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  1. Hey Adriano, Did you manage to take a look at this? See above and summary below: Many thanks and Happy New Year!
  2. First time I've really seen the new sidebar topic summary in action. Works really well especially on multipage threads.It gives a real flavour of what the thread is all about. Just a thought on this, it works so well that I am wondering whether something similar couldn't be used in topic lists. I've got a feeling it would do a better job than what we currently have:
  3. Thanks, that's what I assumed. Your demo page appears to be down. Will you be putting it back up?
  4. @Andy Millne I'd appreciate feedback on this. Thanks.
  5. Pre Sales Question. Is there any ability to control the aspect ratio of the images displayed on this page?
  6. In most of the world Left is red. Text alignment on iPhone 11.
  7. If you are developing or changing custom css/js you might find Cloudflare doesn’t recognise changes and continues to serve the old files. If this happens use page rules to temporarily override cache settings for those sub directories and, or files, that are affected. You can turn these on and off to suit. This is much better than continually emptying the entire site cache. You can also set up DDOS challenges. It’s a bit fiddly but you might want to look at this too. But generally as @rfcontreras says, it flies straight out of the box.
  8. Redis is reasonably simple to install and upgrade The key is to find the correct installation instructions for your operating system and web server. Once you’ve identified your server environment, for example Ubuntu 18.04/Apache, there’s plenty of guides around detailing every step from downloading the package to installing it. My advice is to try it out on a backed up dev machine, keeping notes as you go. Don’t worry about breaking anything. If something goes wrong just reinstate the backup and try again In my opinion you learn a lot more by doing it this way, even i
  9. I notice Xenforo have introduced media mirroring whereby images uploaded to threads can automatically be copied (mirrored) into a named gallery. Nice idea but still needs more work. It's frustrating. As you say big potential, but several annoying issues and inconsistencies. I do wish Invision would put a temporary halt to new features and first get all the existing functionality looking and working, as best they can, the same way.
  10. We have numerous partner and corporate sites on Cloudflare including 3 WP sites which have been transformed by the reduction in TTFB since we opted in. It’s free too for those already on paid plans.
  11. TBH I don't think there is a strong enough community here (ironically) to work together on a labour of mutual love. That's why I suggested a paid project, which in itself hasn't attracted much interest. It seems to me that most folks just want to solve 'their' problem and off they go. Which is a shame because I see mutual client cooperation as the only way some of these projects will get completed. Otherwise we are left with the Hobson's choice of wait for somebody else to solve our problems for us. On a more positive note, based on my belief that there is a lot of reinventing the UX
  12. I had a look at our O365 Exchange account when I first came across this thread. It has snooping tools wrapped up in language that suggests corporations have the right to engage with any information created under its purview. That’s what we are really discussing here - when a user interacts with a 3rd party entity, be that cloud platform, company system etc, that entity often claims the right to oversight and goes further in assuming, in specific cases, that it has the right to control. To my mind the only way to get round the scenario being discussed here is to employ a 3rd messagin
  13. I agree with your sentiments. I’ve had my messages read by admins on more than one forum over the years and immaterial of a forum’s terms and conditions, if that happened to me today, given tighter control of privacy, I’d report it to the data protection authorities. Even if it was considered acceptable practice, and it never would to me, mail/pms that have been read should be marked as such - when it was read and by whom. Just as mail used to be when it was intercepted by the authorities and read in the interests of the authorities/government/country. Just another small point. The u
  14. What's to stop you using the PHP or SMTP options? I'm using Mailgun SMTP.
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