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  1. 4.3: Engagement Improvements

    Yes... Nice...
  2. Is this part of 4.3 or ???
  3. 4.3: AdminCP Member Profiles

    Amazing ...
  4. Team Talk: What is your hidden talent?

    Cool outfit Jennifer....
  5. I brought this up multiple times before but nothing happened...
  6. Kudos guys.... All of them are crucial for a smooth run...
  7. awesome awesome awesome, I want to say 1000 times
  8. 4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    One of the best features in 4.3... Cannot wait to see it in action....
  9. Wow, did not expect this.... Good work... Keep up...
  10. 4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    LOL... I'll take one...
  11. 4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    This is going to make some noise on my board LOL!
  12. 4.2.7 is taking more time than normal bug fix (This is a maintenance release to fix reported bugs) release (over a month)? Or is this more than a bug fix? maybe IPB is creating base for 4.3? Just wondering...
  13. 4.3: Automatic Community Moderation

    Great improvement...
  14. I know.. LOL it was a joke too...