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  1. Great Site! Just registered and very clean and informative. I love it.
  2. Very important topic as this is what I see in all the FB groups I have been apart of and banned from myself. On some FB groups I'm seeing the "admin" is just a self absorbed troll that wants to use their negativity to find others like them. Opposite is true also. However, the ones that try and maintain decorum after about 5K+++ members is hilarious. It turns into more a "you upset me with your comment and now you are removed" instead of the education thing. Then the banned member goes and creates a group. It's funny. This is more in my "real world" community on FB. This is what I hope to use this platform for. To say, "yeah, you want to act like you are at home bs'n with your friends do that on FB, here it's more like LinkedIn." Can I copy your words? Link to article? It would save me a bunch of time rather than retyping the concepts I agree with. (all btw) Whichever your copyright allows. 😉
  3. It's functional. Actually maybe better for my purposes. I do need an answer on the reverse process where the "seller" pays the "buyer". That's a simpler way to say that.
  4. Same with Questions and Answers. 2 separate screens.
  5. Please don't be annoyed, but one more thing. I use the Extra Field for 2 addresses. I posted a bug in the "forum" push that doesn't work, but that is not this. In the ad when it was 1 address, it pulled in the google map just fine. In the ad when it was 2 addresses, it only shows the address information. No map, no link to a map. Nada. Is this something you are aware of? I can work around using the location space, but it looked better when they are both at the bottom of the ad. Also with the location I noticed it doesn't push to the forum topic, but the extra does. This is why I moved to 2 on the Extra Field. Sorry so long.
  6. So one more thing while I have your attention, I am actually doing something backwards in process. I am having a "advertiser" or in my scenario a person who needs something done. They are willing to pay $X.xx. A person willing to do the work says, "I need more" and bids up the price to $XX.xx. In this case 2 more show up, etc. So everything was working fantastic until I realized that if/when the person says "buy now", the transaction is on the person willing to do the work. OOops, I'm not paying myself to do your work.ðŸ˜ąðŸĪŠ 😂 Me when I realized this during a test. So did I lay that out right? I am right now thinking of a work around like educating the "advertiser" they will need to buy their own product. Seems an easy add? The set to complete function is Perfect, because I can easily "assign" the work to a member. This is sooooooo f'n cool. I hope I am not throwing ideas around! Any way, Let's talk about it.ðŸĪ˜ðŸ§™â€â™‚ïļ Ok. I see now, this is about the actual ad. I was thinking something different. It didn't trigger because of a problem. Just didn't understand the wording? Just started with it and I have already found 1 2 for my list.
  7. I'm sorry but this doesn't make sense to me. On means a credit card will be charged, but then needs approval? Off means a credit car will not be charged, until approval? I don't understand your meaning of "recognized" and "Not take effect until submission is paid". Thanks for clarifying.
  8. I am attaching the screenshot. The is from the Extra Field Setting I have Google api up and working, the address pulls in as I type. (I love that btw), My extra field is set to Address, but it is not displaying properly from the discussion button. Any ideas? It's the same in Chrome and Firefox. Thanks
  9. I think this convo is getting off the rails. Thanks for the history @Christopher Anderson I think @Adriano Faria meant No to the Classified app? Also I was being clever with my Yes, because he didn't quote, I was Yes on the ability to offer Club Products. Also, I am being respectful. I think 22K + posts and 10k + rating is a hint that dude knows what he's doing. Which is why I didn't question his answer. 👍✌ïļ
  10. @Adriano Faria isn't that your app? I think a Club Owner charging membership is cool. BUT If the Club Owner could also sell say a Ribbon Wreath (quite popular right now i think) that his wife makes, I know he'd buy into the club deal. That's what we need right there!
  11. Funny I have been saying the same thing via my own observations. I called it "people fixing to get really nichey" and you had better find your way to that niche. FB and SM is good for the "Masses" with some subgrouping. But that site is just getting tired and their reputation is not so good lately. This is what happens when you lose control of your site. Because that's all they really are, just another website, hell I was thinking that Zuck started his on this? LOL now that would be funny.
  12. Once I finish setting it up and learning how to use Invision's Cloud Service, I see great things happening for my community orientated site. I have been testing other platforms and I think I have settled on Invision Community for CarHauler Community. There is no guest access right now and I have restricted the site to a specific email address that I own. This is the coolest feature, because it locks down the site to known people. Check again in the future, because when it's ready I will have "public" site front door. Great product, responsive team. I'm impressed. I look forward to becoming apart of the Invision Community! Feel free to chop and edit. Jason
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