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  1. Is it possible to add a Pages database fields filter set to a Page or a block using template code? We have several pages using Pages database field filters that are dragged from widgets. However, we need to move them around on the page based on device (on mobile they need to be at the top, on desktop, on the side) so I thought we could add them with a block or a template call and manage their appearance. I would also like to css style the fields and labels, but that is a secondary to just getting them in the right place.
  2. Solved. System > Applications > System > Profiles Not all groups have access to the Application module. The depth of permissions management is both wonderfully powerful and overwhelmingly complex. 🙂
  3. We have created some groups in our system but the group settings do not have access to the permissions for EDITING their own profile. Is there a permission setting somewhere that allows a group to be able to have Profile Editing Settings?
  4. Is it possible to require Nexus Customer first/last name on Registration? Or any other profile fields for that matter? I know we can mandate Profile completion when they're registered, but I would like to set up a Registration Process with a little more data than just DisplayName, Email and Password.
  5. I have been trying to get this right and I just can't seem to nail it. I have set up the first rule and it seems to work, moving new MEMBERS group, joined <1day ago, to a TRIAL secondary group. But when the user purchases the product that moves them in to the PREMIUM group, I cannot remove the TRIAL from secondary according your second rule above. Products do not allow you to *remove* secondary groups as a benefit, only add them. And, I think because of the highlighted part here, group changes from products do not run group promotions...
  6. I was thinking that it didn't work unless I clicked into the account in the ACP, but I see now (thanks to you!) that it is working, but but displaying as I expected: I created a new account as a guest and saw this in the Member List. No secondary groups listed for mcheck+trialpromote But then I waited for a bit and then looked at the member record: And saw this from 4 hours ago (at the bottom of the log) So it did work, but the secondary group does not show up on the Member List!! So now the question is, why do some Secondary Groups show on the Member List and other do not? Perhaps because they are added via Purchases or manually? Not sure. Either way, thank you @Morriganfor helping us understand this (hidden) feature! Now I will see if the other Group Promotion runs and changes the Member to TRIAL EXPIRED after a day (The other Group Promotion in my list)
  7. I'm trying to figure out what triggers the initial group promotion to run. I have 2 promotions: On registration looks like this: Moves Primary and Secondary to add group TRIAL When I register from guest, then validate the guest email as the guest, the On registration Group Promotion never seems to run because the Member list does not show the secondary groups. I log out and back in as the new member, but the Group Promotion does not trigger to add the Secondary group. If I open the member in the ACP, it seems to trigger the Group Promotion, but I don't want to have to do that for every new member, of course. Is there not a scheduled task or similar that runs from the cron job that touches all these accounts to check for promotions? Or maybe I'm missing something in the Group Promotion configuration?
  8. Thanks @Daniel F but I think that app is for users to select their own public groups? I'm hoping to manager their group associations behind the scenes both on registration and with certain events in group promotions.
  9. @GTServices Will this app allow us to add a user to a group when they register? I do not want users to select a group, I want to automatically add them to the group on registration.
  10. @MorriganThank you! MIND: *blown* Set up on our test server, the new registration was added to the Primary group (members) and secondary groups in the Promotion. Nice. Now to see if the new user gets changed after signup. I set at joined after 1 day to see if it works as expected. Thank you!!
  11. @MorriganI was just looking at group promotions. How do you set the criteria so it will work on registration? "Less than 0 days ago"? We have a group promotion that looks at anyone in a primary group for 7 days and then moves them to a different group. What we're trying to achieve is giving them a secondary group on registration, then changing it after 7 days if they haven't converted in some other way (like a purchase)
  12. @MorriganI didn't realize that group promotions work on signup/registration. I'll check that out. Thank you.
  13. @Adriano Faria Thank you. Will this allow an ADMIN to set a particular secondary group? We don't need the user to select the group, but we do want user placed in a secondary group with which we can use group promotions after a period of time.
  14. Is there any way to control what group memberships are added at registration? Of course, on registration, any joining user will get the MEMBERS primary group ( ID 3, I think). Is there a way to add them to other secondary groups?
  15. I know this is not the "right" way to do this, but I can hide it using js: Theme > cms > databaseFilters Add this at the bottom: <script> var el = document.getElementsByName('cms_record_i_started_checkbox'); if(el[0]) { el[0].parentNode.parentNode.style.cssText = 'display:none'; } </script>
  16. In our schools database page, we have filters defined to search them. There is default filter feature at the bottom for "Show my schools only" which I think is for displaying only the Author's records. Since we are not allowing any non-admin users to add records, there is no need for this button. Is there a way to toggle this checkbox off? Or where may I find it in templates that I can remove it?
  17. Yes, it would have to have an "ignore this" for a boolean to work. I will have to combine the fields into a multi-select, I guess, for the filters to work as expected. Before I go spinning my wheels, does that seem like it would work as we wanted? I want to search for everything in "North Chicago", regardless of the school type. So if school_type is a multi-select, and the filter has nothing selected, would it find all schools in North Chicago regardless of the school_type(s)? Or would it only find North Chicago schools that have no school_type selected?
  18. We have a database of schools that we're searching with the standard database page and filters. The odd part is that boolean fields as filters are searching as if 0 is selected rather than <nothing> Example: /?advanced_search_submitted=1&csrfKey=53aae60572ae6367eaeaa2280dc62610&content_field_268[1]=North%20Chicago&&&content_field_304_checkbox=&content_field_305_checkbox=&content_field_306_checkbox=&content_field_307_checkbox=&sortby=field_267&sortdirection=asc&record_type=all&time_frame=show_all There are 327 schools in 268="North Chicago" But only 5 show up in the database page search. These 5 have 304-307 = 0 It should find ALL the North Chicago schools regardless of those checkboxes values. It appears to be searching: SELECT * FROM `cms_custom_database_21` WHERE (`field_307` = 0 )AND (`field_306` = 0) AND (`field_305` = 0) AND (`field_304` = 0) AND (`field_268` LIKE '%North Chicago%') rather than SELECT * FROM `cms_custom_database_21` WHERE (`field_307` LIKE '%%') AND (`field_306` LIKE '%%') AND (`field_305` LIKE '%%') AND (`field_304` LIKE '%%') AND (`field_268` LIKE '%North Chicago%') Can the database boolean fields or filters be changed in order generate a query that does not add the 0 value?
  19. The email templates are such a gem resource for reaching out to members. Their styling though, not so much - at least with default styling. We've been experimenting with template designs, but the trial and error method is brutal. Trying to figure out where the information will land within the design takes soooooooo long. Lots of tweak, save, trigger the mail from whatever application (like events), then review, and repeat. Is there a better way to test and view all the emails and templates within the system?
  20. Thanks very much @Adriano Faria. Looking forward to your take on it.
  21. Thank you @CoffeeCake and @Adriano Faria. This would work except we need it for general Nexus (commerce) products.
  22. We want to add a simple donation product that allows users to donate money of any amount. The IPS donations feature doesn't fit our use case because we're not trying to reach a goal, we simply have users that donate to the cause and we want to allow them to select any amount. We tried a product with a $1 cost, allowing users to enter a quantity, but it add a Donation Product to their history for every item ($1). It looks like this: So ideally we want them enter a $ amount, and self-create the invoice and payment.
  23. Thank you @Steph40. I have items there that sat for >1-2 mo.
  24. @CodingJungle Bump. Please Michael, can you tell me where to get timely support on the product?
  25. Thanks @Paul E. Your Businesses example is for Pages Databases, and that make sense. But in the context of how we're using Pages Databases like Businesses, a member will never create one, and therefore, a GUEST should not see that a every member has any Businesses anyway. We have those creepy stalkers I'm sure, and showing the RSVPed events for every user seems a GIANT security hole. Perhaps a template tweak will allow me to hide it for non-logged in users. Or maybe there is a hook/app?
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