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  1. Thanks, Adriano! 🙂 I'll purchase as soon as it's approved in the marketplace!
  2. @Fosters - I'm looking for this same thing - the ability to add blocks in the spots above and under forums/threads, in addition to the sidebar. Depending on cost, I may be willing to sponsor the initial development of this feature. Please let me know if this is something you'd consider.
  3. It looks like the demo site is no longer working. Do you know when this will be back up?
  4. Would also love to see this for Amazon SES.
  5. Could you please tell me how many categories this could reasonably handle before it starts to impact the system?
  6. 1) Blog categories - Both to sort all blogs (admin defined) and categories that the blog authors can define and use in their individual blog(s) 2) Paid blogs - similar to the current pay to join club feature, this would allow blog authors to charge a fee to read their blog. Ideally, the blog author could decide between charging a subscription fee (access for X months) or a flat rate to read all their current and future entries to that specific blog. 3) Co-Authors - Allow a blog owner to invite another member to co-author their blog. Right now we have this per usergroup, but most people would rather invite a specific member to co-author rather than open it up to everyone in a usergroup. 4) Admin defined custom fields and users sort by these fields - just like clubs. 5) Default sort for entries - Allow admin to specify a default sort order. For example, my members would use blogs for both blogs (most recent entry first) and chapter books (oldest entry first, which would be the first chapter).
  7. I'm trying to create a layout like this on my news home page (a grid without the collage at the top). I'm not using categories. Can you please tell me if this is possible, and if so, the correct settings to use?
    Gorgeous theme, fast support! ThemeTree never fails to impress. 🙂
  8. @Fosters - Could you please tell me if it's possible to have the notice only appear in a specific forum within our site?
    We love this block and use it on our site. Support is fantastic, and we love the various options and styles for displaying topics and posts in a streamlined manner. Highly recommend!
  9. @newbie LAC - I love this block. 🙂 Can you please tell me if it works with IPS 4.4? If not, do you plan to update it?
  10. I second this. I'd love to see a method to handle the bounced email automatically, with a method of prompting the user to update their email (maybe before being able to post on the site any further).
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