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  1. Remember that if users hotlink images from non-https servers, you'll see the warning in the browser icon.
  2. Pretty neat, kind of like migrations in Ruby on Rails.
  3. SVN? Git with the times, man. I'll show myself out...
  4. Everything that supports MySQL will support MariaDB, unless I'm mistaken.
  5. There used to be one, but it vanished with IP.Links.
  6. [quote name='NewRockRabbit' timestamp='1348305264'] That isn't possible for my users who use my site at home, work and on the move - ie different browsers. If bookmarking were added to the front end, it would only mean two things. 1) People aren't using the follow feature properly, or 2) the User CP is very disorganised (which it isn't).
  7. [quote name='Extreame™' timestamp='1343190093'] I really like the idea of no extra applications, maybe we could do this with the whole suite? Then everyone who only wants the board will need to pay for every application. :)
  8. I'm hoping IPB's demotion to an addon product doesn't dillite its value as awesome forum software. Probably a good move for the long run though.
  9. I don't think it's really necessary to wait for 3.3.1, this update was more about fixing stuff than adding new features. An IP.SnowLeopard if you will.
  10. I can only be so clear. :ermm: If you tell us the exact error you're getting, we can help you fix it, but it isn't going to work out of the box, and I don't think anyone ever said it would.
  11. When I first joined in 2010, there was a tab to the left of "Forums" that took you there. Now I just go to the client area and click the logo at the top left.
  12. They didn't say 3.2 skins would work with 3.3, they said the default skin would not be redone. 3.2 skins still need to be upgraded, just minimally.
  13. How dare this software evolve! Shame on IPS, I should not have to redo my skins twice a decade.
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