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  1. The mobile theme on 3.x did that, I didn't like how it changed to titles only on 4.x. I've got used to it now but I did like when the area was clickable.
  2. Brilliant news about push notifications. What will the notification look like to existing users?
  3. Any way to do this? I want my activity pages to just be for forum activity, not news posts.
  4. All I want is a light switch to turn between normal and night mode. https://www.grandoldteam.com/forum/forums/everton-forum.2/ Here is an example. And yet still no sign of this feature that is on many sites these days.
  5. No I used the same combination on Facebook, Spotify which were got into. My Amazon SES was also compromised hence this topic, but that used completely different email and password which leaves me a bit confused.
  6. Turns out this got me https://www.teiss.co.uk/123rf-data-breach/
  7. Its 2:30am and I’ve spent the last 4 hours changing them all. I admit Spotify and Facebook had the same password but my Amazon ses was completely different and impossible to know unless you saw it written down. I can’t understand what’s gone on with it and to send that many emails.
  8. I think I've somehow been hacked. My spotify was taken over yesterday. This with Amazon has been going on since the 13th and I've just had someone tried to log in to my facebook. Can anyone help me
  9. Latest version, minimal addons none that use emails. I can't even see what emails were being sent out through Amazon SES to know what the issue. I've had no fail to delivers back to my email. Even the bounce rate is low considering how many were sent out. What exactly am I supposed to do? Invision offered nothing in ticket either. Now no emails are being sent out at all. 411,000 emails in 3 days is serious issue that requires looking into surely
  10. Yes that happened first time with me, since thats been disabled I hadn't had an issue. Also when that happened I had no end of bounced failed to deliver emails. This time I have none of them after 411,000 emails were attempted
  11. Yes I've not had a single response. Ridiculous 411,000 emails how can that he happening
  12. I've sent 110,000 emails over the last few days and Amazon have shut me down. I sent 100-150 a day normally, so what has this happened? Absolute joke this is and shouldn't be happening.
  13. Asking for this again (or at least to have the option in the drop down menu) IMG_4588.MP4
  14. On my site when I set Maximum storage for each submission to 2000 it shows this When I set that setting as unlimited, it shows as this My question is where is that set as 30mb? I can't find it anywherre. I would rather just have the max total size of 1.95mb showing. I don't see the need for it to display twice. Most sites I've checked don't show max file size and max total size.
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