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  1. I just purchased your Easy Popup, Slider Maker, Featured Content Pro apps. First off, I really appreciate the sale prices, and I also appreciate the YouTube videos you've added showing off how to use and set up the apps, this really does help a lot. I wish more devs did this.  I look forward to using them all.

    1. onlyME


      Thank you for your purchase, feel free to contact me (via PM) if you have any problem with my apps. 

    1. funkyto


      hi, i saw your plugin for the image slider, i have a question, does this plugin work in the ad place that invision brings?

  2. the chat is asome, sr can you help me the video box file i can't no download


  3. Maybe you don’t use https.Domains that use Twitch embeds must use SSL certificates.
  4. unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution yet 😞
  5. Please give me acp access if it still has problem so I can take a look.
  6. I can't reproduce the problem. Try to disable Cache Image (in settings) and test it. You need to select an image instead of clicking save button. Anyway, I will update the missing language bit, it should be "Please select one image to set as topic thumbnail".
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Features: This plugin allows users to record and send voice message in Chatbox+ (in Clean Text Mode only). The voice message will be saved as mp3 files. Permission for who can use. Option to enable the feature in rooms/conversations/clubs. Max recording time. Requirements: IPS 4.5 or higher. Chatbox+2.3 or higher.
  8. Hi, Unfortunately, I have no solution for this idea.
  9. Hi, I will consider it. Which tool are you using?
  10. Hi, The app is ready for ips 4.5. Tou can’t upgrade because your app’s license is expired on May 28.
  11. Hi, Do you see “Marketplace Setup” from the notification in ACP? Clicking on it to mark the app with marketplace, after that you can upgrade it via Marketplace from acp directly.
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