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  1. Member can not upload image for each song, it will auto get the image from artist's avatar.
  2. @AlexWright hi, go to acp > customization > select 'manage resources' of the theme > search 'no-cover' and then edit the image.
  3. Hi, It was Expired May 16. You need to renew to download. If you don’t see renew button, please open support ticket to IPS, they will generate a new invoice for you.
  4. Edit your slider, set order by = id, order = a-z Then run Get Support to clear cache.
  5. Version 1.1.0


    This is an application will get all topics in the selected forums, and display as a feed with essential enhancements: Quick reply. Reactions. Ajax Paginations. Ajax for edit/delete/hide/unhide/lock/unlock options Option to set widget's title. Option to set how topics should be loaded per page. Option to truncate lines. Option to enable/disable rich text. Option to show/hide the topic's title. Automated title. User will no need to enter the title when posting a new topic. Creating multiple feeds and easy to manage them in different groups. Each feed has a unique page with friendly URL. Ability to use a Widget to display a feed. Supports Lazyload. (Required Forums application) Demo: https://demo.ipsviet.com/topicfeed/view/1-discussion/


  6. I’m not sure, but I will consider it.
  7. Try to go to ACP > Customization > settings and disable the auto resize images option. If it still does not work, please give me acp access so I can test and fix it.
  8. Hi, it takes the first image in the first post. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.
  9. Hi, it’s in Community > Forums > Settings > Topic Thumbnail (the white button on the top right)
  10. Hi, Try to open support ticket they will generate the renew invoice for you. No need to purchase it again 🙂
  11. @JohnDar try to add this code to custom.css 🙂 .fc_img_container { background-color: transparent !important; }
  12. I can not reproduce the problem. Please give me acp access so I can take a look
  13. It has been updated on Wednesday. Please download 4.4.9 and follow the file to get notifications when it has new versions in the future.
  14. Yes, I’m finding a solution. It conflicts with the cache.
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