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  1. A small plugin for the statistic in your site, supports Forums, Members, Downloads, Pages, Videobox 🙂 

  2. Version 1.0.2


    This is a small plugin allows using Widget to display the statistic in your site. Members could see and update the newest information on that. Features: DISPLAY STATS IN TAB VIEW DISPLAY STATS IN GRID VIEW Manage stats in widget's settings: Easy to add/delete stats. Drag & drop to reorder the position quickly. Clicking on stats to select the categories. Supports the following stats: Forums: New Topics New Posts Most Viewed Hot Topics Downloads: New Files Recent Updates Most Viewed Most Downloaded Highest Rated Pages: New Content New Comments Most Viewed Members: New Members Most Reputation Most Content Other: Auto-update stats every X seconds. Widget title. Fully support AJAX. Fully support responsive design. Cache system for high quality/performance. LIVE DEMO: https://ipsviet.com/


  3. Deleted

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      Please check PM, I don't support in my profile page.

  4. No, but I'm never late or slow 😈
  5. @Andr3as It's in my to-do list and will be updated in some next versions.
  6. END Black Friday 2019 sale :wub:

  7. I will consider your idea. Css issue, please give me the url so I can take a look.
  8. Hello, Could you give me ACP access so I can take a look?
  9. Black Friday 2019 😍 sale up to 30% https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/146888-onlyme/content/?type=downloads_file&change_section=1
  10. Hi, If you don't know HTML, you should enable Editor so that you can easy to format your popup content. If you still can't make it works, please give me ACP access I will create a demo popup for you.
  11. Hi, It’s a good idea, I will consider it.
  12. Possible add Chatbox function mention a member  EXEMPLE: @onlyME

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      Please PM me for support or any questions.

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