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  1. Ditto. Seems like I’ve been waiting forever for the self-hosted beta, and now it might be July or August before I can move forward with v5. I’m moving on to the Laravel framework, I think.
  2. 3 seconds to paint seems way high. Is this repeatable by others?
  3. Last night I used the PWA to access this site and got a 403 error. This site was down, but I had no way to refresh the page as the 403 page had been cached locally in the PWA. Please implement “pull to refresh”. It should be a little JS to easily add this to the PWA. Note: I did have to force quit the PWA this morning to reload the page with the 403 server down error. Not all users will know to do this and would be stuck. Also, the error page was from AWS Cloudfront CDN for this site. You should also configure custom error pages for your CDN so the error pages have a “reload” link to the page (and “pull to refresh” JS and no-cache response header).
  4. My point is that the PWA, as it is now, gives very little reactive feedback to the user when a link is clicked while in a browser, you get immediate feedback as you wait for the server to respond. Maybe the PWA needs JS or CSS to put up a spinner or some other visual feedback on link press so there would be more feedback while waiting for a response from the server.
  5. Yes. This site has been slow to load pages regardless. But with a browser, you get feedback. With the PWA, on iOS, at least, you get almost no indication that the request has been made and the PWA is waiting for the response from the server. So, I end up clicking multiple times, probably making the server even more overloaded. I’m hoping Invision devs are spending a lot of time using the PWA to test and develop v5 and the PWA will be more reactive. That is, I’m hoping the PWA is a high priority for v5, instead of an afterthought as it is in v4.
  6. I have transitioned to using mostly the PWA on my iPhone to keep track of v5 progress. But the PWA doesn’t give feedback to me when I tap on a link like the browser does. So, the PWA has been especially frustrating to use when clicking on a link takes 3 to 15 seconds to load the page. Last night I got a few page loads that timed out after 30 seconds or so I’m hoping that v5 will make the PWA on iOS much more reactive and responsive so at least I do not feel the need to keep tapping a link multiple times due to zero UI feedback. The PWA should feel more like a native app, but right now, it feels more like using a poor browser.
  7. Sorry. I didn’t understand your issue. Maybe putting Cloudflare between the bot traffic and your server would help? That is, if you don’t mind blocking most bots from scrapping your site. Or maybe you could rate limit these bots with Cloudflare.
  8. Isn’t this the way the web works? HEAD requests are an optimization so no need to refetch the page/file if it hasn’t changed. You wouldn’t want Google or some other search engine re-downloading something that hasn’t changed. This would waste tremendous amounts of bandwidth.
  9. Perhaps reading this web.dev article will help you to understand manifest updates on various devices. https://web.dev/learn/pwa/update Not sure if article is updated to reflect latest OS/browser versions.
  10. I'm very curious about the UX improvements made to uploading/cropping profile photos especially when using mobile devices. Perhaps you could do some blogs from the perspective of an iPhone/Android user in the future?
  11. Any way to run a system task to download all the Giphy images referenced in existing posts, save those images to your site's storage, and to rebuild the posts with Giphy links to link to your site's storage? Seems like something you would want to do before deactivating Giphy. Maybe this should be built into Invision Community?
  12. I hope you never do AI generated topic summaries. I’d rather use the ReaderView in Safari to read topics. If I want summaries of the topic, I’ll use one of the many AI tools available for MacOS to generate AI summaries of text in the browser. Browser makers are starting to build AI into their browsers to do these summaries. Check out Arc’s AI features. I’m pretty sure that Apple and Google will integrate more AI features in the coming year. As long as IC5 supports Reader View in Safari, I’m pretty sure that AI built into the OS will generate these summaries for the user. Use your developers time supporting ReaderView and properly printing Topics including all replies to a PDF for topic archiving on the user’s device. I bet next year’s MacOS release will build in AI features such as article summaries directly into Siri or ReaderView where they belong. This reminds me of websites that used to build in spell checking which never worked very well. What a waste of developer time. Some features really belong to the OS or browser so they are well implemented and generally available.
  13. Clicking on "Enable in this browser" does nothing using the new Safari PWA on my Mac. Not sure if this issue is specific to me or is a general bug affecting other users.
  14. Just started using the PWA for this site in Safari ("Add to Dock" in Share menu) on my Mac... The default theme for Invision Community still doesn't have buttons/links for Back/Forward/Refresh when using the PWA. Keyboard shortcuts are available and the Go menu does have Back and Forward actions, so not having UI elements is not a big deal on the Mac PWA. But the same issue affects the UX when using the IOS PWA so it is a problem for Apple device users. Please fix the default theme for Invision Community to address this navigation issue in the PWA and make sure the new default theme in IC5 corrects this UX issue.
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