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  1. 4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    I'm confused. "bang" up to date? Is that intentional?
  2. I'd like to see a feature where packages can require that you be part of a particular club before being able to purchase (or even renew) that package. Either that, or where paying a membership to a club enables a package. An example would be a software developer wanting to limit access to products to those within a group. Let them in the group, they can purchase a package that grants them access to something online, or if they paid to join the group, the package is automatically added to their account. Other than that, wonderful addition. I doubt I'll get any use out of it, but I can already see how this will benefit many MANY communities.
  3. Each licensed community you buy allows you to have one other installation for testing/development purposes. The limit to this other installation is that it cannot be used as a separate community.
  4. Invision Community 4.3 Coming Soon

    I have a Lifetime IP.Board license. But what would be the point?
  5. Invision Community 4.3 Coming Soon

    I think what you're looking for is the Clubs feature, but on a site-wide scale. Are you looking for the ability to add/remove a badge, or to have control over access to certain parts of the site as well?
  6. 64M but need 128M for Installation

    Even if you could get the suite to install on only 64mb of memory, you would undoubtedly start encountering memory issues when using it. As Andy mentioned, IPS does offer hosting services (hosting their suite, not 3rd party applications). However, if that's not a viable option, there are other hosting companies that you can look at that would give you 128mb (or more) of PHP memory. Also, to be blunt, with all things considered, any hosting company that limits the memory to 64mb (at most) for PHP in this day and age is one you should consider avoiding. It's possible they are sacrificing available memory in order to oversell hosting services on the machine. If that's the case, and without getting long winded about it, you'll be better off finding another hosting company to use, as you'll encounter more than just memory problems if you don't.
  7. Will IP suit my needs?

    You can indeed do that with IPS. Although instead of purging it each semester, you could just create new forums each semester, so that students from previous semesters can look back on the content they dealt with, while students of the new semester would only see the new forums. You could also use the built-in clubs feature to accomplish what you are looking for, so that students have to request access to a particular club (so they can all join, request access to the club that is associated with their class, then all you have to do is approve them, making it a lot easier to manage). You could then use the forums for announcements and other things.
  8. New: Clubs

    Then you don't want to use a community based site for that. Either that or protect the contents prior to posting/uploading. For files, WinRAR let's you password protect not only the contents of an archive, but the internal filenames as well. For posts, there might be something similar to PGP/OpenPGP/GPG/etc that will encrypt content to paste as a post and automatically decrypt upon reading, if it has a matching key, etc. The way I see it though, if you need to keep it that secure, then you're better off using other resources to handle the content.
  9. New: Clubs

    This would be pointless. The files shouldn't be accessible to anyone (except club members and site admins/global moderators). If someone is able to get the file, then there is a bigger concern than their being able to make use of it.
  10. Is IPS for me?

    Instead of using forums, you could use the commerce app, where the client submits a support ticket. Then, a personalized invoice could be generated as a response to the ticket/documents. The invoice could include any specifics, along with terms of service, etc. Another alternative, using the commerce app, is that prepriced packages could be made available. If there are known prices for certain services provided, those could be offered as packages, then the client could add the specific packages to their cart. If you look at the purchase page for self hosted apps for Invision, you'll see it's also possible to have a 'core price' available, with the cost of services add on. This is good if you have a bare minimum cost, regardless of the service, but don't charge that same for each service when it's all part of one purchase. As an example with electronics repair, $100 labor fee plus the cost of all parts together, vs $100 extra attached to each part. Each purchase can be held for review, so that if the price needs to be adjusted, it can be declined, with a new invoice being customized for that clients specific needs.
  11. Proof of concept for corporate Intranet

    You wouldn't really need a copy of the files from the hosted platform. If you decide to move from hosted to self-hosted, you would only need the DB and any community specific files (not IPS files), which IPS could provide for you upon your request. The last I recall, the hosted files are encrypted, so they wouldn't be of any use to you anyways. When you go to self hosted, you would upload all the files as though you were setting up a new community, but instead of running the installer, you would upload the database, any community specific files, and then update the database information in the config file. After that, you should be good to go. It's actually much easier than it sounds.
  12. IP in K 12 education.

    I'm sure there are plenty of such communities, however, those would have to be offered up by those familiar with such sites, as IPS employees likely won't (or can't) disclose that information. Privacy concerns and such. If you are wondering if one or more of the offered products would be useful in such an environment, then indeed they can. Just list what you are looking to accomplish, then someone can match up your needs with the available products, probably even offering examples of those products in use under similar conditions. The most obvious thing that comes to mind that you could be looking for would be a school district offering students, faculty, parents, etc, some information such as upcoming events, contact information, etc. That could be accomplished using the Calendar (part of the core product) and the Pages app. The calendar app can be used for listing days that schools will be closed (or closing early), PTA meetings, tests, etc. The Pages app can be used to provide information such as contact numbers, school/faculty profiles, news events, etc. Add in the Forums app, then using the built in Clubs feature, different clubs can be set up for different schools. (ex, Chess Clubs, Choir, etc, with the name of each school as part of the title, so students join the correct club that they are a part of.) The forums can also be used for staff to communicate with one another, or to give the student body a community to talk amongst themselves. The above are just some ideas for how a K12 community could be done. It is by no means the only way to do it.
  13. New: Clubs

    I think it's in the Community Enhancements section.
  14. New: Clubs

    It doesn't (or shouldn't) have admin token keys in the message. It should be a short code consisting of a few letters and numbers. If you copy the entire message, be sure to remove all formatting so that any links (which likely will contain admin tokens) will be removed, as the links are irrelevant anyway.
  15. New: Clubs

    That would tend to confirm what I said.