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  1. Thanks again for the great support.

  2. Version 1.1.1


    This is an application to allow users to create friendships with others. Features: Users can send friend requests to others Notification when: Receiving a friend request A friend request has been accepted. User can manage the notifications (disable/enable, use email/inline-notification) Displaying friends: Friends icon on top navigation displays in all pages. Friends tab in profile page. 1 click to send PM, Chat (requires Chatbox+) Easy to search friends. Privacy settings can allow
  3. The autoplay only works for uploaded videos, not work for youtube, vimeo...
  4. ChatBox Free v. ChatBox 2.2 Paid 

    I'm a very inexperienced website/IPS community developer. Want to try to Chatbox Free version, but if I like it can it be converted to the paid version without losing any chats?



    1. onlyME



      There is a tool in Chatbox+ to convert data from free version.

      (Btw, if you have any question, please pm me instead of posting in my status feed)

    2. Harry Douglas
  5. No problem, contact me if you have any problem
  6. Old version, please remove it and use the newest version.
  7. @Donald Meek please go Admin CP → System → Applications click the lock icon to config permission for who can access.
  8. hey i have music box why isnt my renewal good?


    1. onlyME



      Please open support ticket to IPS, they will create new invoice to renew the app for you.

  9. How about it? Please give me a screencast. BTW, for faster support, please pm me instead of posting in this topic.
  10. Hi, Please give me me the URL so I can test it.
  11. A small plugin for the statistic in your site, supports Forums, Members, Downloads, Pages, Videobox 🙂 

  12. Version 1.2.1


    This is a small plugin allows using Widget to display the statistic in your site. Members could see and update the newest information on that. Features: DISPLAY STATS IN TAB VIEW DISPLAY STATS IN GRID VIEW Manage stats in widget's settings: Easy to add/delete stats. Drag & drop to reorder the position quickly. Clicking on stats to options: title, categories, thumbnails. Supports IPS official apps: Forums, Downloads, Pages, Nexus, Gallery, Calendar. And 3rd party apps that meets the requirement for IPS4 Content, suc
  13. Deleted

    1. onlyME



      Please check PM, I don't support in my profile page.

  14. No, but I'm never late or slow 😈
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