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  1. If you're using the 1.1.0 version of the plugin with 4.4, I want to affirm that setting a dummy user as the anonymous user is a workaround to getting the plugin to work as TSP states above. For our community, we cannot have all anonymous posts as one user, so we're waiting for an update to the plugin.
  2. Thank you very much for letting us know! We really appreciate the work. If I can be of any assistance: external testing, etc., please DM me. Happy to help in whatever way I can.
  3. @TSP Wondering if there are plans to upgrade your plugin for 4.4? Our users rely on it for our forums and we're hoping to deploy 4.4 in the next few weeks. We would appreciate knowing if the upgrade is in the works. Thanks very much.
  4. Is there a way with SuperList (and any of the Super* block plugins) to change the displays per block? With all the settings in the plugin itself, each block created takes on those settings, as I understand it. I was hoping to change the settings for each block that uses the SuperList format. THanks, Mike
  5. @Reto Bachofner Did you ever get this setup detailed? We're in a very similar situation with a need to offer a free trial before having a member sign on for a yearly renewal. We're using 7 days for the trial too.
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