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  1. If you put a topic on post approval the wording should be different to when a single member is on post approval. With how it is it just leads to questions about why they are on post approval. The best solution would be to set a message as to why the topic is on post approval when enabling it, instead of using the default ‘Your content needs to be approved by a moderator’ which just makes out the member is in trouble.
  2. Edit it in Profile fields and change the group to profile information. That's what I did anyway.
  3. No issue I just mistakenly thought they were related to member map app, then out of interest looked at it and found the table appeared empty on many pages. If its meant to be there then that's all I wondered.
  4. Ok, don't know if there is an issue with it as the table is mostly empty on alot of the later pages
  5. Ok I won't, are they Invision tables then?
  6. Can I delete these by just dropping them?I assume they are both for the member map, but I haven't used it in a while. the membermap itself table is 700mb for some reason.
  7. @bfarber was the Elasticsearch guy I think and he's moved on 😞
  8. I've asked this a few times but still not got a definite answer. I've had the achievements up for a few weeks, so things like Dedicated have been given out to those logged in 7 days in a row, I also gave some manually awarded badges out. If they are not remembered, what is the procedure if new rules are added in future if I can't run a rebuild?
  9. @Nathan Explosion guide above achieved it for me.
  10. I have this set in Seo > meta for my home page it’s works for a long time up to 4.6 but now usually gets ignored, any idea why?
  11. I'll keep asking this until I get the answer - if I give out some of the manually awardable badges but add a new badge/rule at some point leading to a rebuild, are all the manually awarded badges I've given to members lost?
  12. @Matt @Charles if I give out some of the manually awardable badges and then add a new badge/rule at some point leading to a rebuild, are all the manually awarded badges I've given to members lost?
  13. Would it remember badges given out like logged in 7 days in a row or special ones given out by moderators like the superstar badge?
  14. I'm sure I read 4.6 was supposed to be faster but it's been the opposite for me.
  15. If I made an edit to the ranks points does the achievements query have to be ran from scratch again? And does this mean any notification members got from the achievements, they will end up getting again?
  16. Can I just use achievements by uploading rules and badges and not ranks or do both have to be used? I assume they are connected and both have to be used.
  17. Did you ever do this? I can't see it.
  18. I got the same a few weeks ago, I think it's genuine as I got a notification about it on facebook too. I wasn't sure what to reply with, Invision Support didn't offer any guidance either. I haven't heard back since though.
  19. If I don't upgrade to achievements during the upgrade but decide to at a later date will all the presets be there when I turn it on or will they be blank?
  20. @waccoe.com I've just done the same edit but my reputation shows like this without the , after the 3.. did you make any other change to get that back? edit: doesn't matter, on my test board it was set to USA, so both my posts can be ignored now. 😑
  21. One thing I've noticed after doing this is Reputation is in long form, posts are in short form. I prefer the long form, does anyone know how to get posts to show in long form again? I've tried changing format to long in the code but it makes no difference.
  22. Brilliant @Nathan Explosion, I adjusted it to suit but I think thats all good now.
  23. Any way to just move member title under the username @Matt, I can do it your way but it takes Location with it which clearly isn't needed that high up.
  24. Surely there has to be a way to move just the member title, but leave the other profile fields (Location in my case) where they are
  25. I appreciate the guide and that means I can get it back under the username by placing it under <ul class='cAuthorPane_info ipsList_reset'> but because I show Location as well, it's moving that with it to a place I don't want it to show. I still think more options on the ranks would be best all round, with a few minor changes it could work like the old system did. You only need to make it so the title can be editable, and a choice to show the rank image or rank text on topics then they'd be no need for the old member title being retained.
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