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  1. You should use custom html.
  2. Hi, If you don't know HTML, you should enable Editor so that you can easy to format your popup content. If you still can't make it works, please give me ACP access I will create a demo popup for you.
  3. Hi, It’s a good idea, I will consider it.
  4. Possible add Chatbox function mention a member  EXEMPLE: @onlyME

    1. onlyME


      Please PM me for support or any questions.

  5. @Bluto OK, I will update it in the next version.
  6. @Bluto I can not reproduce the problem. Please give me an account to test.
  7. Currently, it grabs the thumbnail from youtube automatically. Anyway, I will update an option enable/disable to require upload thumbnail. I will consider it.
  8. Hi, Try to open a support ticket to IPS, they will generate a new invoice for you to renew the app. No, it only displays the thumbnail from the latest topic for a category.
  9. You should use the custom field. I will consider your idea.
  10. Hi, I just tested but can not reproduce the problem. Please give me acp access so I can test it.
  11. Ok, I will test it and get back to you asap.
  12. Yes, I confirm this issue from old versions. So I changed the directory from S3 to local /uploads/fcontentCache, and made a tool to delete all cache files. But I haven't found a way to deleted old cache from S3 for cloud users yet. Do you have any recommendation? Thanks in advance.
  13. If you enabled Designer Mode, please turn it off.
  14. Member can not upload image for each song, it will auto get the image from artist's avatar.
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