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  1. I can not reproduce the problem. Please give me acp access so I can take a look
  2. It has been updated on Wednesday. Please download 4.4.9 and follow the file to get notifications when it has new versions in the future.
  3. Yes, I’m finding a solution. It conflicts with the cache.
  4. It’s a known bug with cache. Please revert to the previous version. I will fix it as quick as possible.
  5. @sobrenome Please find and check the setting "Cache sidebar, header and footer blocks" in acp
  6. Version 1.1.0


    DEMO 1 with basic input form: https://demo.ipsviet.com/chat/room/2-demo-1-basic-input-form/ Demo 2 with Full Editor: https://demo.ipsviet.com/chat/room/3-demo-2-with-full-editor/ Chatbox Plus is a chat application that uses Ajax calls to the server to get new messages. Features: Rooms: Admin can create multiple rooms, display rooms in widgets. Support rooms for Clubs. Announcement & Rules for each room. Online Users list. Allow guest to join and chat with their custom nickname and random avatar. Many stylish design available: 5 skins: 3 styles for messages: Standard Bubbles Condensed User controls: On/Off sound notification. Open chat in a popup. Select skins. Moderator controls: Edit Announcement. Block/unblock users. Clean room (delete all messages). Quick edit/delete a message. Input message: Clean text: only supports URL, image URL, Youtube URL, Giphy, Guggy. Editor: You can use full formatting from Editor: color, bold, size, emoticons... and all Editor's plugins. System messages to notify: New content posted from 3rd-party apps, supports: Forums, Downloads, Pages, Gallery, Blogs, Calendar, Videobox, Musicbox. New announcement. User joined/left room. Others: Auto loads old messages when scrolling down (or up). Highlight the message row if someone mentions you. Flood control, max messages, limit characters, sorting messages... Show online users in the panel. Lazyload images. Cache for messages to reduce using SQL queries. Fully responsive.


  7. Hi, Go to acp > customization > featured content
  8. Please wait for the next version for easy custom css
  9. Hi, try to run Get support to clear the cache. If it still does not work, please give me acp access so I can take a look.
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