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  1. Hey! How's all going buddy? Long time, haven't seen you around.

  2. Might be a good idea to send an email with the link if they click away as well. Or have options like, "No thanks (I already know what to do)" to not get an email and "Maybe later (email me a link)" to get an email, but both options redirecting to the normal ACP page. When It's Ready™ Don't forget the "™" with it.
  3. With the time elapsed notice, I can just hear the narrator's voice from SpongeBob saying it. Maybe someone could make an add-on that will do a T2S of it in a very similar voice, be sort of an easter-egg for people when clicking on it.
  4. Would fit right in with the hoarding of toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, etc. But at least it's something that we don't have to worry about now. 😁
  5. I'll pass on the sausage party, thank you. 😀 The video is very impressive. This is something that should benefit a great number of communities, as images can sometimes be the one thing that gets a persons attention to something that they would have otherwise looked past, and are grateful that they didn't.
  6. Maybe I'm missing something or just way out of the loop, but isn't this akin to adding another customizable profile field? Why not just make use of existing ones to do the work?
  7. I think this enhancement is rather important, as it helps to make an admins job easier and less time consuming. I'm sure they are working to address any bugs/issues with meta tags, and a link preview isn't that great of a priority.
  8. Can you find and show us the equation that goes beyond "approximation" and hits in the "ETA" territory? Or would it be too big to fit on the screen?
  9. I already know of a couple of enhancements that might be beneficial. Being able to customize the priority of the different types of notifications, both on a "global" level and then on a group level. Certain notifications may be considered top priority to the site owner, and thus should always be top of the list, but then have certain admin groups that have access to the same content, but need to have different priorities. ex, Security exploit fix notice from IPS appearing at the very top, but for a group that handles user related items, new users should appear first for them, while someone in a group that focuses on support tickets should see anything 'critical' in that area first (below the global priority notices). Is this something that might be added after the initial release of this new feature?
  10. You can edit the language string, or remove it via the skin editor. Although if you remove it, I recommend NOT forcing it to be enabled, or you could wind up with many unpleasant members.
  11. Perhaps you are referring to this? https://seqlegal.com/free-legal-documents/privacy-policy
  12. When hackers and scammers from across the world are able to go unidentified, that claim of 'fallacy' becomes incredibly weak. I reside in the U.S., and I don't care about European laws. However, that is beside the point. I'm sure if you dig into the history of European courts, you'll find many decisions that make no sense now, but were considered to be the correct interpretation of the law at the time. I'm not talking about decisions where laws have since changed, but rather, decisions that were later realized to be in error. There is a fine line between something being personal information because it is something that openly or easily identifies you (name, current address, etc), and numbers that are almost nothing more than a teeny tiny footstep that is mostly used for security or statistics. It's hard to write common sense into laws, which is why things like this happen.
  13. I suppose you've never heard the term, "opinion of the court?" There are some services which provide a random IP address each time someone connects via their service. The IP they had before is no longer theirs, and it never was. But if someone wants to argue that an IP address is personal information, then surveillance footage of people outside of stores and banks are personal information, as it provides information on where they were at a particular time. Let's also keep in mind the fact that those who interpret the laws don't always fully understand what they are deciding. Not only that, but sometimes the laws aren't clear enough or up-to-date enough to allow for proper decisions. I know of a streamer who has been ordered to not stream for a number of years because her (now ex) husband took her to court. Between the laws being behind the times and the courts not being fully aware of what it was deciding, it hurt her big time. It was her means of income (she was doing well) and he only did it to be spiteful. She also had to forfeit her streaming account, which promptly got turned over to a relative of his. (For the record, that didn't last long. It sank really fast.) Point being, until there are tech savvy people on the benches, you'll have some rulings that aren't quite right. If you still doubt my point, consider this... If IP addresses are so personal, then why are so many trolls able to hide behind anonymity on the net? It's a lot less personal than people think.
  14. There is another option. Retain the member ID (internally), but for each topic, have a pseudo-random number that remains consistent within that topic. That way, if there are multiple deleted accounts posted inside of a single topic, instead of a bunch of posts by "Guests," have unique Guest ID's for each 'person' so that it's easy to follow the discussion for that topic. But those ID's wouldn't match up in other discussions, so combing through would be a moot point. Perhaps even have a list of pseudo names to use (like a dictionary), with names like Sam, Pat, Sydney, George, etc (names that can be, or have been used for either gender). So one topic might have user 3312 as Guest Pat, while another might have them listed as Guest Bo. Easier to follow the flow of a single topic, but not easy to piece information together from multiple topics.
  15. With all due respect, the highest courts in Europe can only decide for Europe. Also, anyone who truly understands networking knows that an IP address isn't personal information, regardless of the opinion of a court.
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