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  1. I’m not on commission when I say this, but I wouldn’t be purchasing software with the intention of not paying the renewal fees and looking at it as a one time purchase. It’s not just new features and bug fixes you’re getting, but important security updates and the support for when things go upside down. Each to their own I guess, but as an administrator of a website which is holding peoples personal data, I feel responsible to ensure my site is running the most up to date and secure software. $80 over 6 months is $0.44 a day, that’s like 1/4 of a cup of coffee, we’re not talking of I need to sell the house to pay for this numbers. Worth factoring these costs in with the monthly server fees and asking yourself can I afford to do this before purchasing, if not there is free options available. Apologies if this sounds fanboyish, actually I don’t apologise for sharing my opinion. Don’t agree, that’s perfectly fine, as I say each to their own.
  2. I only found an issue when I went back to read an old topic and noticed side scrolling going on. After nailing the post and grammarly user which caused it, went back through the members post history to find multiple pages effected by it. Was an easy fix in the end, I told him I would ban him if he didn’t stop using it. He stopped. 😄
  3. Dear me, what are your visitors thinking, 49.4% Android? Ouch! 😂
  4. Let’s be honest it wasn’t “perfect”, notifications were better pre 4.4.4, but still had room for improvement. It would be nice for notifications not to be automatically marked as read just because you open up the notification pop up, and only marked as read when clicked on. If they can figure that one without this having to load the last page, or reappearing, perfection will be achieved.
  5. Haven’t removed anything. Can’t say I’ve tried every ad blocker available though, but the couple I did try didn’t block it
  6. This is for ads which might not be from vendors on the ad block filter lists. Say I sold an ad to you and uploaded the banner image through the advertising system it could get blocked because it uses a class with "advertisement" in. As well as vendor list filters, blockers can pick up on keywords such as ads, advert, advertisement. Saying that I've not had any issues recently with custom ads I have uploaded, ipsAdvertisement_large hasn't been picked up by blockers that I have tested with.
  7. Thank you, I did make a change to the notificationsRow template for the main notification page on row 4 replacing <li class='ipsDataItem {{if $notification['data']['unread']}}ipsDataItem_unread{{endif}} ipsClearfix'> with <li class='ipsDataItem {{if !$notification['notification']->read_time}}ipsDataItem_unread{{endif}} ipsClearfix'> It works. But as you say it's not a page I or expect other members visit that often to notice
  8. Not sure if this is advisable but I have reverted the change listed in theme difference from 4.4.3 to 4.4.4 for notificationsAjax and appears to be working as it did before if anyone else is frustrated. Edit: this only restores the old behaviour in the popup, when opening up the full notification page it's still the new wonky system FWIW I hope you guys can figure out a way to immediately mark as read once the individual notification has been clicked, and doesn't revert to showing as unread later. Having all notifications mark as read on open was/is a minor frustration.
  9. Having been told this is now working as intended in 4.4.4 I just wanted to give some feedback on the new notification system. It's bizarre, bonkers and a backwards step just like when the popup search menu was refreshed and removed search within this topic on mobile. If I receive any notification for a reaction, quote, mention even automatic moderation I must now fully read the topic before it marks as read, and if I receive further notifications for other posts in the same topic, previously read notifications will revert to showing as unread. For example. I have a 10 page topic. I have only read 6 pages but receive a reaction for a post on page 3. On opening the notification and seeing Bob gave me a like, I navigate back to the homepage to view something else. The notification for the reaction is still showing as unread. The only way to dismiss this notification would be to read the remaining 4 pages of the topic. Even if I do this then make a post on page 10 which I receive a notification of a reaction for later, the earlier notification on page 3 will show as being unread again until I am fully caught up with the topic. Yes I can understand opening the notification menu marked all notifications as read wasn't great, but this is far worse now and it's confusing my members. I even put a notice up to say notifications are broken, we are aware bare with us whilst we fix because I was getting so many messages. I now have to go back and say guess what, this is working fine. I'm sorry IPS, you're great and everything you really are, but this, this is terrible.
  10. This is the plugin by the way 3 years ago I downloaded it and left this review. Funny as I do remember installing it now, my board ran into issues later and removed plugins to see if this fixed my problem. It did, this is when I had to start looking through the templates myself to figure out how it worked and made the template changes since. One of the main problems with plugins, compatibility issues with other plugins.
  11. I’ll let you off this time. Just a bit frustrated that’s all. They brought a tagging system where some topics were tagged planned, not planned etc. Great idea it was, sadly didn’t last long, few got tagged and that was that. I don’t expect developers to respond to each and every suggestion, or that every suggestion should be included, but it does feel like this board now is nothing more but a place for third party plugin developers to jump on you and sell their wares, once the OP has been satisfied the topic drops down the page and that’s that. I’m not out to put these guys out of business, they are needed, but I’d just like a bit more interaction I guess from IPS. Even the bug tracker has been pulled now leaving us in the dark, I always feel guilty opening tickets in the client area over possible bugs, asking myself would someone already have reported this or not, I don’t want to be the 100th person of the day to say “this ain’t working”. Online list? That’s gone as well, you may not see who’s online on this board. It’s all becoming a bit hidden, secretive and I don’t like it. Is there a male menopause? I might be at that age now, I’m off for a lie down.
  12. Feels like half the time suggestions are made these days they are responded with there’s a plugin for that. I’m sure there is, but does that mean it shouldn’t be considered by the developers to be included out the box? For what it’s worth both myself and the OP have stated we have made template changes for this behaviour so a plugin isn’t required. It’s not a wild suggestion either as it works this way on other software, saying that I’ve not looked at vBulletin for years now since they sold up and it turned into donkey poo. Yes streams have this behaviour but not all users enjoy using streams, no matter how prominent you make them, in many cases I don’t use them either as even on this board they can be slow to open. Why introduce fluid view also if streams are the way to navigate these days? I personally find fluid view is actually better than streams on certain boards including this one, tick off the boards I’m not interested and away I go. Give users the choice, you don’t have to make the change global for everyone, make it a user setting that I and other users can enable on Invision Power boards we visit.
  13. This is my biggest annoyance with the software, and something I have posted on numerous occasions but the powers that be do not seem interested unfortunately. Apparently some people prefer to start on page 1 every time they open a thread, I can only assume they have never completed reading a book! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Like you I have to edit templates for to avoid the zooming for the dot. Bonkers but that’s how it is.
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