and give you a report on its performance.
  5. How is this going Adriano? Is it completed? We never had a problem using paypal. It was an excellent addition to our community. Cheers John
  6. We purchased simple mod in the marketplace that allowed members to view the contents of a forum in IP.Board 3.x , if they had 10 posts. It was a great incentive for participation. Noticed in IPS4 you have a similar option but the forum is not visible until the nominated posts are made first. Is there a way that a member can see the forum but not the threads/posts until they reach the desired number of posts?
  7. I agree and alphabetic members list is very useful and already missed by members in our community
  8. It is the standard default forum Wolf. I tried placing it in the custom css to no avail. Sadly support will not address such requests anymore because this option is no longer available in IPS4
  9. Appreciate your effort but could you please be more specific. Is this placed in custom.css ? Sorry to ask but some of us are amateurs.
  10. I am sure it would have been discussed but couldn't find it via the search, however would anyone please be able to assist with a fix for converting "First letter in caps in topic title" to this "First Letter In Caps In Topic Title" It stops shouting and additionally allows continuity on the forum. Many thanks in advance.
  11. So frustrating. No responses to PM's or posts.
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