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  1. If not FB then something else. I dislike the place, yet use it daily. That's the paradox. It demonstrates (to me at least) that what FB provides is both needed and wanted by many. If disliked by a large percentage of them. Long before FB the French had state run Minitel which served much the same purpose, save the histrionics and mis/disinformation. If FB disappears, and I suspect it will, something else will pop up. I suspect we will be moving more towards peer to peer networks with the introduction of 5G and beyond - so this whole notion of a big fat proprietary server joining everything tog
  2. I've just got back from my daily walk with my wife and pooch. We live in the country surrounded by fields and have been enjoying the saintly weather and clear air. Today we chose a route that involved a couple of stiles. Quite the challenge negotiating these without touching any of the surfaces. Usually we manage ok, but today I touched the wood with my leg on the way over. Worried that the invisible might just have made itself apparent, my wife wiped me down with an antiseptic wipe. Paranoid perhaps. But I am in a very high risk group. I am 60+ ( no grey hair 😉), male and have a severe heart
  3. Hey. Nice work Any facility to add classes or Id to the blocks? And if so, a very cheap way to style multiple blocks at a time would be to create a new widget type called, for example, CSS editor, and in that add the style controls which are in the other blocks. This would enable us to, for example: 1/ add class X to each content block 2/ add CSS Editor block and allow CSS to target classes or ID. For example class X 3/ style class X using inline controls (per your demo), or using custom css. Not necessary of course, but would make editing a page a lot qu
  4. @Davyc Thanks, I think I’m done on this Have a nice weekend.
  5. But there is little correlation with regards timeliness, with suggestions now that the difference between infection rates, in countries that imposed lock downs, centre largely on when isolation was imposed. Very few COVID-19 experts around, immaterial of the role they occupy. Which is why I celebrated the candour of the following: Almost certainly. I go back to my previous point about Macron and the EU. We know almost all governments were unprepared, but some are open about this, where some others are inclined to obfuscate. It's my belief that folks
  6. As. mentioned earlier in this thread, almost every national government has a different set of experts and almost all, if you believe the politicians, have come up with different recommendations. So folks are confused when they see different approaches in countries that share the same border, or the same language. Consequently they end up seeking out their own experts. With regards the press, I say give them more leeway, not less. Too many right wing governments trying to dictate not only how we act, but how we think. If governments in general were more open the press wouldn't find avenue
  7. Dreadful and shocking news from across Europe that in some countries, upto 50% of deaths have been in care homes. As you imply, the UK on the other hand has not yet released official care home figures, with govt. statistics (if I understand them correctly) not including care home deaths or those that have died at home. Let's hope the UK isn't mirroring that European 50% figure. Can't imagine how the families of those residing in care homes must feel about this. A truly dreadful situation.
  8. Hey, will this work in clubs? Seems like an ideal addition to a book club.
  9. Hey, dropped you a PM with personal experiences. If I can be of any help with a call, Skype etc, do get in touch. No need to suffer alone my friend.
  10. I've been thinking about this for a while now... but it's not just about the home page. I believe it's a matter rendering content in context. So for example widgets could respond to something intrinsic such as current user - which would give you the home page example, but also, if for example widgets could respond to a url parameter then we could have the same page render in different ways depending on the url.
  11. @Sonya* I am very sympathetic to what you say. We are seeing similar issues in the UK, not so much in answering when will it end (for who knows), but in terms of those that are not being helped by the focus on mainstream needs. For example, yesterday the UK chancellor announced that 'his' measures will not reach everybody, will not save everybody's business, will not solve everybody's problem. And of course he's right. But imo, he's also wrong to be thinking that way. Distributing help via the 'grid' only helps those on it and perversely helps those first who comparatively are less in n
  12. What I find disturbing is the differing opinions held by various governments and state and private research bodies. For example, the British Govt. is forever citing scientific advice as reasons why it's doing this or that. Same thing is being said by the Swedish govt. Yet the two countries practice very different responses to the crisis. Maybe they can both be right? Perhaps there's many ways to deal with Corona, and equally, many ways not to deal with it. Perhaps it mutated between infections?
  13. Yes exactly, although we have to keep an eye on overlay to image ratio, else it'll look a little congested? Thinking something like this (or others from the demos on top menu): WP Plugin - The Grid And for some nice layout effects, add something like: Packery
  14. We own a visual effects business and text on image is a bit of a nightmare, which is why most titles in broadcast will have either a solid background, or be formatted in some way, such as a 'lower third', or similar. But on the whole, this is a great improvement, and presumably allows us to easily format text and container with CSS.
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