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  1. I'm aware of that but I don't want to upload the share image to a post, everyone reading the topic will see an image in a post which is out of place. Should be a way to set a share image for topics you want to share to social media. I had a hook made but it never worked properly.
  2. Needed a way to set a share image for topics for years, never happened and doubt it ever will. Yes I'm aware there is a default you can set so the same image shows for every topic, but who really wants that
  3. Thanks, I still don't know about my main app, can't contact the author. I don't really want to find out by having to upgrade and then not being able to use it.
  4. The apps I have are an adblock checker, email address confirmation by you, and a match ratings application that I haven't been able to contact the author about. The plugins are EZ Scroll Top by guyroch, Supergrid by opentype, Online Indicator by -FP and Ban from topic by Dawpi
  5. How do I know if my apps/plugins are not going to break during this upgrade? Some of the authors are not contactable
  6. I just recently changed the archiving to more than 5 years to more than 6 years (don't ask) and I've noticed the size of the database has grown. This was before and now after The posts table has increased from 2.6 to 3.3 gb as I expected given a years more posts are now accessible but archive posts has increased from 3.7gb to 4.4gb even though it should have a years less posts in there now. Has something gone wrong?
  7. Is there any way to add something to it if its Invision Community optimized or do I need to change to custom, and I assume copy and paste what's currently in there set by Invision
  8. Should I be blocking this though or allowing it?
  9. Been told by my hosts that this Amazon bot is making a lot of requests to my site, around 18,000 daily. Does anyone know what it is and can it be blocked?
  10. I’m guessing it’s to do with clocks going back but the timing of posts are messed up over night. I first noticed it on my site and then checked here and the same is happening, see this topic for example and look at the post times and order they are in
  11. They are InnoDB. ibf_core_search_index is quite large in size
  12. I created a new member group and tried multiple times to save permissions but it was hanging, eventually ending with this error below. After this error, I went back and tried again and it saved properly. But thought it was worth mentioning
  13. If I remove it then what happens to all those that signed up using facebook and are still using it now?
  14. Has anyone else had to do this? I don't have an official business so couldn't get anywhere with business verification on facebook.
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