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  1. Surely shipping with two themes is better not just 'no' in the meantime, otherwise customers are waiting literally years for something that shouldn't take as long. I know staff aren't keen on it though so that's probably more the reason why. On a forum which uses XF they do this and I think it works great. RTG Sunderland Message Boards.mp4
  2. It looks nice just not sure ease of use is improved, it takes longer to check them and also you have to click the X on the right to close each section, which is a bit frustrating on desktop when your mouse is on the left to open it/check the options. Although I've since seen that opening another closes what was previous open.
  3. An easy switch to dark mode toggle like at the top of this site is what I'd like https://www.flashscore.com/ on mobile it shows in the menu.
  4. I saw this on another forum and thought it worked well, don't know if its a feature of XF or if they made it themselves. But its a busy site and was a good way to view different topics in the catagories but still get back to the forum view quickly. RedCafe.net _ The Leading Manchester United Forum.webm
  5. So we have IPS opinions but the fact is, night mode is a thing amongst popular social media sites now and phone devices. I had to create a night mode skin due to alot of requests lately but it could still be bettered, with an easy on/off switch for example.
  6. It's one of those things Invision are adamant about not having, like with topic titles always going to the first post and no way around it unless you install a hook. I think XF do it well where the top button appears when you start scrolling up so its not always there.
  7. Very good but needs to be compatible with ads
  8. If the only option in the dropdown is topic, it should direct straight the to topic creation part. A dropdown for one item, and an extra click currently.
  9. Since I upgraded to 4.4.5 my redis shows 0B memory used, previously it was 56G reflecting the server memory
  10. Does elasticsearch still cause issues when posting?
  11. Rewrite unread content page (you know why 😔_
  12. I used this since I upgraded to 4.x, still seems to work. No idea why IPS are trying to reinvent the wheel on this one though, should at least have the option in admin cp.
  13. Needs to start loading earlier to save the waiting around, the main reason I've not enabled it. We have alot of tweets posted and its painful waiting for those to load
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