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  1. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Pages but i just import custom php pages that use a database I put together outside of the software, so it doesn’t actually use pages for what it’s supposed to be used for. It’s a mess of a setup to be honest
  2. 4.2.6 - Is Redis now the better option?

    I've always used file system as whenever I tried swiching to mysql and redis/memcached it seemed slower. What exactly is it used for? It is just for the cache page output to guests or other stuff?
  3. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

  4. Amazon S3 integration is great!

    Was a bit clueless with it myself when I looked into it, costs appeared way too high though so haven’t bothered since
  5. Quizzes

    Is the option for resetting the quiz for a member to retake it still there? I am sure I saw it before but now I can't see it
  6. Trader Feedback System

    We have feedback in a topic going back a few years, I wondered if I could add that feedback into the system myself but as the other member giving it (and not myself) without having to log in as each member to do it (not an option)
  7. Quizzes

    If a member of the forum starts their own quiz sometimes its hard to know when a quiz is ready for approval. I get notified when the quiz is made and awaiting approval even when no questions have been entered. Then when they start to enter questions, I still don't know when the quiz is actually ready. Maybe there should be an option for them to mark the quiz as complete and then it can be approved.
  8. Quizzes

    When searching IP address and then quizzes I always get this error
  9. Quizzes

    I wasn't but could work, if there was a divider and under 20th place where it would display for example 27th and my score
  10. Quizzes

    I know its in leaders ranking, I've shown the top 20 but if I didn't make the top 20, I can't see my score. Didn't know if my score could fit into quiz information at the side Wasn't sure if you could take the placements 1,2,3 in each quiz and give 3 points for number 1, 2 for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place. If its not possible then no problem
  11. Quizzes

    Which page is this explained on? Also would be useful to display my score in the quiz as once completed, and if not in the top 5 or whatever is showing, my score and time isn't shown anywhere on the quiz page
  12. Quizzes

    If a quiz is deleted the number stays the same in the widget as it there were more. Example, if there is 1 quiz, and 2 deleted quizzes, it says quizzes 3. Only when deleting from deleted content does the number go back to 1.
  13. Quizzes

    How about an overall leaders sidebar widget?
  14. Quizzes

    I know, a few members commented on it so thought I'd mention it
  15. Quizzes

    It would be better if these ticks were replaced with red X's when a question is answered incorrectly, as you go through the quiz it looks like you get every question right until it tells you otherwise at the end