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  1. Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    Yes, no need to upload php file anymore.
  2. Videobox

    I will test it.
  3. Videobox

    I fixed it in the latest version (2.1.1)
  4. Videobox

    I confirm this issue. I will be fixed in next version.
  5. Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    Thank you for your purchase. I will consider your idea.
  6. Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    Hi, it only works inside normal forum.
  7. Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    Yes, currently it gets X latest items, and shuffle that X items every page refresh.
  8. Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    Every page refresh.
  9. Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    Yes, but currently it has a bug with random option. I will fix it in the next version.
  10. Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    It has an option to select specified contents
  11. Videobox

    Videobox has some widgets to customize videos feed in sidebar, top, or bottom. But it does not have subscribe button. See the demo here http://demo.ipsviet.com/video/ PM me I will give you ACP access so you can take a look how it works.
  12. Videobox

    It sorts by rating average, not rating stars.
  13. Videobox

    Yes, you should use server. But I will fix this bug asap.
  14. Videobox

    @Optic14Do you post video url in Description form instead of using Server? I will test that bugs.
  15. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    Hi, I will add it in next version.