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  1. marklcfc

    Twitter photo linking posts

    What @dayh said, needs to be embedded
  2. marklcfc

    Twitter photo linking posts

    I'd choose the image as I'm sharing it via the forums twitter account, it would only be specific topics that are shared via twitter. I suppose what I'm hoping for is the option to be able to set the share image for a certain topic, without it being in the posts itself.
  3. marklcfc

    Twitter photo linking posts

    I knew I'd seen something before, I think I didn't go for it because I'd prefer to upload it manually / be able to choose which photo I'd like to show, we don't always have uploaded photos in posts.
  4. I believe this has been asked for before, but really need to be able to make twitter posts like this with a picture, so they can link back to the forum like this?
  5. marklcfc

    4.4: Turbo charging loading speeds

    My site with minimal changes has a performance rating of 29 Invision was only 41
  6. marklcfc

    4.4: Application manifest and icon management

    I like this. An example of how the safari mask icon is active / hovered upon using #2af689 would be good though so I can see what effect that has. Same for theme / background colour.
  7. marklcfc

    Improved Feature: Note to Reporter

    I always thought the reporter should get a report complete notification when a mod has marked it compete
  8. marklcfc

    Abandoned Attachments

    Would be good to have a way to delete attachments no longer attached to a post as its been deleted
  9. from left to right, Is this a bug?
  10. marklcfc

    4.3 Search Changes

    It's on my server. I'm getting the viewupdate error since setting up elasticsearch as seen here
  11. marklcfc

    4.3 Search Changes

    Rebuild search index took around an hour before I switched to Elasticsearch. Just set it up today and running the rebuild for the first time I'm 50% after 3 hours.. is it meant to take longer on Elasticsearch?
  12. This was posted in the GDPR (yawn) topic but its been closed, its a much better solution than having all deleted members appearing as Guest. @Matt On deletion of members: Could there be an option to define the name to attribute to on that page directly? So we could input for example "Member 3312" (where 3312 would be their memberId). This will keep the discussion still somewhat reader friendly, so it would still be possible to differentiate different accounts as having written in the discussion, for readers reading old content.
  13. marklcfc

    Topic Title links to First Unread Post

    Does this work on 4.3?
  14. marklcfc

    (NE) Display ads within posts

    If you have post number on each page that would solve it, personally I'd choose the second post and second to last post on each topic page where there are 20 posts per page, so on the 2nd and 19th posts. Probably over complicating it all, but if you had it working by post numbers all those separate options may not be required.
  15. 2004 using 1.3. I had no experience of running a website but the first week went well. A few days after that screenshot was taken I attempted an upgrade with no backups and lost the whole site, luckily most of those that had initially joined registered again as I had to start from scratch.