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  1. Some heavyweights here, I'm not sure I even feel qualified to post, but the title triggered something in me that I've been meaning to post. If this were my forum -- I'd be embarrassed by the condition of it. IPS 4 is just too fragile to run in Production. Almost every time I use this site I see broken topics, broken quotes, missing articles. I've bookmarked, liked, followed content that's important to me, only to find it disappear or become unusable. This looks like an amateur's site with an upgrade that's half done, or broken. But it's not. This is the forum of a company that creates for
  2. Hey Marcher, Appears the suite updates have eaten your article on orany Sphinx edits. Do you still have it saved somewhere you could share? http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/articles.html/_/ipboard-3x/simple-modifications/sphinx-enabling-orany-words-search-r634
  3. Grinler, I don't plan to upgrade before 4.1.1 at the earliest. Hopefully they won't throw me an EOL curveball prior. I'm guessing you haven't read much about the performance issues with 4.0? Because emoticons are one tag. Bbcode had opening and closing tags. E.g. code /code
  4. @Ralph H. Would you agree that you should be able to create a list of pros and a list of cons at PHPBB.com, copy and paste it here and retain the formatting? Because you can't and that's but one example. What about the same list created here and copied to PHPBB.com... Again you can't. What if you had a catalog of replies, and you never knew what would work and what wouldn't with each new release of IPB? That's the dilema faced by some communities. Just because the problem didn't affect you, doesn't mean it's not real.
  5. Flash is a bad analogy. Bbcode is neither a resource hog or security risk. It has much more common with HTML. Just as HTML is crossbrowser, bbcode should be cross bulletin board. I should be able to format a post using notepad or a third party code generator and paste that code into any bulletin board and expect consistent results. I frequently use IPB, vB, PHPBB, Wolflab and Xenforo. iPB is the only one consistently breaking bbcode. It's not like we're asking for support of an edge case. We're asking bulletin board software to fully support bulletin board code (bbcode). Actions speak louder
  6. Adding up and down arrows don't make a forum a Q&A site. Reputation should be featured, not post count. Profiles need to be reworked. Related content is required for discovery. Questions should be able to be created without having to first register, pick a category, et al. Ask for email and pick a category after the question is asked. Same for adding an answer. Search has to improve greatly, and offer fast, relevant results. SEO has to be very good. Unanswered questions have to be surfaced... There's some very tough competition in this niche, I'm afraid this doesn't go far enough to become
  7. Don't be shamed. It appears well done. I just wish it were a core feature of a suite interested in building community. And it is only one of my three suggestions. In case you're looking for future enhancements, the stack exchange and discourse folks do an excellent job.
  8. We have email notifications of reply. What we need is reply via email, submit topics via email, and a weekly email digest of highly rated and new content. Most people want to know what's new. Be proactive and send it to them. People enjoy mailing lists. Hard to appreciate with new forums, but it scales with size. Some will be concerned about creating content via email and losing pageviews, but that's unwarranted. New user generated content is far more valuable than a page view.
  9. [sarcasm] Except for hierarchical URLs [/sarcasm] Add or remove sarcasm tags depending on whether you follow @Charles.
  10. As a forum user, I'd hate to see privacy settings anywhere near as complex as Facebook. As an admin, I realize forum profiles are mostly worthless. I don't show them to guests. I'd like that to change. Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others have built businesses using user profiles. There's obviously room for improvement. Maybe in 5.0?
  11. I have a similar problem as an earlier poster. No similar topics are displayed with Sphinx, but it does work with the force SQL option. You can disregard this post. I updated to a new version of Sphinx, and the newer API resolved my issue.
  12. Microsoft's Community does something like this: Windows | Windows 7 | Repair and Recovery becomes: answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-system/ Windows | Windows 8.1 | Repair and Recovery becomes: answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-system/ Windows | Windows 7 | Devices and Drivers becomes: answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/ Now say you're searching for an IRQL error. The post title won't likely include the Windows version, or whether it's hardware or system related. But the forum name AND URL help narrow the search. I wonder wh
  13. Sorry I'm late to the party. Stumbled across this topic searching for something else. 1) CSEO was no vBSEO, but it was ahead of its time, and most users saw very good results. It used a default FURL e.g. tld.com/community/this-is-a-topic-1234.html. They never had a hierarchical URL. They also had other a few URL options, stop words for keywords/URLs, strip session IDs, etc. Another option they had was transliteration, or custom FURL. For example, if file names are important to your site, you could replace "." with "-" in the URL, instead of ignoring them. It also reversed page titles (boar
  14. About to pull the trigger on this mod, but there seems to be a glaring omission. No similar tutorials (unless it works with >Marcher's similar topics)? Or "other tutorials you may be interested in..." (like IP.Downloads)? Great for user experience and SEO. Looks like it's already under consideration, but an appearance more similar to IP.Downloads would be welcomed.
  15. Just installed recently on 3.4.6. Added a group, added questions, changed permissions. Application shows in the menu bar, but the page is blank. No application mod shown.
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