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  1. If the only option in the dropdown is topic, it should direct straight the to topic creation part. A dropdown for one item, and an extra click currently.
  2. Since I upgraded to 4.4.5 my redis shows 0B memory used, previously it was 56G reflecting the server memory
  3. Does elasticsearch still cause issues when posting?
  4. Rewrite unread content page (you know why 😔_
  5. I used this since I upgraded to 4.x, still seems to work. No idea why IPS are trying to reinvent the wheel on this one though, should at least have the option in admin cp.
  6. Needs to start loading earlier to save the waiting around, the main reason I've not enabled it. We have alot of tweets posted and its painful waiting for those to load
  7. Do you know when that happens? Just ran a few more support > not workings and now its upto 39M from 30M just before.
  8. On a probably unrelated note, as I've recently set this up on my site. When I run the support tool something is not working, the redis size goes up 3/4M easch time, I'm at 30M now, does this ever reduce / does redis ever remove the stuff thats no longer used? Concerned it will just increase and increase
  9. I'm an iPhone user but completely agree, if the technology is there lets have it available for those who can make use of it, falling behind XF if you're going to wait on Apple
  10. Better than not at all though in the meantime
  11. Done this now as got a few complaints too
  12. Viewed my page source and don't see any instances of ipsAdvertisement, am I (probably) missing something? My ads are still blocked by adblock
  13. I had to see it for myself on my site as it wasn't registering with me. So now if I read the full topic and the notification becomes read, if someone then later posts in it, that notification becomes unread again? Thats not good..
  14. If I'm following a forum and a new topic is made, I get the notification "Member posted a topic in such and such Forum: Things" Just clicking that link should be enough for the notification to become read. I shouldn't have to read the whole topic as this is just the notification that a new topic was made, so surely should work different to a normal topic link?
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