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  1. Can I have some predefined signatures items (each with it's on image) which members can buy and it will automatically add them that image into the signature?
  2. @TheJackal84 - Can you make a block for sidebar? Would be easier to pick the numbers from homepage instead of always going to lottery page
  3. I know this it's a simple CSS change that everyone who wants can do by itself, but in my opinion it would look better if the blue header rectangle would be in line with the menu bottom border
  4. Well, it would be nice if us with perpetual licenses have the chance to be converted to a "modified version of regular license created for early supporters" and pay only 30$ per year for renewal, but instead of being able to still download latest versions of IP.Board after the license expires like it used to be before we would have to renew our licenses to be able to do that.
  5. I have a problem with this. The post background appears only when the poster adds a reply to the topic, and only by him, after that the customizations will dissapear. Any fix? Edit: Seems it's because of Feedback Information [TopicView] hook which is part of Trader Feedback System, if I disable it the plugin will work. Any fix for it?
  6. Tony


    It is possible to do something like this?
  7. Tony


    It there a way to run multiple instances of recently added posts block and each of them to extract latest posts from a different forum category? Thanks!
  8. Or maybe an option to show the prefixes/image prefixes inline instead of a drop-down menu, that way the users could also see how they look like before applying oneto a topic.
  9. It's there a way that if you have an image prefix to show the image directly in the dropdown menu instead of the text?
  10. Hi, doesn't seem to be fixed, compared the files with the 1.0.0 version and they are the same, also in AdminCP still says that the hook version is 1.0.0 (also in the .xml file <hook_version_human>1.0.0</hook_version_human>).
  11. There's an issue with Internet Explorer 9 (and on 10 there's no reflection), the avatar reflection is aligned to the left for Internet Explorer 9
  12. Any change of a IbEconomy Points System integration? So to participate in raffle users will need to "pay" some predefined number of points to be able to participate in the raffle.
  13. About the same problem here, only that I get drive error when accessing Motm Dashboard, can I know what is the fix? 1.2.0 works fine, seems that only 1.3.0 have this problem, both fresh install and upgrade.
  14. Looks neat, good job Rikki :)
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