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  1. Asking for this again (or at least to have the option in the drop down menu) IMG_4588.MP4
  2. Its good apart from removing reply to this topic and start new topic. Also its still not as good as 4.4, too many white background separators
  3. I said most of this in beta stage but it meant nothing
  4. Never understood why there's no link to the posts that have reputation? It just takes you to the first post every time, same on every version. This area https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/62-matt/reputation/?type=forums_topic_post&change_section=1
  5. I mentioned the same on the alpha site but nothing has changed 👎
  6. The title should stay where it is and not be a part of the first post, just look as it did before 4.5. They're not going to change it back though.
  7. I noticed this is being brought up a lot since 4.5 and its all because of that white background. It was never a problem when that info wasn't in a white box, and in my opinion looked much better previously. No need for the title area to be bigger and taking up more space than before. Previously it was just the title, then the creator and date on one line below it. Now we've got the title, a divider line and two lines for the creator and date and with a white background to highlight it further.
  8. I've noticed the individual forum icons for mark as read don't appear to be ajax now?
  9. Thats not been here since 3.1, I moaned about it being removed no end I was in the habit of always using it at the bottom of topics. I'm not sure I'd use it now if it was there as I tend to just use the Unread Content link
  10. I don't know if its the same one but I bought it back in 2016 and it didn't work well. I can't download that one you linked to This https://invisioncommunity.com/clients/purchases/48301-ban-from-topics/
  11. Good to have preview by topic, but one thing I'd say I've wanted more has been to restrict/ban a member from a certain topic, it would work better than every post going on preview if its just a certain member causing the problem. Any chance?
  12. Ok, well it's happening on every site that utilises cloudflare compared to never seeing it before today. 🤔
  13. Good opportunity for me to post this again from a XF site 2086548363_RTGSunderlandMessageBoards.mp4
  14. Since today every site I visit that uses cloudflare shows me this message. I have to do it on every site, so if I complete it on one, the other site that shows the message still needs completing. I've never seen it before so something doesn't seem right. Anyone know what could be causing it? Also I can complete it but it doesn't last long, I have to complete it again next time I visit after a certain amount of time
  15. Unread content link is missing on alot of screenshots, you've not removed that surely?
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