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  1. This prevents registrations from the same IP address, not really what I’m looking for. Don’t know how it works in other countries but in the UK mobile IP addresses can change after a few houses so multiple users can be found using the same IP addresses. That’s better, will have to raid the piggy bank, almost half the cost of the forum software itself 😱 (I’m just very tight, ignore me)
  2. Would be nice to have a daily task run to check for devices used to sign into multiple accounts. Some forums may allow multiple accounts so this might not be for everyone, but it can be time consuming checking devices if suspected banned users returning under new accounts. I think this is one of my better ideas if it would be considered by the very nice developers. Thanking you muchly.
  3. Sorry for trying to be helpful, wasn’t aware you was aware of the global setting. *sigh*
  4. I can see the remove format button now, not sure if it’s appeared following this topic or not. Haven’t been paying attention. The font size though I agree, I’m hoping they increase it in 5.x especially on mobile so I can ditch the telescope.
  5. Might not be JUST for games, but they advertise it for gamers, even saying in their app blurb it is designed specifically for gamers with no mention of who else this app maybe suitable for. The logo is also based off a controller. Many users will see this and say nah, that’s not for me.
  6. Facebook also introducing dark/night mode to their main app now as well as messenger. Twitter have recently added a lights out mode as an alternative to their existing dark/night mode. Twitter can also automatically turn it on in the evening and off in the morning. My cobbled together CSS changes only Night Mode theme has 56 downloads in the first week. Whilst not mega numbers, shows there is interest, all these large social media platforms and mobile operating systems would not be wasting their time if it wasn’t in demand.
  7. @Guru84 I'm guessing you are using Internet Explorer? Apologies I forgot to package the new editor theme files for the outdated browser. If you redownload the theme, you only need to reupload the editor theme files. This should fix it for you. 🙂
  8. Ahhh the old hit counters, brings back memories! Spent many a evening checking back to see if I had any more 'hits' 😂 These days we have Google Analytics though, more accurate even if it's less retro cool looking.
  9. If you just want likes, remove or disable all other reactions in your admin panel Members > Reputation & Reactions > Reactions
  10. Can you PM me a link to the page please and I will take a look
  11. I know, which this would also help with. I tend to use streams more on mobile and tablet, find it easier to go through unread content, where as desktop I potter around more going in and out of boards. Might not be the norm I know, but then what is? 😁
  12. But why put pineapple on pizza? We all browse differently I guess, not everyone would find this useful but I don’t always get chance to read everything I want to then be able to mark the board as read. On desktop I can quickly hover over the topic title and mark as read, mobile/tablet you don’t have that luxury, this would be a great way to whack a few topics out the way that I have absolutely zero interest in. Like Game of Thrones for example. Something that has bugged me for a while, didn’t think of this, makes sense.
  13. Need any help? Fire away, I’ll do my best.
  14. This would be extremely helpful on mobile/tablet devices where you have to enter the topic to mark it read.
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