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  1. It happens on this forum as well though?
  2. You know when you’ve had a few pints down the pub (less so in 2020), gone to the toilet and your aim is a little off. That’s how the notifications feel. They are a little off. When clicking one I have to scroll up a little to find the post which was reacted to. Can’t just be me that’s noticed this? They need to sober up a little.
  3. Not wanting to get anyones backs up with this but I've read all 3 pages and feels like IPS are under attack here, maybe justifiably so in some cases, but just wanted to chime in and go against the grain, I'm happy with IPS terms and conditions and have no issues keeping an active licence for your continued development and support. 11 years in having been through vBulletin, Xenforo to get here my members have never been happier with the platform. My forum is monetised well and covers all costs, renewal fees are just part of the outgoings to ensure my community is refreshed with new
  4. Imagine there will be a few tears from those that like to run Null communities with plugins
  5. How small is that phone screen? Ok, don’t see as many as before but doesn’t look too bad on the 11 Pro
  6. If possible could RSS imports be looked at so they can import and embed videos from a YouTube channel, right now you just enter the URL to the channel in your RSS reader but on here the URL is not recognised as being a RSS link.
  7. I prefer the new link, never used them before as it looked cluttered 🙂
  8. If you go round someones house for a party and they ask you to take your shoes off before entering, would you say no I'm not, I'll go find another party to go to instead? What happens to the party when 70%, 80%, 95% of guests refuse to take their shoes off. The party is over. Some websites include forums rely heavily on ad revenue, if you have a few not overly intrusive adverts on show that help keep the site online, then find some visitors simply refuse to view them, I would be fine losing them as I'm confident that my site is the best available in the niche and for that one person
  9. How is that a security risk if they have already passed recaptcha and logged in?
  10. Ahh TikTok, the site where kids do dumb scripted stuff in the hope of going viral. Starting to feel too old for the internet 👴🏻
  11. I wouldn’t bother with Android, just focus on iOS and one day they will see sense and join us in the Apple world 😛
  12. Matt, I appreciate the humour, can get on board with that, but at the same time I hope the feedback is being noted and considered. I actually use my phone a lot more than I do desktop/laptop and access the admin panel verifying members daily. We all see things different and taking the science away from it, some simply find it easier to read white text on dark backgrounds, on mobile I’m one of them where as desktop I can handle the white backgrounds a little easier for whatever reason. Would be nice if IPS could include an inbuilt dark theme which can be toggled on/off. Whe
  13. *Puts on sunglasses* Too bright, too white, prefer the current theme tbh.
  14. Are you aware that since the iOS13 update which saw iPad’s break away into it’s own iPadOS it hasn’t been that great to navigate? Some links can take a couple of presses to trigger, although it’s difficult to consistently replicate which is why I haven’t opened a ticket. See the screenshot below, this is usually only accessible by desktop and hovering, which I’m sure you are aware is impossible on iPad. I’ve had a fair few members complain they get this on every topic they open, I can only replicate by kinda lightly touching on a unread topic but they insist it’s on every top
  15. You can change the button colours in the theme > edit > button colours
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