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  1. I've been thinking about this for a while now... but it's not just about the home page. I believe it's a matter rendering content in context. So for example widgets could respond to something intrinsic such as current user - which would give you the home page example, but also, if for example widgets could respond to a url parameter then we could have the same page render in different ways depending on the url.
  2. @Sonya* I am very sympathetic to what you say. We are seeing similar issues in the UK, not so much in answering when will it end (for who knows), but in terms of those that are not being helped by the focus on mainstream needs. For example, yesterday the UK chancellor announced that 'his' measures will not reach everybody, will not save everybody's business, will not solve everybody's problem. And of course he's right. But imo, he's also wrong to be thinking that way. Distributing help via the 'grid' only helps those on it and perversely helps those first who comparatively are less in need than those who were needy before the crisis struck. In other words, if you use existing mechanisms to distribute aid (the grid) then you miss off those that aren't on it. This problem, which existed before the current crisis, has been identified as the need for a living wage (or universal basic income). Put simply, the idea is to distribute a salary to each and every citizen every month. Then at the end of the year, if you are assessed to have not needed it, it is recovered by the govt. It's a tricky thing to get right. The Fins trialled this in 16/18 to a select group but have stopped the trial stating it removed in some cases the desire to work. Perhaps, but it did provide base funding to those that needed it without having to go cap in hand to the govt. Please sir can I have money to feed my kids.There is talk though of Gibraltar giving each of its citizens and small businesses £1000 a month and the Spanish are considering injecting funds directly into a part of the community worst hit by the virus. Direct intervention is not new though. Those of you who read Adults in the Room by Yanis Varoufakis (ex Greek Finance Minister) will remember that when the European Central Bank threatened to starve Greek banks of funds (meaning no cash for ATMs etc) , Varoufakis laid down plans to inject cash and credits directly into the accounts of Greek citizens, plus providing vouchers for supermarkets and other direct to the table methods. The thinking there being that it's better to over feed some, than under feed others. Luckily it wasn't needed, although serves as a great example of what can be done if there's both a need and a desire. Obviously, not all countries currently have the infrastructure to support this, but I wouldn't have thought Germany would be one of them.
  3. What I find disturbing is the differing opinions held by various governments and state and private research bodies. For example, the British Govt. is forever citing scientific advice as reasons why it's doing this or that. Same thing is being said by the Swedish govt. Yet the two countries practice very different responses to the crisis. Maybe they can both be right? Perhaps there's many ways to deal with Corona, and equally, many ways not to deal with it. Perhaps it mutated between infections?
  4. Yes exactly, although we have to keep an eye on overlay to image ratio, else it'll look a little congested? Thinking something like this (or others from the demos on top menu): WP Plugin - The Grid And for some nice layout effects, add something like: Packery
  5. We own a visual effects business and text on image is a bit of a nightmare, which is why most titles in broadcast will have either a solid background, or be formatted in some way, such as a 'lower third', or similar. But on the whole, this is a great improvement, and presumably allows us to easily format text and container with CSS.
  6. Pleased to see the external actions and events side of this, but for internals, would have been nice to expose a simple "On CRUD" do "This" within each of the various type admin sections, rather than needing to go out doors.
  7. @Makoto Any thoughts on the above?
  8. Very, very nice and similar to what Discourse has. Although of course, Discourse doesn’t have the depth of Invision. One small suggestion. If this is valuable within a topic, I see it as even more so within a forum. So showing (off the back of a promise) most frequent and popular posters, most popular topics, most answered questions - filtered by last 7/30/90 days etc at the top of the forum page would be really cool. But perhaps something for the future, coz who needs someone saying that they want even more when you’ve delivered something very cool
  9. I guess I'm lucky in that I never feel bored and find the day is never long enough whatever I am doing. But in saying that, new stimuli provides opportunities to refocus. So like many am spending much of my time reading as much as I can on the subject that currently occupies most of our minds. It's quite difficult to remain objective given governments are politically aligned and some of what they say could easily be interpreted with more than a touch of ideological opposition. But generally I've been impressed with much of what I've seen and read, even if we could all point to decisions that could have been executed earlier. With reading in mind, I consume books at what many would consider to be an unhealthy rate. I keep 3 or 4 on the go as I often come across something in one that stops me in my tracks, for example, from this passage from Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra. And since the day I read that, that book has been left where I placed it because I still can't get my head around what he said. It brings up all sorts of interpretations of who we are, the human race in particular and our place in the Universe. In my view it also adds much weight to the Copenhagen Interpretation, although Zarathustra was written 40-50 years before CI wax first penned, having us wonder perhaps whether Nietzsche's work had multiple meanings. Something else I am re-reading at the moment is Thoreau's Walden. Thoreau (and Ralph Waldo Emerson) was a key member of the Transcendentalist movement in the USA in the 1800s. Walden is about Thoreau's self imposed exile in a wooden hut deep in a forest in Massachusetts. He lived in there for the best part of 2 years and describes in detail his life there and the things he observed. If you want to know how many ways you can describe the ice on a pond, this is the book for you. Finally, I'm knee deep in Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year - a personal account of his experiences in London during the plague of 1665. Fascinating in that what he experienced, is largely what we are experiencing now, and mirrors our tracking of the morbidity rate, although in his time the distances were much smaller, reflected in his observation that although many had died in the 'city', it hadn't yet made it south of the river. (Thames).
  10. I don't think they are there yet. At the bottom of the article, (UK version - see below, can't see the world version) they mention printing money may be necessary if DCM doesn't have an appetite for more UK sovereign debt. See below. Mind you it's almost 20 years since I designed the International Primary Market's debt issuance platform, so I may well be out of date with my understanding of these things. From my LinkedIn profile related to my second business in 1998/2000 which we we later sold to a consortium which included CitiGroup, Merrill Lynch and Microsoft.
  11. The UK has? I know the governor of the Bank of England has said that primary BofE to UK treasury lending remains an option, but I didn’t know they’d taken that step yet. Where did you see this? It’s a very big move if it’s happening as you say.
  12. Hey, I didn't mean to offend. Just saying that posting a lot of stuff doesn't make you right even if you believe what you've posted. I think what we believe to be true now with regards the virus, will be overturned many times in the coming months and years. Perhaps with both you and I proven wrong in what we currently hold to be true. Peace brother. ☺️
  13. Found this also: If I enable: I get: This is how it is with those settings disabled, or RT app disabled: Did I miss a setting somewhere?
  14. Hey, Only just installed RT, but notice that in forum admin section, RT is being added to a tab from another Plugin, Forum Blocks by @Fosters. Posting here in the first instance, although recognising that this may not be a RT issue.
  15. It's not a picture of the virus you are painting with all this stuff, it's a picture of your mind. And as I and others have pointed out to you and your cohorts in this thread, that's a very different thing.
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